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Britney Spears, Immanuel Kant, and autonomy

This may be the only blog in which you will find Britney Spears and Immanuel Kant mentioned in the same article. The reason is my concern regarding autonomy.

Britney Spears 2013 (Straighten Crop).jpg
Britney Spears (image: Wikipedia)

“Baby One More Time” and “Oops I Did It Again” Britney Spears is in the news at age 39, some 20 years after her greatest hits. She is seeking to end a long-standing conservatorship by her father. Discussion of this issue online is passionate, with most people supporting Spears’s bid for independence.

Her father’s conservatorship began in the context of some reckless behavior a long time ago. However, if she has a disabling mental illness, it has not stopped her from having a career as an entertainer, making a lot of money for a lot of people.

I have not heard anyone allege that Spears is suicidal or homicidal. She once shaved her head, but so what? Many of us have incidents in our own pasts we would rather forget. Perhaps she spends a lot of money, or drinks a lot – I do not know; but so do many others. I would also like to know the reason why she is compelled to have an IUD inside her against her will. If she has too many children she cannot care for – well, so do many others.

It is hard for a person to grow up and learn responsibility without being given the opportunity to make mistakes and not be saved from them. This is part of the essence of autonomy.

For Immanuel Kant, acting autonomously – subject to no external coercion – was at the heart of ethics.

Kant gemaelde 3.jpg
Immanuel Kant (image: Wikipedia)

Kant believed that no decision is truly ethical unless it is completely uncoerced – even by God! One must arrive at one’s decision solely through the use of practical reason (that is, informed by experience and history). The action you undertake must be one that, at least in theory, could be undertaken by everyone else as well.

With all due respect for Kant, my knowledge of practical reason informs me that most people are capable of a great deal of rationalization. I am happy that God provided my ancestors with an instruction book called the Torah (Hebrew for instruction or teaching).

Kant would say that I am not acting ethically when I am obeying God’s commandments for His sake. Of course, I can reply and say that as Creator and King of the universe, God has the right to command whatever He chooses.

Maimonides urged a middle path. He said that Israel is compelled to obey God’s commandments; nevertheless, we should expend every effort to understand the rationale behind them. It turns out, not surprisingly, that many of them, the so-called ethical commandments, satisfy the generalizability criterion for categorical imperatives (actions that must be taken, or avoided, for their own sake).

This is where planning for a new America becomes difficult. How can someone like me insist on the importance of Judeo-Christian Biblical values in a society without trampling on autonomy, which is just as important to me?

The answer, I believe, is to be able to find a community of like-minded people. I agree with the Qur’an on just one point, stated in the Meccan (early, peaceful) verses: there must be no compulsion in religion. If others wish to engage in activity that the Torah describes as abominations, I will not stop them; but neither will I be compelled to approve those activities.

The only way for all parties to be content is to separate into two nations. One nation can be the nation of decadence and abomination; the other nation will be the nation of ordered liberty. People who find themselves living in the wrong nation can immigrate to the other nation, but without voting rights for a period of time, such as ten years, until they assimilate to the new culture. Those who do not assimilate will be repatriated.

Happy Independence Day!

Please respect my borders

Welcome to thousands of new visitors this past week. You have seen several graphics and have asked what is going on:

Let me explain. You have dropped into the middle of an ongoing discussion among old friends who met in the comments section at Front Page Magazine. We know each other, and have been discussing many things since this blog launched one year ago.

As I said two days ago, I believe the United States of America is finished as a republic. There is a landmass, and an ongoing government that rules without the consent of the governed: hence the urgent need to replace the population.

It seems clear that the population living in this landmass is irreconcilably divided; that half of the population views the other half as deplorable and “literally worse than Hitler”; that the former half delights in reading stories about suffering in the other half, or inflicting suffering in the other half.

In 2016, 93% of the District of Columbia voted for Hillary Clinton; 89% in Prince George’s County, MD and Bronx County, NY; 87% in Manhattan; 86% in San Francisco. In 2017, St. Louis suffered 66 homicides per 100,000 population; in Baltimore, 56 per 100,000; in Detroit and New Orleans, 40 per 100,000. I expect that when homicide numbers come out for 2020, they will be much worse.

We are attached to a morbid corpse. I care about saving us. We cannot save them:

It is my goal to get defensible borders for a new America that will protect Western civilization from its many enemies, including “Americans”. That is the purpose of the maps that have appeared in this blog from time to time, and are maintained in the right margin of this page.

What should the borders of New America be? Although I appreciate the criticism of James Wesley Rawles’s “American Redoubt” given by some commenters, this was one source for my thinking. Here is his map.

James Wesley Rawles’s “American Redoubt”, from

His argument for limiting the size of the redoubt to this region is that these mountainous areas are more defensible. That is a serious consideration.

I tried to reproduce his results using some objective data on a statewide level. The results are discussed here:

The first map in that article has been updated at readers’ request.

You wanted scores and a legend – and you got it! Those scores are aggregates of measurements of 7 variables:

  • the Cook Partisan Voting Index, which measures how far left or right of center a state is;
  • fertility rate;
  • arable land per capita;
  • violent crime rate;
  • homicide rate;
  • unemployment rate;
  • net migration rate.

If you demand the exact formula, be prepared for a lot of mathematics…!

The 7 highest scoring states are Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. This forms a contiguous landmass overlapping substantially with the redoubt, and could serve as the core for a New America.

This region is landlocked. Is that a problem? How do landlocked countries fare in GDP (PPP) per capita? In the rankings, the top country is Liechtenstein – landlocked; the third country is Luxembourg – landlocked; and the seventh country is Switzerland – landlocked. They all have a higher GDP (PPP) per capita than the USA. These countries have nowhere near the size and resources of the seven states listed above.

For comparison, Austria, Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia are landlocked as well. Hungary is doing so well in regaining its sovereignty that the EU now feels threatened!

Several readers have drawn attention to the divisions within states. Even the largest, most leftist states often have large rural areas that are conservative. Below is my partial county map from the 2016 election, depicting only the counties in which the winner received at least 2/3 of the vote. In this map, as above, I use the traditional color scheme in which red is left, blue is right. The darkness of the color corresponds to the percent vote margin.

Clearly, a New America could draw support from eastern Washington and Oregon, as desired by Rawles; northeastern California; northern Nevada; northwestern Arizona; northwestern and eastern Colorado; Kansas; Oklahoma; much of Texas northeast of the Pecos River and the Rio Grande valley; parts of Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana; downstate Illinois; the Tennessee River valley and up through Appalachia; and most of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

My previous blog on quality of life in the states, linked above, includes a list of 21 counties or county-equivalents from which the remainder of those states could secede and gain political self-control. That in turn could greatly affect the grades of the states listed in this blog post:

That linked blog post indicates that despite the conservative political leanings of much of the old South, it is plagued by violence. That explains why the scores for those states were not higher.

All the maps in the world mean very little unless the new entity is willing to enforce its border. Dennis Prager points out the terrible damage done by John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, with its utopian borderless world. While social justice warriors are certain that it is immoral for America to enforce its border, they dare not convey that message to China, India, Japan, or Russia. “Imagine”, if you will, any of those countries allowing themselves to be swarmed by 22 million invaders.

The best first line of defense for a country is a border wall. China’s Great Wall worked successfully. The only reason China was invaded from the north is because a frustrated general ordered the opening of a gate in that wall.

America’s partial wall is not complete, and it is not as tall as China’s wall. The next question for patriots is this: what do you do when an army comes to breach your wall?

For Ann Coulter, the answer was obvious; American armed forces have no higher obligation than to prevent the invasion of the homeland. She was right. This is not a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. No commander-in-chief has chosen to deploy the military to protect our own country. Instead, the Border Patrol act as welcome guides, shipping invaders deep into America’s interior at taxpayer expense. In other words, we are subsidizing our own destruction.

If you have the opportunity to set policy for New America, and a column of invaders comes to your border, ignoring your warnings, what do you advise the border guards to do? If your response is anything less than “Shoot them”, then the new country will fail as surely as America has, and your concern for your family is less than your concern for a criminal. China, India, Japan, Russia, and every other self-respecting country protect their borders with force. New America must do the same.

Democide and politicide

I assure you that the purpose of this blog is not to shake our heads sadly over tales of woe. That is a waste of time and energy. My goal is to teach you what I know about proving God’s existence, marveling at the greatest discoveries and inventions of the human mind, and preserving Western civilization. The news stories I share are intended to illustrate how serious our situation is, and to motivate you, if you need external motivation, to prepare for a historical calamity, and to teach the next generation of survivors the best of what we learned.

I do not think America can be saved at this point. Europe is past the point of no return, and America is following in Europe’s steps. It is possible that our decline could be halted by a miraculous combination of President Ron deSantis, Senate Majority Leader Rand Paul, and Speaker of the House Marjorie Taylor Greene, if they eliminated the State Department, Justice Department, Housing and Urban Development Department, Education Department, Federal Reserve, CIA, FBI, IRS, NPR, and PBS. They would need to build a complete border wall, pass national voter ID and national e-Verify for employment.

As long as we deny the death of the United States of America, we cannot build a new America. No nation in human history has been immortal. Our existential, teleological crisis coincides with a public health crisis, and with the grand solar minimum. However, we are engaged in fruitless diversions by the conservative establishment as they promise to “reform” one social institution after another. “This time, we will get it right!”

The death of the United States of America has been the consequence of a long sequence of events. The concept of “Manifest Destiny” led to greater acceptance of the Mexican-American War, and the Mexican Cession of 1848, that arguably hastened the transition of America from a republic to an empire. The Civil War that followed soon thereafter featured atrocities on both sides, and indisputably began the modern era of larger government.

Shortly after the splendid Spanish-American War and the acquisition of overseas territories, progressivism found a beachhead in both major political parties. The deservedly-maligned Frankfurt School simply walked into the breach opened by John Dewey. President Roosevelt successfully confiscated gold and successfully neutered the Supreme Court. President Johnson ordained that society must be great, not merely good (apologies to George Will). Presidents Reagan and Trump eliminated not one cabinet-level agency.

In the past year, we have witnessed a flagrantly stolen election; a race war intended to demonize whites; and a war on decency intended to sexualize small children. Parents are starting to fight back at school board meetings. Their employees, the “public servants” whom they pay, are responding by arresting their employers, the local citizens.

Victor Davis Hanson summarizes the situation well: “The Cruel Progressive Creed Undoing Civilization – The Left’s progressive wasteland is an acceptable price to pay for the terrifying visions of its anointed.”

Conservatives react by tweeting photographs and videos: “Look how outrageous this is!” Yes, it is outrageous. So what?

They have been trying to kill our souls. For those still “resisting”, they can resort to killing our bodies. The biggest democide in American history has taken place in the past year and a half with no outcry. Even the establishment media are resentfully admitting that maybe CoVID-19 did come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology after all. Mrs. Surak says that dissident Chinese bloggers are warning us that China is preparing its citizens for war, it has a battery of further infectious pathogens to release on the world, and that some Chinese troops are training in Canada, with the cooperation of Justin Castro Trudeau.

Dr. Peter McCullough is one of a minority of doctors warning against the dangers of CoVID-19 “vaccines”. He claims that whistleblowers at the CDC and CMS inform him that deaths from these “vaccines” are over 50 thousand. He is stunned at the behavior of “…our propagandized colleagues in major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they are hypnotized right now… He said 85 percent of the more than 600,000 U.S. deaths could have been prevented with a multi-drug treatment given in the early to mid-point of the disease.

Those of us who are not hypnotized have the possibility of surviving the coming slaughter by looking outside establishment medicine, such as the supplement suramin, which appears in pine-needle tea and star anise tea. Although it cannot undo vaccination, it may protect people from ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement.

In short:

  • there is a violent race war against whites;
  • there is a predatory war to sexualize children;
  • there is an educational and media war to make Americans loathe our country;
  • there is a biological war by China on the world;
  • there is a war by our own government and media to prevent Americans from saving their own lives with simple supplements;
  • there is a democide being carried out under the guise of a “vaccination” program.

The government of the United States of America – by which I mean the bureaucracy, the other branches no longer matter – is the enforcement arm; big tech and social media is the intelligence agency; and establishment education and establishment media is the propaganda arm, of the deep state-new world order-great reset. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, they say. But you will not own your mind, and you will be punished for following the dictates of your conscience.

What can we do? Nitzakhon said we can only let the current order fall apart, and pick up the pieces afterwards. I largely agree, but the recovery will not be at a national level. The large cities are Somalia, and our government is North Korea.

Western civilization has wandered from its ancient beginnings in the triangle of Mesopotamia-Egypt-Greece (with Israel in the middle). The Roman Empire pulled this civilization to the Mediterranean basin, then to Europe. The modern West reached its heights in the quadrangle of England-France-Germany-Italy, with smaller contributions from eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Iberia.

More recently, America became the center of Western civilization. Lady Liberty held her torch aloft to enlighten the world, but we received “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” because we refused to enforce our borders and we refused to demand assimilation. Rebellion against God’s laws became mandatory. Conservatives are too scared to use the words “perversion”, “perverse”, and “pervert”; they are too scared to declare that all lives matter; and they are too scared to use force to defend the sacred.

Consequently, Western civilization will be forced to wander again. One fragile home may take root in the 12 countries of the Three Seas Initiative (image: Wikipedia).

Another possible home will be New America. To save the part of America that is healthy, we will have to say goodbye to the sick areas. Not one soldier should risk his life to fight for Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, or Washington.

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Every person must go at his or her own pace. But know this: the longer you hold on to the sick part of this country, the more you risk infecting the parts that can be saved. The map above shows you which parts will survive and which will die off. Save the parts that can bear our civilization into the future.