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Thus far, and no farther

Now the argument is breaking into the open, between patriot friends who are determined to resist our very rapid descent into totalitarianism. There will be no magic human rescue. No Durham, no kraken, no Lindell, no popcorn, no Q.

‘Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.’ What If Nothing is Coming?

The argument finally became angry today at Front Page Magazine between the two patriot factions: civil war and secession. Both sides make good arguments. I will give you my latest map, updated with membership in the mandate resistance.

This quality of life index combines eight ingredients. They are listed below in the order of their influence over the other variables (sum of squared correlations for the geeks).

  • Cook partisan voting index (how much more conservative a state is compared with the country overall);
  • membership in the mandate resistance as of September 14, 2021;
  • fertility rate;
  • arable land per capita;
  • low unemployment rate;
  • low violent crime rate;
  • low homicide rate;
  • net domestic migration rate (people moving in from other states).

The most desirable states form a contiguous cluster of seven: ID, UT, WY, ND, SD, NE, IA. They are followed by KY, MT, KS, OK, TX, IN, WV. Four of these are contiguous to the first seven, with the remaining three contiguous with each other.

I would sit down representatives of these states with representatives of the opposite extreme: NY, CA, MA, and the like. I would say to the leftists: We are going to continue to support freedom to speak and travel, secure borders, color-blindness, and Biblical values; you will continue to oppose them. Moreover, we have tens of millions more firearms than you do, and billions of rounds more ammunition. We would be happier without you, and you would be happier without us. We will continue to sell you food, and you can inject yourselves with booster shots every month. Let’s make a deal.

There are links at the bottom of this blog to various groups interested in secession. I see this as the last stop before a purge like the Rwandan civil war.


Tom Luongo believes civil disobedience can prevent civil war. Some readers are skeptical.

Is America in a Fourth Turning?

New York hospital fires maternity ward staff and guess what happens…

DeSantis opposes dictatorship.

Alabama will get fewer monoclonal antibody treatments from the feds. Wonder why?

Psaki refuses to rule out injection mandate to travel between states. Are they really going to try to close all the roads?

Fausti confronted over natural immunity.

Stew Peters on the CDC changing the definition of “vaccine”.

“Ivermectin, ‘Noble Lies,’ and Whom Do We Trust?”

“A NEW “MEDICAL HITLER” – Biden declares himself medical DICTATOR, threatens to nullify states’ rights and coerce the entire population into taking deadly vaccine jabs against their will” “Joe Biden just declared war on 80 million Americans and threatened to REMOVE governors from power… this is treason!… Joe Biden just formed a “fascist pharma corporate state” that’s targeting humanity for extermination… Mass civil disobedience is now the only answer against outrageous medical tyranny” There really needs to be a national strike.

“Children’s Health Defense launches ‘Walk Out Week’ to combat arbitrary and dangerous mandates and restrictions” There really needs to be a national strike.

Australia – new restrictions on prescribing ivermectin.

Here is how police treat unconscious, handcuffed people in Australia. Still back the blue?

Increasing numbers of people are trying to leave Australia – but it requires the government’s permission. East Germany, anyone?

Read the two tweets in the photograph. Unbelievable.

In Paris, the globalists are thrilled.

They should ask Nancy Pelosi for advice on how to live it up.

“‘Fully-Vaccinated’ Daily Wire Reporter Gets Covid for the Third Time” Lucky CDC changed the definition of “vaccine”!


“Political science expert says Biden’s vaccine mandate may overstep Constitutional powers”

“Where Does Biden Get the Authority To Mandate Vaccination? Emergency OSHA rules are frequently struck down by courts.”

“Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Unconstitutional, Unscientific, Underhanded”

“The Biden Admin is losing its unwinnable War On COVID, so they’re scapegoating ‘unvaccinated’ Americans”

“Governors Vow to Fight Biden Vaccine Mandates”

“The Red State Rebellion Against The Vaccine Mandate”

The Red State Rebellion Against The Vaccine Mandate

“Fauci One Year Ago: ‘You Cannot Force Someone to Take a Vaccine’” That’s – “THE science”!

“Lutheran” church? Is this Luther’s church – with a transgender bishop?

Lest we forget – “The Falling Man” – actually, two hundred of them.

A student at Washington University, Fadel Alkilani, removed American flags from a 9/11 protest because he was offended. No consequences, of course.

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “Leftists Have Appointed Themselves As Our “Cultural Educators” – But They Have Nothing To Teach” “I find that the most destructive people in the world are not the most ignorant, but the most arrogant.” Oh, yes indeed!

Nitzakhon: “Quick Takes – Hat Trick” His three rules seem apropos for our time.

Rule 1: It doesn’t matter what’s true, it’s what you can get people to believe.

Rule 2: If you control the information flow, you control what people believe.

Rule 3: If your information manipulates emotions to make people believe they are good, smarter, and better for believing what you want, no facts or logic will undo those beliefs.

“Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home”

“Facebook Pairs With Ray-Ban to Launch Smart Glasses, Sparking Privacy Concerns” No unintended consequences here!

“Biden’s Treasury Dept. Declares IRS Will Monitor Transactions of ALL U.S. Accounts Over $600”

Fearless Lara Logan: Susan Rice, General Milley, and others “have blood on their hands”.

That’s enough for one day. See you tomorrow!

It may be war

Resident Biden has joined the other leaders of the Five Eyes countries by blasting an IED through the few remaining shreds of the Constitution, and declaring open war against his own people.

Years ago, while teaching at another college, I attended a faculty union meeting. The members voted to take some action that they had no right to do under the union’s by-laws. I protested. My colleagues around me could not understand the reason for my objection. They said to me, in puzzlement, “We just voted to do it!” – as if that should end the discussion. We voted on it! Yes, and Athens voted to sentence Socrates to death, and democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

This has been the fundamental nature of the left since time immemorial. In the early days of this blog last year, I described the left as the “totalitarian id”. This is that large segment of society that will do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want, with no self-control or sense of remorse for harm caused. I grew up with such a person and know how dangerous they are.

If you have followed my blog with its comments, together with Nitzakhon’s blog with its comments, you know we have had a friendly disagreement about how to get to that better society that we want. I prefer secession. Nitzakhon believes that the left will not let us leave peacefully, thus making civil war unavoidable, and there is plenty of historical evidence to support his position. I respond that it is easier for an independent country to use force to act in self-defense, as opposed to a group of patriots scattered around thousands of counties requiring rescue operations, or a universal block-by-block civil war.

If we don’t get some fast response within the next few days by MAGA governors and state legislatures, I think we may well be at stage 7 – preparation – on the genocide scale, as Nitzakhon said, or even at stage 8 – persecution:

Can it go that far? I have been giving you evidence almost daily about the insane war by the governments of Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand against their own people. A statistical analysis I did years ago demonstrates that these countries, together with Israel, are the most similar to America. I do believe that the ABCNZ are initiating genocide against their own people. They are gassing people under lockdown who continue to complain.

Now we must return to first principles, including the God-given and inalienable right to government WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. The ABCNZ governments have lost the consent of the governed. The USA has a different problem. It is true that the government lacks the consent of the governed, but in addition, we know that the present government is illegitimate. They had to cheat to “win”. They are blocking audits. I acknowledge the power of the United States government, but I do not acknowledge its legitimacy.

There may be rescue from an unexpected quarter: the boring details of economics. A few days ago, the Labor Department just released the latest JOLTS report, covering job openings, hires, quits, layoffs, and so on. Job openings are at record levels, well above the unemployment rate. Unlike under President Trump, this is not for a good reason.

The numbers are stunning. Leisure and hospitality has a job opening rate of 10.7% – wow; professional and business services – 8.1%; education and health services – 7.7%. Keep an eye on that last number especially, as doctors and nurses get fired for refusing to take the gene therapy. The news stories will portray the overcrowded ER as our fault, of course. The fault lies with government and management telling essential employees to inject a foreign substance into their bodies, and the employees saying “I don’t need this nonsense.”

Some employers may call Biden or his handlers to their senses. I suspect that the White House probably floated this trial balloon in secret calls with the biggest businesses: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and so on. They will control the media narrative to protect Biden, and destroy their medium-size business competitors.

Don’t count on a popular uprising. You can watch all the 2-minute school board meeting videos you want. Polls (unreliable as they are) suggest an uncomfortably large public acceptance of dictatorship. This is what happens when marxists were put in charge of education. The tree of American society has hollowed out. The people abandoned God and chose government as their savior.

I expect the news to feature increasingly violent confrontations between the left and patriots. The former will cloak themselves in scientism – not science – and self-righteousness. Self-defense and freedom will be described as extremism.

We cannot hang on until the 2022 election, hoping that they will be honest this time. More than 7 months after a fraudulent election, not a single electoral slate has been decertified.

I believe the only hope for the survival of freedom, the only hope for our physical survival, and the best way to avoid violence, is secession. The map in the right sidebar of this blog shows the states that appear to be the leading candidates for a new birth of freedom – in New America. The time to act is growing short.

Talks with friends

I spoke with some friends today. One friend was heart-broken over the chaos in Afghanistan; he said he could not take his eyes off the television! Thus he did not have to pay attention to the feeble attempt in Arizona to undo a fraudulent election. That friend was also alarmed about America’s out-of-control southern border, because of all the CoVID cases coming across the border. I wondered if it would be better if the invaders were healthy.

Our other friend discussed with us the terror some of our colleagues have regarding having a sick student in their classrooms. What did those colleagues do in the past regarding sick students, I wondered? I thought about the Nazis’ admission about how easy it was to control the masses once they had been put in a sufficient state of fear.

It is not sufficient in life merely to rely on faith in God. That faith will not save your life if you are standing in the middle of a busy highway. God has taught us the laws of His universe; those laws are called science (a word whose original meaning was “knowledge”). God commanded us not to test Him (as by standing in the middle of that highway).

We must study the world, we must learn, but at the same time, we must strengthen our faith. These are two wings of one soul. I now recite daily the following Psalms in the following order (from shortest to longest), and it has given me a bit more confidence.

117, 134, 131, 133, 100, 150, 93, 128, 15, 126, 121, 23, 67, 130, 98, 111, 29, 146, 24, 30, 148, 96, 91, 27, 33, 145

It takes me about 18 minutes in Hebrew. I call this sequence Tiqun Ha-N’shamah (Rectification of the Soul). I call the general life-view Or HaShem (Light of the Lord), as in Isaiah 2:5.

Here are two very important new resources from America’s Frontline Doctors regarding “vaccine” mandates at work. Download the links that work for you.

Religious Exemptions


Now the news. From Michael Rectenwald, the professor pushed out of NYU because of his opposition to political correctness: “Living in the Age of Covid: “The Power of the Powerless”” Great psychological exploration of “post-totalitarianism”. This does not mean “after totalitarianism”, but rather a society in which the people willingly join the government in oppressing everyone. Ongoing terror and virtue-signaling are features, not bugs. A must read.

Jim Rickards on “Tyranny”. Great discussion of “science” and “anti-science”.

A commenter reminded me of an essay by Israeli Chananya Weissman: “31 reasons why I won’t take the vaccine” See other great articles on his website.

For your friends: “mRNA Tech Inventor Dr. Robert Malone: Easier for Delta to Kill ‘Vaccinated’ than Jab-Free People”

Nazi or Stasi? Australia: “[New South Wales] Police Minister: You must report family and friends who attend freedom rally”

“Man imprisoned [8 months] over planning unauthorised protest and breaching Public Health Orders”

Sunsets forbidden.

We withdraw our consent.

France too.

46-minute video of public testimony before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The people are enraged. And the public servants they pay treat them with contempt.

Graphic video. Chinese man takes meat cleaver to suspected CoVID cop. 35 seconds.

“56-Year-old Greek Woman Dies Minutes After Second Pfizer Vaccine”

Mrs. Surak says the first requirement for being a leftist is hypocrisy: “Biden administration not mandating COVID vaccines for White House staff”

You can’t fool mother nature! “It Turns Out Those Plastic Barriers Put Up To Stop COVID-19 May Actually Make It Easier To Spread”

“Massive Nurse Shortage Hits Houston—Weeks After 150 Unvaccinated Nurses and Hospital Workers Fired” A friend told me this is happening in our area too. How about where you live?

Is this retroactive? “US to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities” And who will make the bank depositors whole?

Such blatant, in-your-face cheating. The CA recall election is rigged.

Richard Cravatts: “The Odious Campaign to Sexualize Children in Public Schools” I get them as college seniors and they don’t know single-digit arithmetic.

From Nitzakhon: “Slip-Sliding Towards Hell with a Good Conscience”

Also: “Hungry Wolves and Darkened Campfires”

See you tomorrow.

One step closer to dictatorship

Joe Rogan Slams Vaccine Passports, Warns Vax May Cause ‘Virulent Mutations’” Blistering truths! “Now you have a mini dictator. You have one step away from a king. One step closer. You’re moving one step closer to dictatorship. That’s what the [bleep] is happening. That’s what’s going to happen with the vaccine passport. That’s what’s going to happen if they close borders. You can’t enter New York City unless you have your papers! You can’t go here unless you have that! You can’t get on a plane unless you do what I say.

“…an imperfect vaccine can lead to ‘highly virulent pathogens,’ and that ‘vaccines that keep the host alive but still allow transmission can thus allow virulent strains to circulate in a population.’ “The very sort of environment that we’re creating by having so many people vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t kill off the virus, it actually can lead to a more potent virus. Try finding that story anywhere,” said Rogan, who was referring to a peer-reviewed paper published in 2015, in which its authors – from Penn State and the Pirbright Institute concluded that “anti-disease vaccines that do not prevent transmission can create conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease in unvaccinated hosts.“”

Here is the linked research: “Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens” It’s called immune escape or antigen escape. From a major journal.

“There is a theoretical expectation that some types of vaccines could prompt the evolution of more virulent (“hotter”) pathogens. This idea follows from the notion that natural selection removes pathogen strains that are so “hot” that they kill their hosts and, therefore, themselves. Vaccines that let the hosts survive but do not prevent the spread of the pathogen relax this selection, allowing the evolution of hotter pathogens to occur. This type of vaccine is often called a leaky vaccine.When vaccines prevent transmission, as is the case for nearly all vaccines used in humans, this type of evolution towards increased virulence is blocked. But when vaccines leak, allowing at least some pathogen transmission, they could create the ecological conditions that would allow hot strains to emerge and persist. This theory proved highly controversial when it was first proposed over a decade ago, but here we report experiments with Marek’s disease virus in poultry that show that modern commercial leaky vaccines can have precisely this effect: they allow the onward transmission of strains otherwise too lethal to persist.Thus, the use of leaky vaccines can facilitate the evolution of pathogen strains that put unvaccinated hosts at greater risk of severe disease. The future challenge is to identify whether there are other types of vaccines used in animals and humans that might also generate these evolutionary risks.”

Stop the Lies” By James Rickards. Fantastic summary of the insanity of the establishment-following lemmings. This covers everything in one easy-to-understand article, for the few acquaintances you have left who are still open-minded.

Tennessee: “Order Authorizes Natl Guard, Quarantines, Involuntary Commitment for ‘Certain Healthcare’ Operations” Oh, they would never do that!

“Pfizer COVID Vaccine May Cause Uveitis Eye Inflammation Leading To Permanent Vision Loss” “You’re not allowed to say that!!! Misinformation!!!”

“CDC Director Admits They LIED About COVID Deaths Among Vaccinated — They Are 30 TIMES HIGHER”

“Boston Court Takes Custody of Biotech Executive’s 14-Year-Old Child to Force Vaccination Against Parents’ Wishes”

“MSU Student Who Started Petition Against Mandated COVID Vaccines Delivers Powerful Speech To Over 1,000 At Huge Rally In Lansing, MI”

“California College Students Contest Vaccination Mandates to Return to Campus”

Loving the idea of withholding Social Security from injection resisters.

What has possessed the Israeli government?

“Israel: COVID-19 outbreaks detected at 118 nursing homes”

“14 Israelis Have Caught COVID-19 Even After Booster Shot, Some Hospitalized” Among the “smartest people”, is there not one statistician who can explain the concept of independence (injection has no effect)? They don’t listen to me – and I have tried.

Australia has gone crazy.

“South Korea to compensate nurse paralysed after COVID-19 shot”

“White House Refuses to Endorse Vaccine Mandate for Migrants Released into U.S.”

“Biden’s Back-To-School Target: Kids 12 & Up Need COVID Shot”

“‘Unnecessary, misleading, catastrophic’: Senior European physicians co-author expert statement on COVID vaccine for children” Are we going to listen to the experts?

“COVID: 90% of patients treated with new Israeli drug discharged in 5 days” For serious cases. Hey, about HCQ+Zn+AZM at the first sign of symptoms???

From Nitzakhon: “The Jab: Criminal-Scale Negligence” Expert look at the impact of dissolving the control group.

The Jab: Criminal-Scale Negligence

Did her life matter?

“Little Girl Who Said Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Her DISAPPEARS From All Social Media”

Why Every Functional Society Needs Fear of God” Interesting discussion. “…an avowedly “non-religious” mother…was upset that her seven-year-old’s Mormon best friend wouldn’t stop talking to him about Bible stories and Jesus.  “I don’t want him to be religious, honestly,” the woman wrote to an advice columnist in April.  “I want him to learn that you should be a good person and do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because God will punish you if you don’t.”” How do you determine that something is “the right thing to do”? That is just your preference, since you have no external frame of reference. I follow God; she follows – what? Essentially, she follows whatever she wants. Her son can decide on a completely opposing system of “the right thing to do”, and she has no grounds for rebuke. Indeed, his friendship with a Mormon child is in fact him doing what to him is “the right thing to do”!

“On campus, the worst is yet to come” A review of a new book called Nevergreen, in which a doctor visiting an island college becomes the target of a mob of leftists for no objective reason. He is charged with inciting… “the hate”. Soon coming to a campus near you.

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

“Biden’s Envoy Threatens Brazil Not To Question Electronic Vote”

“The Fourth Branch of United States Government” An amazingly deep dive by Sundance of what we have learned about the country in which we live. It is not our nation.

“Sen. Rand Paul on Pandemic Lockdowns: ‘It’s Time for Us to Resist’” “They can’t arrest all of us.” And if they fire all of us? Oh, they would never do that!

Ripping society apart

Congress wants to make dietary supplements prescription only – TAKE ACTION NOW” These people are SICK. I pray this amendment does not make it into law.

My colleague is planning to introduce a new course on genocide. The colleague warns us ominously that the topic “is not merely of historical interest.” This is due, I suspect, to the persistent deplorability of people who believe in secure borders for nations, elections without cheating, all lives matter, medical autonomy, and religious freedom. I suspect the colleague is not too alarmed about ANTIFA/BLM, doxxing, firing, killing conservatives, and celebrating the deaths of conservatives.

What’s Ripping American Families Apart? Responses From the Bizarre World of New York Times Readers” By Dennis Prager.

  • “My wife is estranged from four of her five siblings, and it’s totally due to Trump, who they continue to support, which is simply inexcusable. I totally agree.” Projection.
  • “Fox and Trump are the main reasons for estrangement at this time.” Projection.
  • “Trump and Fox News created an entire generation of crazy people who nobody can relate to.” Projection.
  • “If my mother or father became a murderer, terrorist, [or a] Republican … would I still love my parent. Here the answer is less sure.” (I could understand being a murderer, but supporting Trump…?!)
  • “Please Mr. Brooks, educate yourself about this climate crisis.” No, you educate me without using the words or phrases debunked, discredited, misinformation, THE science, THE experts, THE data.
  • “In the past several years, my view of them [my parents] as people dramatically changed. Can you guess what did it? His initials are DJT. Sometimes one can have loving parents who treated you well, advocated for you, gave you opportunities, encouragement, and support … but who are just not good people when viewed with an adult … “ Projection.

“When Life Imitates A Terrifying Science Fiction Thriller” “Social media creates enemies where there used to be friendship…”

“A Therapist’s Take on the Transgender Influx”

These nurses are determined to get their hands on this woman’s baby

“Highly Vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar DESTROY COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Narrative, Vaccinated People Are The Biggest Spreaders”

Going to Public Places Should be a Privilege Reserved for the Vaccinated

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Says It’s ‘Time To Impose Vaccine Requirements’

“Catholic University Denies Employee a Religious Exemption Then Fires Them for Refusing to Get The Jab™” Wow.

“NY archdiocese warns priests not to grant religious vaccine exemptions”

“Biological Master Race Update: More Fourth Reich Demands on the Unvaccinated” By Nitzakhon. As soon as he gets a permanent link to his articles at his new online home, I will insert it below.

Biological Master Race Update: More Fourth Reich Demands on the Unvaccinated (Link Dump)

Fired For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine? You May Not Receive Unemployment Benefits

NYC: business may not admit un-“vaccinated” people. Let them starve.

Biden thinks that is a great idea for the country.

“Biden Regime Announces ‘It’s Time to Impose Requirements’ on Americans to Get Experimental COVID-19 Jab”

A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning” Great essay.

  • You can’t live in a constitutional republic if you allow the government to act like a police state.
  • You can’t claim to value freedom if you allow the government to operate like a dictatorship.
  • You can’t expect to have your rights respected if you allow the government to treat whomever it pleases with disrespect and an utter disregard for the rule of law.

“Move to Quiet Doctors with Risk of Pulling Medical Licenses Over ‘Misinformation’” You must be willing and able to explain to your peers that “THE science” is anti-science.

“Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease” “…vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).” Published in December, 2020. Have you heard that acknowledged during all 2021? I have not.

“First Autopsy of COVID Vaccinated Patient Found Viral RNA In Every Organ of Body” In other words, the “vaccine” worked as intended.

“Quick update on the Israeli vaccine data” By Alex Berenson. Great analysis. He expresses confusion at the end on why that government is doubling down on a lethal policy. He is smart, so I suspect he knows the answer.

“Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day” That is the problem!

“Sweden: Despite Variants, No Lockdowns, No Daily Covid Deaths” “Media enraged that more Swedes aren’t dying.” Clever!

“Texas Judge Blocks Governor’s Order Halting Transport Of Covid-Positive Illegals” Criminal invaders have all the rights; citizens have no rights to be protected from them. The border no longer exists; everyone on Earth is an “undocumented American”, in Harry Reid’s words.

“America’s Chinese Fentanyl Flood” Open borders and free trade: a poisonous recipe for destroying America’s heart.

“CodeMonkeyZ BOMBSHELL — Dominion Whistleblower Speaks Out – Releases Admin Password Proving Remote Access” The Arizona Senate’s subpoena was ignored. Now what?

Thanks to everyone for your very informative and thoughtful comments. I read them all and reply to as many as I have time for. See you tomorrow!

Our derangement

So much to discuss. The White House is arranging the harassment of private citizens.

“‘I Just Left the ER’ COVID Fearmongering Goes Viral on Twitter”, but it’s a hoax. Misinformation!

“Department of Justice Declares COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal” No doubt Dr. Mengele was legal, too.

“Don Lemon: These Should Be the Punishments for People Who Refuse the COVID Vaccine” We are on the slippery slope. After demonization comes action.

Very brave: “Celebs, Pundits, Politicians Shame Unvaccinated Americans: ‘A**holes,’ ‘Selfish’”

“Republicans Refuse Vaccines at Same Rate as Black Health Care Workers” by Daniel Greenfield. For the latter, understanding. For the former, “enemies of the state”.

All federal workers must be vaccinated – except postal workers, for whom the laws of science are different.

Wilhelm: “It’s time for mandates.”

Wait – did you tell me that it is UN-“vaccinated” people causing mutations?

Phony hospitalization crisis: “Newly Leaked Data Show Over Half of ‘COVID Hospitalizations’ Were for Other Ailments in U.K.”

Thou shalt not remember.

“The CDC cited increasing concern around the fast-spreading delta variant” So the “vaccine” does not work? Eh?

Close to antigenic escape / immune escape.

Tucker: “If Republicans refuse to fight mandatory injections, then why even bother to have a Republican party?” Good question! Not my party any longer.

“Critical Race Theory Backers Get Predatory” Clarity!

“A Kentucky school district is promoting anti-racist mathematics” China is producing engineers. America is producing offended ignoramuses.

“The Heart of Whiteness” Whites are the new Jews: the new convenient scapegoat.

From Bari Weiss’s blog: “Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex: Professors are apologizing for saying ‘male’ and ‘female.’ Students are policing teachers. This is what it looks like when activism takes over medicine.” There is no downside for patients. Trust me.

“The Media Produces Derangement”, by Dennis Prager. A woman writes to the New York Times, announcing that she is proud she will never have grandchildren, because… global warming!

“‘Woke’ Military “Failed Miserably” in Wargame for Taiwan” by Daniel Greenfield. We have our priorities!

We have nothing to hide!

“Schumer asks Biden to ‘flick his pen’ and cancel $50,000 in student debt” So who will repay the banks and their depositors? Janitors? Stock-room clerks?

Climate Scientist Warns ‘Next 20-30 Years Will Be Cold’” This is a really big deal. If TPTB allow Bill Gates to inject particulate matter into the atmosphere to reduce solar irradiation, it’s all over for us. The end.

Authoritarians Drunk on Power: It Is Time to Recalibrate the Government” by John Whitehead. We not only have to go back to first principles; maybe we have to discuss what first principles should be.

“The Big Tech Overlords Target Right-Wing ‘Terrorism'” It is guaranteed that they will overlook ANTIFA, BLM, and jihad.”

Soon, TPTB will leave only one way out.

See you tomorrow!