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Good is called evil and evil is called good

Dr. Simone Gold, who has been trying to save our lives, was invited by Capitol Police to enter the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. She followed police directions, committing no violence and no vandalism. She spoke some words in support of medical freedom, and left when asked to do so. Now she has been sentenced to prison. It is beginning.

Pelosi Responsible For Jan. 6 Security Breakdown At U.S. Capitol” Will she be jailed?

U.S. coach stages dramatic rescue after swimmer faints in pool during world championships” A 25-year-old swimming athlete fainted in the pool and came close to drowning. I wonder what caused that faint? Any ideas?

Tragic: “Schoolboy, 14, collapses and dies in class 30 minutes after telling gran ‘I love you’” What on earth happened to him? At least he will never get CoVID.

The FDA’s “Future Framework” for Covid Vaccines Is a Reckless Plan” Apparently, they are going to streamline if not skip trials. Our lives do not matter to them.

A peculiar warning from the government regarding anticipated infant deaths. I wonder why?

Billionaire buys large portion of ND land, prompts letter from Attorney General” The billionaire in question is Bill Gates, America’s largest land-owner. What does he know?

Michael Snyder: “Rolling Blackouts, Higher Gas Prices, Natural Gas Rationing In Europe And A Historic Diesel Crisis

Summer Preview: Rolling Blackouts, Higher Gas Prices, Natural Gas Rationing In Europe And A Historic Diesel Crisis

Emerald Robinson: “Durham Played You For A Fool!” “John Durham and Bill Barr finally ran out of the clock on Spygate. Why are you surprised?” Excellent.

Philadelphia’s DA is too sophisticated to prosecute violent crime. “Woman Set on Fire in Philadelphia: ‘She’ll Never Have the Face She Was Born With’


Thugs. “Day 1 of the Abortionist Insurrection


Pre-born children resist being killed. Astonishing.

US Abortion Law Closely Aligns with China and North Korea Even After Roe v. Wade Decision” Europe is far stricter than America even after Dobbs.

‘I Lost Friends’: Former Rolling Stone Journalist [Matt Taibbi] Talks Reaction To Him Reviewing ‘What Is A Woman’” Thou shalt not think!

I’m afraid Don Jr. may have a point here.

This activist group warns us that much evidence from the 2020 election will be destroyed on September 4, 2022. If we want to discover what really happened in AZ, GA, MI, PA, and WI, it must be done before this deadline. Will the Republicans deliver?

Mayra Flores, whose slogan is “God, Family, and Country”, welcome to Congress – and good luck when you run again in November!

Mollie Hemingway: “Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig The 2022 Midterm Elections

DeSantis outperforms Trump against Biden in virtually every demographic, and improves the total conservative advantage by 8%.

Russia warns of ‘non-diplomatic’ response to Kaliningrad restrictions” Are they really going to fight all of Europe?

Thanks to Wolfie for this one: “TEXAS GOP Calls for Vote on SECESSION!!!“I link to the Texas National Movement near the bottom of the blog. It would be a good start, but other contiguous states need to join. The reaction to the SCOTUS ruling in Dobbs re-emphasizes that we cannot live together. 12 minutes.

Doug Casey: “Crashing Markets, Commodities, and What Happens Next

Egon von Greyerz: “CONCURRENT DEFLATION AND HYPERINFLATION WILL RAVAGE THE WORLD” “Before this bear market is over, the world will see 75-90% falls of stocks, bonds and other assets… A morally and financially bankrupt western world  has created this coming calamity, and we will now have to suffer the consequences. Sadly, this this is the only way that it can end. A rotten and debt infested system can only end in a calamity. Debts will implode and assets will implode. Society will not function nor will social security, pensions etc. This will create human suffering of a magnitude, which will be devastating for everyone. Global population will also come down dramatically. In the mid 1800s there were 1 billion people on earth with very slow growth for the previous thousands of years. Then population exploded over the next 170 years to 8 billion. A chart that look like a spike up normally always corrects up to 50% down. The reasons for a reduction of world population are obvious: Economic collapse, misery, famine, disease and wars.” Wow…

See you later!

Map: how abortion divides America

This will be a short post, to provide you with a map I just made showing states (light blue) that have strong pro-life laws or believed to be on the verge of enacting strong pro-life laws. The source is the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute:

The Guttmacher Institute says that 22 of these states have laws that pre-date Roe v. Wade, or have trigger laws (that would go into effect in the event of a decision like today’s decision), or ban abortion starting at six weeks. The remaining 4 of the 26 states (FL, IN, MT, NE) are believed to be prepared to enact partial or total bans.

There is a lot to discuss on this issue, which should be left for next week. I thought you would like to have the map, which correlates strongly with our current political realities.

Be on the lookout for political violence. The hooligans are handing out Justice Thomas’s home address. Thomas’s opinion stated that today’s decision, Hobbs, should cause a reconsideration of Obergefell (that claimed that the Constitution requires same-sex marriage). May we live to see that day!

See you next week.

The insurance industry is shining light into darkness

RED ALERT: “Fifth largest life insurance company in the US paid out 163% more for deaths of working people ages 18-64 in 2021” “Company cites “non-pandemic-related morbidity” and “unusual claims adjustments” in explanation of losses from group life insurance business”

Steve Kirsch: “The CDC says “severe reactions” to the COVID vaccines are rare. That’s not what we found.” “A new poll of Americans shows that 1% of people who get the jab (2M Americans over 18) are so seriously COVID vaccine injured that they are unable to hold a job.” Highlights:

  1. “Only 34% of the American public is buying the bullshit and taking the vax. This is why Dr. Peter Marks is so desperate to convince people to take the jab. They must have a lot of inventory they are trying to get rid of by injecting it into you. Dr. Marks will do anything except debate our team of experts (which now includes Dr. Clare Craig and Professor Norman Fenton, both of the HART group).
  2. >1% of vaccinated respondents reported they were so severely vaccine injured that they can’t hold a job
  3. >1% reported that they believe their injuries have shortened their lifespan
  4. Since there are 258M people over 18 in the US and 77.3% of the population has had at least one jab, this is roughly 200M jabbed Americans over 18. This means that roughly 2M Americans have been severely injured.
  5. 14% of the people surveyed said they were vaccine injured: this implies an estimate of over 25M Americans with a vaccine injury that required a doctor or hospital visit (=258M * .14*.8).
  6. Since only 77% are vaccinated, a 14% overall rate of vaccine injury is an 18% rate of injury if you were vaccinated (14%/.77).
  7. 200M people 18 and over who are vaccinated*(.18 injury rate) = 36M vaccine injured people
  8. 23% of the households have a vaccine injured person
  9. 33% of the extended families have a vaccine injured person
  10. In 80% of the cases where there was a vaccine injury, there was either a doctor visit(s) or hospital stay(s) or both.
  11. Nearly 50% of the injured are still impacted today.”

Look at the mindset – unbelievable: “So my mom’s very dear friend called me tonight to tell me that her cancer came back. She was diagnosed over 20 years ago and has been cancer-free. I asked her did you get boosted she said yes, I already knew she was vaccinated. She said don’t start asking me these questions. What does that have to do with anything? They now found cancer all over her uterus and it’s now spreading to her body. You think it’s from the vaccine?  She was perfectly fine all these years before getting vaccinated. It makes me so sad she will probably end up dying.”

They are coming after the children.

Steve Kirsch again: “Young people dying in their sleep is now happening on a regular basis” “Here’s the latest victim. I wonder what the cause is? It only started happening after the vaccines rolled out, and it’s ONLY happening to vaccinated people. The CDC refuses to investigate.”

Do not trust the “experts”: “Most healthcare interventions tested in Cochrane Reviews are not effective according to high quality evidence: a systematic review and meta-analysis!

Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 Infection, But Infection Without Vaccination Gives Immunity” Why do they do it?

Food for thought.

Governor DeSantis, with God’s help the next president of the United States, defying the injection bullies.

Please share. This is extremely alarming – a looming shortage of diesel and engine oil. For your leftist relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, food does not magically appear on the shelves of Whole Foods. This is a thread with four brief videos.

Michael Snyder: “What Is Your Plan To Make It Through The Worst Global Food Crisis In Any Of Our Lifetimes?” This article includes an outstanding list of 50 essential items for prepping.

What Is Your Plan To Make It Through The Worst Global Food Crisis In Any Of Our Lifetimes?

Is this really just coincidence? “Here’s 96 Examples of Food Shortages Being CREATED in Past Year

Jeffrey Tucker: “At the Military Olympics, October 2019, Wuhan, China, Athletes Caught Covid” That is before the official start of the pandemic. What gives?

‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders” “When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake — all by the time she was 16 years old.”

The military has been infiltrated: “West Point cadets taught critical race theory, including addressing ‘whiteness’” If a foreign nation did this with domestic assistance, we would call it treason.

A nice quiet suburban community: “Parents Find Critical Race Theory Training Material in Pennsylvania School That Denies Teaching CRT

Mental health… Was the franchise expanded too far?

Good news for religious freedom and school choice.

Good news: “CEOs Start to Push Back Against ‘Woke’ Employee Bullying

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Biden’s IRS Spent Approximately $700,000 on Ammo ‘Between March and June 1’” Because self-defense against the government, or against your neighbor, is racist, or something. Nothing to worry about here, I’m sure.

Mark Levin: “‘In Many Ways, We Live in a Post-Constitutional America’ — Says 1/6 Committee ‘Major Participant’ in Demise” Great monologue, with transcript. No solutions offered.

Do you remember Belgian psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet and his concept of “mass formation psychosis”? He is now out with a book on the topic: “The Psychology of Totalitarianism“. It is #1 on Amazon for politics of privacy & surveillance – and it only came out today! Sure to make leftist heads explode.

Texas ‘Triple Threat’ Leads Hispanic Voters’ Seismic Shift Toward GOP” As America’s most numerous minority, this endangers the success of the Democrats’ race-baiting philosophy of governance. Latinos and Asians are awakening.

Daniel Greenfield: “A Permanent Shortage of Everything

I have to ask – did anyone see this? “Epic alignment of 5 planets, moon to peak after summer solstice” Apparently, it’s only visible in the early morning, near the eastern horizon, before sunrise, around 5:00 AM. I am not up that early… You can see Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – yes, in order! Very cool.

49 seconds of humor from Senator Ted Cruz.

36 seconds that will put a smile on your face!

See you later!

They hate the good for being good

These words from the atheist Ayn Rand summarize the hatred the demonic left, under the control of their totalitarian id, has for those of us capable of self-governance. Believe me, I know from personal experience, the hatred one receives from “tolerant” leftist family members who flout so many of the laws that God, our Redeemer, gave us as a gift at Mount Sinai.

The latest victim of this persecution is the noble Dr. Simone Gold, founder of American Frontline Doctors, who committed the intolerable crime of saving lives during the pandemic, and of standing up for the Constitution on January 6, 2021. Now she has been sentenced to prison. Violent leftist insurrectionists need have no fear of the same punishment.

The Loss of Equal Protection

Politicizing medicine: FBI/DOJ/Court jail Dr Simone Gold for trespass

Good luck with this suggestion.

The hag clarifies: half of the country, winning an election, constitutes “a danger to democracy”, in which the word “democracy” is defined to mean “our gang wins all the time no matter what the common people say”.

Kavanaugh neighbor describes ‘horrific’ experience dealing with ‘aggressive’ pro-choice protesters” Rent-a-mob will not be prosecuted for their crimes – and they really are specific federal crimes. Garland and Wray must be impeached in January, 2023, for dereliction of duty; Biden as well.

Florida woman who found Ashley Biden’s diary in ‘halfway house’ is under FBI investigation for SELLING the journal in which president’s daughter recalled ‘showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)’ and details of her drug and sex addiction” Recall that the DOJ, FBI, and the IC (intelligence community) are the enforcement arm for the deep state establishment. No “equal justice under law” here.

Biden to ban ‘conversion therapy’ for gender identity” The president is not a king. He needs to go to Congress to pass a law, a law that is constitutional. This will go to court.

Dr. Jordan Peterson: “We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology” “The medical profession is crumbling in response to radical transgender activists”

Babylon Bee: “Spelling Bee Contestant Asks the Definition of ‘Woman’

The thought police are alive and well in the White House.

At last: “Mountain Lakes school district discriminates against white students: lawsuit

Their lives don’t matter, it seems.

Well played, Senator Dr. Paul, well played.

Canadian man one of the first to be awarded compensation for his vaccine injuries. Look and share.

Alarming New Data Confirms COVID Vaccine Link to Fatal Brain Disorder” – CJD, which is short for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Laypeople call it “mad cow disease”, surely one of the most terrifying forms of death there is. And my professor colleagues are eagerly falling all over themselves to get the fourth injection.

Terrible, Fatal Brain Disease Linked to COVID Vaccines” Read and share.

From the lovely Valerie Sobel: “Unlike Ukraine, Russia is exempt from the list of most-wanted antisemites” A nice reminder of history.

Crazy Lady Loses It on Religious Right After Paying $98 to Fill Up Her Tank” The madness is off the charts! Is the “religious right” in power now? I assume she voted for Biden, and he is fulfilling his campaign promise to wreck American energy production. She voted for this and is now shocked at the results! What??? 1.5 minutes.

Our Economy In a Nutshell” “The economy has reached an inflection point where everything that is unsustainable finally starts unraveling.

Michael Snyder: ““The Economy Is Going To Collapse” – Here Are 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We Have Been Waiting For Has Already Begun

“The Economy Is Going To Collapse” – Here Are 18 Signs That The Economic Meltdown We Have Been Waiting For Has Already Begun

A friend sent me this great video: “Gold is acting as a true safe haven despite a calamity in general stock market and crypto space” It demonstrates why the Fed is in a real box – and why a historic economic collapse may be approaching.

From the Gallup poll: “Belief in God in U.S. Dips to 81%, a New Low” I daresay the graph of declining belief in God correlates with other graphs: increasing crime, broken families, and so on. Psalms 111:10: “The beginning of wisdom is reverence for the Lord”.

Mises: “The Great Reset: Turning Back the Clock on Civilization” Yes, indeed: killing the Enlightenment. “The covid-19 pandemic featured an unprecedented fusion of the interests of large and powerful corporations with the power of the state. Democratically elected politicians in many countries failed to represent the interests of their own citizens and uphold their own constitutions and charters of rights. Specifically, they supported lockdown measures, vaccine mandates, the suppression of a variety of early treatment options, the censorship of dissenting views, propaganda, interference in the private spheres of individuals, and the suspension of various forms of freedom. All of these policies and measures were centrally designed by the social engineers of the pandemic. Globalists, who are obsessed with societal control, decided to take advantage of the pandemic in order to increase their authoritarian power.”

See you later!

The tail is wagging the dog

How Many Adults and Youth Identify as Transgender in the United States?” Adults: 0.5%. Youth (13-17 years old): 1.4%. Adults 65 and older: 0.3%. See a pattern?

James Howard Kunstler: “Proud of Yourselves?” He speculates about the minds of drag queens, and parents who want to expose their children to perversity. His discussion of fairy tales reminds me of my increasing distaste of such. They are not comparable to Biblical narratives, all fashionable atheist cynicism to the contrary notwithstanding.

Speaking of such parents: “Mom Forces Unwilling Child to Watch Gay Festivities As He Recoils in Horror” One of my friends speculated today that much of America is in the grip of demonic forces. There may well be scientific explanations (CoVID injections, 5G, chemtrails, food additives, social media hypnosis, and so on), but the conclusion is undeniable.

Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones, and Youth Suicide” A Heritage Foundation study showed that states with easier access to “gender-affirming treatments” (meaning surgical or chemical mutilation of children) have higher rates of suicide in those children. I wonder why.

This horror story is not for the faint of heart. It is an anatomically detailed account of what happened to a boy who found understanding adults who performed surgery on him, surgery that he later bitterly regretted; but the damage is irreversible.

Savannah Hernandez interviews.

Michigan’s first gay attorney general says there should be a ‘drag queen for every school’

Norway: ““Queer” Academic Suggests Pedophilia Be Taught in Schools as an Innate Sexuality” This is, of course, an indirect strategy to support depopulation.

Another Heritage Foundation study regarding the six-figure salaries of the “diversity” mob on campus: “Diversity University: DEI Bloat in the Academy

Deprogramming From the ‘Woke’ Cult: Former Social Justice Warrior Overcomes Fear to Speak Up” Interview with podcaster Keri Smith. “The Knitting Wars”??? Yes indeed.

Hear, hear! “CRT and LGBT in the Classroom: Americans Have Had Enough

Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals” So it wasn’t necessary after all?

Mortician Finds Massive Hand-Sized Clots In Cadavers After Vax Release” The host explains these tissues, however, are not clots. They are rubbery. What might be causing them?

Emerald Robinson: “What’s Graphene Oxide?” “Is a toxic material hiding inside the COVID vaccines causing blood clots?”

Speakers Lambasted FDA Advisers During Advisory Committee Hearing” 14 minutes. One speaker, a doctor, warned the panel that they are risking an eternity in hell. What good does such a warning do, however, for the person who does not believe in God?

Data Show Just How Ineffective are the COVID-19 Vaccines Around the World” In multiple countries, high vaccination rates did not prevent high case rates; quite the opposite.

Edward Dowd was banned from Twitter right around this time.

Another fire at another food processing plant.

Could a food shortage be coming? Record diesel prices are crushing Pa. farmers, lawmakers told

More on the coming famine. Are you ready?

What do you want to bet the FBI is aware of this individual already?

23 Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized, Firebombed by Pro-Abortion Activists in Recent Weeks” And… the FBI will be right on it!

Here is the J6 Truth documentary, 45 minutes long, narrated by political prisoner Jake Lang. Between this and 2000 Mules, I expect Republicans to start holding hearing right away. Right?

This 34.5 minute video is from Rudy Giuliani: “The January 6th Videos that are being Covered Up

Jan. 6 Prisoner Who Was Denied Cancer Treatment Now ‘In Dire Straits’” From “conservatives” – crickets.

Ted Cruz cannot get the FBI to answer questions. Fine. Defund it.

What Happens When the Workforce No Longer Wants to Work?” How do they plan to feed themselves? I guess we will “cancel” their debt, right?

Jeffrey Tucker: “The Economic Meltdown Has Roots in Lockdown” “The most frustrating aspect of all of this is the rampant failure to connect cause and effect. The cause should be clear: this was all kicked off by the most egregious, arrogant, irresponsible, foolhardy, and brutal policies ever perpetrated on the whole of American life, all in the name of disease control. I’ve yet to see evidence that any of the people and agencies who did this to us are willing to reassess their decisions. Quite the contrary. There must be a reckoning. It was not the poor, the working classes, or the person on the street who did this. These policies were not an act of nature. They were never even voted upon by legislatures. They were imposed by men and women with unchecked administrative power under the mistaken belief that they had it all under control. They never did and they do not now.” There must be a reckoning – but there never is. If you want to deter such behavior in the future – there must be a reckoning.

Is Corporate Greed Behind High Gas Prices?” More like politicians’ greed.

Victor Davis Hanson: “The Subordinate Citizen

Mises: “The Five Stages of Totalitarianism

A young man can think for himself! The indoctrination system failed!

The core of the Democrat coalition is fraying badly.

See you later!

The footsteps of famine

When will people wake up? “Here is a list of poultry flock & egg production facilities destruction since March 2022” until June 2, 2022. This is as close as I could get to what looked like an original source. “EXCERPTED FROM A LIST OF 96 FOOD PRODUCTION/STORAGE FACILITIES WHICH HAVE BEEN DESTROYED DAMAGED OR IMPACTED BY “ACCIDENTAL FIRES” OR DISEASE OR GENERAL CAUSES.”

He Was a World-Renowned Cancer Researcher. Now He’s Collecting Unemployment.” “Behind the fall of David Sabatini, ‘one of the greatest scientists’ of his generation.” One colleague compared him to Einstein. Was he getting too close to the cure for cancer? Is that why he had to be stopped at any cost?

‘Ruth Sent Us’ group hinted at targeting Supreme Court Justice Barrett’s children, church” “Group gave details on Barrett’s routine, her children’s school and family’s spiritual life” This is where “conservatives” responded by – yawning. Don’t “conservatives” wish to conserve anything?

Nearly half of Democrat men under 50 approve of assassinating politicians” Who wants to share a country with them? Not I.

Jan. 6 Committee Being Used to ‘Abolish Electoral College,’ ‘Cover Up’ for Pelosi: House Republicans

Along related lines: “Bipartisan senators reach general agreement on updated Electoral Count Act” It would require 20% of Congress to raise an objection to an electoral slate.

Wayne Allyn Root: “This is Treason. Time to Admit Our Nation is Being Run by Domestic Terrorists and Traitors.” “We’re not going to make it to 2024. This is TREASON. Biden and his handlers are radical communist traitors. They are domestic terrorists and suicide bombers. It’s time to take the gloves off. These people want us banned, censored, silenced, bankrupt, stripped of all property, stripped of all guns, imprisoned for our political beliefs, or dead. You can’t compromise with people who want you silenced or dead.”

Dr. Robert Malone: “Members of Congress Demand Answers” “The use of COVID vaccines for babies and children is about to be decided based on?”

On GBNews, Mark Steyn interviews Eva Vlaardingerbroek on “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” 8.5 minutes.

Non-Covid Excess Deaths, 2020-21: Collateral Damage of Policy Choices?” “From April 2020 through at least the end of 2021, Americans died from non-Covid causes at an average annual rate 97,000 in excess of previous trends” – for a total of over 170,000 in the period under study. Thanks, Fauci; thanks, Birx; thanks, Gates; thanks, Pence.

Spike Protein Detox Guide” I am not a medical professional. I am just sharing an article that may be of interest. “This is an evolving guide with emerging information on how to clear viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body. The lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in a collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners.”

Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report” This is a worldwide survey of adverse events subsequent to the CoVID injections, to determine if there is an obvious safety concern. “The Polio Vaccine was recalled in less than 1 year after 10 reported deaths, the Swine Flu Vaccine was recalled in less than 1 year after 53 reported deaths. The Covid-19 vaccine, with over 28 000 associated reports of death, has not been recalled.” VigiAccess is the WHO’s monitoring system for vaccine adverse reactions. They report about 30 times as many adverse events for the CoVID injections as for the second most troublesome vaccine, which has a larger distribution.

Lithuania PM Rejects Russia’s ‘Nonsense’ Threat” – to revoke Russia’s recognition of Lithuanian independence.

Michael Snyder: “The Worst Economic Gloom In 50 Years

The Worst Economic Gloom In 50 Years

Protection from a currency collapse

Why Progressives Love Government “Experts”” “In twenty-first-century America, ordinary people are at the mercy of well-paid, unelected government experts who wield vast power. That is, we live in the age of the technocrats: people who claim to have special wisdom that entitles them to control, manipulate, and manage society’s institutions using the coercive power of the state. We’re told these people are “nonpolitical” and will use their impressive scientific knowledge to plan the economy, public health, public safety, or whatever goal the regime has decided the technocrats will be tasked with bringing about. These people include central bankers, Supreme Court justices, “public health” bureaucrats, and Pentagon generals. The narrative is that these people are not there to represent the public or bow to political pressure. They’re just there to do “the right thing” as dictated by economic theory, biological sciences, legal theory, or the study of military tactics. We’re also told that in order to allow these people to act as the purely well-meaning apolitical geniuses they are, we must give them their independence and not question their methods or conclusions.”

Nitzakhon surveying the world with dozens of links: “Survival Sunday” This week includes a little more than the average on preparedness.

See you soon!