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Memorial Day, 2021

Readers of this blog will remember what the vice-president* of the United States forgot: the meaning of Memorial Day.

Some of our fellow Americans gave their last full measure of devotion – because we asked them to – and because greater love hath no man than this.

Along with reverence of God and empathy, gratitude is the fundamental virtue. We will say their names. Their short lives were given to build better lives for others.

The country for which they sacrificed no longer exists within its traditional boundaries; it is a dead man walking. The true country shelters in our restless hearts, until we realize it again in its new home: New America.

I offer you, on this day, one possible design for a flag for our new home. The idea came from observing the common elements among the flags of five Nordic nations (an idea which was once briefly considered for Germany as well), and then overlaying motifs from the existing American flag.

This is no intended slight of the Celtic, Romance, or Slavic countries; it is just that there is no equally obvious theme for the flags of those groups. Suggestions are welcome!

Seeking health

“If you have your health, you have everything!” That’s what I heard from my grandparents. I suspect there is some common etymological explanation for “health” and “wealth”; the latter word originally signified being well, not rich.

Now I am in something of a cautious relationship with America’s sickcare system. I can’t call it the healthcare system. I have witnessed too many problems in the last few years firsthand. This includes:

  • incorrect diagnoses more than once from “great” doctors treating both me and my wife;
  • the alarm the PA demonstrated when told my wife was taking hydroxychloroquine;
  • the involuntary injection of a medication into my wife in an ER that caused her to go into convulsions one week after she had a concussion.

It is clear to me now that our best option is to avoid the sickcare system as best we can. My wife’s knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine partners with our commitment to learning about supplements and maintaining wellness.

I have told you about the magic of banlangen tea, with its potent anti-viral properties. That was not quite enough to handle our encounter with our vaccinated friends’ shedding of spike protein, but anise star tea cured us. This past week, my wife had scheduled an appointment with a podiatric surgeon because of a flare-up of arthritis in her foot. On a whim, she drank some pu’er tea (also called pu’erh). The appointment is now cancelled.

The main reason I am writing today is to reach out for help with obtaining a very wonderful supplement called Anatabloc. It was an over-the-counter supplement made from the tobacco plant, consisting of a chemical called anatabine.

Based on online testimonials, it was used successfully to treat all types of inflammatory diseases, from arthritis to digestive disorders. It also relieved symptoms of neurological diseases that manifest with inflammation, from autism to dementia. It was a miracle substance that was getting popular, and might have threatened some big pharmaceutical companies. You can read some stories here:

An overly enthusiastic marketing campaign, combined with the manufacturer’s proximity to Virginia’s then Republican governor, were enough to motivate the FDA to shut down the American manufacturer entirely.

Soon after, a British-based manufacturer started producing Anatabloc for a year or so, until they too were shut down. That was a couple of years ago. We are gradually using up our supply, which relieves my wife’s multiple chronic inflammatory diseases.

This miracle supplement gave substantial relief to people with all types of severe illnesses. Unlike the proposed drug substitutes, this one is safe. And our government took it away from us. I cannot tell you how furious I am with big pharma and their lackeys at the FDA.

Now and then I do another internet search for Anatabloc. The proposed substitutes are nowhere near as effective or safe. The webpages that mention the name say it is “out of stock”. Any tips or directions would be most gratefully appreciated.

Stagflation, here we come

It’s that 70’s show again. Afghanistan and Iran aren’t far from our minds as the country swerves left.

Looking through my economic dashboards, I saw an alarming sign: a plunge by the real (inflation-adjusted) 10-year Treasury yield to its lowest level (-2.51%) since July, 1980. Indeed, the level is lower than it was during the Great Recession.

The 10-year Treasury note still yields a positive nominal rate of interest – just not enough to keep up with inflation. As the graph indicates, this type of pattern occurs going into a serious recession (the shaded bars). In fact, you can see just after the Great Recession another hidden recession during 2011-12, which was not formally announced by the government. (I wonder why…)

In the graph above, and the one at the end of this post, I use the standard definition of inflation. Not everyone is convinced that this captures the full effect of inflation. I am developing an alternative measure I call the Essentials CPI, shown in red next to the blue standard CPI below.

The two versions are fairly close, although the red curve runs slightly above the blue curve. On average, over the long haul, the Essentials CPI is about half a percentage point more per year than standard CPI. The Essentials CPI focuses on only four categories: housing; food and beverages; medical care; and energy. Moreover, it gives slightly more weight to whichever component is running the highest that month, because these essentials are not fungible. That is, you cannot forego part of your dwelling place to buy more food, or vice-versa.

For the record, the standard CPI in April 2021 showed a 4.15% increase year-over-year; for the essentials CPI, the change was a larger 4.94%. If you wanted any evidence that inflation is more than the government tells you, this is it.

Speaking of the 1970s, do you remember the misery index – inflation plus unemployment? My own version uses double the unemployment rate as a proxy for the U6 underemployment rate, but subtracts out the yield on the 1-year Treasury note.

The Obama misery index peaks (by my definition) exceed even what we had in the 1970s. This record was beaten by the self-inflicted economic shutdown of 2020. After President Trump got us down during 2019 to the lowest level since 2006, his late 2020 comeback was the fastest in American economic history. Sadly, under Biden’s leadership, this misery index is ticking ominously higher.

The Federal Reserve board seems to be sending signals that they are slowly becoming aware that the money printing party cannot go on forever. At the same time, Biden is pressuring the rest of the world to raise corporate tax rates so as not to undercut the much higher rates he desires in America. Inflation plus stagnation equals stagflation.

The economic model I am working on for the price of gold suggests that gold is likely to appreciate substantially over the next few years. I am not certified to give investment advice. I am just telling you that data strongly supports gold as an investment for at least the next few years.

The 1970s were followed by the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Another Ronald is in the governor’s house in Florida, ready to continue serving his country. May God shelter him.

Pandemic and vaccine news: May 25, 2021

If you read or view nothing else from this blog post, please watch this 7-minute video, including remarks from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. A United Kingdom scientific advisory panel believes that a third CoVID wave will hospitalize or kill 60-70% of people who have had both CoVID “vaccine” shots (presumably referring to the mRNA formulation). If those were all deaths, that death percentage would double the medieval Black Death.

“Banned paper: Doctors’ risk-versus-benefit assessment of Covid jabs” Why are doctors being censored?

“Nobel Prof. Montagnier: COVID-19 Caused By a Vaccine Experiment Gone Bad?” (6-minute video)

More from Dr. Montagnier: “Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants'”

Still more from Dr. Montagnier: “Nobel Prize winner: Mass COVID vaccination an ‘unacceptable mistake’ that is ‘creating the variants’”

“Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?” Great question.

“Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines and Tests”

The same site offers legal resources:

“How the CDC is manipulating data to prop-up “vaccine effectiveness”” The government not being honest? Say it isn’t so!

“Dept of Labor and OSHA Reverse Course, Will Not Enforce Employer Responsibility to Report COVID Vaccination Injuries” It was too good to be true.

“Dr. Li Meng Ya claims she has produced evidence that COVID was lab-made” Fortunately, the young SJWs in Facebook and Twitter know more than a real Chinese virologist.

“CDC investigates dozens of reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults that occur four days after their second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines” But our college is mandating them for students. Wicked.

“America’s Frontline Doctors Files Motion For Restraining Order Against Child COVID Vaccinations” It’s not FDA-approved. Are you going to risk your child’s life just to prove how much you hate Trump?

“Red Cross is accepting plasma from people vaccinated against COVID-19” Lovely.

“Project Veritas releases internal Facebook documents detailing campaign to censor vaccine concerns on platform” Back to censorship. Your family member’s death did not happen.

What I fear is coming for our world reminds me of a Biblical passage – perhaps one of the readers can recall the source – in which a prophet says of the survivors of a terrible catastrophe that “The living will envy the dead.”

Hope to the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart; and hope to the Lord.

The Lord will give strength to his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.

PSALMS 27:14, 29:11

Grading the states

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the performance of the states on the 8 metrics presented in yesterday’s blog entry:

Rather than present precise quantitative data, we choose to divide the states into 5 classes on each of the 5 metrics. The classes are called A (best), B, C, D, and F (worst), and are roughly but not exactly the same size.

StateScoreCoVID death rateCook PVIunemployment 2019-20fertility rateviolent crimehomicidedomestic migrationarable land per capita

No state scores straight A’s, but two states, Idaho and Utah, score consistently A’s and B’s. Those two states plus Wyoming, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Wisconsin have grades consistently in the A-B-C range. Again, many of these scores and grades would change substantially if measured at a county-wide level, even in the lowest scoring states.

Yesterday’s blog post mentioned some secession movements. There are interesting maps to go with those projects. Here are the maps for Illinois, Oregon, and Virginia. See more at Red State Secession (link at the bottom of the blog page).


Of course, moving state boundaries only delays, briefly, the conflict with the left. Secession from the union is the only non-violent solution to that problem.