The quality of life in the several states

It is long past time to explain that second map in the right sidebar. Here is a larger version of that map. The highest quality of life is shown in deep blue; the lowest quality of life is shown in deep red.

This index is composed of eight variables. The seven non-political variables should be fairly non-controversial. The eighth, political variable, gives a preference to Republican governance over Democrat governance. All else being equal, I presume readers of this blog prefer conservative values over leftist values.

Here are the eight variables.

  • the homicide rate per 100,000 population (the lower, the better);
  • the violent crime rate per 100,000 population (the lower, the better);
  • the CoVID-19 death rate per 1 million population (the lower, the better);
  • the average unemployment rate for 2019-2020 (the lower, the better);
  • the fertility rate (the higher, the better);
  • square miles of arable land (crops or pasture land) per capita (the higher, the better – this was suggested by reading Rawles’s Survival Blog);
  • the domestic (between states) migration rate (a composite of the absolute migration and the relative migration rate – the higher, the better);
  • the Cook Partisan Voting Index (the vote in a state compared to the national average – the more Republican, the better).

These variables measure different kinds of things and are measured on different kinds of scales. At this step, certain mathematical things take place (transformation of support and standardization), which put the eight variables all on the same footing. Then the results are averaged together to come up with one overall score.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Homicide is exceptionally high in Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • Violent crime is exceptionally high in Alaska and New Mexico.
  • Unemployment is exceptionally high in Nevada.
  • Fertility is exceptionally low in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  • Arable land per capita is exceptionally low in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.
  • The emigration rate is exceptionally high in California, Illinois, and New York.

There is a clear bloc of six states that would form the core of a New America: Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Maine and Iowa are not far behind. However, even in the lowest ranked states (in order: New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois) and many others, there is a clear contrast between the quality of life in the cities and almost everywhere else in those states.

According to the “official” (criminally fraudulent) results of the 2020 presidential election, the senile pedophile won by 7 million votes. President Trump could have won the popular vote, even by the fraudulent standards of 2020, by simply excising 20 counties (or equivalents) from the United States of America:

  • California: Los Angeles, Alameda (Oakland), Santa Clara (San Jose), San Francisco
  • Illinois: Cook (Chicago)
  • New York: Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Queens, Bronx (4 of the 5 boroughs of New York City)
  • Washington: King (Seattle)
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
  • Massachusetts: Middlesex (Boston)
  • Florida: Miami-Dade, Broward
  • Michigan: Wayne (Detroit)
  • Maryland: Prince George’s (Washington suburb), Montgomery
  • District of Columbia
  • Minnesota: Hennepin (Minneapolis)
  • Oregon: Multnomah (Portland)

Baltimore City, Maryland, comes in for dishonorable mention.

It would be fun to rerun the 2020 election without those counties, and see how not only the White House, but Congress and the governors change. But since there is no obvious way to expel counties from the union, we should re-examine secession movements. The bottom of this blog includes links to several resources on secession from the union. Moreover, there is growing interest in secession within the union. Here is a partial list of secession movements.

  • Southern and eastern Oregon counties want to join Idaho, without forming a new state;
  • southern Illinois counties want to secede from Chicago and form a new state;
  • eastern Washington counties want to form the new state of Liberty;
  • Texan activists want to secede from the union;
  • the Shenandoah Valley and western Virginia counties want to join West Virginia, without forming a new state.

If these movements are not permitted to succeed, then civil war is virtually guaranteed, and could only be prevented by a Constitution-destroying dictatorship. The left is already seceding from us, denying us employment and the ability to do commerce. Let’s make it official.

11 thoughts on “The quality of life in the several states

  1. “It is the will of Allah that you will submit”
    Where did Islam come from? Out of the Arabian desert some 650 years after the death of Jesus, and millennia after the demise of Moses, it came sweeping on the coat tails of nomadic raiders, claiming to be founded in the lore of Abraham. Resembling arguments from a “Philadelphia lawyer”, it claimed genealogical descent from Ishmael, violent treatment for apostates, and divine revelation from the Angel Gabriel. By finding the “Achilles Heel” of Judaism and Christianity (Peace; Love) it more closely resembled an elaborate justification for the predatory instincts of its desert-dwelling followers because it did not flourish as a religion while in Medina, only as a cult of violence after Mohammad moved to dominate in Mecca. Whatever its ecclesiastical origins, its modern iteration holds to the totalitarian tenets of domination, as seen in the literal meaning of Islam, “to submit”. But submit to what?
    Submit to the arbitrary and capricious dictates of self-important war lords, to harem keeping polygamous sheiks, to feckless pseudo-warriors who shield themselves with innocents, to slave trading raiders who put thieves or resistors of any kind to the sword (or the stoning pit, or the stake: whatever results in a terrorizing death). This ultimately is what we must think of when we “gird up our loins”, when we move to separate as a new country, peaceful preferably, but violently if necessary.
    Those not inclined toward violence are at a disadvantage from others who employ violence: survival under the “law of the jungle” (in the actual jungle or during World War II); law-abiding citizens abused by criminal gangs who excuse their crimes by “justification” (seen in large centers all over North America); weak spouses abused in a relationship (where there is no justice, only self defense); the desperation of a person who is victimized by a bully in a school yard (or woke work culture). Although God commanded “thou shall not kill” he didn’t say, “thou shall not defend thyself”: that is a “natural right”, needing neither permission nor elaborate moral defense. Survival is THE PRIME DIRECTIVE of every living thing, otherwise why waste the space and the resources? So you can be rewarded in the afterlife for your acquiescence in a suicide cult? That is for each of us to decide and well above my pay grade to answer for us all. Whatever the circumstances here, what is needed is the steely resolve of the Israelis.

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      1. Very good. Glenn Beck is right as rain. It is very concerning that too many Jews seem to have forgotten the take-away of the Holocaust — “never again.” Jews need to arm up. They cannot simply allow themselves to be brutalized in the streets by these new Nazi thugs. I understand the legal ramifications of using a firearm in deep blue jurisdictions, but what is the alternative? Violence is the only thing that these cowardly animals understand. Self-defense is not only a right but a duty. Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against anyone who chooses to defend himself in the hellholes that blue jurisdictions have become under the TraitorKKKrats. Perhaps the Jews need to form a Guardian Angels-type organization to patrol the at-risk neighborhoods. Not exactly sure what form “fight back” should take, but something aggressive needs to happen and fast.

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        1. Lt. Col., it is great to have you back again. The organization you are referring to used to exist. It was called the Jewish Defense League (JDL), which is almost diametrically opposed to the better-known ADL. The JDL, founded by the Rabbi Meir Kahane, was pretty much prosecuted out of business, if I remember correctly.

          That is too bad, in so many ways. Rabbi Kahane was assassinated in New York in the 1990s. The assassin later was responsible for the first World Trade Center bombing. If our government had been as serious about prosecuting jihadists as they were in taking down a Jewish self-defense organization, perhaps the WTC would still be standing – and history would have been much different (no endless Middle East wars).

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          1. Surak, thanks for the reminder, had forgotten the sad story of Rabbi Kahane and the JDL. Sounds to me like the wisest option for Jews in this climate would be to emigrate from NYC and other dangerous blue cities. Obviously not always possible, but those with means would be advised to “read the writing on the wall” and get the hell out of Dodge. Ben Stein just wrote a piece
            ( recounting a near disastrous encounter with some would-be assailants in Beverly Hills. Apparently he owns property in Idaho and several posts in the comments section advised him to move there asap. Sorry to be out of the loop lately. Have a major full-interior house remodel in progress. Will be glad when things settle back down. In the meantime, enjoying your many interesting and informative posts and other reader comments but just haven’t time to give them the attention they deserve. Keep up the great work!


    1. Great comments, sir. I might only add that a more accurate interpretation of “kill” in the context of that Commandment would be a reference to “murder.”

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    1. Why Democracies Collapse
      The decline of America has many causes but just one solution: start over. Anyone who has followed Bill Bonner is familiar with his fair-minded analysis of why we are going to ‘hell in a hand basket’. Along with debasement of currency and morality (which is a feature of free markets) there is the human tendency to ‘game the system’ which is part of (play) learning but also corruption of morality (serving self instead of duty). As John Glubb points out, empires (or distinct cultures) have a “sell by date” of about 250 years
      Nigel Farage, leader of the ‘Leave’ campaign in Britain, is here in America bringing hope to millions who are reeling from the assault on democracy in the free world. (watch the video). Nobody likes to be ‘told what to do’ when it is against their better judgment . All decent people live by the slogan, “there but for the Grace of God, go I”, realizing that they too could be made wrong. When someone “makes you wrong” they are putting you in a box of their own design to more easily persuade themselves and the mob to demonize you. It is characteristic of fighting, either innocently (with your sibling) or malignantly (Hamas vs. Israel).
      The antisemitism that is endemic in socialist enclaves (Democrats in U.S., Labour in Britain, Liberals in Canada, Hamas in Palestine, the European Union) could be the weak link that exposes their bigotry towards others both economically and politically. We need our own “Libertexit” to rally voters all over North America to fight the domination of the bullying Left. I wonder how we could engage Britain’s own version of Donald Trump?


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