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Welcome back

Hello, friends. It has been a while! Long time, no blog, so to speak. I am bursting with data, analysis, news, and I can’t keep it from you any longer. We have a lot to talk about in this world: plague, war, famine, abortion, borders, elections, education, the decline of the West, and so on.

I am going share my graphics and links with you over the coming weeks, but no longer every day. I made a promise to someone here to focus on home and work. Let me say briefly that this blog is seen by many people other than regular commenters, including a household member – so nothing disrespectful should be said about them – ahem – a word to the wise…!

We have spent the last three months focusing heavily on health and wellness, and learning that this is a multi-dimensional goal. In my studies, I have found that the (Asian) Indian model of the self is the most complete, refining the traditional triad of body-heart-mind. In Indian teachings, there are seven levels, each important for total health: survival, relational, appetitive, emotional, expressive, mental, and spiritual. Neglect any of these at your peril.

I have substantially expanded the links section at the bottom of the blog. Please explore these resources. There are new resources on relationships, new resources on the many powerful links between mental health and physical health, and a whole new section with resources on Jewish spirituality, that I hope will be nourishing for adherents of all the Abrahamic faiths.

I had intended to feed you links to some 600 or so browser tabs I opened in the last few months, but you won’t be surprised to hear that my poor browser couldn’t handle the strain, and crashed a few weeks ago. I am improving my well-being in part by slashing the number of must-read websites I study daily; and we turned off our television and talk radio a long time ago. Nevertheless, our friend Nitzakhon is being very productive; I subscribe to his writings at two websites, and I encourage you to do the same:

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Catching up on news

Thank you, everyone, for helpful feedback on yesterday’s column. I had the pleasure of reading about Goldback, as well as Monarch Precious Metals, now both linked at the bottom of the blog. These go a long way to addressing the divisibility issue for gold and silver currency, by offering bills laminated with gold (Goldback), or coins at 1 gram, 1/2 gram, and 1/4 gram (Monarch). The coins are very tiny, but the 1 gram coins have a surprisingly low premium over spot prices. When they achieve wider acceptance, they can become competitive as a medium of exchange.

Trudeau Goes Full Totalitarian With Plan To Invoke Emergencies Act

Trudeau Goes Nuclear: Invokes Emergencies Act to Crush Freedom Convoy

Here’s How Justin Trudeau Plans to Crush the Canadian Freedom Truckers

Jonathan Turley: “Free Speech Becomes Roadkill in the Crackdown on Canadian Truckers

To Ensure Democracy Trudeau Will Crack Down on Crowdfunding for Anything He Does Not Like” 3:38.

Geniuses: “Police sabotage heavy equipment at Coutts” How are they supposed to move the equipment if you sabotage it?

Sounds like martial law. You can no longer refuse to get involved. You will be arrested if you don’t actively support the Castreau regime.

Amid the Canadian Trucker Protests, The Left Has Found the New ‘F’ Word…And It’s Laughably Pathetic” The CBC says the word “freedom” is associated with… the FAR RIGHT. Just like trained circus animals, expect the administrative class of white-collar Zoom workers to nod dutifully.

Israel Freedom Convoy heads for Jerusalem

Jerusalem rising!

Here’s how to detox from the COVID spike protein – from the jab or the virus” I may have posted this before, but it should still be useful, for the few people who took the injection willingly or under duress, and now experience regret.

Nice interview with JD Rucker: “Pandemic Endgame: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Deciphers the Transhumanist Goals of Schwab and Gates, Then Explains How We Win in the End

[WhatsHerFace is BACK!] EVERYONE has AIDS?!” Why was she foolish enough to publish this first on YouTube? At least Rumble has a back up copy. She brings the receipts. 18 minutes.

Vasko Kohlmayer: “The Global Covid Vaccination Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe” References and links.

Official U.K. Lab Report confirms Covid-19 Vaccines definitely contain Graphene Oxide” Look at the evidence. Mrs. Surak believes she is seeing this as well in the residue she cleans out of our new humidifier, filled with tap water.

Does it make a difference if you can watch it in real time? 41 seconds. The audience thought the ending was hilarious.

Retelling the story of a cold-hearted killing by a hospital: “Grace’s Last Day: A Father Questions Hospital Protocols Leading Up to His Daughter’s Death” They really want you dead.

Mexico City Health Ministry Stands By Ivermectin Use After “Colonialist & Authoritarian” Censorship Of New Study” Hysterical Americans try to shut down Mexico’s successful use of ivermectin. They really want you dead.

Instagram post by a grieving widow whose husband got the injection: “Brandon died of Lymphohistiocitic myocarditis” The sick, twisted people who play with phones for a living attacked her viciously for having the audacity to grieve her husband’s death. They really want you dead.

Whistleblower Releases EXPLOSIVE AUDIO That Confirms Doctors Are ‘Killing’ COVID-19 Patients In Hospitals, Wife Forced To ‘Smuggle’ Ivermectin Into Hospital” They really want you dead.

COVID-19 patient given meds without consent at Woodmont Hospital” They really want you dead.

Yale Study Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Caused Teen Boys to Die of Myocarditis” They really want you dead.

Rare hemorrhagic fever found in Britain for the first time in more than a decade” It’s an incredible coincidence.

The Oldest Pub in Britain Is Closing Its Doors After 1,229 Years” It opened in 793. Boris Johnson achieved what the Vikings, Normans, Civil War, and two world wars could not.

This is no longer about public health.

Psychiatrist bans child-masking and ‘all forms of child abuse’ in his practice” ‘I will no longer accept your ill-informed, foolish, immature rationalizations for the ongoing abuse of your children.’ Awesome!

Study shows VAERS data ‘underreported by a factor of 20’” So closing in on 500,000 injection deaths?

Israel Education Ministry ordered 1,556 defibrillators installed in all schools with over 500 children in preparation for children’s vaccine campaign” It’s for the children!

Levi’s President Publicly Quits Over Company’s Attempt to Silence Her Views on COVID Restrictions” She is a liberal, but 99% compliance is not good enough.

Dennis Prager: “COVID-19 and the Failure of America’s Major Religions” “The government issued irrational (as well as anti-religious and unethical) edicts and nearly every church and synagogue obeyed.” What do Judaism and Christianity say about cooperation with government? The top commenter said: “God’s admonition to the Christian Church that it obey the secular government ends when that secular government fails to obey God.”

GOP Senators Demand Vote To Defund Biden Vax Mandates Or Government Shutdown” Do they have the nerve to follow through?

It’s OK. They probably have a new medication to help you with the problems created by their old medication.

UH-OH! “Pfizer drops India vaccine application after regulator seeks local trial” Why can’t Florida and Texas demand trials and publicly published data?

Thou shalt not question Fausti! Even if you are a journalist – or should I say – especially if you are a journalist.

University of Virginia paid CRT proponent Ibram Kendi more than $500 per minute for lecture

The Unraveling ‘Equity’ Racket” Critical racism theory.

Cultural enrichment, costing a Chinese-American her life: “Woman stabbed to death; body found in Manhattan bathroom

Austria: Woman charged with ‘bodily harm’ for stabbing Syrian migrant who tried to rape her in Vienna” Self-defense is no longer permitted.

Does this news mean that it is illegal to teach Judaism in Israel?

This. Is. Depravity. Pope John Paul II called for a seamless culture of life. Apparently NYC has a seamless culture of death.

No wonder there is such a passion by the elites to shut down Julian Assange.

Did Hillary’s Campaign Plant Fabricated Evidence to Frame Trump?

Durham probe has ‘accelerated,’ with more people ‘cooperating,’ coming before grand jury” Instead of taking 100 years to complete, they should be done in 99 years now.

Greg Kelly: “Kash Patel Drops BOMBS on Durham Investigation and Grand Jury

Charlie Kirk: “Kash Patel Points to NSA Working with Hillary Campaign to Spy on Trump White House

John Ratcliffe: “Ex-Director of National Intelligence claims Biden and Obama KNEW ABOUT Hillary campaign plot to hack Trump servers: ‘Enough evidence in Durham’s Russia probe to indict MULTIPLE people’

Turns out the real threat to ‘norms’ was the Hillary Clinton campaign

The Silent Coup

Techno Fog – shocking – but then again, perhaps not: “The unstated scandal: The CIA collected info on President Trump” So the CIA is running American elections…?

El Salvadoran President Reveals Real Reason for Ukraine-Russia Hysteria” Covering up the increasing resistance to the elites’ democide, as well as Durham’s indirect threat to Hillary.

Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas Pipeline” Well done, leftist American Jews. If you were so worried about Russia as you say, you would have supported this project.

Producer Price Index year-over-year the highest ever recorded: “US January PPI +9.7% y/y vs +9.1% expected” Bond yields are edging higher, as is gold, which cracked $1900 today.

Part one in a series: “A LOOK AT THE GAME THEORY OF BITCOIN” “Bitcoin has the same game theoretics as the Gutenberg press, but it is working toward separating the State from Money.”

Martial Law in Canada: It’s never been riskier to NOT own Bitcoin” The author observes that traditional bank accounts have been seized in Canada. Since this article, so have crypto-currency wallets.

Emerald Robinson is a jewel: “Thomas Lipscomb: Hidden In Plain Sight” This is an excerpt from an upcoming book about the JFK assassination. It turns out that the windshield of Kennedy’s limousine was an extremely important part of the story. Read. Ask yourself what all the presidents since have hidden – even Trump.

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? People in Idaho and Montana are willing to help you. It just takes a little interview…

See you soon!

You cannot be forced to risk your life on another’s behalf

Today I read an outrageous column on Israel National News by an Israeli doctor with rabbinical ordination: “It’s OK to force the ‘Jab’” The author is “Dr. Rabbi Aryeh Hirsch”. He argues that not only may Jews be healed against their will, but that Jews who are not even sick may be forced to undergo treatment. This is shocking and infuriating – and wrong.

This issue is discussed from multiple perspectives in the Talmud (I have forgotten the references). The bottom line is that, in general, no one can be coerced into risking his or her life for the sake of another. The sages say, “We do not know whose blood is redder.” This means that the person being asked to risk his or her life has value just as much as other person’s life has value.

In one famous application, the commandment to be fruitful and multiply is incumbent only upon men, not women, for whom pregnancy may pose a risk to their lives. Thus it is the husband’s job to gently invite and encourage his wife to bear children, so she undertakes this risk freely.

My wife and I have certain allergies and sensitivities. Our approach in the past has been to avoid situations where we might contact those allergens and triggers, rather than try to bully the rest of humanity into shunning the things that are problematic for us.

It is sad that INN has gone all in on the injections, but their followers will reap the consequences in the coming years. In the meantime, we have Rav Chananya Weissman, who writes regularly for FPM, and whose link appears at the bottom of this blog.

Pfizer, FDA Dodge Media Questions About Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine” Comirnaty has full FDA approval, but – it isn’t available! The only injections that are available are still, apparently, under EUA – and by US law, they cannot be mandated! Are you listening, SCOTUS???

Dr. Joseph Mercola: “World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox” You may want to save this to share with friends and family members who finally express “vaccine regret”.

  • If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body
  • Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs
  • The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body
  • Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione
  • The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium

Boston goes full jab jacket.

DEAD AT 49… Tigers’ 1B Coach” At least he didn’t get CoVID.

COVID paranoia highlights the terrible damage leftism does to women” Sorry about the crude language.

US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say” This is a completely new technology – not mRNA or adenovirus or attenuated virus or viral fragment, rather “spike ferritin nanoparticle”. I guess that is something new we need to learn. Anyway, they are not rushing. They have just finished phase 1 trials, and have not begun phase 2.

European Commission authorises fifth safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19” This comes from Novavax and is uses somewhat more traditional technology. I am still suspicious about the manufacturing process.

Spike-Only Vaccine a Colossal Blunder: Michigan State University Shows SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Escape is Due to Vaccination” An evolutionary biologist establishes that the so-called “vaccines” are making the pandemic worse. It is called “immune escape”.

Intel to put unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave

This should do wonders for “healthcare”: “19 CityMD Urgent Care Clinics in New York City Close Due to Staffing Shortages Caused by Vaccine Mandates” Hey New Yorkers, have you figured it out yet? Voting for the left makes things worse.

Christian Organizations Ask Supreme Court To Stay OSHA Private-Employer Vaccine Mandate

Supreme Court will hear challenge to Biden Covid vaccine mandates

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty: “Farewell, University of California” “In August I challenged the UC vaccine mandate in federal court. Yesterday the University fired me for refusing the vaccine.” He was their chief of medical ethics. The irony is rich. He is worth more than the rest of the fetid UC system put together.

FPM: “American Mengele” Another review of RFK Jr.’s book on Fausti.

UK: “Hospital confirm LBC caller who claimed step-father was first Omicron death was Lying

Canada: “Feds admit tracking 33 million mobile phone devices during lockdowns

Austria Hiring People to “Hunt Down Vaccine Refusers”


Bucharest rising.

Romanian crowd tries to storm parliament in protest at COVID-19 pass

Greg Reese, 5 minutes: “THIS IS HOW WE WIN” “Professor of clinical psychology Dr. Mattias Desmet explains how we got here and how we win.” This is about mass formation psychosis.

CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test As a Valid Method for Detecting “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”” as of January 1, 2022. Convenient timing. Then case numbers will crash and Biden will take credit. The article includes a link to the announcement on the CDC website.

Hat tip Nitzakhon – track down information about individual vaccine lots.

Here is the direct link to “How Bad Is My Batch?“.

Nitzakhon and I discussed process control. As a result, I decided to create some visualizations of the adverse events associated with the “vaccine lots” (or batches). VAERS contains records for 33,838 vaccine lots, each of which is associated with at least one adverse event. I don’t know if there are any lots associated with zero adverse events. There have been a staggering 995,453 adverse events so far. 312,792 adverse event reports had no lot number reported; 26,031 more said the lot number was unknown. Of the lots known to be associated to specific adverse events:

  • 24,126, or 71.30%, had only 1 adverse event associated with them;
  • 3,941, or 11.65%, had only 2 adverse events associated with them;
  • the average lot had 19.41 adverse events associated with them;
  • the worst lot had 5,262 adverse events associated with it; 15.78% of those events were in Florida. Hm.

The following histogram shows the number of lots with given numbers of adverse events grouped by multiples of 100. You can hardly even see the bar showing the number of lots with 101-200 adverse events, can you? Either the manufacturing process control is unbelievably atrocious – or else the experiment is ongoing.

New York Lawmaker Pulls Public Health Detainment Bill, Blames ‘Conspiracy Theorists’” Can you really blame us?

But: “Study reveals that unjabbed are better informed than jabbed

What they really think of you: “Most School Leaders Rate Parents ‘Poor’ or ‘Fair’ at Teaching Children About Race, Sex, LGBTQ, Climate Change

Gov. Tom Wolf vetoes curriculum transparency bill, calling it a ‘dangerous and harmful imposition’” Who do these parents think they are? Parents? They are mere custodians!

Mother Uses Christmas Card To Announce Her Kindergartener Is Non-Binary” The family picture suggests that dad is vegan. Too much soy floating around. Oh, and this is child abuse.

Indianapolis Administrator Fired After Leaking District’s CRT Agenda” All he wanted to do was teach science. I know how he feels. I hope God opens another door for him, because he sure can’t count on conservatives to help him.

As I look at the national academic job market, I came across an advertisement for a visiting assistant professor position at a prominent college. This phrase jumped out at me: “In order for your application packet to be considered complete, the demographic section of the [such-and-such] College application must be filled out…” You understand, don’t you? White males need not apply. I know I sound naïve, but really, in the year 2021, isn’t that blatantly illegal? What made the college’s lawyers think that would survive a lawsuit?

Minnesota School Board Votes Unanimously to Allow Extra Pay for Non-White Teachers, Racial Segregation of Staff” Blatantly illegal. In your face. That is how the left works.

Canadian Court Declares Math Test For New Teachers ‘Unconstitutional’ Because Of Racial Disparities In Passage Rates” I wonder what parents would say. Do they want teachers who have the same skin color as their children, or teachers who know the subject matter? That is a critical question. Answer it the wrong way, and we return to the racial segregation of the early 20th century. Is that what “liberals” really want?

Escape from LA: More container business flees to East Coast

Peter Schiff: “REAL Interest Rates: The Missing Puzzle Piece the Mainstream Is Ignoring” The markets are ignoring RECORD low real interest rates too. Why?

BTC – THIS WILL MAKE YOU A BELIEVER” The case for crypto-currency and Bitcoin in particular. I find BTC and crypto way too volatile for my time of life.—this-will-make-you-a-believer

Census: “New Vintage 2021 Population Estimates Available for the Nation, States and Puerto Rico” What is more interesting is the magnitude of growth, and the percentage of decline, among the states. You will not be surprised to find that:

  • the largest 1-year population increases were in Texas (+310,000) and Florida (+211,000);
  • the largest 1-year percentage decreases were in DC (-2.9%) and New York (-1.6%).

More discussion: “Americans Fled ‘Woke’ States in ‘Historic’ Numbers in 2021” PLEASE LEAVE YOUR LEFTIST POLICIES BEHIND!

Sorry, Idaho. Things Were So Bad in ‘Woke’ Places That a Record Number of People Are Fleeing to Spud Country

New Florida residents who fled high-crime cities praise DeSantis’ policies: ‘The governor has done a good job’” The commenters include northerners effusive in their praise for their new governor, Ron DeSantis. They LOVE him.

To round out the discussion, I found a 2030 population forecast by the CDC (the Census forecast will not be out until next year). Here are populations in map form. Florida will nearly have caught up with Texas – amazing, but not surprising, under Gov. DeSantis’s leadership – and North Carolina will vault into 7th place behind CA, TX, FL, NY, IL, and PA.

Three Retired Generals Loudly Demand A Military Coup In 2024” – to reinforce the political coup of 2020?

Is Hillary Clinton Suggesting Civil War?” So what? We have been having a civil war, with only one side fighting.

Is Jovan Pulitzer the target of an attempted anthrax assassination? Or was it just CoVID?

NATO mulls deploying troops to Bulgaria, Romania

11 minutes with Greg Reese: “100 Years of Conspiracy to Destroy American Freedom” A great, brief overview of the past 111 years and the institutions created in that time frame.

Teaching Torah to non-Jews” Very interesting…

See you soon!

They will get you through your salad

US Researchers Are Engineering Lettuce and Spinach to Carry mRNA COVID Jabs” You need to start getting food independent now, as much as your circumstances allow. We shop local and organic as much as possible. Better yet, Mrs. Surak has been studying intensively the Youtube videos on home and indoor gardens. We have a couple of hydroponic experiments and a couple of sprouting experiments running, with soil not necessary. So far, she is able to garnish a meal. That is more than we could do one month ago. We keep learning.

Terrifying. From Colorado: “Hospital System Announces It Is Denying Potential Life-Saving Care for the Unvaccinated” They refuse to perform an organ transplant between friends who are uninjected. They really do want you dead.

13 minutes must watch, must share, with Stew Peters: “HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures “Organism” From Vaxxed Soldier’s Body” A woman uses tweezers to pull something from her recently injected husband’s skin. What on earth is that??? Watch the video. Watch and share.

RCP: “The Deep Politics of Vaccine Mandates

“[The progressive] agenda emphasizes deference to

  • Experts, not elected politicians,
  • Rational bureaucratic procedures,
  • Centralized power in the nation’s capital, not in the federal states, and
  • A modern, “living constitution,” which replaces the “old” Constitution of 1787 and severs the restraints it imposed on government power.”

Australia: ‘Those Declining Vaccines Will “Lose Their Freedoms”‘ Gradually moving the Overton window to make genocide acceptable, as in the ten stages of genocide.

Alex Jones has the video of a conference from October 2019 featuring Fausti: “SMOKING GUN: Big Pharma Worked with UN to Develop and Release COVID-19 Ahead of Great Reset” They said it was urgent to change vaccine manufacturing from egg-based to mRNA-based. Why so urgent?

Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses… Before Covid pandemic erupted, group submitted proposals to mix genetic data of related strains and grow completely new sequences” I can’t laugh or cry. This is the biggest story of American history, together with the stolen election – all connected – and the (deep state controlled) media is covering it up.

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “A Message To Fauci: You Are In No Position To Dictate The “Greater Good”” Here is an interesting picture from the article, an article which also discusses Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, and Event 201. Worth reading.

I bet this went down well in Canada: “Fauci Makes SCARY Declaration To Canadians: ‘It’s Time To Give Up Your Individual Right of Making Your Own Decisions’

Top COVID Experts Tell Biden To Scrap Widespread Booster Shot Plan In ‘Tense’ Phone Call” I thought this was just a one man show: Fausti.

Ivermectin – Truth and Totalitarianism—truth-and-totalitarianism/article_2e03f334-252f-11ec-a086-eb72bc65ec02.html

UK: “Deaths among male Children have increased by 400% since Chris Whitty decided they should have the Covid-19 Vaccine” They are reducing toxic masculinity the hard way.

Now Amsterdam fights back.

Ljubljana, Slovenia too.

Australia. Again. “Australians Being Mandated To Provide Police With Geo-Trackable Selfies To Prove They’re Quarantining… “If they don’t answer within the five minutes that’s when health ministers come knocking.”” But. They. Would. Never. Do. That. Here.

Britain: “Brits May Be Forced to Take COVID Tests on Camera to Prove to “Health Advisers” They’re Not Lying” But. They. Would. Never. Do. That. Here.

WordPress did not seem to like a tweet I tried to embed here. It demonstrated the reaction of rural Guatemalans to a visit by the injection police. Maybe you can find it by searching.

John Whitehead: “The Police State’s Reign of Terror Continues … With Help from the Supreme Court

“All of those freedoms we cherish—the ones enshrined in the Constitution, the ones that affirm our right to free speech and assembly, due process, privacy, bodily integrity, the right to not have police seize our property without a warrant, or search and detain us without probable cause—amount to nothing when the government and its agents are allowed to disregard those prohibitions on government overreach at will. This is the grim reality of life in the American police state. In fact, in the face of the government’s ongoing power grabs, our so-called rights have been reduced to mere technicalities, privileges that can be granted and taken away, all with the general blessing of the courts. This is what one would call a slow death by a thousand cuts, only it’s the Constitution being inexorably bled to death by the very institution (the judicial branch of government) that is supposed to be protecting it (and us) from government abuse… For those deluded enough to believe that they’re living the American dream—where the government represents the people, where the people are equal in the eyes of the law, where the courts are arbiters of justice, where the police are keepers of the peace, and where the law is applied equally as a means of protecting the rights of the people—it’s time to wake up. We no longer have a representative government, a rule of law, or justice. Liberty has fallen to legalism. Freedom has fallen to fascism. Justice has become jaded, jaundiced and just plain unjust.”

Reign of terror indeed.

Wisconsin: “Eau Claire County Judge Confines Teenage Girl Who Wouldn’t Quarantine” She wasn’t even sick.

Pennsylvania Democrat to Introduce Forced Vasectomy Bill in Response to Texas Pro-Life Law” In response, Republicans introduce forced jugularectomy for Democrats – oh wait – that was just a daydream.

At least I am king of my castle. Right? “Government secretly orders Google to track anyone searching certain names, addresses, and phone numbers

At least I am king of my mind. Right? “Implant “zaps brain when it detects neural activity associated with irrational thoughts.”

This should do wonders for patient care.

More generally: “Hospital systems PURGE thousands of workers to engineer health care COLLAPSE just as the Dark Winter die-off accelerates

Project Veritas for the win again: “Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research Discussing COVID Vaccine … ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’”

I hope he is right. “Resistance is not futile and it can make a difference

Otherwise, here is an alternative. “If America’s going to split apart, here’s what will happen to you” See the maps in the right margin of this blog. By popular demand, I have included the county-level map, but it must start with a core of states.

UW-Madison Mental Health Counselors Hired to Serve Non-White Students Only” Are they trying to imply that non-white students are more prone to mental illness? Only if they are projectives, but that would hold true for white students as well.

Herschel Walker’s son will be thrown out of university – even though all his classes are online?

John Nolte: “Biden Unleashes FBI Gestapo to Terrorize Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory” Not to secure the border or to stop government corruption. The citizens are the enemy.

But… “DeSantis… Confronts Garland on Troubling FBI Announcement” Please pray for Governor DeSantis’s lovely wife, who just had a diagnosis of breast cancer. It’s probably just a coincidence that he is the leader of the resistance.

FPM: “Educated Idiots, Critical Race Theory, and Other Bad Ideas” Bruce Thornton.

What Bill of Rights? “Minnesota Supreme Court denies Chauvin public defender request

It’s racist to be opposed to racial discrimination?! “Leading geophysicist had prestigious lecture at MIT canceled after outraging ‘totalitarian’ Twitter mob by arguing that academic evaluations should be based on merit not racial ‘equity’

Fake president. Let’s go, Brandon!

I feel the Chinese attack is imminent. I hope I am wrong.

Japan Making ‘Preparations’ for Possible Chinese Attack of Taiwan” Another war between China and Japan? The last one killed tens of millions.

See you tomorrow!

Are injection mandates legal?

I imagine that we will see a lot of litigation around injection mandates in the next few months, notwithstanding the timidity of one Amy Coney Barrett. Here are thoughts from two legal blogs. Short version: it doesn’t look good. This is another reason for secession. We literally cannot live with them.

Another Twist to the Legality of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

“Can Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations?”

This video of Dr. Dan Stock was removed from YouTube because he wants to save your life.

Partial transcript from Citizen Free Press: “Everything we are doing is wrong. Everything being recommended by the CDC is inconsistent with established Science and their own data. Masks are ineffective at preventing viral transmission, per the CDC’s and NIH’s own data. We cannot make respiratory viruses disappear. They circulate all year, and they have animal reservoirs. Smallpox had no animal reservoirs. Vaccination changes none of this. The current vaccine is causing anti-body mediated viral enhancement, which has happened for all coronaviruses. Vaccines allow the virus to be come worse than it would with native infection. 75% of symptomatic COVID cases in Cape Cod were of fully-vaccinated individuals. Therefore vaccinated and unvaccinated should be treated equally. Vaccinated individuals are shedding virus. The vaccines don’t do exactly what you want them to do. These summer outbreaks are unusual, and being driven by the vaccinated. People who had COVID get no benefit at all from vaccination, and they get reactions to the vaccines at four to six times the previously uninfected. Everything we are doing is wrong and unscientific.”

“Israeli Doctor Destroys the Lie That the Unvaccinated are Causing the Spread of COVID-19”

“14-Year-Old Orange County Boy Hospitalized For COVID-19 Psychosis”

A viral post by an anonymous doctor went across the internet.


If you have the time, this is one of the most comprehensive threads on the pandemic-vaccine situation. I will break out important individual highlights separately below. Most of the videos can be downloaded.

March 17: “GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE, DMV, PHD, INDEPENDENT VIROLOGIST AND VACCINE EXPERT EX TEAM OF BILL GATES GROUP” Explains why vaccines must not be used during a pandemic –

Dr. Vernon Coleman, March 20: “Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction” –

Dr. Pavlevsky, April 24: “Spike protein shedding” –

Dr. Robert Malone, July 28: “Antibody dependent enhancement is here” –

Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko testifies to a Jewish religious court urging them to stop the injection program –

Slightly below this in the thread is what appears to be a response from this Jewish religious court, forbidding Jews from getting the injection. I am trying to verify this.

Mike Adams interviews Dr. Judy Mikovtis, August 8 –

“Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19” – such as ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement.

“Will COVID19 Vaccines Lead To Deadly Antibody Dependent Enhancement?” In the first minute of the video, you see CDC statistics that of all people who died in hospital with CoVID during March 2020 – March 2021, less than one percent died of CoVID alone. Half the patients had more than 5 comorbidities. Stunning. The video description contains many links to supporting research.

From Mike Adams, Natural News: “HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling” Some of Mike’s writing is a bit out there. In this article, however, he is discussing his specialty, and he appears to establish what he calls a “bombshell” claim. This is explosive.

“Spreading False Vax Info Might Cost You Your Medical License” Most of the commenters are clapping their hands with glee. Let’s see how they do this winter when challenged with seasonal coronavirus.

“Companies Considering Deducting $50 From Unvaccinated Workers’ Monthly Paychecks”

“Pentagon Pulls Trigger: Will Order All Troops To Get COVID Vaccine By Sept.15” Did you notice that postal workers do not have to get the injection? After all, they are part of the election steal. American troops, in contrast, might prevent a CCP takeover of America.

“Kids could ‘commit murder’ by not wearing masks in school, Oklahoma school board member says” Drama queen?

“The biggest lie about COVID” – asymptomatic spread. Contagious people are almost always symptomatic.

“Mom Destroys County Board Over Covid Restrictions, Masks, Vaccines”

“Mystery: 3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries” A very big mystery. Or just a coincidence.

Still back the blue?

“Oregon Governor signs new law allowing students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math” Ignorant, just the way we want them!

“U. Oklahoma coaches claim they can discipline players for their politics”

Loudon County, VA just lost one of their best teachers.

The great terror: “UN Climate Report Author Says “People Are Starting to Get Scared” & This Will Change the Way They “Vote””

Remember we are going into a period of global cooling: “UN to Consider Spraying “Sulfate Aerosols” Above the Earth’s Surface to Reduce Global Temperatures” Maybe they really are trying to kill us all.

See you tomorrow!

Life through intermediaries

Today, I read the Wikipedia biographies of some doctors who have views that are outside of the ABC-CBS-CNN-Facebook-Google-MSNBC-NBC-NPR-NYT-PBS-Twitter-WaPo-YouTube “expert” consensus. In the past year, the articles about these doctors have been re-written in a defamatory and probably libelous manner. These changes are accepted because they were stated by a “neutral” third party: a so-called “reliable source”. That latter phrase refers to any opinion maker to the left of Karl Marx. Primary sources, however, that factually refute left-wing opinions are rejected as unsuitable for an encyclopedia. They don’t want people thinking for themselves based on original information. Most people will believe the little screen in their hand, telling them what to think, rather than objective evidence right in front of them.

Dr. Peter McCullough – URGENT WARNING About Poisonous Jabs – “An Agonizing Situation”

A PATHOLOGIST SUMMARY OF WHAT THESE JABS DO TO THE BRAIN AND OTHER ORGANS” Dr. Ryan Cole wonders why we have had only one autopsy out of 12,000 injection deaths.

Antibody-dependent enhancement in Israel?


A crazed “rabbi” whose name sounds like “poop” tweeted that Dr. Zelenko, who has saved thousands of lives, should be arrested and have his medical license revoked, because the last thing we want doctors to do is to save lives…?

Zelenko challenges informer rabbi to debate

Refusal to vaccinate is causing anti-Semitism. Eh? The author, Ben Cohen, is a journalist who seems to play an amateur epidemiologist. “It’s important not to portray opposition to the vaccine as an intellectually or morally legitimate opinion in the debate over how to comprehensively defeat the worst public-health crisis in a century. Simply, there are no “points of view” when it comes to vaccination.” “THE science” is settled!

“Cholesterol drug cuts coronavirus infection by 70%, researchers find: Fenofibrate may ease COVID-19 symptoms and reduce virus spread”

“The Unvaccinated: the new COVID Scapegoats: Are vaccine mandates next?” By Techno Fog.

“White House Considers Withholding Federal Money to Pressure People to Take Vaccine”

Some good news: “Loyola University students win battle over COVID-19 vaccine”

Smart hard hat intellectual! 72 seconds.

“DEA has identified fentanyl as ‘primary driver’ of record 92,183 OD deaths in 2020” Your life doesn’t matter, peasant.

“Public Will Have Restricted Access to Loudoun School Board Meetings” They will confiscate the peasants’ money and do with it as they please!

Police refuse to protect Christians at prayer from ANTIFA. Still back the blue?

“Restore Liberty: One New Group Is Attempting to Save America by Bringing out an Old Strategy” Restoring the Declaration and the Constitution.

A Declaration of Constitutional Consent:

“Ashli Babbitt Family Lawyer Preparing $10M Wrongful Death Suit Against Officer”

“UN Special Rapporteur on Torture: “Authorities Are Viewing Their Own People as an Enemy””

“Hungary declares LGBT+ activists will be barred from schools as EU opens inquiry into law restricting promotion of homosexuality” It was tragic when the European Economic Community changed into the European Union.

“Cultural Habits: Far More Than the Sum of Their Parts” The mad war against British tea.

“65% Of American Workers Would Take A 5% Pay Cut To Be Able To Permanently Work From Home” Interesting. I would – but don’t tell my boss!