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Are injection mandates legal?

I imagine that we will see a lot of litigation around injection mandates in the next few months, notwithstanding the timidity of one Amy Coney Barrett. Here are thoughts from two legal blogs. Short version: it doesn’t look good. This is another reason for secession. We literally cannot live with them.

Another Twist to the Legality of Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

“Can Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations?”

This video of Dr. Dan Stock was removed from YouTube because he wants to save your life.

Partial transcript from Citizen Free Press: “Everything we are doing is wrong. Everything being recommended by the CDC is inconsistent with established Science and their own data. Masks are ineffective at preventing viral transmission, per the CDC’s and NIH’s own data. We cannot make respiratory viruses disappear. They circulate all year, and they have animal reservoirs. Smallpox had no animal reservoirs. Vaccination changes none of this. The current vaccine is causing anti-body mediated viral enhancement, which has happened for all coronaviruses. Vaccines allow the virus to be come worse than it would with native infection. 75% of symptomatic COVID cases in Cape Cod were of fully-vaccinated individuals. Therefore vaccinated and unvaccinated should be treated equally. Vaccinated individuals are shedding virus. The vaccines don’t do exactly what you want them to do. These summer outbreaks are unusual, and being driven by the vaccinated. People who had COVID get no benefit at all from vaccination, and they get reactions to the vaccines at four to six times the previously uninfected. Everything we are doing is wrong and unscientific.”

“Israeli Doctor Destroys the Lie That the Unvaccinated are Causing the Spread of COVID-19”

“14-Year-Old Orange County Boy Hospitalized For COVID-19 Psychosis”

A viral post by an anonymous doctor went across the internet.


If you have the time, this is one of the most comprehensive threads on the pandemic-vaccine situation. I will break out important individual highlights separately below. Most of the videos can be downloaded.

March 17: “GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE, DMV, PHD, INDEPENDENT VIROLOGIST AND VACCINE EXPERT EX TEAM OF BILL GATES GROUP” Explains why vaccines must not be used during a pandemic –

Dr. Vernon Coleman, March 20: “Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction” –

Dr. Pavlevsky, April 24: “Spike protein shedding” –

Dr. Robert Malone, July 28: “Antibody dependent enhancement is here” –

Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko testifies to a Jewish religious court urging them to stop the injection program –

Slightly below this in the thread is what appears to be a response from this Jewish religious court, forbidding Jews from getting the injection. I am trying to verify this.

Mike Adams interviews Dr. Judy Mikovtis, August 8 –

“Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19” – such as ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement.

“Will COVID19 Vaccines Lead To Deadly Antibody Dependent Enhancement?” In the first minute of the video, you see CDC statistics that of all people who died in hospital with CoVID during March 2020 – March 2021, less than one percent died of CoVID alone. Half the patients had more than 5 comorbidities. Stunning. The video description contains many links to supporting research.

From Mike Adams, Natural News: “HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling” Some of Mike’s writing is a bit out there. In this article, however, he is discussing his specialty, and he appears to establish what he calls a “bombshell” claim. This is explosive.

“Spreading False Vax Info Might Cost You Your Medical License” Most of the commenters are clapping their hands with glee. Let’s see how they do this winter when challenged with seasonal coronavirus.

“Companies Considering Deducting $50 From Unvaccinated Workers’ Monthly Paychecks”

“Pentagon Pulls Trigger: Will Order All Troops To Get COVID Vaccine By Sept.15” Did you notice that postal workers do not have to get the injection? After all, they are part of the election steal. American troops, in contrast, might prevent a CCP takeover of America.

“Kids could ‘commit murder’ by not wearing masks in school, Oklahoma school board member says” Drama queen?

“The biggest lie about COVID” – asymptomatic spread. Contagious people are almost always symptomatic.

“Mom Destroys County Board Over Covid Restrictions, Masks, Vaccines”

“Mystery: 3 Presidents All Died After Blocking Distribution of COVID Vaccines In Their Countries” A very big mystery. Or just a coincidence.

Still back the blue?

“Oregon Governor signs new law allowing students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math” Ignorant, just the way we want them!

“U. Oklahoma coaches claim they can discipline players for their politics”

Loudon County, VA just lost one of their best teachers.

The great terror: “UN Climate Report Author Says “People Are Starting to Get Scared” & This Will Change the Way They “Vote””

Remember we are going into a period of global cooling: “UN to Consider Spraying “Sulfate Aerosols” Above the Earth’s Surface to Reduce Global Temperatures” Maybe they really are trying to kill us all.

See you tomorrow!

Life through intermediaries

Today, I read the Wikipedia biographies of some doctors who have views that are outside of the ABC-CBS-CNN-Facebook-Google-MSNBC-NBC-NPR-NYT-PBS-Twitter-WaPo-YouTube “expert” consensus. In the past year, the articles about these doctors have been re-written in a defamatory and probably libelous manner. These changes are accepted because they were stated by a “neutral” third party: a so-called “reliable source”. That latter phrase refers to any opinion maker to the left of Karl Marx. Primary sources, however, that factually refute left-wing opinions are rejected as unsuitable for an encyclopedia. They don’t want people thinking for themselves based on original information. Most people will believe the little screen in their hand, telling them what to think, rather than objective evidence right in front of them.

Dr. Peter McCullough – URGENT WARNING About Poisonous Jabs – “An Agonizing Situation”

A PATHOLOGIST SUMMARY OF WHAT THESE JABS DO TO THE BRAIN AND OTHER ORGANS” Dr. Ryan Cole wonders why we have had only one autopsy out of 12,000 injection deaths.

Antibody-dependent enhancement in Israel?


A crazed “rabbi” whose name sounds like “poop” tweeted that Dr. Zelenko, who has saved thousands of lives, should be arrested and have his medical license revoked, because the last thing we want doctors to do is to save lives…?

Zelenko challenges informer rabbi to debate

Refusal to vaccinate is causing anti-Semitism. Eh? The author, Ben Cohen, is a journalist who seems to play an amateur epidemiologist. “It’s important not to portray opposition to the vaccine as an intellectually or morally legitimate opinion in the debate over how to comprehensively defeat the worst public-health crisis in a century. Simply, there are no “points of view” when it comes to vaccination.” “THE science” is settled!

“Cholesterol drug cuts coronavirus infection by 70%, researchers find: Fenofibrate may ease COVID-19 symptoms and reduce virus spread”

“The Unvaccinated: the new COVID Scapegoats: Are vaccine mandates next?” By Techno Fog.

“White House Considers Withholding Federal Money to Pressure People to Take Vaccine”

Some good news: “Loyola University students win battle over COVID-19 vaccine”

Smart hard hat intellectual! 72 seconds.

“DEA has identified fentanyl as ‘primary driver’ of record 92,183 OD deaths in 2020” Your life doesn’t matter, peasant.

“Public Will Have Restricted Access to Loudoun School Board Meetings” They will confiscate the peasants’ money and do with it as they please!

Police refuse to protect Christians at prayer from ANTIFA. Still back the blue?

“Restore Liberty: One New Group Is Attempting to Save America by Bringing out an Old Strategy” Restoring the Declaration and the Constitution.

A Declaration of Constitutional Consent:

“Ashli Babbitt Family Lawyer Preparing $10M Wrongful Death Suit Against Officer”

“UN Special Rapporteur on Torture: “Authorities Are Viewing Their Own People as an Enemy””

“Hungary declares LGBT+ activists will be barred from schools as EU opens inquiry into law restricting promotion of homosexuality” It was tragic when the European Economic Community changed into the European Union.

“Cultural Habits: Far More Than the Sum of Their Parts” The mad war against British tea.

“65% Of American Workers Would Take A 5% Pay Cut To Be Able To Permanently Work From Home” Interesting. I would – but don’t tell my boss!

The most difficult commandment

Think about the Ten Commandments. These are pretty straightforward statements, most of which are common-sense ethical commandments. They are said to be the foundation of our society, and the bedrock for all the rest of Jewish law. How hard are they to keep?

Let’s take a look. At the beginning, we have to acknowledge God’s existence. This is not a minor matter, and it has a lot of consequences, but unless you are a hard-core atheist, it is usually not a problem to admit that there is “something” beyond this world.

Most people are quite happy to take one day off from work every week. We observant Jews like to say: thank God it’s Friday!

Most of the ethical commandments are taken for granted for the most part. You really shouldn’t murder, or steal, or swear to something false, or commit adultery. No big controversy there.

Not coveting is a much more serious problem. You might say that it is a big part of the difference between the two main political parties. Dennis Prager has written a great deal on the importance of this commandment regarding feelings – in that same category with loving God and loving your fellow.

The sages have admitted, however, that one commandment can be a real challenge: honoring father and mother. What does that involve, and how far do you have to take it? This issue has been on my mind since I blocked all incoming phone calls from my family members yesterday, most pointedly my father (my mother passed on five years ago).

My father has had a cluster of mental illnesses all the time I’ve known him, which would be most of his 90-something life; I’m 60-something. I was told that it was severe depression, treated by pills, and a little bit of talk therapy with a series of doctors who would eventually see through the scheme. More recently, anxiety was admitted as a co-morbidity, and pills prescribed for that as well.

I am not sure if CNN and MSNBC were intended to treat his anxiety, or more likely increased it. I do know that he insisted on leaving it on in my dying mother’s hospital room, against doctor’s orders. For him, it was worth it, to keep his tank of rage topped off.

After my mother’s passing, one of these doctors recommended participating in an adult education class, or even visiting the Reform synagogue a half-mile from his house. He said he would not take a class, although he might be willing to teach one. As for going into a synagogue, he smirked, he wasn’t one of THOSE types.

Eventually, I started reading about abnormal psychology. My father seemed to behave as if he had an undiagnosed bipolar disorder. But then I read about personality disorders, and was amazed to match the symptoms to my father’s behavior. Anti-social – check. Narcissistic – check. Manipulative and sadistic – check. This is the so-called “dark triad” of psychopathy.

It explained so much – the absolute hatred and contempt in which he holds every person who thinks for himself, who does not work for the government, who does not take public transportation, and so on. He retired a few years ago after more than a half-century with one of the most feared government agencies. At his retirement party at work, he proudly announced the political bias he brought to his work. If he holds any views that are inconsistent with communism, I am not aware of them.

Yesterday, I drove more than an hour to visit him. He spent our time together pressuring me to take the “vaccine”; belittling my entire career, telling me I had “accomplished nothing”; and trying to force me to join him in pressuring my learning-disabled nephew to go to college. My nephew miraculously graduated from a high school trade program in electrical work, but he is no longer “interested” in such work, and now works in patient transport in a hospital. My father is convinced that my nephew is Einstein in disguise, if only I would agree to get him to go to college. The local community college, upon application, announced that my nephew could not be admitted without doing remedial work, in which he is not interested.

My father swore at me for not “caring” about my nephew. Meanwhile, my family did all they could to block my attempt to connect him to his ancient heritage.

I hope most of you had the blessing of not growing up with a psychopathic parent. You cannot imagine the torrent of rage and hatred spilling from those lips continuously. ALL. THE. TIME. One of the best days in my life, before my wedding, was moving out of my parents’ house at age 18 to live on campus at college.

No doubt you may have words of advice, how to get through just one more encounter, how to feel compassion, etc., etc. In the past six decades I have tried it all, I promise you. I finally realized that my mental health and the survival of my marriage mean I will just have to cut all ties. You cannot have a limited relationship with a psychopath. My sibling is trying to do so, and it has wrecked that sibling’s marriage and health.

Although I disagree with Ayn Rand’s atheism, I do understand why her acolyte on Front Page Magazine keeps preaching against forced altruism as an apparent feature of religious life. After all, my life matters too. How many times should my cheeks get slapped? How much is expected in honoring father and mother?

The Talmud sages teach that because the Torah says that “You shall live by these commandments” – that is, live and not die – most of them must be set aside in case of danger to life. That includes Sabbath observance, and so on. (Therefore it is a good thing to heal a man on the Sabbath – just saying…!)

The sages hold that one should ensure that his or her parents are secure and comfortable in their old age – that is, they have food and a roof over their heads. Anything beyond that will depend on the individual relationship. I thank God for their common sense teachings, which have rescued my sanity.

Memorial Day, 2021

Readers of this blog will remember what the vice-president* of the United States forgot: the meaning of Memorial Day.

Some of our fellow Americans gave their last full measure of devotion – because we asked them to – and because greater love hath no man than this.

Along with reverence of God and empathy, gratitude is the fundamental virtue. We will say their names. Their short lives were given to build better lives for others.

The country for which they sacrificed no longer exists within its traditional boundaries; it is a dead man walking. The true country shelters in our restless hearts, until we realize it again in its new home: New America.

I offer you, on this day, one possible design for a flag for our new home. The idea came from observing the common elements among the flags of five Nordic nations (an idea which was once briefly considered for Germany as well), and then overlaying motifs from the existing American flag.

This is no intended slight of the Celtic, Romance, or Slavic countries; it is just that there is no equally obvious theme for the flags of those groups. Suggestions are welcome!

The fourth turning?

A few years ago, a friend told me about the influential book “The Fourth Turning”, and the fascinating historical-sociological theory behind it. It can be distilled into two summaries with which we are familiar.

  1. Hard times create strong men;
  2. strong create good times;
  3. good times create weak men;
  4. weak men create hard times.

Here is the more detailed version, thanks to 18th century Scottish historian Alexander Tytler.

  1. From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage;
  2. From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance;
  3. From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy;
  4. From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.

The late William Strauss and Neil Howe fleshed out this cycle, in a list of cycles of generations reaching back to the Middle Ages. They said that the time between successive cycles was roughly 80 years, a long human lifetime (for earlier generations). That was the amount of time it would take for society to collectively forget the lessons learned in the previous cycle. It would become necessary for us to relive the lessons, in order to rebuild, or in many cases, to build something better.

The table below summarizes the four turnings, or generations, within each cycle, and the corresponding archetypal personality.


Here is Neil Howe explaining his ideas in a 15-minute interview from 2017.

The authors identify the Silent (or Greatest) Generation as the last of the previous cycle. The Baby Boomers are the first of the current cycle; Generation X is the second; Millennials are the third; and the Zoomers (born in 2005-?) are to be our cycle’s version of the Greatest Generation.

I found this a little hard to believe. However, I started to think about the great wars that ended the cycles in American history: the Revolutionary War; the Civil War; World War 2. I identified the year that was the midpoint of American involvement in those wars: 1778, 1863, and 1943. I was shocked to realize that the spacing was so uniform. I put my data into Excel and discovered the following.

You can see that these dates lie on almost a straight line, whose equation is shown on the graph. Projected backwards one cycle, we arrive at the year 1695, shortly after the end of England’s Glorious Revolution and the latter’s culmination in the Bill of Rights of 1689.

Projected forward one cycle, we see a date without knowing its significance: 2026. All we know is that by generational theory, it signifies the midpoint of a massive struggle, that could be a domestic war or an international war. We are living through:

  • a cultural marxist – satanic war against Judeo-Christian Western civilization;
  • total public and private debt in America is about 4.5 times GDP;
  • the left is egging on a race war in America;
  • the left has destroyed equal justice under law;
  • at the same time Muslims are overrunning Europe;
  • America’s southern border is wide open;
  • China is preparing to invade Taiwan;
  • China appears to have released a bio-weapon on the world;
  • the powers that be are pressuring the entire world’s population to receive dangerous gene therapy that could kill millions of Americans, and even more abroad.

I plan to offer you more information as I gather it regarding the world situation, as well as ways to prepare, with God’s help. Keep scanning the growing links section at the bottom of the blog page.

Please enjoy this blog’s new features

I hope you will enjoy the new design of this blog, which is making it look slightly more professional. There are some wonderful new features along the side that should make it easier and more fun to use.

The music player has a small selection, so far, of tracks I find interesting, mostly downloaded from Youtube. I have started with three motets by three different composers, the first two based on the Song of Songs. The ambient sounds come from a website with many customizable background sounds:

I will look into adding a video player as well, for selected content. However, the total content of this website is still quite limited. While your suggestions for the playlist are welcome, I will likely have to reject most of them – sorry!

Mrs. Surak is a huge fan of Chinese language video blogs. I am looking at text-to-speech software inside Animaker. Some Chinese dissidents use this type of software by typing a script, and then having an animated character read the words in a synthesized voice. This protects anonymity.

The other alternative is a podcast, which is probably better if you are driving or doing other activities. On the other hand, you can let your smartphone act as a player and just ignore the video if you wish.

Have fun!