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UK: COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

Steve Kirsch does the math with UK government data. Look at these insane risk-benefit ratios. Anything greater than one cannot be justified. In the starred cells, the injection has negative efficacy. Thus the injection should be discouraged at any age.

Michael Snyder: “18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022

18 Signs That Food Shortages Will Get A Lot Worse As We Head Into The Second Half Of 2022

How could this ever have been considered? “20 states threaten legal action over DHS disinformation board” The mask is off!

From the perspective of a Chinese who suffered through the original: “Public Schools Enlist Child Soldiers in America’s Cultural Revolution

Jonathan Turley: ““When The Mob is Right”: Georgetown Law Professor Josh Chafetz Supports “Aggressive” Protests at the Homes of Justices” What happens when the mob targets Chafetz himself?

More of the mob: “‘Unrelenting Daily Confrontation’: After Roe Leak, Yale Law Students Call for Ostracizing Conservative Classmates and Tossing Out Constitution

Joe Biden Is Threatening Our Freedom of Movement

John Whitehead: “You’ve Been Flagged as a Threat: Predictive AI Technology Puts a Target on Your Back” Minority Report?

Randy Weaver, Man At Center Of Ruby Ridge Standoff, Dies” This is your government.

You government at work again.

Thou shalt not tell the truth. “I Criticized BLM. Then I Was Fired.” All he data was analyze data for a living.

Today’s ‘Diversity’ Oaths Resemble 1950s ‘Loyalty’ Oaths” Focusing on academia, but I suspect this is happening throughout the business world. My college had a faculty meeting to brainstorm a set of “shared” “values”. When “equity” was proposed, I challenged them to define the term. No one knew what it meant – or perhaps, no one was willing to say what we all really know it is intended to mean – so it was dropped.

White supremacists at work in these two atrocities – oh, wait…

Russian Lawmaker Says Poland Next In Line for ‘De-Nazification’” Back to the USSR?

Victor Davis Hanson: “Imagine the Unimaginable” “When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we’ll see over the next few months.”

Steve Bannon: “A System in Collapse” 16 minutes. Smart man.

This one is darkly entertaining: “Letter to the Menticided: A 12-Step Recovery Program” Excerpt: signs you are suffering from menticide (killing one’s mind)…

“1) You watch television. 2) You read newspapers and magazines. 3) You listen to the radio. 4) You absorb social media immersion campaigns. 5) You follow popular culture. 6) You support the current thing. 7) You know with dogmatic certainty you’re right about everything you believe—even though you’ve never examined those beliefs and didn’t come up with them through your own inquisitive research, critical thinking, and rigorous analysis. 8) You repeat thought-terminating clichés like Trust The Science™ to mollify your cognitive dissonance. As part of this kamikaze leap of faith, you trust everything you shouldn’t trust… 9) You distrust everyone the liars tell you to distrust, namely those disproving their lies…”

All followed by a 12-step recovery program. Read the original. Great!

That is all for now. See you soon!

Memorial Day, 2022

Independence Day and Veterans Day are hard every year; the nation they honor has passed away. Memorial Day, however, is more tragic.

We pause to remember those who gave their lives in patriotic sincerity. They died to give others the blessings of life and liberty. I do not know how much they suspected about their leaders and their fellow countrymen, but I find it hard to argue that we are worthy of their ultimate sacrifice.

Many times I have read the comments of surviving veterans, or the children of veterans who passed away, who look at the social landscape of America and question, “What was I fighting for?”

The three foundations of America are God and His Bible; the Declaration of Independence; and the Constitution. We have turned our backs willfully on all three.

Every day I see evidence that this country has gone stark, raving mad, calling good evil and evil good, and more are openly embracing Satanism. The border is wide open; our election was stolen; corruption succeeds; the rights to speak, to worship, and to defend oneself are in jeopardy; violent criminals have their way; the elites are stoking race and sex wars; children are seduced by perverts as parents are punished for resisting; doctors are punished for saving people’s lives; scientists are punished for original thoughts; the world’s food supply is being destroyed to satisfy the nightmarish plans of a sweater-wearing billionaire… Have I left anything out?

If I had a teenage or young adult child, I could not in good conscience advise him or her to enter the military to defend the cultural marxist kleptocratic perverted elites. I grieve for the lives lost on the battlefield – and after the battlefield – with the hope of keeping a republic. We let them down.

The best thing we can do to honor their memory is to prepare ourselves to start over. We can do that in one of two ways, perhaps both.

  1. Secession. We have discussed that before. The maps are on the right side of the blog; the links are at the bottom.
  2. Foundation. This is said in the spirit of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, in which a group of scholars warned the Galactic Emperor of the impending fall of the empire. They proposed creating a foundation to preserve knowledge, thereby shortening the anticipated dark ages.

In either case, the goal must be a true conservatism: conserving something, namely, Judeo-Christian Western civilization. If we can do that, perhaps our fallen comrades can be proud of us.

Editorial page: Russia-Ukraine; abortion

The main story of the past two centuries has been the gradual erosion of Western civilization, to the point that it may be overthrown in our lifetimes. Part of the overthrowing process is the creation of multiple distractions, while the stage is set for plague, war, and famine.

Some of those distractions are important enough to discuss, however, and I am afraid I will have to part ways with some of my MAGA friends on these issues. In short: Russia is a deranged, imperialist aggressor that should leave Ukraine now; and a ban on abortions with no exceptions is wrong.

I wrote the following to a friend who asked my opinion on Russia and Ukraine. He has been trying to convince his e-mail list that supporting Ukraine is a terrible mistake.

I am aware of your writings on Ukraine. I don’t share your views. I put no trust whatsoever in the opinions of Mr. Mearshimer, a long-time enemy of the pro-Israel majority in America.

I thought your historical survey ought to have started earlier, with the Holodomor:

That event puts current events in proper perspective, in my view, and clarifies the long-standing Russian attempt to starve Ukraine into non-existence, an attempt which has been renewed today.

I am aware of the origin of the family of only one of my grandparents, whose own parents escaped Ukraine between pogroms. The land of Bohdan Khmelnytsky is fertilized with Jewish blood. But while I have no personal love for the country, I am still opposed to wanton war crimes and genocide.

There are no legitimate war aims being met by the Russian offensive. The law of war permits attacks only against legitimate military targets. Russia is killing civilians all across Ukraine, presumably to teach them a lesson. The lesson has been heard loud and clear in Scandinavia, where previously reliably neutral Sweden and Finland have hurried to join NATO to defend themselves against imperial Russia. Thanks to Putin’s stupidity, he will now be faced not by one new NATO country, but by two.

Russia occupies about 12% of the land area of the world outside Antarctica, but that isn’t enough for Putin. He must break off parts of Georgia and Ukraine, possibly destroying the latter – and now there are rumblings about establishing a land bridge to the Kaliningrad enclave, only possible by invading Lithuania, Poland, or both.

I have heard that Ukraine has corruption. So do Russia and America. Should the latter two countries be bombed to teach them a lesson?

I have heard that Ukraine, a country with a Jewish president, actually has some Nazis in it. Russia and America have them too. Should the latter two countries be bombed to teach them a lesson?

I do not support a no-fly zone over Ukraine, but they deserve every opportunity to defend themselves from ravenous Russia. I don’t see how immediate capitulation to an aggressor is supposed to serve humanitarian ends in the long run. That was not a successful strategy in the 1930s, and it won’t work today either.

This graphic compares the areas of the world’s largest countries today (blue) with history’s largest empires (orange). Russia is larger than the Chinese Qing empire, the Spanish empire, the French empire, and the Arab caliphate, all of which are happily gone, along with the larger British and Mongol empires. How much is enough, Mr. Putin?

I am sick of the pro-Putin trolls on conservative websites celebrating the glories of Russian nationalism as an imaginary counterpart to MAGA. It is not. Russian nationalism is irredentist and imperialist; MAGA is not. Ukraine has its own nationalist right to territorial integrity. (Yes, I know, the Democrats and neo-conservatives mourning Ukraine’s lost sovereignty cannot be bothered to admit America’s lost sovereignty, and are rushing to destroy the latter.)

As to abortion, I believe I stand with the majority of Americans who are sick of the discussion being controlled by the two extremes. At one extreme, more and more people on the left are stating openly that they support genuine infanticide: the unambiguous murder of a child after its birth, for a period of weeks, months, or even years. That is pure evil.

The opposition is led by people who state openly that their goal is to stop all abortion under any circumstances, even when the mother’s life is endangered. I don’t understand how a pro-life individual cannot defend the mother’s life. Her life matters too, but I don’t hear that message consistently from the pro-life movement. The pro-life movement tends to reply with anecdotes: X made it through this horrendous situation, so you can too! Not always. The argument against a vaccine mandate is that you cannot coerce another person to risk his or her life. That valid argument seems to work as well against a total ban on all abortions.

Jewish law strongly discourages abortion at any stage, and explicitly bans partial-birth abortion, not to mention post-natal infanticide. Abortion is permitted, and arguably mandated, when the mother’s life is endangered. Judaism does not see a fertilized egg, a single cell, as being the 100% moral equivalent of a born person. Jewish law holds that a soul enters the unborn child at 40 days from conception. A miscarriage prior to that date is not mourned.

The majority consensus appears to be this: ban abortion in the second and third trimesters, but with exceptions for rape, incest, and the mother’s life. I think this incremental improvement would have broad support. It would defang the apocalyptic predictions of the left by respecting the extreme cases (rape, incest, and the mother’s life), and leaving a safety valve open in the first trimester. It would save some lives, and that is better than nothing. Over the course of time, as a culture of life is gradually rebuilt, it may become possible to extend protection to a fetus with a heartbeat.

I cannot leave this topic without raising a controversial question. A thesis was proposed in the book “Freakonomics” that the declining crime rate in America, starting in the 1990s, was an indirect result of Roe v. Wade. The argument was that people who would grow up to be criminals were not born. Yes, we may also have lost a cure for cancer, so the argument goes. Would it be worth it to revive tens of thousands of murderers?

See you next week.

Are Florida, Tennessee, and Texas owed additional House seats?

The Census Bureau dragged its feet but finally delivered their summary of the 2020 Census to Congress, together with the new apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives and votes in the Electoral College. The following image from Wikipedia shows the official new counts of representatives to the several states, which takes effect as of the 2022 elections.

The map is color coded to show states whose House delegations either grew (green) or shrank (pumpkin) since the previous Census in 2010, effective for the elections from 2012 through 2020.

I went through the apportionment calculations based on the official tallies for 2020, and they are correct – so far! One week ago, the Census Bureau released a follow-up report: “U.S. Census Bureau Releases 2020 Undercount and Overcount Rates by State and the District of Columbia”, whose summary you can read here:

The full report appears here (see page 16):

Officially, this is the “Post-Enumeration Survey”. I call this the “oops” report. In it, they acknowledge substantial overcounts and undercounts of the state populations. The miscounts that are statistically significant are as follows:

  • Undercount: Arkansas (-5.04%), Florida (-3.48%), Illinois (-1.97%), Mississippi (-4.11%), Tennessee (-4.78%) and Texas (-1.92%).
  • Overcount: Delaware (+5.45%), Hawaii (+6.79%), Massachusetts (+2.24%), Minnesota (+3.84%), New York (+3.44%), Ohio (+1.49%), Rhode Island (+5.05%) and Utah (+2.59%).

This announcement appears to imply that the original “official” numbers on which the new apportionment was based are incorrect. It is a simple matter to produce the new, presumably correct numbers. The size of the change is large enough to change the apportionment of House seats and Electoral College votes for some states.

Taking into account only the statistically significant changes, I find that both Florida and Texas are owed one more seat (over and above the additional seats they earned in the map above), and one seat is removed from each of Minnesota and Rhode Island.

If we include all the changes, statistically significant or not, then in addition to the two seats transferred as above, another seat is transferred, from Colorado to Tennessee. The additional seat transfers appear on the following map. Again, these transfers are in addition to the ones implied by the map above.

The “oops” report contains new population estimates for the states, but they do not match my calculations of the correct numbers. Curiously, when I worked out the apportionment based on the new “official” numbers, it happened to coincide exactly with the original apportionment for 2020. In their view, the massive overcounts and undercounts to which they admit have no bearing on the apportionment of representatives.

I find this rather suspicious, and believe it should be investigated at least by Florida and Texas, which seem to be owed one more House seat, and one more electoral vote, each. I tweeted at the governors of both states, but have received no reply yet. They may have grounds for a lawsuit. At a minimum, they are owed an explanation by the Census Bureau.

Visualizing the CoVID injection’s most serious adverse events: May 13, 2022

Here are some new graphics to share with your friends and relatives who are eager to get their fourth injection. The first compares the most serious adverse events after CoVID injections to non-CoVID vaccines of all sorts combined since 1988. Birth defects for non-CoVID vaccines total 198 to date, just below the threshold of visibility on the chart.

The second compares the ratio of serious adverse events per million population following CoVID injections to that following all other vaccines combined, using the geometric mean to represent a typical year. The first bar in each pair shows 2021; the second bar shows 2022 up to May 13. The data table at the bottom suggests that myocarditis-pericarditis in 2022 will exceed the already high levels of 2021.

The third shows the control chart view for the operations manager. Z-scores outside the red dashed lines, at -3 and +3, signify trouble. All adverse events signal an extreme event in 2021, and most of them signal another extreme event in 2022. The lower level in 2022 represents the year up to May 13, but they all can be expected to climb in the coming year.

The fourth compares the average age at death for all people in 2019 (blue) to CoVID-attributed deaths up through March 27, 2022 (green), and CoVID injection deaths through May 13 (red). While CoVID-attributed deaths happen at a higher average age than the population (thus not reducing life expectancy), CoVID injection deaths happen at a lower average age than the population (thus they do reduce life expectancy). This last number has been slowly decreasing, indicating younger and younger patients are being affected.

The fifth shows the onset interval from CoVID injection to death. While data above 9 days is grouped together into larger bunches, I estimate the average time to death at 33.95 days. This last number has been slowly increasing, indicating a growing willingness of the public to acknowledge the deadly effects of the injection.

The sixth shows the sex ratio of CoVID injection deaths stratified by age group. From birth through 17 years and 80 years and older, there is very little difference between the two groups. From 18 to 79 years of age, however, there are drastically many more deaths among men than among women.

Welcome back

Hello, friends. It has been a while! Long time, no blog, so to speak. I am bursting with data, analysis, news, and I can’t keep it from you any longer. We have a lot to talk about in this world: plague, war, famine, abortion, borders, elections, education, the decline of the West, and so on.

I am going share my graphics and links with you over the coming weeks, but no longer every day. I made a promise to someone here to focus on home and work. Let me say briefly that this blog is seen by many people other than regular commenters, including a household member – so nothing disrespectful should be said about them – ahem – a word to the wise…!

We have spent the last three months focusing heavily on health and wellness, and learning that this is a multi-dimensional goal. In my studies, I have found that the (Asian) Indian model of the self is the most complete, refining the traditional triad of body-heart-mind. In Indian teachings, there are seven levels, each important for total health: survival, relational, appetitive, emotional, expressive, mental, and spiritual. Neglect any of these at your peril.

I have substantially expanded the links section at the bottom of the blog. Please explore these resources. There are new resources on relationships, new resources on the many powerful links between mental health and physical health, and a whole new section with resources on Jewish spirituality, that I hope will be nourishing for adherents of all the Abrahamic faiths.

I had intended to feed you links to some 600 or so browser tabs I opened in the last few months, but you won’t be surprised to hear that my poor browser couldn’t handle the strain, and crashed a few weeks ago. I am improving my well-being in part by slashing the number of must-read websites I study daily; and we turned off our television and talk radio a long time ago. Nevertheless, our friend Nitzakhon is being very productive; I subscribe to his writings at two websites, and I encourage you to do the same:

I look forward to talking with you soon!