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What is a woman?

How can you feel like a woman (or a man, for that matter) without having at least some idea in your mind of what a woman (or man) is? (A Platonic ideal, right, Wolfie?) Matt Walsh attempts to discuss the issue rationally with some of the world’s least rational people – academics – and the results are discouraging…

More discussion: “Matt Walsh film forces academics to confront their hypocrisies on gender ideology

I hope you aren’t patronizing Pizza Hut. Wow. What on earth?

People used to be ashamed to act this way in public. Now, they are proud.

Harvard Won’t Say if It Supports Diversity of Thought” Because it doesn’t! Don’t question authority!

College Degrees Lose Luster as Inflation Surges and Student Debt Balloons” What? You don’t want to pay high six-figure salaries for multiple administrators, including the “diversity-equity-inclusion” aristocrats, to lecture you for four years about how evil you are?

The effectiveness of our “educational” system is shown in this 4-minute video: “Young Americans Show How Little Common Knowledge They Have

Michael Rectenwald: “Davos Man Strikes Again” The Great Reset is for your own good. You will own nothing, and they will be happy.

Lincoln Park mugging caught on video as neighbors vow to track down serial robbery team” Their lives didn’t matter.

Attempted murder of mother and child is now cultural enrichment: “Los Angeles DA Gascon’s office lands 5-month probation camp sentence for teen who mowed down mom and infant

The “Net Zero” Agenda Has Devastating Consequences” Excerpt: “As of right now you’ll notice the “absolute,” which cannot therefore be questioned can be found in the following topics: Covid; Climate change (CO2 emissions and “net zero”); Ukraine; BLM; LGBQT; Critical race theory; Privileged white males”

Biden’s EPA finalizes ethanol, biodiesel blending requirements, requiring largest amount on record” Burning food should be a great way to avert famine!

Dr. Colleen Huber: “Is it possible to avoid heart damage from the COVID vaccine? Or do all COVID-vaccinated people have some myocarditis?

Dr. Colleen Huber: “Covid Care About-Face” We need this in every state now!!!

New study links COVID vaccines to 25% increase in cardiac arrest for both males & females

Urgent warning to women under 40 after sharp rise in sudden killer” “WOMEN under 40 are increasingly dying of a sudden killer disease” (blood clots) I wonder what could be the cause?

19-year-old men’s lacrosse student-athlete Aidan Kaminska dies” But at least he never got CoVID!

The very smart polymath Edward Dowd has now been suspended from Twitter. You can see part of his objective data here: “Introduction of the COVID Vaccines Sees Shocking Rise in Permanent Disabilities” Thou shalt not think!

Studies Link Incurable Prion Disease With COVID-19 Vaccines” A Turkish study and a French study show an association between the CoVID injections and CJD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, otherwise known as mad cow disease. This is truly a horrible disease.

‘Unprecedented’, ‘Remarkable’: Cancer Study Leaves Every Patient Cancer-Free” Will big pharma and its government, media, and academic allies allow this discovery to stand?

Demographers Warn of Impending Population Collapse” “Fertility data contradict UN predictions of overpopulation and environmental devastation” This is not taking the CoVID injection collapse into account. If we get to the Georgia Guidestones goal of 500 million, that puts us back at the years 1500-1600. The 16th century had some great music, please don’t misunderstand me, but the technology was not conducive to a convenient lifestyle. That is even pre-Amish!

Kunstler on the Daily Reckoning: “Ostentatious Stupidity” “Who would’ve imagined that our politics would become so deranged? That there would be battles over teaching sex in the fifth-grade? That the CDC would keep pushing vaccines that obviously don’t work (and that so many people would still take them)? That stealing stuff under a thousand dollars in value wouldn’t merit prosecution? That riots featuring arson and looting are “mostly peaceful?” That we’d send $50-billion halfway around the world to defend the borders of another country while ignoring the defense of our own borders? That financially beset Americans would spend their dwindling spare cash on… tattoos?”

Victor Davis Hanson: “The Sovietization of American Life” “Behind all our disasters there looms an ideology, a creed that ignores cause and effect in the real world—without a shred of concern for the damage done to those outside the nomenklatura.” Ignoring cause and effect? Sounds leftist to me! “One day historians will look back at the period beginning with the COVID lockdowns of spring 2020 through the midterm elections of 2022 to understand how America for over two years lost its collective mind and turned into something unrecognizable and antithetical to its founding principles.”

Jeffrey Tucker: “Elections Won’t Fix This” I hear a version of this all the time from Nitzakhon (“There is no voting our way out of this”). Look at this chart, from the article:

“The lower two-thirds of this chart is increasingly the government as we know it, and its power is unaccountable to the president, to Congress, to the courts, or to the voters…

This creates a governing cartel that is a formidable force against democracy and freedom itself. This is a major and highly significant problem. It’s not clear that Congress can do anything about it. Worse, it’s not clear that any president or any court can really do anything about it, at least not without facing a barrage of brutal opposition, as Trump learned first hand. 

The administrative state is THE government. Elections? They provide just enough difference to lead people to believe they are in charge, but are they? Not according to the organization chart. This is the real problem with the US system today. This system cannot be found in the US Constitution. No one alive voted for it. It just gradually evolved – metastasized – over time. The last 30 months have demonstrated that it is a real cancer eating out the heart of the American experience, and not just here: every country in the world deals with some version of this problem.”

See you later!

Back in the USSR

There can be no doubt now that Vladimir Putin is trying to reconstitute the Soviet Union. He is on record as stating that the fall of the Soviet Union was a disaster. That was a rare setback in the centuries of Russian expansionism. He has a strong influence on Belarus, and has stolen parts of Georgia and Ukraine earlier. Today we witnessed a blitzkrieg like the German invasion of Poland. This was completely unnecessary if his goal was to acquire only the Donbass (Donetsk and Luhansk) in eastern Ukraine. He is clearly attempting to overthrow the government of Ukraine and strip of them of any and all military capability. I am no fan of Ukraine, but I am revolted by the pro-Putin cult on the far right.

By the way, the Russian stock market fell by one-third in one day. Great work, Mr. President.

Gravitas Plus | Explained: The Russia-Ukraine crisis” This is an excellent explanation of the history of these countries from Indian news source WION; the presenter, Palki Sharma, is knowledgeable and intelligent. 9.5 minutes. Highly recommended.

This is not about Donbass (the small region at the right of the map).


Trump Calls Putin, Xi ‘Twin Sisters’: Taiwan ‘Going to Be Next’

Russia and the West

Using data on gross domestic product, population, and area, I created a statistic that measures the potential power of nations. Here is a first pass at the results, in the form of a map and a pie chart. In the map, the most powerful nation is dark blue. Less powerful nations are in shades of green, heading to pink at the other extreme. It must be emphasized that nations do not always manifest their full potential power, depending on their cultural priorities.

Is the Russian war against Ukraine an invitation to irredentism worldwide? “Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada should start worrying

Where Did Our Freedom Go?” “The big surprise isn’t that the Western world is giving up its freedom: The surprise is that freedom is already gone and nobody knows exactly when or where it went.”

Traison des clercs: “The Treason of the Ruling Class


Canada Votes Away Its Freedom, 185 to 151

Uh-oh – just ruined your economy’s credit rating, Minister of Finance?


Cops, convoys, conservatives, and tyranny

Tyranny in France.

Tyranny from SCOTUS: “Supreme Court Denies Request From 2,000 Christian Health Care Workers to Block COVID Vaccine Mandate

Teacher is crazy: “VIDEO: Texas Middle School Teacher: “Those Conservative Christians Need to Get COVID and Die”

Senator Marshall is also an MD. He is fighting to end the permanent “emergency”.

The American Truckers Freedom Convoy Just Added Two Powerful Conservatives to Their Ranks” Allen West and Ted Nugent.

Pentagon Approves Deployment of National Guard Troops for DC Trucker Convoy Protest

Also found on WION, this news item about research done at Australia’s Monash University regarding the effectiveness of an anti-parasitic drug against CoVID: “Australian Scientist: Anti-Parasitic drug could help cure pandemic Coronavirus” THE VIDEO’S DATE? April 5, 2020!!! Why was this suppressed???

Dr. Pierre Kory: “The Disinformation Campaign Against Ivermectin – JAMA’s “Diversion”

Steve Kirsch: “New JAMA paper show Ivermectin blows the COVID vaccines out of the water

‘Stroke’ is 11,361% more likely to be suffered as an Adverse Reaction to the Covid-19 Vaccines than the Flu Vaccines per Number of Doses administered” How can doctors remain silent??? Other than the well-known dissidents, are the rest soulless?

CDC Did a Study on COVID Vaccine Boosters. It was Beyond Brutal.

I am not familiar with this website. If they are correct, this is world-ending psychotic. “Bill Gates-Linked Lab Developing Vaccine That Spreads Like a Virus To Vaccinate Anti-Vaxxers

‘Scientific fraud’: Drs. Robert Malone, Ryan Cole react to CDC hiding data” Great interview.

Dr. Malone follows up on that interview further with Steve Bannon, using the phrase “smoking gun of scientific fraud“. He got a sardonic laugh out of Bannon when he said that the retired Dr. Collins is now “whispering in Brandon’s ear”.

German Insurer Warns: “More Vaccine Side Effects Than Previously Known”‘ Again, it is the insurance industry that will unravel this democidal conspiracy.

More: “Data Show ‘Significant Underreporting’ of Vaccine Side Effects: German Health Insurer

Look at the pictures of this child. “12-Year-Old Suffers Painful Blisters All Over Body Following 1st Moderna Dose – Doctors Still Urge 2nd Dose” The doctors are insane or evil.

If there is any remaining doubt: “COVID Spike Protein Contains DNA Sequence Patented By Moderna THREE YEARS Before Pandemic Began, Scientists Discover

Supreme Court Case Could Finally Define Religious Freedom Protections

Daniel Greenfield: “White Supremacy Is Alive and Well – and Living in San Francisco

Here’s a pleasant surprise: “Meat-eating extends human life expectancy worldwide

Emerald Robinson: “What Happened To Hannity?” Inquiring minds want to know!

A friend sent me this article. I could not drag my eyes away from the employee pictured at the top of the article, in fascinated horror. “Some Companies Ditch Annual Raises and Review Worker Pay More Often

Dr. Shiva: “Scientific Study Reveals Maricopa Counted 200,000+ Ballots With Mismatched Signatures Without Review (“Curing”)” OK, so now what are we going to DO about it?

GOP to Win House Based on Democrat Retirements Alone

Senator Rick Scott’s promising 11-Point Plan to drain the swamp and fulfill the MAGA agenda” This could be a point of unity and success.

China’s Property Bubble Collapse Gets Worse” This could spill over to Western economies.


Bullish on Bitcoin

Jack Kerwick: “Philosophy and the History of Science in the Age of COVID: Part IV” This is getting to be an interesting series. I hope he publishes this series in book form.

Pray for peace. See you soon!

The miracle of ivermectin; why are they trying to kill Kentucky?

The mass hysteria that has swept the “educated” class in the last two years has denied us the use of a potential miracle drug, one whose discoverer won a Nobel Prize, and one which is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines. This destructive rage was described in science fiction stories like Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall”. It was hard to imagine witnessing this in reality. The following two articles were published in late 2020. Imagine the millions of lives that could have been saved globally if these drugs had been used. Read them and weep.

Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug” “Ivermectin has powerful antitumor effects, including the inhibition of proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenic activity, in a variety of cancer cells.”

Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad‐spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin, benefiting for COVID‐19 treatment” “FDA‐approved anti‐parasite drug ivermectin is also an antibacterial, antiviral, and anticancer agent, which offers more potentiality to improve global public health, and it can effectively inhibit the replication of SARS‐CoV‐2 in vitro.”

Tower Health doctor fired following allegations she prescribed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID” Saving lives is a crime in Pennsylvania.

Excellent essay: “Denial of Early Covid-19 Treatment – A Crime Against Humanity” “Americans citizens were recently coerced into being part of the test or control groups of a medical experiment, without adequate knowledge and without their consent. Hundreds of thousands of Americans likely died from the resulting denial of timely and adequate treatment of Covid-19 and more importantly, its preventable secondary conditions. This was an egregious violation of The Nuremberg Code on human rights. The time has come for jurisprudence and restitution to those harmed.”

A doctor speaks: “Why Ivermectin was Disappeared

‘80% of serious COVID cases are fully vaccinated’ says Ichilov hospital director

Dr. Robert Malone: “The mass formation madness must stop” “Masks, closures, mandates and kids. Our children require better.”

Today I analyzed CoVID injection deaths by state. California has the most; Kentucky has the second most. Hm! Not all states got injected at the same rate, so I calculated the number of deaths from CoVID injections per million doses administered. On the map, the more deadly the injections, the redder the state. The average of the states’ death rates per million doses is about 20; Kentucky’s death rate is about 90, 4.5 times higher. No other state has a death rate above 60. What is going on? Senators McConnell and Paul, are you aware of this? Kentucky readers, can you forward this?

Horrific warnings from two doctors about what is coming our way: a tsunami of death.

Ominous warning: “Long Funeral Homes, Short Life Insurers? Ex-Blackrock Fund Manager Discovers Disturbing Trends In Mortality” Look at a chart of $CSV, the funeral directors. Their price has tripled since the early 2020 low. I wonder why.

I WOKE UP ON A COVID VENT AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT” 5.5 minutes with Benjamin Gordon, who claims that hospital staff tried to kill him. This video got taken down, but the internet archive still holds it.

Look at the apparent rates of increase in cancer in the US Armed Forces. Esophageal cancer up almost 10 times, and so on.

Pa. football coach, 40, dies one day after landing ‘dream job’” I wonder what happened to him?

Micro blood clots are the key to explaining the harmful effects of COVID, vaccines

How to DEFEAT micro blood clots and block the spike protein by protecting the QUALITY of your blood” Interesting article. I am not providing medical advice. For the record, I take Dr. Sinatra’s Omega Q Plus Max (omega-3’s, CoQ10, resveratrol, turmeric), beet juice powder (nitric oxide support), and nattokinase (improving LDL/HDL ratio).

FDA Document on Moderna Vaccine Approval Removed From Agency’s Website” I wonder why.

New ‘highly virulent’ HIV strain discovered in the Netherlands” Here we go again!

Chinese Military-Linked Firm Gathers American DNA, Provides COVID Tests” It’s probably benign.

Feeding one’s fellow is a crime in Canada.

Man charged in Winnipeg car attack on convoy protest is radical far-left anarchist

Governor Ron DeSantis – awesome as always.

A shocking, sickening attack by school staff upon students. The staff need to be criminally prosecuted for reckless endangerment and child abuse.

How to win: “Ohio Father FORCES an END to School Board’s Mask Mandate for Children” Surety bonds.

Police reveal why they interrupted Catholic Church service” Because they’re creeps; and the media is covering for them.

16 States File New Challenge to Biden Administration’s Health Care Worker COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate” No, it isn’t over.

The Problem with Mandates” “Mandates are not laws.”

Police Go After Australians Protesting for Medical Freedom” Canberra rising.

The Lab Leak: The Plots and Schemes of Jeremy Farrar, Anthony Fauci, and Francis Collins” What were they discussing on burner phones???

The indispensable Neil Oliver: why governments need CoVID to continue. So wise! 10 minutes.

Are You A Target of Genocide?” “There seems to be overwhelming evidence of a coup against the citizens of the world is happening that will lead to global genocide.”

Is Population Control the Next Conspiracy “Theory” to Become a Reality?” We are about to find out over the next few years.

A Colorado school district was forced to cancel classes after teachers called out sick to protest the new conservative school board” Only leftists are allowed to win?

Just what America needs…

Michelle Obama’s second act?

16 Penn Swimmers Say Trans Teammate Lia Thomas Should Not Compete

Democrats and Teachers’ Unions Fight to Keep Parents From Finding Out What Their Kids Are Being Taught” Plato’s poison, 2400 years later.

Paul Gosar calls on American University to handle ‘harassment’ against his student employee” It isn’t a safe space for a conservative.

Mock on, mock on. God will not be mocked, however.

The children should have been aborted???

Caroline Glick: “The Anti-Defamation League and Amnesty International” “The ADL’s pathological refusal to state the truth that Amnesty International and the miserable report it issued this week are anti-Jewish indicate that in the campaign against the existence of the State of Israel, the ADL is not on the side of the Jews.” I have known that for a while.

Republicans Defeated by Eric Holder’s Nationwide ‘Gerrymandering’ Plot” And Republicans are too nice to object.

Why are Most People Cowards? | Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism” 12 minutes. Great discussion from the Academy of Ideas. A commenter said: “MORALITY is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. OBEDIENCE is doing what you are told regardless of what is right!”

The Perils of Politeness in an Era of Activism” Someone is starting to get it. Polite acquiescence to democide is nothing to be proud about. Sternly worded letters don’t seem to be effective either.

Has the US Government Declared War on Its Citizens?” Open borders, election fraud, hated history, wrecked economy… I think we know the answer.

It’s Back: Senators Want EARN IT Bill to Scan All Online Messages” They. Never. Learn.

U.S. heating oil, diesel stocks dwindle as demand rises” Oil is now back above $90 per barrel, the highest since 2014.

Where Cryptocurrency Is Most Heavily Used” Take a look! Vietnam is the champion.

Infographic: Where Cryptocurrency Is Most Heavily Used | Statista

Lou Dobbs is back in action, in a new medium: podcasting.

See you soon!

Strange adverse events are not coincidental

COVID-19 Can Be Stopped Without Massive Vaccination: Dr. Peter McCullough” That is one important message. The complementary message delivered by Dr. Robert Malone is that if we continue with massive “vaccination”, we run a serious risk of immune escape, creating a variant that is resistant to treatment. That would be catastrophic.

Funeral director John O’Looney of the United Kingdom: “I’ve never seen so many deaths….”‘ A 500-600% increase in thrombosis among young adults. Coincidence? Come on, man!

Dr. Jane Ruby with a professional embalmer: “Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots” 30 minutes. Not for the faint of heart. He says almost two thirds of the decedents have these peculiar, rubbery, tough clots.

Interesting: “Can vaccine NERVE DAMAGE be REVERSED with this home-grown molecule called sulforaphane?” Sulforaphane gives cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower) their distinctive taste. The article demonstrates home sprouting techniques, which Mrs. Surak employs here at home. He also discusses alternatives such as cannabinoids, curcumin (turmeric), EGCG (in green tea), and ubiquinol (in some preparations of CoQ-10). Perhaps this can help Mrs. Wolfie.

Steve Kirsch relates a new analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose: “COVID vaccines and pregnancy: > 172,000 spontaneous abortions due to the vaccine

Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open” Attorney Thomas Renz’s testimony at Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing included this: “There was also a 1,000% increase in diagnosis codes for neurological issues…”


Nearly 35,000 Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 5- to 17-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show

We’re not going to take it!

The arrogance of the media is insufferable. The truckers are accused of being “extreme”. How dare they disagree with the CBC?! Mr. Poilievre: “They have kept you alive!”

Abuse of authority, abuse of children, and assault – 4 examples.

COVID Mandates are Devastating Our Schools” Tremendously detailed description of the harmful effects on children. I thought it was all “for the children”!

Unvaccinated parents will be BANNED from seeing their own sick KIDS in Western Australian hospitals under strict new laws from Mark McGowan” They are evil.

Virginia is going America First very fast!

VA Lt. Gov. Winsome “Sears: We’re ‘Challenging’ Politicians Who Deny Poor Kids School Choice and Send Their Kids to Private School

T-Mobile Disregards Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandate – Will Terminate Unvaccinated Employees” SCOTUS did not forbid injection mandates. They merely said the federal government could not force them.

Substack – not bowing yet to the leftist mob…

Michael Snyder: “Two Shortages That Threaten To Absolutely Eviscerate The Global Economy In 2022“: fertilizer and computer chips. Without fertilizer, there will be global famine. North Korea is encouraging people to make use of human fertilizer.

Virginia Republican Delegate Has Had It With Democrats Saying Every Disagreement Is Racism: “Not This Time”‘ Finally, a Republican has the guts to stand up and say, no more!

California State University prepares to drop SATs and ACTs” – “over concerns that the exams are unfair to minority and low-income students.” I think I hear Tom cheering! But I don’t think CSU’s reasons are those he champions.

Teammates Complain UPenn Trans Swimmer Won’t Cover Male Genitals in Locker Room, Coach Ignores Concerns” The teammates describe this man as “she”. They dare not use the word “pervert”.

AMERICA FIRST LEGAL, TEXAS AND STATE COALITION JOIN FORCES TO SUE BIDEN OVER ILLEGAL ALIEN RESETTLEMENT” It’s not merely opening the borders. It’s about bringing in additional people who weren’t anywhere near the border, without Congressional authorization. It is willful murder of the USA, alongside the injection democide.

Who’s Forcing the ‘Fake News’ Mainstream Media to Add Wording to 2020 Related Election Articles Stating Election Fraud Claims are ‘Baseless’, etc. While Ignoring the Truth?” They are all using the same talking points. It is virtually impossible that this happens just by chance, every time. Of course it is coordinated. I don’t even talk about “the news media” anymore. They are brainwashed, trained, paid left-wing activists.

If in Pennsylvania, maybe in other states too. OK, PA Legislature, go ahead – decertify those electors!

“Our goal is zero traffic deaths.” Zero? How do you make that happen? By ending traffic. Get it?

How Regular Exercise Restructures the Brain” Exercise improves cognitive function, even for those who are – um – older than average…

Waking Up And Derailing The Great Reset” The author has mixed feelings about crypto-currency, but credits it for helping to educate the younger generation about the monetary system.

It’s an Unraveling, Not a Reset” “The hubris of our transnational “elites” isn’t remaking the world—it’s unraveling it faster and faster… The real message is: “Pity about those people who’ll go hungry but there are just too many people living too well. They need our enlightened control as we ‘reset’ the world to make it a better place.””

The Democrat Party’s Application of Mass Formation Psychosis” Pandemic! Climate! Voting! Insurrection! Crisis! In my last meeting with my father last summer, as he turned his attention from MSNBC to me, glaring at me wide-eyed from behind his mask, “For C_____’s sake, what is the matter with you?? Don’t you care???” That is the moment I walked out. I realized he was hopelessly crazy, and determined to remain so.

Rabbi Chananya Weissman: “The Deadly Price of Mindlessly Taking Instructions” “Is your religious “authority” teaching you – or just yelling out orders and rhetoric?” This is an essential distinction. Instruction makes you a robot, a slave. Teaching makes you a free man, existentially choosing to follow God’s law. Keen insight.

I asked in a question on the above article about the Torah command to follow the judges in your generation, without deviating to either side from their ruling. R. Weissman’s response is here: “Three Lessons from Shoftim” (Judges)

See you soon!

They are crazy

A California pre-school is closed because two-year-olds won’t wear masks” “A California Christian preschool director has been barred from ever working with children again after she ‘failed to encourage’ two-year-olds to wear face masks in class. Tiffany McHugh, the director of Foothills Christian Church Preschool in San Diego, had her license stripped after the Department of Social Services shut down the preschool because McHugh couldn’t get students to keep their masks on. ‘We were coming up against a lot of parents who didn’t want their children to be masked that young,’ McHugh told CBS 8. ‘There were a lot of children who were just too young to wear masks, they pull them off. It’s really difficult.'”

Canada’s brave nazi cops in action, subduing a dangerous person who was breathing.

Destroying a generation.

US Military Documents: Ivermectin “Works Throughout All Phases of Illness”” AND. THEY. HID. THIS.

Official data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate

Steve Kirsch – important if you think complying with testing is no big deal: “Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out

New Study Shows an Increase In Deaths In 145 Countries After COVID Vaccines Were Introduced

Deaths among male Teens increased by 53% following Covid-19 Vaccination in 2021 and the Death spikes correlate perfectly with the uptake of dose 1, 2 & 3” Was that the plan?

At least he will never get CoVID: “Autopsy Confirms 26-Year-Old’s Death From Myocarditis Directly Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths among Pro-Footballers in 2021 were 300% higher than the 12-year-average

After 28 Days on Ventilator, Family Loses Legal Battle to Try Ivermectin, Other Alternative Treatments, for Dying Father” Again – they really want you dead. This is in Florida – paging Governor DeSantis!

More: “Family Fights for Ivermectin for Dying Loved One, Courts Say ‘No’” This is Florida’s Mayo Clinic. I can only think of them now as terrorists.

Two Omicron Studies Are Fantastic News That Should End Mandates and Restrictions” Great news for us, terrifying news for the elites, who are desperate not to lose control. Watch for stories about uninjected people dying from CoVID. Ask – were these people properly treated?

What’s Next for OSHA on COVID Vaccine Mandates?” “When all is said and done, with the imprimatur of the Supreme Court and the support of the Bidenites, my money is on blue states being so drunk with power that they make life in Australia and Canada look like nirvana.  Unless dips in election polling and approval numbers sober them up, it’s time to pack your bags and head for freedom in the red states.” Mrs. Surak and I are looking – casually, at the moment – but looking.

Our Post-COVID Loss of Liberty” Paraphrasing de Tocqueville: “If America in 2022 is anything, it’s an innumerable crowd of people who seek equality amongst themselves, and they are anxiously self-absorbed, securing their own vulgar pleasures in an effort to fill the spiritual hole which would have once been occupied by God.  And many of them seem to want nothing more than having an elevated government power which can both assure their enjoyment and issue soothing bromides about how it’s watching over their fate.”

Munchausen’s White House” “People with Munchausen by Proxy (MSP) enjoy medical and hospital environments, seek close relationships with medical personnel and revel in being admired as devoted caregivers who have turned over their lives to care for sick family members.  The MSP abuser fears that his victim will be given the appropriate treatments and recover, thereby risking the discovery of his malignant mishandling of another’s health.” Sound familiar?

In the Dutch Parliament, speaking truth to power” Video. Strong young man standing up to the elite.

Not supporting censorship.

‘Waste of Time’ to Keep Vaccinating People: Ex-Head of UK Vaccine Taskforce

McDonald’s locations have cut hours by 10% due to staffing shortages” I wonder why.

HHS Will Stop Counting COVID Deaths on Feb. 2, According to New Guidance for Hospitals” Now that Trump is out of office, of course.

GB News’s Neil Oliver tells a painful story about the personal effects of bureaucrats’ policies “for our own good”.

Has a New “Xi’an City” COVID Variant with Ebola-like Symptoms Escaped China?” Potential cause for concern. It may have appeared in Brazil. What is going on?

Empty shelves at grocery stores. This is really ABC?

Current Term Enrollment Estimates” “Higher education enrollment fell a further 2.7 percent in the fall of 2021 following a 2.5 percent drop in the preceding fall. Continued enrollment losses in the pandemic represent a total two-year decline of 5.1 percent or 938,000 students since fall 2019” – with men dropping out of higher ed more than women. I wonder why.

The Selective Bigotry of the Campus Diversity Industry” One of several recent articles targeting anti-Semitism in the diversity-inclusion-equity (DIE) and justice industry. The implication has been that if only they were not so anti-Semitic, then it would be acceptable. Not to me. I find the whole DIE-justice industry inherently bigoted.

Teacher alleges she was fired for not ‘meowing’ back at student who identifies as a cat” I thought this was a joke. Apparently not. Can we put the student on a leash?

This one’s for you, Wolfie! “Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Signals New Leadership with 11 Executive Actions on First Day” He banned critical racism theory, mask mandates, and injection mandates. Talk about hitting the ground running!

Bonus for the Virginians: “Virginia’s new AG Jason Miyares announces major investigations within hours of taking office” The man fired the top staff in the VA AG office. THIS is what Trump should have done in January, 2017!

America’s next awesome governor: “Kari Lake Plans to Circumvent Feds on Border Policy Through an Interstate Compact” Careful. An interstate compact requires the approval of Congress. “Lake took a strong stance against all health mandates. “We will not have our kids being forced to wear filthy masks. We will not have our boss force us to put a swab up our nose for the rest of our lives or shot in our arm in order to earn a living,” Lake said. She also promised to open up the exemptions for more than just religious reasons. “We’re gonna find a way through legislation to make so many ways to get out of that mandate besides a religious exemptions. We’ll have exemptions for everything,” she said.”

DirecTV loss could cripple rightwing One America News” “Liberals cheered the news…” They can’t accept 99% control. It has to be 100%.

Defund the FBI, a political agency being paid by taxpayers.

Hundreds of U.S.-bound migrants set off in Honduras in first caravan of 2022

Greg Reese, 4 minutes: “America’s Food Supply Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles

Inflation has been substantially higher than the government admits.

What Drives the Price of Gold?” Parts 1 and 2.

USA Today Column Calls For California to “Abolish Parenthood”” Tell me again about how you want to stay in the same country with them… I know, you have a plan to defeat them. I’m all ears!

Freedom Is the Answer” “I never wanted to live in a world with mass loss of trust in everything that so many generations worked so hard for so long to build. But that is where we are. Now is the time for resilience and fortitude, and all the other virtues taught to us by the ancients.” He advocates for cryptocurrency. I don’t know.

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“Life is too short to be miserable”

Mrs. Surak asked me to play some piano earlier today. After I used up the one Bach invention I had memorized, I broke the 1809 barrier (composer must have died by 1809) and settled on the three Brahms Intermezzi, Op. 117. Enjoy. 17 minutes. I’m sure Tom will have some interesting feedback! Yes, one of these days I will look up a John Field recording.

Our college president hints darkly that the decline in enrollment is due to the bad orange man, who left office 11 months ago, by scaring off foreign graduate students. Could it have had anything to do with her imposing dangerous injection mandates on young people and otherwise constricting their lives on campus? Listen to a Stanford law student take leave of campus: “Life is too short to be miserable

I must thank Nitzakhon for referring two excellent essays by Margaret Anna Alice: “Letter to a Colluder: Stop Enabling Tyranny” and “Letter to a Tyrant” “I’m willing to die to defend my liberty. Are you willing to die to take my liberty? No? Good. Then stop enforcing totalitarian measures against your neighbors on behalf of the tyrants, who wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate you. Stop planning, directing, supervising, controlling, and performing their dirty work. Become part of the resistance instead of an enabler of democidal despots… Every act of collusion, every stain on your conscience, every bureaucratic compromise of your values etches an ineradicable scar into your soul.”

“I won’t bother to reason with you or appeal to your compassion—because you have none. You are a foul, fetid, festering, fiendish, fear-fomenting fecker devoid of soul, purpose, and meaning. No matter how many lives you masticate, hearts you shred, minds you menticide, and puppet strings you try to throttle us with, you will forever remain a hollow husk of a simulated human. I know you envy us our feelings. You seethe with rage, jealousy, loathing, terror, disgust, and every other malevolent emotion, but you are incapable of comprehending love, joy, friendship, warmth, and abiding peace. This letter isn’t to beg or plead or ask you to stop. This letter is to put you on notice. This letter is to tell you the people are waking, and it is you who have shaken us awake. You have sown the seeds of your own obliteration, and those seeds are germinating.”

Hat tip Chuck and James Kunstler: “Stop and Assess” Another great overview of the incredible danger of our situation. “I confess I am torn between two views of this fiasco. The first is that the notoriously incompetent Dr. Fauci and his colleagues (read RFK, Jr.s book) simply blundered through the Covid-19 disaster making a series of reckless choices, and about halfway through the crisis made the dastardly decision to cover-up their errors by doubling and tripling down on these mistakes. For instance, the policy to suppress and ban cheap and effective treatments that would have un-horsed their stupendously profitable “vaccines” from the emergency use authorization that got the mRNA cocktails into the public’s arms without proper testing. Some months down the road we will learn that this Fauci combine caused millions of people to die unnecessarily both from treatments withheld and from the adverse effects of vaxxes themselves.

The other view — that is becoming ever-harder to disregard — is that the Covid-19 pandemic was a deliberate program by a gang of powerful international adventurers to install a regime of surveillance and extreme control over formerly free citizens — all in the service of “re-setting” the ailing global financial system, reducing the population of elder pensioners to relieve the West’s payment obligations, and stifling industrial economies as a cure for climate change.”

Also from Chuck and Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Pharma’s War on Scientists to Mandate Jabs for Life” This will disappear, like all his content, from his personal website. Often Alex Jones picks up these articles on InfoWars; look for it there.

Licorice Inhibits Replication of Coronavirus” This is not the candy. Use with caution, urges Mrs. Surak; it can be powerful.

Dr. Peter McCullough Conducts Grand Rounds on COVID 19” A doctor summarizes Dr. Peter McCullough’s lengthy interview with Joe Rogan.

Florida surgeon general says Biden admin ‘actively preventing’ monoclonal antibody treatments” Translation: they really want you dead.

Wearing a mask on an empty beach? Huh? And he’s triple-jabbed?

Obviously we don’t want the inventor of mRNA technology to speak to the public, right? “Permanently suspended on Twitter…” Dr. Robert Malone just finished a huge interview with Joe Rogan – watch for this.

Here is the video that got Dr. Malone kicked off Twitter: “The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good” Thou shalt not speak ill of a major Democrat party donor!

The Brave New World of Athletes’ Heart Problems

New mother collapses and dies after giving birth to a stillborn” At least neither of them will ever get CoVID!

Steve Kirsch: “Over 10,000 vaccine deaths in South Korea shortly after vaccination

Triple Vaccinated 40-49 year olds are 10.3x more likely to catch Omicron than the Unvaccinated according to ONS and UK Gov. Figures

Negative injection effectiveness – and the study concludes that we need more injections!

Aaron Rodgers bombshell: NFL secretly administering derided COVID drugs” No way – you mean they are hypocrites?

Wretched Whitmer signs law allowing cafeteria workers and school bus drivers to teach school due to staffing shortages” I hope the Democrat parents in the state are happy with the results.

Democrats are envious: “Chinese lockdown rule-breakers are publicly shamed and paraded through the streets carrying placards with their names on in bid to ensure Covid rules are obeyed

‘Feds For Medical Freedom’ Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

The Two COVID Questions Before the Court” No, Mr. Dershowitz, Jacobson v. Massachusetts does not justify injection mandates.

Netherlands to mandate 6 Covid vaccines per year” Not exactly. They will mandate a total of 6 injections.

A win for the good guys: “After Thousands Of Parents Refused to Comply, California School District Reverses Child Jab Mandate

Only the “vaccinated” died during the 1918 Spanish Flu” The author discusses evidence that the so-called Spanish flu was really an epidemic of bacterial meningitis caused by attempted vaccines, and it originated in Kansas, not Spain. Have any of you heard this theory before?

Donald Trump is in the wrong. Change my mind” A Trump voter angry about Trump’s promotion of the injections in the face of 20,000+ admitted deaths.

A doctor writes: “COVID treatment protocols and the death of ‘trust your doctor’

Steve Kirsch: “Raymond Obomsawin is dead at 71” “Raymond Obomsawin went from perfectly healthy to dead a few days after sending an important document to RFK Jr. Was he murdered or did he die of natural causes?”

Mrs. Surak is trying to educate me on the issue of fluoridation. I found the website linked below and began investigating. It is worth pondering that a substance that prevents cavities when applied directly to the teeth need not be ingested. Fluorine, as the most electronegative element on the periodic table, is capable of causing havoc, as you can read in some of the resources on this website. Our ZeroWater filtration pitcher filters out fluoride. We need to get our Berkey system set up as well.

Globalist Corporations Begin Seizing Farmland in America Under Eminent Domain to Halt Food Production in the Name of Fighting Climate Change” It’s for your own good!

CIA Experimented on Hundreds of Orphans, Torturing Them to Reveal Psychopathic Traits” For their own good.

Cancel Culture at John Marshall and Cornell Law Schools” Students humiliate teachers for discussing unpleasant facts in a case.

Most Americans Don’t Trust Teachers, Schools With Children’s Gender Identity

Lefty students harassing white males on a college campus surprisingly found guilty. Here is their reaction.

Doug Casey on How Marxists Captured the Universities and Will Soon Capture the Nation” “Instead of questioning authority in a peaceful and rational manner—which is what Socrates did—the current idea is to prevent any divergent views from even being discussed. The professors are basically all socialists, and the kids tend to believe what they’re taught. Those views are reinforced by the other sources of information surrounding them—Hollywood, mass media, and the government itself. Destructive ideas usually start with “intellectuals.” Intellectuals typically despise business, commerce, and production, and they envy the money the capitalists have. Intellectuals feel they’re not only smarter but also much more moral than business people. That gives them the right, in their own eyes, to dictate to everyone else. They’re usually socialists, and approve of “cadres” like themselves, ordering everyone else around. Intellectuals naturally gravitate to the universities, where they’re paid to hang out with each other, be lionized by kids, and hatch goofy ideas.”

Do Democrats Want to Build Back Better, or Do They Want a Coup?” The Dem proposal to vastly enlarge the IRS to persecute the general public.

Here is your coup: “Marines say they’re being ‘crushed’ over vaccine refusal: ‘A political purge’

Latest MSM Lunacy: ‘The Constitution Isn’t Working’” The headline writer is a fool. It isn’t lunacy. It is part of the plan. They have mocked the Constitution for decades as a dusty old document written by white male slaveholders. If we could start all over again – say with a constitutional convention – imagine how much we could improve it! This is part of those goofy videos showing silly, ignorant, university students. Deny them the connection to their roots – their Constitution, their civilization, their connection to God – and you can get them to do anything. Anything!

Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘little black book’ to remain secret after judge warns against ‘needless’ namedropping” Very convenient. And the two prison guards present the night of Epstein’s death had all charges dropped. I am sorry to hear about their impending suicide.

More on Epstein-Maxwell.

How to Stop China from Invading Taiwan” If you want peace, prepare for war.

Commodities, including agricultural: “From Bitcoin to Gold: A Peek at Real Assets in 2022

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