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  1. You did not published yet my previous comment concerning the certain nuance in the meaning of “suicide” applied to the West.

    Now I can suggest to follow an interesting exchange here spelling out that nuance that I meant via a brilliant quote brought by SenioreJohn


    Unlike Rome, the West and America are really in a state of suicide, but in the state of suicide which was nurtured and instilled, the suicide which is going as an assisted suicide.

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  2. I am a retired blogger from Israel(IDF),I have a new FUNNY/HUMOR blog: funnylinksblog.wordpress.com and I am interested in a Reciprocal Links with your great blog,if it’s possible,please.I think Humor/Satire is important to people,anywhere,anytime,any blog,even in serious and political blogs or any stuff.Thank you in advance.Best wishes,David,from Israel.


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