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The Unified War

Dear readers,

I have just published my first essay on Substack, entitled “The Unified War”.


It is an extended essay on many of the topics we discuss regularly. I think you will find it intriguing. Please click through and let me know what you think. Also, subscribe to my Substack while you are there!

Mrs. Surak’s operation is Tuesday morning. Please pray for our safety and for her complete and speedy healing. For Jewish readers, her Hebrew name is Miriam bas Sarah (Ashkenazi) or Miriam bat Sarah (Sefardi). I hope to speak with you later this week.

Did Israel’s pandemic response betray their citizens and the world?

Steve Kirsch describes this as one of his most important posts: “Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up” “Israel didn’t start to gather safety data until a year into the vaccine program. They gathered 6 months worth of data and found that the vaccines weren’t safe so they lied to the world about it.” Could a nation be so corrupt as to perpetrate a second Holocaust upon the survivors of the first? Sadly, many of the jab boosters are secular, and many are (superficially) religious. Independent thought has been crushed in Israel. Kirsch reports that a Hebrew translation of his article was removed by government censors from an Israeli news website an hour after it was posted. No, I am not interested in aliyah at this time.


Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate in a Dose-Response Manner: Results of a Prospective Observational Study of a Strictly Controlled Population of 88,012 Subjects” “Non-use of ivermectin was associated with a 12.5-fold increase in mortality rate and a seven-fold increased risk of dying from COVID-19 compared to the regular use of ivermectin. This dose-response efficacy reinforces the prophylactic effects of ivermectin against COVID-19.”


Former soccer star wants to know why young athletes are dying and no one seems to notice” “Medical experts have linked the sudden rise in heart attacks and illnesses to the COVID vaccines.” Young men are toxic; their lives don’t matter.


Interview with Alex Jones: “Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Covid-19 Warning” “Renowned doctor confirms majority of Covid deaths are in the vaccinated and the U.S. government is behind it.” 69 minutes.


The five key Covid truths that could have saved us from self-destruction” The thoughts of Dr. McCullough.


You Don’t Want to Look at This” Another interesting analysis of the statistical connection between CoVID injection campaigns and deaths in America. The best explanation for this author seems to be an average 7-week lag. This seems more plausible than Steve Kirsch’s 5-month lag for the time being.


Embalmers Have Been Finding Numerous Long, Fibrous Clots That Lack Post-Mortem Characteristics


At least he will never get CoVID!

New research from Dr. McCullough, Prof. Seneff et al: “Potential Mechanisms for Human Genome Integration of Genetic Code from SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination” How to explain the jab integrating into your own DNA.


Medical Censorship: California Democrats Approve Bill To Punish Doctors Who Spread COVID ‘Misinformation’” Doctors don’t understand medicine as well as the government.


COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATES: 20 Scientific Facts That Challenge the Assumptions


‘I’m sorry, something is going on with me this morning’: Oklahoma news anchor suffers a STROKE live on air as she stumbles over her words


Greg Hunter interviews Dr. Pierre Kory: “Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties


Brucha Weisberger: “My Exclusive Interview with Dr. P. Almoni*, doctor in a NY hospital, who describes the tragic injury and death he has been seeing from the covid shots


Igor Chudov: “UK BANS Covid Vaccines for ALL kids under 12” Why? Aren’t they the best thing since sliced bread?


Dr. Mercola: “How to Detox Spike Protein After COVID or Vaccine” Please hold onto this for your friends and family members who drank the Kool-Aid.


Man dies after receiving Novavax COVID shot in Japan” Warning: this is not mRNA. It is supposedly the safer alternative. Not so!


How Steve Kirsch is getting it wrong about the vaccines” Another perspective from an author I have quoted before.




World’s first ‘synthetic embryo’: why this research is more important than you think” These people are soulless monsters.


Alex Jones: “Biden Declares War on Americans” Warning of a false flag attack… “Standing in front of a blood red background and marines used as props Thursday, Joe Biden declared that his political opponents and those who support them are dangerous extremists that threaten the existence of the country.” 37 minutes.


An Open Letter to Joe Biden” “We Are Not Fascists: A Response to Joe Biden’s ‘Soul of a Nation’ Speech in Philadelphia”


Roger Kimball: “Biden Puts the ‘Total’ in Totalitarianism” “America has come perilously close to the edge of the point of no return.” No. We are beyond the point of no return.


Saving America’s Future


An immigrant patriot.

Let your ears hear the words your mouth is saying!

MSNBC Declares ALL Republicans “EVIL” And A “Threat To Democray”; Pundit Says “We Are At War”


Important: “Lofgren: Trump’s FBI Criticism ‘Potentially’ Incitement” There is no such crime as incitement. There is incitement TO do something. They are laying the groundwork, brainwashing the population. Do you think your vote in November is going to make a difference? Don’t misunderstand – I want you to vote! But it still does not solve our problem.


Biden Doubles Down: Tweets “MAGA Proposals Are A Threat To The Very Soul Of This Country”” That’s what they say when they are losing. Your rejection of my lunacy makes you an extremist.


Conservatives React to Biden Calling Them a ‘Threat’ to the Nation: ‘I Go to Work… Pay My Taxes and Don’t Break the Law’” Bourgeois! White privilege!


Conservatives explain how ‘I am a threat to the very soul of this nation’ in POWERFUL thread making Biden look even WORSE


Victor Davis Hanson: “How Old Bad Ideas Become Wonderful” “We in America are regressing—now returning to the distant neanderthal past, now embracing the worst of what the 19th and 20th century had to offer.”


Oops. That speech didn’t play so well in the polls…




Judge Removes C4T Leader Couy Griffin From Office for Role in Jan. 6 Attack” How is that legal??? Can a judge remove Biden from office for his role in the Nov. 3 2020 attack?


A raid to get 1,693 newspapers?


Trump medical records, tax documents seized in FBI raid” I am trying to remember: did Trump order a raid on Obama’s home?


Babylon Bee: “After Using FBI To Suppress Son’s Crimes And Raid Political Rival’s Home, Biden Warns Democracy In Danger


The wonderful MAGA comedian Terrence Williams has been banned by some social media for marketing his own product – pancakes! They are calling this lifelong black man racist for selling his own pancakes! Support Williams. His pancakes are kosher! 🙂


Oh, boy. The crisis du jour (BYU racist fan) – manufactured – again…


Her life did not matter: “New details surrounding the death of Eliza Fletcher released


American Library Association Removes Webpage Promoting ‘Secret’ LGBT Messaging in Libraries” They still support this, but hide it.


Jonathan Turley: “Southern Utah Professor Sues Over Mandatory Use of Pronouns


Project Veritas: “NYC Assistant Principal Becomes Second School Official to Reveal Discriminatory Hiring Practices, Child Indoctrination Strategy … If Candidates Answer ‘Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Question’ Incorrectly ‘They Are Just an Automatic Not Hire’” A person who says “Everyone is equal” would not get hired. Wow.


The joke that writes itself: “Coal miners help push tourists’ dead electric car in Tucker County


Frustration among environmentalists: “Come on, Hurricanes, Get With the Climate Change Program


Kurt Schlichter with thoughts on guns vs. gunships: “F-15 vs. AR-15? Bet on the Guys With the Guns


Very important: “5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World” “…here are the important psycho-social experiments that teach us about the way people think, but more than that they actually explain how our modern world works, and just how we got into this mess.”


More for you later this week – see you then!

The injection toll: September 2, 2022

I will keep the graphics as simple as possible. Here is where things stand on the CoVID injections as of September 2, 2022. The blue curve shows deaths, permanent disabilities, and the worst vaccine injuries and diseases from all non-CoVID vaccines combined. The red curve shows the same for only CoVID injections. All numbers for 2022 are projections for the full year. In the years 2021 and 2022, the CoVID injections were 26.7 and 30.3 times as dangerous as all other vaccines combined.

This is bad enough if the current numbers are accurate. However, taking account of the research of Spiro Pantazatos and Herve Seligmann, the under-reporting factor (URF) is probably 8, so rather than 30 thousand deaths and 57 thousand permanent disabilities, we have close to 240 thousand deaths and 456 thousand permanent disabilities. At the moment, I am not inclined to believe the claims that URF is between 20 and 40 without further evidence.


Steve Kirsch: “Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people” I am not seeing it yet in my data. From VAERS, the median time to death (50% less, 50% more) is 10 days, and the average time to death (averaging everyone’s onset intervals) is 37 days. Steve may be right, but he is looking at different data.


Dr. Robert Malone: “Identifying Discrimination” “UC Berkeley is targeting religious and conservative students over vaccine compliance” Of course. They loathe those of us who believe in God.


Canada: “Community shaken over death of Ayr Centennials captain during hockey game” At least he will never get CoVID!


Dr. Colleen Huber: “Top med journals support your exemption” “If your employer challenges your bodily autonomy, consider using arguments from this letter I wrote in support of a Medical Exemption that I wrote for a patient.”


Ivermectin: The Truth” Great 13.5 minute video by the team that brought you Plandemic. Warning: have your high blood pressure medicine handy. This screams Nuremberg Trials part 2.



Metatron (Joel Smalley): “An important message from Dr Mike Yeadon” “It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stops people objecting when they should, when the evidence is unmistakable but has not yet quite reached their door, their family.”


Same author: “Young Americans are Dying at Unprecedented Rates since 2021” “The significant increase in deaths is concomitant with the mRNA experiment.” “The mRNA experiment will go down as the most heinous crime against humanity ever witnessed. Those that persist in its support or even its promotion would do well to look at the data that unequivocally demonstrates that the novel gene therapy is not Safe or Effective™.”


Igor Chudov: “UK: Births in England Collapsed and are NOT Coming Back Up” “Births Declined by 14%. Should we call it INFERTILITY?”


Superfit Scots doctor dies after having heart attack while swimming in loch” At least he will never get CoVID!


No Evidence to Back Autumn COVID-19 Boosters: UK Mathematician


Fantastic 15-tweet thread from MTG.

Conrad Black: “Can This Be Happening in America?” This is not the Founders’ America.


Victoria White Talks About Being Beaten at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6” She is lucky to be alive. 3.5 minutes.


Prosecutors Identify Police Supervisor Who Beat Woman on Jan. 6


White House Says Donald Trump Supporters Are a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’” All 74 million? The march towards democide.


“Those who do not agree with the majority are extremist.” OK. The majority rejects ANTIFA, BLM, the pronoun movement, the trans movement, abortion until the moment of birth, and so on. GWB won an absolute majority of the popular vote in 2004. Disagreeing with them is extreme?


Carlson: Biden Crossed into a ‘Very Dangerous Place’ — ‘Complete Outrage’ Speech Sanctioned as White House Event


Joe Biden Calls on Americans to ‘Stop’ MAGA Republicans” He wants civil war, so he can have an excuse for martial law. Secession now!


Giving permission for violence. This is Germany in the 1930s and you are the Jews.

Biden’s hateful rhetoric against Americans presents the GOP with a sterling opportunity




Winsome Sears: Why Democrats despise black conservatives like me


An awesome rebuttal of Biden by an immigrant from Ghana.

An alternative approach: “Activists More Than Halfway to Forcing Constitutional Amendment Convention” I don’t see this solving our problems, but keep an open mind.


A Texan supporter of secession: “The Federal Government is Beyond Redemption – Are You Expecting McConnell and McCarthy to Save America?


Jim Rickards: “Biden’s Most Enduring Legacy?” A CBDC (central bank digital currency). No, this is not an economics article. This is tracking your every move.


Igor Chudov: “WEF’s AI to Decide What Industries to Liquidate to “Stop Economic Growth”” “Enjoy Your Universal Income, Stop Working, and Shut Up”


Mises: “America’s Secret Government by Proxy


Just itching for a lawsuit.

Project Veritas: “Prestigious NYC Private School Director Touts ‘Sneaking’ Her Political ‘Agenda’ into Classrooms: ‘Disrupt Wherever I Can’ … ‘I Felt Like a Double Agent’ … ‘Huge Contingent’ of White Boys ‘Are Just Horrible’” They really hate you.


The ivory tower: “How Oberlin’s slander put our family through hell


Class Action Lawsuit Against Amazon Alleges Anti-White, Anti-Asian Discrimination” Awesome!


Speaking of which: “72% of America’s Top Medical Schools Use Racial Politics to Eliminate Applicants” You better think twice about your doctor… Your life does not matter.


Related: “Med students take ‘anti-racism’ oath at University of Minnesota


Child abuse.

Brave girl!

Ad DESTROYS Woke Liberal Policies” 1:46.


Devout religious followers have better sex lives: shocking study” No, not really shocking at all.


Is China Using Cyberattacks To Maintain Its Rare Earth Dominance?” That means all high tech. 80% of rare earths come from China.


It Will Happen Suddenly” “Just as Julius Caesar was at his peak of power when his fellow members of the Senate drew their knives, a powerful nation is coddled right until the time of its fall. In this regard, the US will see the greatest abandonment of loyalties that any nation will experience. (The greater the empire, the greater the pretence of loyalty to it. And the greater the abandonment when the fall comes.)”


This one is for Wolfie! From a space telescope: “Webb’s First Deep Field” Gorgeous! The Creator is very artistic!


I have a lot more to share with you this week – see you soon!

Slouching towards democide

Democrat Leaders Increasingly Demonize Republican Voters — Not Just Politicians


Greasing the skids…

Israel: “Prominent anti-vax doctor has license permanently revoked” “Dr. Aryeh Avni “poses a real danger to public safety,” stated Jerusalem Court judge.” He is dangerous to big pharma.


Steve Kirsch: “Think we got it wrong?” One of his Stanford doctor friends ignored all the information Steve sent him, saying “I saw nothing.” Did you LOOK?


Second death confirmation rocks 2022 Comrades: ‘Two deaths are two too many’” At least they will never get CoVID!


I think his math his wrong. I think he implied there was a 100% increase in funerals.

Even a liberal doctor is getting worried about myocarditis in men.


Canada: ““Enough is enough”: Students protest Western’s vaccine mandate” Kendra Hancock and ethics professor Julie Ponesse.


Leana Wen Accused of ‘Unsafe, Ableist, Fatphobic, and Unethical Practices’ for Opposing COVID Mandates” Those who live by the sword die by the sword.


Dr. Pierre Kory: “The Historic Suppression of Scientific Debate in COVID” “Never before in modern history have entire topics in Medicine been actively prevented from discussion in public forums. As a result most of the world only heard one-sided narratives.” THIS is what it means to be anti-science!


Emerald Robinson interviews Naomi Wolf on the controversial claim of blood deformities in the injected. Interview begins at 1:42. 15 minutes total.


Trauma Physician Exposes Coordinated Medical Tyranny Op to Depopulate Humanity” Dr. Kelly Victory with Alex Jones. 44 minutes.


This is a BIG deal: “Covid was Spreading Across the U.S. in 2019” This is based on examining blood bank samples. If true, it implies the infection mortality rate is far less than we were led to believe, because a lot more people were infected and not getting sick, or not dying.


Steve Kirsch: “Here’s how the vaccine is causing those weird “blood clots”” “I had a nice chat with Jessica Rose today on her Substack article about how the vaccine is causing your blood to perform unnatural acts.” This may be the smoking gun.


Is the Food Crisis Over or Just Getting Started?” “Are you hungry? Good, according to the central planners.”


California: another food processing plant gone. Just a coincidence.

DOJ Tells Court It Found ‘Limited’ Attorney-client Materials in Trump Raid” Oops!


Pennsylvania High School to Host ‘After School Satan Club’ Event” I don’t think this is what the Founders intended under the 1st Amendment.


Serbia to Cancel EuroPride Event Planned in Belgrade” I don’t think eastern Europe wants this.


Yeshiva University in New York petitions Supreme Court to block student LGBTQ+ club” YU is an Orthodox Jewish university. Their mistake is to accept federal financial aid. He who pays the piper calls the tune. I wonder if the feds will order a Muslim madrassa to permit a chapter of Campus Crusade?


Project Veritas: “EXPOSED: Greenwich CT Assistant Principal’s Hiring Discrimination Ensures ‘Subtle’ Child Indoctrination; ‘You Don’t Hire’ Catholics Because They Are More ‘Conservative’ … ‘Progressive Teachers’ Are ‘Savvy About Delivering a Democratic Message’” How do you like THAT, liberal Catholics, fans of Pope Francis? Does the school district refuse to hire Muslims as well?


31-Year-Old Transgender Footballer Celebrates Being Able to Use Same Changing Room as Team of Teenage Girls” Pervert!


Child mutilation is in!

Jonathan Turley: “Wharton Study: Biden Tuition Debt Forgiveness Could Cost $1 Trillion” Cashiers, janitors, and waitresses will pay for junior’s doctorate in gender-race studies. Zero Hedge argues that this proves that college degrees are worthless.


The great Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “Student loans: the costs of the debt jubilee should be borne by universities, not taxpayers.” Ha!


Gibson’s Bakery Wins! Ohio Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Oberlin College Appeal” Justice delayed, but ultimately justice won. Remember this case? The college called the bakery racist for their opposition to shoplifting. Anti-racist people support shoplifting…?


Kyle Bass: War Between The US & China Within 2 Years Or Sooner?


Trump decries election interference by the FBI!


Before the October Surprise comes the August-September PSYOP polls” Polls are just manipulation. Vote!


Mattias Desmet (of mass formation psychosis fame): “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” Important!


Charles Hugh Smith: “Make Sure You Download the Latest Ministry of Propaganda Updates” “A key mechanism in establishing a dominant worldview is the think-tank or equivalent self-serving body claiming authority over what’s true / false and important / unimportant.”


A Conservative Counter-Revolution” “Deposing the woke revolution and the Great Reset” Ten outstanding principles, written by a libertarian. I commented that libertarianism cannot conserve anything; nevertheless I wish his project well.


What Is to Be Done?” “The consequences of the big steal are terrifying. But the interests behind it are vast.” The authors propose a counter-culture within American society, using cryptocurrency, perhaps, and a separate economy and educational system. HA. HA. HA. As if the left will leave you alone…? Secession solves that problem.


Alex Jones with Steve Bannon: “‘The Republicans Need to Get on the Offensive’ But RINOs Stand in the Way” 15 minutes.


Joe Rogan is no conservative, but he says…

Understanding The Tyrannical Mind And How It Operates” “Anarchy is not the solution, but neither is totalitarianism. It’s all about who sets the boundaries and how… They are not complex and they are not necessarily ingenious but they are relentless. Underestimating their obsession with control would be disastrous. That said, the one thing they value more than power is their own lives, and until these people are made to understand that their lives could be the cost of their compulsions they will never stop. There is no reasoning with them. There is no diplomacy or compromise. There is no middle ground. They will continue to take, or they will be disrupted. Knowing their mindset brings us several steps closer to shutting them down.


‘Leftie institutions rife with anti-Semitism’” “Sky News Middle East expert says people like her are ‘afraid’ to speak out against anti-Semitism for fear of being labeled ‘racist.'” She is a Muslim doctor advocating for Israel!


Investing for Social Justice From the Bottom Up” Morningstar investment advising is left-wing and anti-Israel (but I repeat myself).


We have some family members coming to visit for a few days, so I expect I will be away for a few days. Be patient – I hope to be back with you by the end of the week. See you later!

Treating an illness at home

It’s amazing. It’s been 2.5 years since I was on campus regularly. I don’t recall getting sick; Mrs. Surak can correct me if I’m wrong. A couple of days into the second week back in class, and I’m out with an upper respiratory illness. The symptoms are milder than a cold, but it is a little difficult to breathe. Omicron? No fever, and negative home antigen test. Mrs. Surak thinks it may be spike protein shedding from all the injected people out there.

I went to bed a little worried, and then woke up well before dawn sensing unpleasant sinus drainage. (HCQ starting to work?) I got up, took a supplement, and lay down again thinking about my relation with God. Despite some physical discomfort, I felt quite calm. In my head, I recited some verses from some of my favorite Tehiliym (Psalms). Do you remember my Tiqun Ha-N’shamah (Rectification of the Soul)? One of those 26 psalms was Psalm 100, a song of thanksgiving. I also recalled some phrases from the intensely beautiful prayer of thanksgiving Nish’math (The souls of all the living bless You). In all that time my sense of vigilance was high, but my sense of worry was low, as I was focused on thinking: “I am connected with You. No matter what happens, nothing can change that. I praise You and I thank You.” Very peaceful and grateful.

One of Mrs. Surak’s friends told her that omicron can begin with negative tests, so… Stipulating that I am not a doctor and not making any recommendations, I am home treating according to the protocols published by the AAPS, AFLDS, FLCCC, and Dr. Zelenko; all links are given at the bottom of the blog. I am taking HCQ 200 mg 2x/day, an asthma inhaler that includes a steroidal ingredient to relax the lungs, nebulized 1.5% hydrogen peroxide into the nose (not mouth), and supplemental zinc, vitamin D, EGCG (antioxidant in green tea and anti-inflammatory), quercetin, NAC, and elderberry. Overall I feel better than this morning, but still not sure about class tomorrow because of the coughing (hyperactive airways). I am trying a cough lozenge now for the menthol.

More news!

HUGE: “Sen. Johnson Demands DoD, FDA, & CDC Address COVID Label Fraud Allegations” To repeat: big pharma has been distributing only EUA products (which cannot be mandated) so they can be protected from liability, but the FDA only gave full approval to products that are not being distributed! Fraud vitiates everything! This could take down the whole house of cards!


2nd Smartest Guy in the World (crazy name…): “The Latest Society of Actuaries (SOA) Group Life COVID-19 Mortality Survey Report” They flinch at drawing the obvious conclusion the blogger does.


Tributes flood in for beloved Halifax rugby player Ben Benn who played for Bradford Bulls, Fax and Huddersfield Giants after sudden death” At least he will never get CoVID!


Scottish XC Champion Rab Wardell Dies of Heart Attack at 37” At least he will never get CoVID!


Fetal deformities?

Dr. Robert Malone: “Well Being: Cardiovascular Damage & Health” Surviving long CoVID, and the jab. Very interesting discussion of vitamin K2.


Alex Jones: “Must Watch Steve Kirsch Analysis: the Covid Hoax is Collapsing” 43 minutes. Kirsch offers million-dollar incentives for anyone to debate him publicly. SILENCE.


Dr. Marty Makary: “Dr. Fauci’s Legacy” “…the public health risk of putting America’s fate in the hands of one doctor.” This does not even touch his mishandling of AIDS.


I saw this coming too.

Emerald Robinson: “The Vaccine Money Has Dried Up At Fox News!” “Sean Hannity now wants you to forget his role as America’s dumbest drug salesman”


CNN Medical Analyst Who Fiercely Advocated Masking Now Admits It ‘Harmed’ Her Own Son’s Development” Oh, NOW it’s a problem because YOU are being injured! When it was merely deplorables, it was OK.


Nature: “Could tiny blood clots cause long COVID’s puzzling symptoms?” “Scientists debate evidence for a micro-clot hypothesis that has some people pursuing potentially risky treatments.” What is risky is taking more injections.


The 30-year anniversary of the Ruby Ridge massacre, brought to you in part by then Attorney General William Barr. This is your government.

Joshua Phillips: They’re hiding and altering footage of January 6” 3:22.


John Whitehead: “The FBI’s Gestapo Tactics: Hallmarks of an Authoritarian Regime


Biden called in FBI to look at first haul of classified Trump documents


The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis” “A former president’s rights under the Presidential Records Act trump the statutes the FBI cited to justify the Mar-a-Lago raid.” No paywall.


Dershowitz: ‘“Get Trump!” Damn the Constitution‘ (Sarcasm, of course.)


The left is gleeful: “Police investigating faked shooting report at Rep. Greene’s home early Wednesday” They would have been happier had she been killed, for the crime of wanting to protect children from perverts.


Matt Gaetz: “Every Element of Our Government Is Weaponized Against Us

FBI Investigating Incident Involving Border Patrol Agents Taking Down Alleged Smuggler After Video Goes Viral” More sympathy for human smugglers than for their victims.


Snitch culture.

World Economic Forum Suggests There Are “Solid, Rational” Reasons For Children to Be Microchipped


Chicago Public Schools’ radical agenda gets uglier: ‘Equity’ video promotes looting and burning – Wirepoints” “Looting and burning is a pathway to social justice. That’s the message from a video recently added by Chicago Public Schools to its website as a response to perceived economic injustice for blacks.”


AWFUL: “Penn medical school expands minority candidate program that does not require MCAT” This could be your next doctor. Does your life matter?


Racism to Achieve Diversity Harms All Americans


Education or indoctrination?

They are not even hiding it anymore. “Licensure changes ask teachers to make students ‘agents of social change’” I would not hire such a teacher. School choice and vouchers NOW!


The left is hysterical. They think they own “education”. Look at the reactions: classical leftist projection.

Related: “Woke Goes Broke: Conservative Mothers are Winning School Board Seats


Joe Biden Bristles After Reporter Questions Fairness of Canceling Student Debt” Transferring money from cashiers, janitors, and waitresses to gender-confused race warrior SJWs.


Sanctuary City Mayors Cry ‘Uncle,’ No More Migrants!” NIMBY!


Larry Elder: “Climate Change Forecasts” THE science keeps getting it wrong.


Swiss security forces are getting nervous” Cold winter.


UK Government Warned of “Civil Unrest” Over People Being Unable to Pay Energy Bills


Michael Snyder: “A Major Food Crisis Coming In 2023? – “Prices Will Be On Steroids After The Election”” You must get ready NOW.

A Major Food Crisis Coming In 2023? – “Prices Will Be On Steroids After The Election”

Meet BlackRock: the ‘Architect of Woke Capitalism’ Destroying America from Within” Sponsored article: where investing meets wokeness.


World in the Process of Bankrupting – Bill Holter” 41 minutes.


The Numbers Don’t Lie; The Fed Won’t Win This Inflation Fight” Seems right to me, except for one question: what happens if the Fed is able to induce a recession, destroying demand? Wouldn’t that be enough to make real rates positive again?


Mises: “Money Does Matter: The End of the Gold Standard Led to a Lower Standard of Living” One problem: gold supply cannot expand to match population growth or economic growth.


Cultural enrichment in the vibrant city.

Judicial Watch Files Taxpayer Lawsuit over Racially Discriminatory Minneapolis Teachers’ Contract” Illegal contract saying white teachers must be laid off first.


Who is the hater again?

More Florida political news: MAGA Latina veteran running for Congress.

Fair question: “Should Red States Block Federal Agencies From Operating With Impunity? Blue States Do It


That should keep you busy! Until next time…!