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Justice is coming

ALEX NEWMAN WITH DR. REINER FUELLMICH-JUSTICE COMING FOR VICTIMS OF COVID TOTALITARIANS & MURDERERS” “…all those responsible must be held criminally and civilly accountable, he said. A grand jury is being presented with evidence now against a number of key individuals.” 30 minutes.

‘Think Twice Before You Vaccinate Your Kids,’ Dr. Robert Malone Warns Parents on COVID-19 Shots” Gather information – for yourself – and think – for yourself.

Huge Number of Vax Deaths & It’s Getting Worse – Dr. Pierre Kory” One hour video with partial transcript.

Vax Die-Off for Next Three Years – Clif High” 70 minute video with partial transcript. This data analyst anticipates 30 million American dead in the years 2022-2024.

James Rickards: “Big Pharma’s Siege of America

St. Pete woman born with heart condition faces amputation after COVID-19 infection” No, Fox, she was fine until her injection.

The elites’ morally obscene response to the Canadian trucker convoy” The WaPo cartoonist depicted all Canadian truckers as fascists. It’s projection.

‘1 in 3 Die’: Wuhan Scientists Warn of New Coronavirus ‘NeoCov’ With High Death, Infection Rate” This is their area of expertise, isn’t it? Suppose it’s true. Then what? We have methods for treating coronaviruses. However, those who are triple-jabbed may have weakened immune systems.

Non-COVID Deaths Among Americans In Prime Of Life Are Up 140% Above Normal Since Vaccines Introduced” A striking claim, but this video does not provide the evidence. I need to see more details and sources.

Father of Two Young Children Denied Heart Transplant for Being Unvaccinated” They will kill him to make their point: they really want you dead.

UK: “Official Data shows Children are up to 52 times more likely to die following Covid-19 Vaccination than Unvaccinated Children & the ONS is trying to hide it

Covid-19 Deaths are rising sharply in Australia and official data shows the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 of them

Wayne Allyn Root: “The COVID-19 Storyline Is the Greatest Scam in World History – The Truth Is This Is a ‘Pandemic of the Vaccinated’” Among other topics, he discusses the harm done to the American military.–the-truth-is-this-is-a-pandemic-of-the-vaccinated-n2602554

Video from Ottawa, Saturday, January 29.

Canadian Sikhs rising. Does TruDope call them white supremacists too? Is that the new name for anyone with whom you disagree?

The indispensable Neil Oliver, on the Canadian “pilgrims” in trucks.

‘Freedom!’ Dutch Truckers Join Canadians in Convoying Against Lockdown Measures

Will we have American pilgrims in trucks? Maybe…

Corporate Media and Big Tech aligned against #FreedomConvoy” Your conjunction should have included Big Government, Big Education, Big Business, and so on.

Glenn Greenwald: “The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship

Unmasked Students in Loudoun County Public Schools Face Immediate Suspension” The children are in line with the governor’s order, no?

A Farming Insider Has Warned Me That The Coming Food Shortages Are Going To Be FAR WORSE Than We Are Being Told” Among other details, expect a shortage of corn. The staples are not merely eaten directly, but are used as ingredients in other foods, as well as animal feed. Think famine. Prepare. NOW.

Victor Davis Hanson: “Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult” “Wokeism’s natural logic is to destroy the lives of people of both genders, of all races, and—if need be—of those of every age…”

Company that Called Republicans Racist Loses Massive Number of Customers” How are these CEOs being educated, when they think that insulting half your customers is a smart business plan?

UPenn Considering Lawsuit if Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Barred from NCAA Women’s Championships” OK, real women teammates, this is up to you. This is your moment in history.

New LGBT-supportive Doritos ad sparks controversy among Israelis” God said He would not put up with such behavior in His land, and that the consequences for defying Him on this point would be severe.

Have you or a loved one been ‘affected’ by ‘free speech?’ Colorado State University has resources to help.” I have been affected by our college counselor’s e-mail to the campus community regarding alleged “white privilege”. I am considering whether I should file a complaint of a hostile workplace environment.

Why We Can’t Split the Difference on Culture” The issues about which we fight these days are fundamental, not susceptible to compromise.

Dinesh D’Souza has a new documentary about the stolen 2020 election, called “2000 Mules“. See the trailer here.

Trump Warns Prosecutors of Mass Nationwide Protests If They Do ‘Anything Wrong or Illegal’” Watch New York and Georgia.

See you soon!

Strange adverse events are not coincidental

COVID-19 Can Be Stopped Without Massive Vaccination: Dr. Peter McCullough” That is one important message. The complementary message delivered by Dr. Robert Malone is that if we continue with massive “vaccination”, we run a serious risk of immune escape, creating a variant that is resistant to treatment. That would be catastrophic.

Funeral director John O’Looney of the United Kingdom: “I’ve never seen so many deaths….”‘ A 500-600% increase in thrombosis among young adults. Coincidence? Come on, man!

Dr. Jane Ruby with a professional embalmer: “Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots” 30 minutes. Not for the faint of heart. He says almost two thirds of the decedents have these peculiar, rubbery, tough clots.

Interesting: “Can vaccine NERVE DAMAGE be REVERSED with this home-grown molecule called sulforaphane?” Sulforaphane gives cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower) their distinctive taste. The article demonstrates home sprouting techniques, which Mrs. Surak employs here at home. He also discusses alternatives such as cannabinoids, curcumin (turmeric), EGCG (in green tea), and ubiquinol (in some preparations of CoQ-10). Perhaps this can help Mrs. Wolfie.

Steve Kirsch relates a new analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose: “COVID vaccines and pregnancy: > 172,000 spontaneous abortions due to the vaccine

Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open” Attorney Thomas Renz’s testimony at Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing included this: “There was also a 1,000% increase in diagnosis codes for neurological issues…”


Nearly 35,000 Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 5- to 17-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show

We’re not going to take it!

The arrogance of the media is insufferable. The truckers are accused of being “extreme”. How dare they disagree with the CBC?! Mr. Poilievre: “They have kept you alive!”

Abuse of authority, abuse of children, and assault – 4 examples.

COVID Mandates are Devastating Our Schools” Tremendously detailed description of the harmful effects on children. I thought it was all “for the children”!

Unvaccinated parents will be BANNED from seeing their own sick KIDS in Western Australian hospitals under strict new laws from Mark McGowan” They are evil.

Virginia is going America First very fast!

VA Lt. Gov. Winsome “Sears: We’re ‘Challenging’ Politicians Who Deny Poor Kids School Choice and Send Their Kids to Private School

T-Mobile Disregards Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandate – Will Terminate Unvaccinated Employees” SCOTUS did not forbid injection mandates. They merely said the federal government could not force them.

Substack – not bowing yet to the leftist mob…

Michael Snyder: “Two Shortages That Threaten To Absolutely Eviscerate The Global Economy In 2022“: fertilizer and computer chips. Without fertilizer, there will be global famine. North Korea is encouraging people to make use of human fertilizer.

Virginia Republican Delegate Has Had It With Democrats Saying Every Disagreement Is Racism: “Not This Time”‘ Finally, a Republican has the guts to stand up and say, no more!

California State University prepares to drop SATs and ACTs” – “over concerns that the exams are unfair to minority and low-income students.” I think I hear Tom cheering! But I don’t think CSU’s reasons are those he champions.

Teammates Complain UPenn Trans Swimmer Won’t Cover Male Genitals in Locker Room, Coach Ignores Concerns” The teammates describe this man as “she”. They dare not use the word “pervert”.

AMERICA FIRST LEGAL, TEXAS AND STATE COALITION JOIN FORCES TO SUE BIDEN OVER ILLEGAL ALIEN RESETTLEMENT” It’s not merely opening the borders. It’s about bringing in additional people who weren’t anywhere near the border, without Congressional authorization. It is willful murder of the USA, alongside the injection democide.

Who’s Forcing the ‘Fake News’ Mainstream Media to Add Wording to 2020 Related Election Articles Stating Election Fraud Claims are ‘Baseless’, etc. While Ignoring the Truth?” They are all using the same talking points. It is virtually impossible that this happens just by chance, every time. Of course it is coordinated. I don’t even talk about “the news media” anymore. They are brainwashed, trained, paid left-wing activists.

If in Pennsylvania, maybe in other states too. OK, PA Legislature, go ahead – decertify those electors!

“Our goal is zero traffic deaths.” Zero? How do you make that happen? By ending traffic. Get it?

How Regular Exercise Restructures the Brain” Exercise improves cognitive function, even for those who are – um – older than average…

Waking Up And Derailing The Great Reset” The author has mixed feelings about crypto-currency, but credits it for helping to educate the younger generation about the monetary system.

It’s an Unraveling, Not a Reset” “The hubris of our transnational “elites” isn’t remaking the world—it’s unraveling it faster and faster… The real message is: “Pity about those people who’ll go hungry but there are just too many people living too well. They need our enlightened control as we ‘reset’ the world to make it a better place.””

The Democrat Party’s Application of Mass Formation Psychosis” Pandemic! Climate! Voting! Insurrection! Crisis! In my last meeting with my father last summer, as he turned his attention from MSNBC to me, glaring at me wide-eyed from behind his mask, “For C_____’s sake, what is the matter with you?? Don’t you care???” That is the moment I walked out. I realized he was hopelessly crazy, and determined to remain so.

Rabbi Chananya Weissman: “The Deadly Price of Mindlessly Taking Instructions” “Is your religious “authority” teaching you – or just yelling out orders and rhetoric?” This is an essential distinction. Instruction makes you a robot, a slave. Teaching makes you a free man, existentially choosing to follow God’s law. Keen insight.

I asked in a question on the above article about the Torah command to follow the judges in your generation, without deviating to either side from their ruling. R. Weissman’s response is here: “Three Lessons from Shoftim” (Judges)

See you soon!

Big Pharma’s war on humanity

Doctor Releases Evidence of Early Treatment Suppression Costing Countless Lives” An interview of Dr. Tess Lawrie, who released a recording of her discussion with Dr. Andrew Hill. Hill admitted to blocking Ivermectin for 6 weeks. Hill admitted that 15,000 people would die without IVM. Talk about the banality of evil – wow! Did I mention he advises the Clinton and Gates Foundations?

The original story here: “Researcher Andrew Hill’s conflict: A $40 million Gates Foundation grant vs a half million human lives

Doctor Treating Covid Patients For Free: ‘Fauci Is The Greatest Mass Murderer In History,’ ‘Hellspitals Are The New Concentration Camps’” Dr. Ben Marble’s new service is, now in the links section at the bottom. There is an embedded 9-minute video interview.

Doctor’s Organization Has Treated Over 150,000 COVID-19 Patients With 99.99 Percent Survival” More on Dr. Marble’s organization.

How evil do you have to be to suddenly pull treatment from ailing Florida COVID patients?” You just have to be a Democrat, or a RINO. They really want you dead.

Governor (and future President) DeSantis reacting to the federal murdercrats.

Infant and toddler speech delays more than quadruple. I wonder why?!!!

Chronic headaches and nosebleeds for children wearing masks. They are not the ones who should be suffering from chronic headaches and nosebleeds.

I Regret Getting the COVID Vaccine” The author had a bad reaction to the first shot. A few weeks later, the author got a second shot, and is paying the price. Words fail.

Isn’t this awful? “Florida Doctor: Families Sneak Ivermectin to Loved Ones in Hospitals With COVID-19, See Improvement” People are terrified of being arrested for giving their family members the life-saving medications the doctors and hospitals refused to provide. What kind of country is this???

Dealing with Cognitive Dissonance” Assuming your leftist interlocutor is rational is questionable.

The Pandemic Endgame — Is There One?” Ask Bill Gates.

Obviously he will not stop on his own. “Fauci says children younger than 4 will get three doses of COVID vaccines

Project Veritas: “New York Nurse Whistleblower: Recordings Show Possible Botched Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine on Children: “Some People Got The Wrong One”” Oops!

Nearly 40 percent of all Illinois COVID deaths in the last month are breakthroughs

Matt Taibbi: “The Folly of Pandemic Censorship” The establishment is frantic to stop us from thinking for ourselves.

Oklahoma, good luck! “Sen. Dahm files bill to make Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine available over the counter

Kansas, good luck! “Kansas bill would force pharmacists to fill ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine as off-label COVID treatment

Great news, Denmark! “FREEDOM”

What is with these people? They are relentless! “Federal prosecutors examine slates that offered Trump electoral votes in states Biden won in 2020” It is like that election of Saddam Hussein, where 100% of the population voted, and 100% of the electorate voted for him. We laughed. America would never do that! Oh, but we would.

‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion


Cultural enrichment: “16-year-old’s boyfriend charged with murder after shooting teen 22 times while walking dog

OUTRAGED Father Suing Florida School District For Secretly Pushing ‘Gender Identity’ On Daughter Before She Attempted Suicide

The View: Panel Accuses Clarence Thomas of Being a Race Traitor, ‘He Doesn’t Represent the Black Community’” He does not represent blacks. He represents Americans of all colors. Whoever has a problem with that is the true racist.

Ann Coulter: “DeSantis Shocker: It’s Not OK to Hate Whites” Tell that to our college administration and staff. Then they wonder why enrollment is going down!

Not all teachers are crazed. But many are.

Social Security has quietly crossed yet another financial Rubicon of systemic decay” They will be short on their payments by 22% by 2034. Oh man.

Peter Schiff: “This Is Going to Be Stagflation

Victor Davis Hanson: “Why Putin Has Not Been Deterred” Bottom line: NATO is dead.

Here are Biden approval numbers from Rasmussen, as analyzed by me. I turned strong approval into 100% approval; moderate approval into 66.67% approval; moderate disapproval into 33.33% approval; strong disapproval into 0% approval. Not a good trend.

Is the second American Civil War nearing its conclusion?” We have not yet begun to fight. “Leftists, through a combination of brilliant projectionist strategy and callously evil use of their political opponents’ naïveté, decency, and tolerance, have transformed America’s institutions.  They have weaponized them and used them against their less aggressive fellow citizens.  In the process, they have transformed Americans, their beliefs and expectations, too.  Much like the Chinese Communist Party, they own nearly all the levers of influence and power, exercising an iron grip on the education establishment, the mass media, Big Tech, Wall Street, corporate boardrooms, the health care industry, and Hollywood — and now the CIA, FBI, Defense Department, and ironically named Department of Justice (DOJ).  This in addition to effectively controlling all three branches of the U.S. government. They are using this power to obliterate the democratic representative republic our Founders built, even as they loudly and incessantly claim they are trying to “save our democracy.”… Leftists take no chances; never rest; and will do literally anything to achieve, retain, and enhance their power.  They are proactive, are always on offense, and build redundancies into their plans.”

Naomi Wolf – hilarious title: “Is it Time for Intellectuals to Talk about God?” I have news for you, my dear… Intellectuals have been talking about God, and to God and with God, for thousands of years. Welcome to the conversation!

Friday is the next VAERS data release, and the first estimate of personal income for 2021Q4. See you next week!

Senator Johnson’s hearing

Koan: if a hearing takes place on Capitol Hill and the establishment media does not cover it, does it have an impact? Senator Ron Johnson explored, indirectly, the issue of how much Americans are interested in living. “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” The action starts at 40:18 and proceeds for another 5 hours, approximately, and features some of America’s top doctors.

Mrs. Surak and I have gotten to know others who studied the facts for themselves and will not get the injection; others who got the initial injections, got side effects, woke up, and chose to stop cooperating with the agenda; and a third group who got the initial injections, got severe side effects, and are utterly determined to die obedient to the government, television, and social media.

In this 2:13 excerpt, Dr. Robert Malone explains how fortunate we are that the evolution of CoVID-19 has given us a highly contagious but mild variant, that could bring us rapidly to herd immunity. He warns us to stop the injections NOW, for fear that continued viral evolution will result in a new variant that is more lethal, and also resistant to treatment. If, God forbid, that happens, which I believe the CDC-FDA-NIH want, we will have a catastrophe on our hands that will make 2020-2021 look tame in comparison.

Dr. Ryan Cole.

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty (not Kheriarty), fired from UC Irvine, if I remember correctly. He was their medical ethics expert. Ironic.

Dr. Paul Marik fighting back tears, describing Virginia’s war on his ability to save his patients’ lives.

Attorney Thomas Renz describing the findings of whistle blowers. 3 minutes.

Here is Senator Johnson’s own choice of highlights. 38 minutes. The thumbnail looks like Dr. Mary Bowden from Houston. Texas is well represented.

Media Deploys Full Blackout After Senator’s Forum Exposes Reports of Horrendous Vaccine Side Effects” Control the narrative.

Destroying lives and families at the same time. This thread includes two separate incidents.

Witness at scene of CDC lab monkeys crash has developed symptoms” No, it isn’t a movie. This is real life. Is our government out of control?

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison get it: “Eric Clapton claims people vaccinated against COVID-19 are under ‘hypnosis’

Not a conspiracy theory after all? PubMed: “Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G” “…we present evidence that WCR [wireless communications radiation, especially 5G] may: (1) cause morphologic changes in erythrocytes including echinocyte and rouleaux formation that can contribute to hypercoagulation [clotting]; (2) impair microcirculation and reduce erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels exacerbating hypoxia [low oxygen]; (3) amplify immune system dysfunction, including immunosuppression, autoimmunity, and hyperinflammation; (4) increase cellular oxidative stress and the production of free radicals resulting in vascular injury and organ damage; (5) increase intracellular Ca2+ [calcium ions] essential for viral entry, replication, and release, in addition to promoting pro-inflammatory pathways; and (6) worsen heart arrhythmias and cardiac disorders.”

More research: “Sars-CoV-2 spike protein activates human endogenous retroviruses in blood cells” That is why you are starting to see more shingles.

Hat tip Nitzakhon: “An Adverse Effect of the Vax: Mad Cow Disease” A personal, heartbreaking, and horrifying story.

Fully Vaccinated Australians may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome after latest Gov. figures reveal they are 10 times more likely to be infected with Omicron than the Unvaccinated

Lawyer Thomas Renz: Miscarriages and Cancers Up 300%, Neurological Problems Up 1000% in Past Year” Nothing to see here, totally normal!

Singapore: “Health scare for Andrea De Cruz who had signs of liver rejection after second Covid-19 jab

Thou shalt not eat! “Quebec bans unvaccinated from buying groceries at Walmart, Costco

A strategic withdrawal; a feint; a deception.

Ford Motor Company Bucks Supreme Court – Moves Forward with their Own Vaccine Mandate for Remote Workers” – even for those working from home?!?!?! How is this legal???

One commenter on the previous story linked to this activist website: Mandate Boycott.

FDA Restricts Use of 2 Monoclonal Antibody Treatments” They really want you dead.

DeSantis response. Fierce! The decision was based on one study by a rival pharmaceutical company. Now go to court!

I think the motivation is to hurt DeSantis. They really want you dead.

More response. They really want you dead.

Boston patient removed from heart transplant list for being unvaccinated” They really want you dead. “Not my doctors!” Yes, your doctors.

JAMA: “Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021

Pfizer’s motive? “Pfizer Board Member Suggests End to Mask, Vaccine Mandates” So they can sell their new expensive treatment.

Why the Masked and the Unmasked Have Disdain for Each Other” Well, they don’t exactly “disdain” us. They have openly expressed the wish that we die, and they celebrate when we do die. The best quote: “Watching half of our fellow Americans accept and engage in such irrational behavior (not to mention sometimes hysterically enforce it, as myriad social media videos attest) not only depresses the rest of us; it frightens us. That more than half of our country willingly obeys completely irrational orders raises the question: What irrational orders from the state would they not obey?”

South Carolina bill would make it illegal to ask vaccine status” This is aimed at employers. This should be the law in all 50 states!

Calif. To Require Students To Be Vaccinated To Attend Class

An exceedingly cautious analysis: “Insurance Companies Note 40% Rise in Deaths

Today’s batch of COVID information provides food for thought” The tide is turning.

A rabbi defends RFK Jr. from the woke mob. “Is Robert Kennedy Jr. Right?” Yes!

MIT prof: Israel in ‘moral bankruptcy’ due to COVID policy

Knesset approves amendments to Coronavirus Law

From the premier of Alberta. This is the first world?

Fox News footage shows mass release of single adult migrants into US” It’s hilarious when the Biden National Security Advisor describes the sanctity and inviolability of national borders – in Ukraine…

Pelosi’s Capitol Police Gathering “Intelligence” on Hill Staffers and Citizens Who Meet with Lawmakers” In today’s America, exercising your 1st Amendment rights is grounds for the presumption of terrorism.

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross urges liberals to ‘pick up a weapon and get involved’ in ‘war’ for democracy” In contrast, this is not incitement. Ahem.

Durham: DNC lawyer Marc Elias has given grand jury testimony” This is starting to get serious. We may see an indictment somewhere around 2100 at this rate.

Transgender Prof Misgenders Students On Purpose if They Don’t Comply with Woke Sex Disclosure

Mark Levin vs. the progressive professors” Levin has the right enemies. “Mr. Levin produces massive amounts of good, and our normative professors produce cosmic levels of bad.  Mark produces millions of free, strong, brave adult American men and women.  The fruits from almost any campus today are slavish, weak, immature, foolish, ungrateful, demanding Marxists, howling for their next government handout, bemoaning this benighted place they were assigned to at birth, in love with Mommy and Daddy Big Government, uncaring about liberty, keenly focused on their pronoun of the day and next pillar of American civilization to topple.”

VA Governor Youngkin Sets Up Tip Line For Parents To Report Teachers Using ‘Divisive’ Practices” Go Youngkin!

New Virginia AG Makes Huge Move, Fires Woke University Lawyers, Including One Working on Jan. 6 Commission

LGBTQ activists are vigorously attacking Christianity” This article has an alarming embedded video by Matt Walsh alleging that, indirectly, Christianity has been outlawed in Canada.

Related: “Finland’s Former Interior Minister On Trial for Bible Verse ‘Hate Speech’” She quoted the Bible!

‘Pope Francis’ – A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing?” Interesting discussion even for me. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops promoted the following agenda in a recent tweet: “Innovative Outlook, Inclusivity, Open-mindedness, Listening, Accompaniment, Co-responsibility, Dialogue” What is it that we are meant to include? Those who militate against our most fundamental values? Is that what we should include? In the comment section I battle THX 1138 – good fun!

Dr. Jordan Peterson on with Joe Rogan, talking about the Bible being the essential text to understand our civilization. 4:46.

A friend is involved with this charitable organization that delivers Purim gifts to IDF soldiers. They ask for an $18 donation for one basket.

See you soon!

A rally

Steve Kirsch: “The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Gives Historic Speech at Lincoln Memorial Today for March Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny” “…if you take the vaccine you have a 21% increased chance of dying over the next six months…” Wow. Where did that number come from?

Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Don’t Take Any More’ Genetic Vaccines, Dangerous Foreign Spike Proteins ‘Lead To Chronic Disease’” “For the genetic vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca, there is no known detoxification methods. Sadly, the genetic material lasts in the body far longer than what we thought and the spike protein that’s produced is probably in the body for greater than a year and it’s in vital areas, including the brain, the lung, the heart, the bone marrow, the reproductive organs. And it takes a very long time for the body to clear out this dangerous, foreign, protein. The only thing I can advise individuals is, don’t take anymore of it. There is going to be a progressive accumulation of spike protein in the human body that cannot get out. It will almost certainly lead to chronic disease.

Drs. Alexander, Bhattacharya, and Risch: “The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now” “The time has come to terminate the pandemic state of emergency. It’s time to end the controls, the closures, the restrictions, the plexiglass, the stickers, the exhortations, the panic-mongering, the distancing announcements, the ubiquitous commercials, the forced masking, the vaccine mandates.”

Scott Adams is not quite as clever as he thinks.

Big Tech Forcing MPs to Self-Censor in Australian Parliament” So the unelected businesses now control speech. Don’t like it? No problem, say the left and the libertarians; just build your own internet!

As Covid-19 Pills Roll Out, Worry Mounts That Resistance Could Develop” This is good for the elites. Then they can push yet another ineffective and dangerous injection.

Soviet Tactics: Covid Whistleblowers Suspiciously Dying or Deemed Mentally Ill” Multiple cases. It’s probably just a big old coincidence.

Investigation finds 300% increase in Worldwide Heart Attack Deaths among Soccer Players in 2021” At least they will never get CoVID!

Related: “Vaccinated athletes perform worse than controls” These were high school and middle school athletes. WHY?

Here is an article on a medical journal website regarding the immuno-suppression properties of the CoVID injections, making you vulnerable to shingles, for example.

A criminal complaint was filed in Harris County, Texas, by a private citizen, at the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton, against CDC, FDA, HHS, NIH, WHO, Birx, Fauci, Gates, Soros, and others, concerning the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus and the injection pandemic. Godspeed!

The British Medical Journal: “Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now” OK, JAMA, NJEM, Lancet, Cell, Nature, Science – we are waiting for you to speak up.

PubMed: “Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines” “Meta-analysis of 15 trials found that ivermectin reduced risk of death compared with no ivermectin [by about 62%]… Low-certainty evidence found that ivermectin prophylaxis reduced COVID-19 infection by an average 86%…” How much more evidence do you need???

Large, peer-reviewed research study proves ivermectin works” It cut deaths by about two thirds – and that is why we are not allowed to have it.

Physician Assistant Who Saved Hundreds Of COVID Patients From ‘Needlessly Dying In Hospitals’ Reveals Exactly Why His Medical License Is Suspended

Alberta just inadvertently confessed to fiddling the COVID vaccination stats” “More than half the newly vaccinated deaths were dumped in the unvaccinated”

Brussels rising.

ANTIFA hijacked a peaceful demonstration by 100,000 people.

The eyes have it, so to speak.

The eyes have it again.

The destruction is intentional.

Destroying the family for their own good: “Preteens may be vaccinated without parents’ consent under California bill

Food prices set to skyrocket throughout 2022 as rising costs hit small-to-medium-sized farms

Hat tip, Nitzakhon – very important: “When The Trucks Stop, It’s Over” When the trucks stop:

The first 24 hours

  • Delivery of medical supplies to the affected area will cease.
  • Hospitals will run out of basic supplies such as syringes and catheters within hours. Radiopharmaceuticals will deteriorate and become unusable.
  • Service stations will begin to run out of fuel.
  • Manufacturers using just-in-time manufacturing will develop component shortages.
  • U.S. mail and other package delivery will cease.

Within 48 hours

  • Food shortages will begin to develop.
  • Automobile fuel availability and delivery will dwindle, leading to skyrocketing prices and long lines at the gas pumps.
  • Without manufacturing components and trucks for product delivery, assembly lines will shut down, putting thousands out of work.

Within 72 hours

  • Food shortages will escalate, especially in the face of hoarding and consumer panic.
  • Supplies of essentials—such as bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat—at major retailers will disappear.
  • ATMs will run out of cash and banks will be unable to process transactions.
  • Service stations will completely run out of fuel for autos and trucks.
  • Garbage will start piling up in urban and suburban areas.
  • Container ships will sit idle in ports and rail transport will be disrupted, eventually coming to a standstill.

Within a week

  • Automobile travel will cease due to the lack of fuel. Without autos and busses, many people will not be able to get to work, shop for groceries, or access medical care.
  • Hospitals will begin to exhaust oxygen supplies.

Within two weeks

  • The nation’s clean water supply will begin to run dry.

Within four weeks

  • The nation will exhaust its clean water supply and water will be safe for drinking only after boiling. As a result gastrointestinal illnesses will increase, further taxing an already weakened health care system.

Hat tip Nitzakhon again: “Weimar hyperinflation – its tipping point, and its consequences” “The longer the delay, the more savage the cure.”

The Greatest Crackup the World’s Ever Known” Spineless money.

Noncitizen Voting Push Is Part of Agenda to Rid America of Citizenship” This is part of what I call the transnational transhumanist (TT) agenda.

Will We Purposely Add CO2 to the Atmosphere Soon?” We are a bit low on CO2, historically.

Giving Up on Canada” “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes we do not [have a national character], having told the New York Times that Canada has no “core identity” and is the world’s “first post-national state.” Trudeau may be right. We have become, apparently, citizens of the world, which means we are stakeholders in nothing tangibly visceral, that we have no civic identity, that we are political ciphers. As Victor Davis Hanson writes, the concept of the citizen is dying.” More of the TT agenda.

California School District Faces Legal Action Over LGBTQ+ Activist Teachers

California mom takes legal action against school district ‘after two teachers secretly manipulated her daughter, 11, into believing she was a transgender boy and gave tips on how to bind her breasts’” What country is this again?

Where the Hell Are the Men?” Who are you referring to? The toxic people?

Our brand new college counselor sent everyone a message today inviting us to a webinar where we could deconstruct our “white privilege”. I refrained from replying to inform her that she is a racist. If I submit a harassment complaint, I have to wonder what the consequences will be for me. I assure you that almost no white and no man will stand up to the bullies in academia. The few who do lose their jobs. Here is the announcement.

January 28th White Privilege: Psychoanalytic Perspectives with Neil Altman, PhD 6:30 – 8:00pm In this lecture Dr. Altman will look at race and the critical role it plays in society and in clinical practice. Much of the effort going into racial consciousness-raising for people who identify as white rests on the notion of unearned “white privilege.” Dr. Altman looks deeply into this idea, along with associated concepts of guilt, power, and identity. He suggests that there are embedded assumptions therein that perpetuate the very racially prejudicial ways of thinking that are purportedly being dismantled.

Pennsylvania School Board Member to Parents: ‘I Don’t Work for You’” You have to read the linked opinion piece. What an arrogant piece of work. Defeat this jerk in the next election!

FPM: “Ned Ryun Video: Can Our Great Republic be Restored?” Transcript included. Ryun channels the Founders.

See you soon!