Visualizing the CoVID injection’s most serious adverse events: May 13, 2022

Here are some new graphics to share with your friends and relatives who are eager to get their fourth injection. The first compares the most serious adverse events after CoVID injections to non-CoVID vaccines of all sorts combined since 1988. Birth defects for non-CoVID vaccines total 198 to date, just below the threshold of visibility on the chart.

The second compares the ratio of serious adverse events per million population following CoVID injections to that following all other vaccines combined, using the geometric mean to represent a typical year. The first bar in each pair shows 2021; the second bar shows 2022 up to May 13. The data table at the bottom suggests that myocarditis-pericarditis in 2022 will exceed the already high levels of 2021.

The third shows the control chart view for the operations manager. Z-scores outside the red dashed lines, at -3 and +3, signify trouble. All adverse events signal an extreme event in 2021, and most of them signal another extreme event in 2022. The lower level in 2022 represents the year up to May 13, but they all can be expected to climb in the coming year.

The fourth compares the average age at death for all people in 2019 (blue) to CoVID-attributed deaths up through March 27, 2022 (green), and CoVID injection deaths through May 13 (red). While CoVID-attributed deaths happen at a higher average age than the population (thus not reducing life expectancy), CoVID injection deaths happen at a lower average age than the population (thus they do reduce life expectancy). This last number has been slowly decreasing, indicating younger and younger patients are being affected.

The fifth shows the onset interval from CoVID injection to death. While data above 9 days is grouped together into larger bunches, I estimate the average time to death at 33.95 days. This last number has been slowly increasing, indicating a growing willingness of the public to acknowledge the deadly effects of the injection.

The sixth shows the sex ratio of CoVID injection deaths stratified by age group. From birth through 17 years and 80 years and older, there is very little difference between the two groups. From 18 to 79 years of age, however, there are drastically many more deaths among men than among women.

3 thoughts on “Visualizing the CoVID injection’s most serious adverse events: May 13, 2022

  1. Good to see you back Surak, I’ve been a little worried for you.

    One point, you suggest sharing with friends and family who are about to have their FOURTH injection. If they have had three, all you will do is alienate your friends, say nothing but be there to support them.

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  2. It is thrilling to have you back. I have missed your excellent posts, and have prayed that the “knots” in your life would be undone. Let’s carry on, dear Surak. May God bless you.

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