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The injection toll: September 17, 2021

Happy Constitution Day.

Here are the latest numbers from VAERS, as of September 10, 2021. American deaths from CoVID injections in 2021 are:

  • 62% higher than deaths from all vaccines combined from 1988 to 2020;
  • approximately 5 times the number of people murdered on 9/11;
  • 31 times the average number of vaccine deaths per year from 2017 to 2020.

The European Union EUDRA/Vigilance system, like the American CDC/VAERS, reports 24,526 CoVID injection deaths as of September 11.

“When it comes to vaccine mandates, Biden is counting on OSHA”

Exactly, Daniel Greenfield. “Democrats Don’t Believe in the Constitution. Why Should They Care About Constitutionality?”

“Possible Avenues for Legal Challenges to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate”

Desperate understaffed hospital refuses to say it is firing workers.

“One in 9 nursing home residents are being diagnosed with schizophrenia so understaffed facilities can better handle patients” And why are they understaffed, again?

“Biden Just Rolled a Live Grenade Into Nursing Homes Across America” The injection mandate is already devastating staffing levels throughout healthcare.

“WVUH to Require All Employees to be Vaccinated or will Face Voluntary Termination” A nurse’s testimony about what the injection did to her. 2-1/2 minutes.

“Second Breastfeeding Baby Dies Of Blood Clots And Inflamed Arteries After Mother’s Pfizer Shot” At least the baby didn’t get CoVID!

Scaring people for a higher calling.

“Father Whose Son Died From Vaccine-Induced Heart Inflammation Censored By Facebook” Thou shalt not grieve!

“Doctor’s message about low pediatric deaths from COVID blocked by Facebook”

Karl Denninger at Market-Ticker: “Yes, they are insane” “Never before in history has there been a need to “protect the vaccinated.”There isn’t one now unless the jabs not only don’t work, in some percentage of people who took them they make infection worse — and they know it. What do they know and aren’t telling you?”

“Anecdotal Comments of Death After the Jab Flood WXYZ-TV’s FB Post” Can they really censor the entire United States?

Australia. I cannot confirm this – but diabolically evil if true. This activist claims that hospitals are secretly treating CoVID patients with ivermectin – but ONLY if they have been injected – to make the injection look more attractive. This is a crime against humanity. They really do want you dead.

“Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion”

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett: ‘Our tolerance for the unvaccinated has run out’ When Jews inquire why I don’t “make aliyah” (immigrate to Israel)…

“Medical Experimentation and Collective Punishment Are War Crimes” Actually, crimes against humanity. Very well documented.

“Lara Logan: Biden Told OSHA to Hide Info on Vaccine Side Effects” Two-minute video, deleted by Youtube as too dangerous for the oligarchs.

“Vaccinated 27 Times More Likely To Catch COVID” 7-minute OAN video.

Ben Stein: “I’ve Been Suspended by YouTube” Because he dared to talk about his personal experience of injection side effects.

They call us stupid? “Democratic Congressional Candidate’s Tweet on 9/11: ‘Not Even Close’ That Jan. 6 Was Worse”

A mentally ill man beats a woman for the entertainment of degraded millions.

“Professor preposterously says 9/11 was an attack on America’s heteropatriarchal capitalist systems” Because the Taliban and al-Qaeda oppose patriarchy, right?

Egon von Greyerz on the End of Empire – and Gold:

“What’s Wrong With Gold? Absolutely, Nothing.” Especially with Black Rock’s manipulative gold sale today – it is dirt cheap.

Cold Fury: “The Main Enemy” In part, recapitulating and studying an article on the Federalist: “The 9/11 attacks ultimately proved a lesser threat to American than the totalitarian left”

The Main Enemy

Gen. Michael Flynn interview: “America Being Taken Over by Communists”

Do we know who they are? Do we care? “White House requests language change to allow Afghan refugees to collect welfare”

“US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan spotted in Iran” Lovely. Do America’s armed forces support “Death to America”? If not, why did they leave this equipment to our open enemies?

Finally, in a mainstream publication, a very thorough essay: “It’s Time to Acknowledge Anti-White Racism

David Horowitz does not hold back! “The Greatest Existential Threat to America”

Are you kidding? “Washington [state] School Banned 9/11 ‘Red, White, Blue’ Tribute as ‘Racially Insensitive’” Which race is it that supports terrorism? Crazy!

“California lawmakers send Newsom bill that could ban gas generators” – so you can never be independent of the system.

A lovely, kind tribute to friendship for the Jewish community, by Georgia maverick Vernon Jones – censored by the Atlanta Jewish Times, where it was supposed to appear – probably because he committed heresy by converting from D to R – as a black man, no less! Instead, it was printed by Israel National News.

Patrick Byrne believes in the possibility of reconciliation for America, following the model of the Oresteia, a trilogy of tragedies by Aeschylus. I don’t agree with him; I don’t think he understands the psychopathy of the left. Nevertheless – interesting.

What do you think, Mr. Byrne? “1 in 7 people have dumped their friends over COVID-19 vaccine stance” – more Democrats than Republicans.

Day of Prayer for America last Saturday, 9/11 – timestamped for President Trump’s appearance, calling for 21 days of prayer.

Todd Starnes’s coverage of this event.

See you next week!

Words mean what I say they mean!

The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’” This changes everything. The CDC website USED to say that a vaccine confers immunity against a particular disease. NOW it says that a vaccine is protective against a particular disease – but that is NO different from any prophylactic treatment, including by HCQ/IVM + Zn + D + C. In other words, there is no advantage to getting the injection – not to mention the enormous disadvantage.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “20 Mechanisms of Injuries (MOI): How COVID-19 Injections Can Make You Sick; Even Kill You” This is a 2-page pdf you should download and share. It is only a summary, but Dr. Tenpenny has scientific/medical journal citations for all of these.

Stew Peters: “Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS “Delta” Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital!” Wow. The doctors are in on the corruption.

“Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity” From Pubmed.

Here is the lifetime timeframe for adverse events after CoVID injections.

“Georgia football coach Kirby Smart says Bulldogs experiencing ‘highest spike’ of COVID-19 despite more than 90% being vaccinated” Despite??? Maybe – because…

“Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID” As long as they don’t die from CoVID, the media don’t care.

Whoops. “Massachusetts coronavirus breakthrough cases jump 4,415 last week”

Michael Snyder: “There Is No Turning Back After This” “This is the most sickening thing that Joe Biden has ever done… For the past couple of hours I have been trying to find the right words to put what we just witnessed into proper perspective. This truly is one of the most pivotal moments in American history, and there will be no turning back after this. We are descending into full-blown tyranny, and I have literally felt sick to my stomach as I have pondered the ramifications. What remained of the country that so many of us once loved is being absolutely eviscerated…”

Australia: “We will gas you!”

Australia to doctors: shut up!

They will make you suffer. “United Airlines staff who are granted religious exemptions to vaccine mandate will be put on unpaid leave”

“College textbook blames COVID deaths on Americans who oppose lockdowns” Is that why public health officials for decades opposed quarantines on healthy people?

Fausti’s lies finally exposed.

Mass civil disobedience.

Don’t mess with Texas.

Or Florida!

Or South Carolina!

Statements from multiple governors.

Vaccine rebellion up to 27 states. Looks a lot like my secession maps in the blog’s right side-bar, no? Other than AK and NH, it’s one nice, big connected chunk. Beautiful.

It’s not just.

Oh, they would never do that!

Uh-oh – publicly admitting an attempt to end-run the Constitution? Not a good look.

Important observations by Nitzakhon: “Fear is the mind-killer” This is what makes it such a potent weapon for social control by psychopaths: “…escalating pulses of fear as a part of conditioning people to accept tyranny, as well as constantly changing doctrine on what is “right” and “not right” to sow confusion.”

It’s fascinating to recall Hannity on his radio program, citing gospel regularly: “Be not afraid!” During the period of the Jewish high holy days, we recite Psalm 27 daily, which begins: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is my life’s strength; whom shall I dread?” This is indeed the time that tries men’s souls. Do – you – believe?

“Will the Amish take over America?” They number an astonishing 350,000 – I had no idea.

“Suicide by ‘Replacement Migration'” FPM returns to this subject. Wikipedia insists that the Great Replacement is just a conspiracy theory. Then leftists mock whites with the observation that the demographics of America are changing, thanks to immigration. Well, which is it?

Only professors can be this crazy. “Merit system is unjust because it rewards productive individuals” It’s also racist. The leftists are arguing that non-whites are incapable of being equally productive. By the way, tell that to the Asians…

“A Google employee program claims that America is a “system of white supremacy” and that all Americans are “raised to be racist.”” Can you imagine working there and saying to yourself, “All I wanted to do was program algorithms, not get mixed up in this stuff”?

Leftist American Jews must be thrilled by Biden undermining Israeli sovereignty: “Biden Tells Israeli Government He’s Reversing Trump’s Jerusalem Move Despite Its Strong Objections”

The Three Seas Initiative 12 nations should leave the EU as soon as possible: “Polish justice minister accuses EU of ‘legal hybrid warfare’”

RCI: Comparing January 6 to the BLM riots, by the numbers.

Nuclear fusion – a step closer?

Winning wars is not their top priority: “Biden Administration Orders Ideological Purge Of U.S. Military Academies

Robert Spencer at FPM: “September 11, 2021: Twenty Years of Failure”

I am sorry that these posts are getting longer, but there is so much news. I am trying to focus on real essentials. See you tomorrow.

Wellness versus “healthcare”

I came across a set of three videos from Banned Video (Info Wars) that clarify that the so-called “healthcare” system carries an Orwellian name; that this system is designed to ruin your health. The second was the most alarming to me. There were multiple anecdotes of doctors and nurses denying care to patients who did not get their deadly injections. In one case, a nurse repeatedly injected morphine into such a patient against family wishes, and then turned off the patient’s oxygen to be vindictive. The survivors of this terrorism by government will rightfully mistrust the official “healthcare” system for decades to come.

Alex Jones interview: “Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Fauci’s Cancer Causing Injections”

Owen Shroyer interview: “Nurse [and veteran Erin Olszewski] Warns America: Unvaccinated Americans Now Being Denied Healthcare!”

Alex Jones interview: “Physician in Viral School Board Video [Dr. Dan Stock] Joins Infowars to Expose Medical Tyranny’s Fake Science”

Karl Denninger Market-Ticker trio: “Here’s WHY They Killed Your Grandmother” Government’s distortion of the insurance laws to make you take injections, not therapeutics.

“Welcome To The New Normal” How to survive in a world full of the insanely fearful and submissive.

“Statistical Abuse And Flat-out Lying” Debunking the government-media complex.

Remember this? “Majority of population likely has pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2”

“AMA, APhA, ASHP Call for Immediate End to Prescribing, Dispensing, and Use of Ivermectin to Prevent or Treat COVID-19 Outside Clinical Trials” Yes. They really do want you to die.

“Amazon to block some autocomplete search results for ivermectin” They really do want you to die.

“I Dared to Talk About My COVID Experience, And Then the Hate Poured In” They hate that she survived by taking therapeutics. How dare she survive!

“California Nurse Shortage Reaches “Crisis Level” As Vaccine Mandate Wards Off Traveling Nurses” They have their priorities.

“NYC teachers union ready for war over demand to pull all unvaxxed from payroll” Rules for thee but not for me.

“Teachers Not at Increased Risk From COVID-19” Now they tell us?

“Florida woman dies of brain disease after taking Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine” Mad cow disease – truly horrific.

“Kim Jarvis: 57-year-old West Virginia woman declares “I’m vaccinated but don’t know what’s in it,” dead less than 24 hours later”

Twice as many people have had CoVID as was previously thought; hence the infection fatality rate is half what was previously thought.

“Candace Owens Denied Covid Test by Deranged White Clinic Owner Over Politics” I thought it was a national crisis?!

Injection-caused deaths turned into “unvaccinated” deaths of unknown cause.

Israel is destroying the narrative. There is a higher proportion of cases among the injected than among the non-injected.

Orwell bitterly laughing from his grave:

Here is how to do civil liberties: “Florida to issue $5,000 fines to entities asking for proof of COVID vaccination”

“A school ordered a [healthy] student to quarantine. His dad and 2 men confronted the principal with zip ties” The most important word was left out of the headline.

“Health Officials Advise White House to Scale Back Booster Plan for Now” Are we past peak enthusiasm?

We just discovered today that our good conservative friends, who took the injections a couple of months ago against our advice, came down with CoVID anyway. They are apparently recovering. They have finally realized that the promise of acquired immunity was a sham, and will avoid the boosters. We pray for their full recovery.

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “The Orwellian Vaccine Passport Agenda Relies On The Lie Of The “Social Contract”” “There is a fundamental question that needs to be asked when examining the vaccine passport issue, and what I find is that almost no one in the mainstream is tackling it directly. The question is this: Is it legally and morally acceptable to constrict the rights and economic access of people in order to force them to submit to an experimental “vaccine”, or any other medical procedure for that matter? Furthermore, who gets to decide what medical procedures are acceptable to enforce? Who gets to be the all powerful and benevolent overseer of every human being’s health path. I ask this because I don’t think many people realize the future repercussions of allowing governments or corporations (the same thing these days) to dictate covid vaccinations. It doesn’t stop there; in fact, we have no idea where this stops once the Pandora’s box is opened.”

“The Unintended Consequences of COVID-9/11”

“Australian government plans Chinese-style ‘social credit’ system for social media users”

Jonathan Turley: “House Democrats Issue Hundreds of Secret Subpoenas Targeting GOP Colleagues and Others” For the left, political power is the ability to make your opponents lives’ miserable.

Wolfie was kind enough to provide our readers with yet another great dataset. The website Global Firepower estimates the military strength of about 140 countries and assigns them a number on an open-ended scale. I converted that to a new number on a scale 0.00 (weakest) to 1.00 (strongest). Here is the result. The strongest countries are blue, and the weakest countries are red.

As you can see from the colors on the map, the United States can easily defeat countries like Somalia and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Afghanistan – very important: “Afghanistan fiasco may have been the result of blackmail

Hungarian President Viktor Orban on migration.

“Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signs troubling sex ed bill into law” The main challenge America faces is not enough discussion of sex in the schools.

“De Blasio’s DOE takes its war on learning to a new extreme with ‘no honor roll’ push” There is your “equity” in education!

“Feds reportedly lose track of thousands of migrant kids after release” Wouldn’t it be an awful shame if sex traffickers got their hands on those kids? Oh, they would never do that!

From Nitzakhon: “Quick Takes: Hat Trick” It features an equation describing real life: “Conspiracy Theory + Time = Reality

He has lied his whole life AND on top of that, he is senile.

Par for the course: “CNN special report on Jerusalem reversed who ethnically cleansed whom in the Palestinian/Israeli dispute”

That is enough for one day! See you soon.

The injection toll: September 3, 2021

Here are the latest numbers from VAERS showing serious adverse effects of injections as of August 27, 2021.

  • For CoVID injections, there were 13,911 deaths;
  • 14,327 life-threatening events;
  • 18,098 permanent disabilities;
  • 405 birth defects;
  • 56,912 hospitalizations.
  • Deaths from CoVID injections are 60% larger than all non-CoVID vaccines combined going back to 1988, and more than 4.6 times the death toll on 9/11.
  • Deaths from CoVID injections plus all vaccines in 2021 are 29 times higher than the average for 2017-2020.

This is nationalized “healthcare” – really deathcare – what Democrats want for America. Horrifying!

The Australian government chooses you randomly and you get a call. Within 15 minutes you must produce a photograph of yourself at the location you are assigned by the government or you will be arrested.

Former Pfizer VP warns booster shot is an extermination weapon to mass murder human beings

This one could be the immune escape variant: “WHO Places ‘Mu Variant’ Under Close Scrutiny Over Fears Of Vaccine Resistance”

“Harvard Epidemiologist Says the Case for COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished” Just in time – if people will listen! “The findings come as many governments around the world are demanding citizens acquire “vaccine passports” to travel. New York CityFrance, and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and British Columbia are among those who have recently embraced vaccine passports. Meanwhile, Australia has floated the idea of making higher vaccination rates a condition of lifting its lockdown in jurisdictions, while President Joe Biden is considering making interstate travel unlawful for people who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19. Vaccine passports are morally dubious for many reasons, not the least of which is that freedom of movement is a basic human right.”

Apparently, there is a brewing “mutiny” at the FDA: “Two Top FDA Officials Resign “In Anger” Over “Intensifying Pressure” To Approve Booster & Shots For Kids Under 12″ This piece revisits this event with more information. It seems that the FDA staff are furious at the CDC. Speak up!

“Michigan County Threatens to Arrest Parents If Children Test Positive for Covid” Oh, they wouldn’t do that!

“CDC Quietly Releases Plans To Put Americans In COVID Quarantine Concentration Camps” Oh, they wouldn’t do that!

“Amherst College Bars Students From Leaving Campus Without Permission” Why? Is it a prison?

“134 students disenrolled at Virginia Tech for noncompliance with COVID-19 vaccinations”

“After Italy Requires Vaccines to Catch a Train, Anti-‘Vax Passport’ Protesters to Block Railways”

“The Left Loses Their Minds Over Joe Rogan Taking Ivermectin, a Drug That Won a Nobel Prize” Seriously – I really do not understand. They are enraged that Joe Rogan recovered? With my simple mind, I can only conclude one thing: they really do want you dead.

Possible natural therapy? “Kefir: A protective dietary supplementation against viral infection”

Interest in food preservation is a possible sign of… “EXTREMISM“!!! Who comes up with this stuff? Let’s close down Campbell’s, General Mills, Heinz, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Post,…

Dr. Scott Atlas: Science Killed Itself Over COVID-19” The left perceive themselves as rational and objective. This article shows otherwise.

“The Masked Ball of Cowardice” “As the experiments of Stanley Milgram proved, people can be convinced to commit atrocities when ordered to do so by scientific authorities. From journalists and judges to politicians and common professionals, the public has granted health officials one exception after another to their most fundamental rights, and they’ve been misled every step of the way. Whether out of gullibility, face-saving incompetence, or something worse, they’ve brought the world to a frightening place.”

Revisiting this issue with more information: “Bombshell Report Claims US Knew About Kabul Bomber, Had Drone Lock, but Didn’t Take the Shot”

Oh, no. This really is treason. “American Military Equipment From Afghanistan Spotted On Iranian Highway”

“In secret texts, U.S. military officials lamented leaving Americans behind in Kabul” ‘”We are f*cking abandoning American citizens,” an Army colonel assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division wrote Sunday in frustration in a series of encrypted messages…’

“Marine who spoke out about Afghanistan withdrawal says he expects to be jailed” Not his chain of command, who belong to the club.

“100,000 Afghans Just the BEGINNING of Endless ‘Refugee Resettlement’ Operation”

“Taiwan says China can ‘paralyse’ its defences, threat worsening”

“McCarthy warns companies not to turn over private data of Jan. 6 rioters”

Charles Hugh Smith: “The Elites’ Battle for the Future America” Even to a free-marketer, the following image must be alarming, depicting how our oligarchy has thrived.

Related to today’s disappointing jobs print…

Chicago: “90 school bus drivers who don’t want vaccines quit”

“3,000+ Pediatricians, Health Care Workers Sue Biden Over Transgender Mandate” Those hateful people! They refuse to mutilate or poison children. Only right-wingers would hold such a position.

“Baltimore lawsuit could stop mayors from empowering violent rioters and antifa” Making politicians pay, literally.

When you don’t believe in God and are desperately in need of a cause to believe in.

When you don’t believe in God and are desperately in need of a cause to believe in: “Public School Educators’ Obsessive Hatred of Israel”

Also from Front Page Magazine: “The Crisis of Gen Z” A book review of an intriguing book called “Hollowed Out”. The children he describes are scary. They are not just lazy and ignorant, but profoundly spiritually empty, automatons animated only by the craving for a drop more endorphin, granted by someone else’s up-thumb on social media. This is what brings society down. If eastern European countries are smart – and I think they are – they will find some way to limit social media exposure. Make the devices time out at one hour per day.

On the other hand…!

Protecting their borders? What are they thinking? “Poland’s president declares state of emergency in regions bordering Belarus over migration surge”

“Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa launch joint CBDC pilot” Do you see the implications? Oh, another boring economics story? No. The beginning of the end of the dollar as world reserve currency. So what? Rising interest rates in America, government default, business debt unsustainable, hyperinflation, massive layoffs… Not next week. Not next month. Gradually, and then suddenly.

That is all for this week. See you next week!

No accountability

When the totalitarian left or jihadist Islam take over your country, this activity will no longer be tolerated. Its only purpose was to subvert Western Judeo-Christianity.

Open borders: “Biden’s Agencies Bringing Afghans ‘With No Documents Whatsoever’ to U.S.”

“German State Proposes Coronavirus Lockdown for the Unvaccinated” Never before have we quarantined healthy people.

Keeping the children safe. I hope they were not driven to school in a car or bus. Safety first!

“Duke employees who do not receive COVID-19 vaccine by Oct. 1 will be terminated, ineligible for rehire” Duke is one of the biggest employers in the Research Triangle area. We’ll see what they say next year.

You know it won’t end at three.

I was hoping for a more robust result in Australia and in America. We have not yet reached the breaking point, apparently.

Canada. Language alert. Apparently the government busybodies don’t know how to take no far an answer, and they don’t know they work for us.

Chase Bank is worried that their “reputation” will suffer by having Gen. Michael Flynn as a customer. Who would know that he is their customer? I am so happy I cut ties with Chase a few years ago.

“Office Workers Are Being “Set Free” In Post-Pandemic Work-From-Home Environments” Interesting data showing increased productivity from those working at home – not what I would have expected. Apparently the biggest change was due to the elimination of commuting time, also freeing some mental energy.

Daniel Greenfield: “Impeach Biden. He committed treason. 13 Americans died. He should pay the price.” Let’s see. 10% of Americans who want to come home are abandoned by America’s government. We leave behind tens of billions of dollars of our taxpayer-funded military equipment, making al-Qaeda’s host country one of the most powerful militaries in the world. If we ever have to fight them again, we will be fighting against our own equipment. Yes, it’s treason.

Gun control under another name. “Ammo Will Likely Become Even More Expensive as Biden Admin Finds Sneaky Way to Bottleneck Supply Chain”

Mama bear lays down the law.

This is important. In case you are not good at reading graphics, Dr. Malone is showing you the gigantic difference in outcomes between African countries that use ivermectin (blue) and those that don’t (gold). Ivermectin cuts CoVID death rates to a negligible amount. The furious war against ivermectin can only imply one thing: they want you to die.

Did anything happen here? Or was this just hot air, or a sting operation?

“Truckers plan Aug. 31 protest against mandatory COVID vaccines”

“Anti-vaccine-mandate protest in the works for US truckers, drivers claim”

See you tomorrow!


My Brave browser just had too many tabs open, and I lost some of the articles I was going to share with you. I was able to recover many of them, which I will share below.

Before I do, I would like some feedback. I made a change to the blog in the last few days that affects your subscriptions, for those of you subscribing. Previously, I was sending the whole post in each e-mail. WordPress has a setting to send only an excerpt, inviting the reader to click through and read the whole article on the blog page itself.

I made this change hoping to get more views on the website itself. However, comments also seem to have gone down. I am concerned about making it easy to engage with this community. So please let me know which version you prefer if you are a subscriber. Do you need to have the whole thing in your inbox, or is an excerpt and an invitation enough to get you to stop by?

“Japanese medical association chairman told doctors last Feb. to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID” India, Japan, possibly Russia, are following Africa’s success. America is following – whatever Fausti says today.

From Children’s Health Defense: “2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine” More on this ongoing debate. “…there are several bizarre aspects to the FDA approval that will prove confusing to those not familiar with the pervasiveness of the FDA’s regulatory capture, or the depths of the agency’s cynicism… At least for the moment, the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine has no liability shield. Vials of the branded product, which say “Comirnaty” on the label, are subject to the same product liability laws as other U.S. products… The FDA appears to be purposefully tricking American citizens into giving up their right to refuse an experimental product… Ask to see the vial. If it says “Comirnaty,” it’s a licensed product. If it says “Pfizer-BioNTech,” it’s an experimental product, and under 21 U.S. Code 360bbb, you have the right to refuse.”

“Vax Mandate Religious Exemption Template For College Students” from Gab. Presented as is.

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “What Can We Learn About Covid Tyranny From Australia And Afghanistan?” “In my extensive study of psychopathy I find that, unfortunately, the primary catalyst for the exploitation and victimization of large populations of people is that many of them can’t wrap their heads around the idea of an organized conspiracy of human monsters. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of the evil right in front of them, so the evil is able to go unopposed for long stretches of time. There is ALWAYS a moment, though, when psychopaths push the wrong people too far. They just can’t help it, and this is when they find themselves on the business end of a noose or the barrel of a gun. When it comes to organizations of psychopaths, the same moment also eventually arrives, it just takes longer for the public to comes to grips with the necessity of it.”

Australia: “The Government Just Approved A Bunch Of New Cyber-Spying Powers For Police” The Australian government can look at any person’s e-mail or social media without their permission, and can even send or delete messages from those accounts, and it does not require a judge’s permission. Don’t even think for a microsecond that Democrats don’t want those exact same powers here!

New therapy: ‘“Inescapable” COVID-19 Antibody Discovery – Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains’

This appears to be an installment in a weekly series from Children’s Health Defense, analyzing VAERS data and other pandemic/injection news in more depth than I do (but without my wonderful graphs!). “COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Jump by 27,000 in One Week, FDA Pulls ‘Bait and Switch’ With Pfizer Vaccine Approval”

“Scapegoating the unvaxxed” National Review, how low you have sunk. Kevin Williamson, who loathes the deplorables since the 2016 campaign, sounds off, and gets his head handed to him.

Why So Many Americans Reject Legal Due Process in the Age of Covid” “The policy response to the covid panic of 2020 in the United States was one of the most widespread direct attacks on fundamental human rights in decades. Overnight—and without any deliberation, debate, or checks and balances—millions of Americans were denied their basic rights to seek employment, to freely assemble, and to engage in religious practices. Business and churches were closed, and countless Americans were ordered to stay in their homes and abandon their sources of income. This was all done with no legal process other than the issuance of edicts from a tiny handful of politicians, usually executives such as state governors and city mayors. Those who pressed for lockdowns and the effective confiscation of property—for that’s what a forced business closure actually is—denied that any sort of due process or “checks and balances” were necessary.”

In Canada…

“Illinois Mom Stripped of Parental Rights Over Vaccination Status”

Freedom, Liberté, Freiheit, Libertà – it’s all good!

“Philadephia Public Schools Require Disturbing Training” Critical Racism Training. Notice the web archive address – the original article was pulled.

“Stanford professor is accused of racism after claiming parents’ opposition to mask mandates is caused by their ‘whiteness'” Blacks are refusing injections at a higher rate than whites. Are they white supremacists?

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, US Marine Corps, relieved of duty – not Austin or Milley. Lieutenant colonel is an interesting rank: Oliver North, Allen West, Tony Shaffer, Matthew Lohmeier, and now Stuart Scheller. Why is it that the people with the most integrity and patriotism so often top out at lieutenant colonel? Is there some kind of rule that promotion to a higher rank requires sacrificing your soul?

The sequel. His retirement won’t last long.

Can this really be true? “Biden Administration Actively BLOCKING the Private Extractions Of Americans By Private Operators” State Dept. telling other countries not to allow landing or re-fueling for these patriots trying to save American lives?

However: “Joe Biden Flies 14,000 Afghans into Dulles, Virginia, in 12 Days” Rescuing Afghans, not Americans.

DULLES, VIRGINIA - AUGUST 27: Refugees arrive at Dulles International Airport after being evacuated from Kabul following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan August 27, 2021 in Dulles, Virginia. Refugees continued to arrive in the United States one day after twin suicide bombings at the gates of the airport in Kabul …

“State Department No Longer Allowing American Citizens to Enter Kabul Airport”

I know this is day-old news. I want to build more documentation for the trials: the worldwide trials for treason, and the worldwide trials for crimes against humanity.

See you tomorrow!