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Are 40% of millennials really LGBTQ?

I haven’t used the tag “Suicide of the West” for a while, but this item certainly requires it. “Why Nearly 40 Percent of Gen Z Identify as LGBTQ

Private Schools Nation-Wide Pushing ‘Queer Inclusive’ Curriculum, Trans Ideology Starting in Pre-K” Pre-kindergarten? These people are sick.

Morgan Stanley Criticized for Internship That is Only Available to Gay or Non-White Applicants” Surely this is illegal…?

‘Woke Psychodrama’ Weakens the West: UK Conservative Party Chairman” And that is the purpose!

Open “Anti-White Racism at NYU Law

Was a Woman Murdered Because Critical Race Theory Taught Her She Was a Racist?

Steve Kirsch: “Cary Watkins confirms embalmer Richard Hirschman’s story about the telltale blood clots” Kirsch has been doing excellent work.

Judge denies emergency order for NYC hospital to give ivermectin to COVID patient” They really want you dead.

Disagreeing with the government is tantamount to terrorism, say the dictators.

Canadian doctor pleads for help from his colleagues.

Dr. Jordan Peterson on Justin Castreau.

Everyone who disagrees with him is a Nazi!

Trudeau Mum on When Emergency Measures Will Be Debated” He just decided to seize power because muh emergency. Parliament is suspended until further notice, as far as I am aware. Dems would love to do that here in America, and will, given the chance.

Was there just a bank run in Canada? Could it come to America?

Doxxed Freedom Convoy Donor Forced to Close Her Restaurant After Threats” They really want you dead.

Freedom Week has been declared from Monday February 21 to Sunday February 27. Some of the people in the video below are now in jail in Canada. Looking at the January 6 political prisoners example, it will be a long time until they see freedom again.

Is the Canadian Government Starting a Civil War?” “Trudeau to protesters: If you don’t let our government make your health decisions, we’re willing to shoot you.”

Tucker says there is an appetite for an Ottawa-style crackdown in America.

Americans on the Canadian convoy.

Could there be an American truckers’ convoy? Should there be?

It’s not enough for them to wear their masks. They demand everyone else do the same.

Here is what school board members think of their employers (you).

Project Veritas: “FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’

Part 2: “FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies: ‘Almost a Billion Dollars a Year Going into FDA’s Budget from the People we Regulate’

A liberal doctor writes: “How the CDC Abandoned Science

Instant karma.

Ban Employer Vaccine Mandates” Now we are making some progress. At least one conservative has floated the idea.

Dr. Yan issues a warning: “Whistleblower Exposes CCP’s Plan to Release Hemorrhagic Fever and Rule the World Through Biosecurity

There Was No Exit Plan from “Slow the Spread”” That was the point. ‘We started out with “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”’ Now it is two years, or more, to flatten your freedom.

They really want you dead.

John Whitehead: “The Mind Control Police: The Government’s War on Thought Crimes and Truth-Tellers

Call for Investigation Into Increase in Deaths in Young Males in UK

Cover-Up: 17-year-old Dead from Pfizer Shot, Board of Health Suppresses Father’s Testimony” They really want you dead.

RED ALERT: “Insurance Companies Increase U.S. Mortality Expectations by 300,000 Due to Covid and “INDIRECT Covid,” aka The Jabs

7K U.S. Doctors Sidelined Every Year by Foreigners Winning Taxpayer-Funded Residencies

Mother of January 6th Political Prisoner Whose Son Faces 20 Years for Reporting Inside US Capitol Publishes Must-Read List of Facts

Emerald Robinson – I think she’s right: “What Is Durham Really Doing?” “He’s going too slowly and charging the Russia Hoaxers too lightly to be taken seriously.”

Democrat Internal Polling Reveals Republicans Winning Big in Culture War” And what will Republicans do with a majority once they win? Tax cuts!


The following graph shows percentage change in the prices of gold (yellow) and Bitcoin (green) since late 2017, indicating Bitcoin’s substantial volatility.

Funny headline: “Fidelity enters crypto space with Europe’s cheapest physical bitcoin ETP” Physical Bitcoin?

No Internet, No Problem: How to Send Bitcoin by Amateur Radio” If you have a license.

IF RUSSIA INVITES BITCOIN ADOPTION, THE GLOBAL ARMS RACE WILL BEGIN” I’m not sure this is realistic. Russia is not enthusiastic about crypto-currency, but is willing to use it for survival.

Bitcoin Protects Privacy and Fights Oppression

Hat tip, anonymous reader: “The IRS has seized $1.2 billion worth of cryptocurrency this fiscal year – here’s what happens to it

Uh-oh: “Canadian police block over 30 crypto wallets associated with the ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers

German Central Bank Doesn’t Rule Out Gold Revaluation” – in order to get debt relief. If so, watch the price of gold jump.

Here is another interesting graph: the Buffett indicator. This is total stock market capitalization divided by GDP: in this case, US. This indicator is not at an all time record high, which was achieved in the days after World War 2, I think. Nevertheless, it is abnormally high for our generation, implying a correction or bear market.

Michael Snyder: “5 New Numbers That Prove That America’s Horrifying Inflation Crisis Is Getting Even Worse

Mises – interesting: “The New Antieconomics” “Economics is about human action and choice within the context of scarcity. The problem facing economists is how to understand and explain human betterment, which is another way of saying production. The critical question, posed correctly by economist Per Bylund, starts with scarcity as the default point for understanding purposive human behavior. Antieconomics, by contrast, starts with abundance and works backward. It emphasizes redistribution, not production, as its central focus. At the heart of any antieconomics is a positivist worldview, the assumption that individuals and economies can be commanded by legislative fiat.”

Three Revolutionary Cycles” “Three different cycles are all converging right now. One is what I call PSC, which is political, social and cultural. This is a political cycle, which is part of human nature. Then we have technological cycles and revolutions. Finally we have financial cycles and revolutions.

‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ Staff and Anti-Israel Bias” Jews need to wake up.

Top importance, if true: “Is there new evidence of Jewish Temple treasures in the Vatican?

Rabbi Chananya Weissman: “‘Managing’ The World’s Population” No, I don’t agree that the earth can support a population of 800 billion people, as I make clear in my comment, but I explain there why it won’t matter.

See you soon!

“How fanatics took over the world”; “Is Western Civ on the way out?”

How Fanatics Took Over the World” The policy response to CoVID apparently stretches back to the Bush 43 administration, as an indirect consequence of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I was surprised to read that.

Drs. Bhakdi and Burkhardt: “On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination” Autopsies provide the evidence.

Dr. Bhakdi: “ORGANS OF DEAD VACCINATED PROVES AUTO IMMUNE ATTACK” 16.5 minutes. Autoimmune attacks on heart, lungs, liver, and so on.

Steve Kirsch: “Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine” “If the autopsy findings are confirmed by other pathologists with additional samples, and if they are combined with the findings of Dr. Hoffe (>60% inoculant recipients have elevated D-dimer tests and evidence of clotting) and Dr. Cole (increase in cancers after inoculation, including twenty-fold increase in uterine cancer), we are seeing a disaster of unimaginable proportions.  The conclusion (if supported by further data) is that essentially EVERY inoculant recipient suffers damage, with more damage after each shot.  Given the seriousness of the types of damage (autoimmune diseases, cancer, re-emergent dormant infections, clotting/strokes, cardiac damage, etc.), these effects will translate into lifespan reduction, which should be counted as deaths from the inoculations.  So, in the USA, where ~200M people have been fully inoculated, the number of deaths will not be the 10,000 or so reported in VAERS, or the 150,000+ scaled-up deaths from VAERS, but could be closer to tens of millions when the inoculation effects play out!

Is N- Acetylcysteine (NAC) Effective Against COVID-19?” 14 minutes.

Was Canadian doctor Mel Bruchet kidnapped – and allegedly forcibly hospitalized and given psychoactive medications – for opposing injection mandates?

Dr Mel Bruchet Imprisoned Psych Ward Hope Centre Dec 21, 2021

Germany rising: “Thousands Protest in Germany Ahead of COVID-19 Measures Set to Go Into Effect Tuesday

Fauci Admits Mandates Are ‘Just a Mechanism’ To Get More People Vaccinated” Imagine my surprise…

Reality is impinging upon the Democrats’ carefully constructed COVID tyranny

Steve Kirsch: “Estimated 1 in 95 boys diagnosed with myocarditis in a California private school” Over 1%.

Steve Kirsch: “What really happened at Simpsonwood and why it matters today” How the CDC hid information showing a connection between mercury in vaccines and autism. It isn’t about mercury leaving your blood. It’s about mercury entering your organs.

UK Expert Warns Against Overinterpreting COVID-19 Data

VA Nurse Comes Forward, “By Complying With The COVID-19 Guidelines I Would Be Participating In Terrorism”” Brave man.

Omicron Origin: How Is This Not Being Discussed?” “First known Omicron cases discovered in Botswana were found in “foreign nationals on a diplomatic mission.”” I wonder which country they came from…

Multiple studies show Omicron COVID variant is far milder than Delta

COVID-19 Will Become ‘Just Another Cause of Common Cold’: UK Professor

Covid With Omicron Isn’t ‘Same Disease,’ Oxford Scientist Says

Dr. Jessica Rose – clever! “Omicron is a live-attenuated viral vaccine

Now that is a shock: “Flu is making a comeback in US after an unusual year off

NY Gov DROPS Covid Vax Requirement for Transportation Workers Citing Crew Shortages

Hospitals Beg Fired Unvaccinated Nurses To Come Back to Work Amid Staff Shortages” Isn’t that interesting? Don’t let yourselves be treated as second class citizens!

Rand Paul interviewed by his father: “Thousands Dying Every Month Because Of Fauci’s Obsession With Pushing Vaccines

AIER: “A Perfect Storm of Incentives” – mass psychosis, bad forecasts, …

CDC Admits that the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of an Inappropriate Test” Finally admitting the truth about the PCR test.

A Covid Vaccine for Pro-Lifers” I am not recommending anything, just informing you that there is a new alternative, Novavax, that is not mRNA technology. I still don’t want to be injected with spike proteins, but it least it won’t program your cells to become spike protein factories. I will stick with therapeutics for the time being.

You have to be able to ask questions.

Democrats cannot tolerate dissent.

Matt Taibbi: “The Democrats’ Education Lunacies Will Bring Back Trump” Not literally, but the Dems are terrified of letting the people govern themselves.

Just What is Education For?” “The dirty little secret of education — since Aristotle — is that it is all about the ruling class indoctrinating the kiddies in the wonderfulnesss of the ruling class. And giving jobs to its loyal teacher servitors.” OK, Tom, you can run with this one!

BuzzFeed: ‘Deplatform White Parents’” A winning political platform for the left: insult 2/3 of the electorate!

Only 18% of US households are families with married parents; down from 40% in 1970” This is just devastating.

Consider the source: “Kim Jong Un Attends Ivy League University To Learn New Brainwashing Techniques

Darius Sessoms indicted for first-degree murder in the 2020 killing of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant” Why did it take so long?

GOP Finally Moves to Brutally Punish Cities, States That Allow Noncitizens to Vote” How brave! Especially when they are in the minority and there is no way this could pass.

Are you surprised to see this on “Cultural Superiority Isn’t Racism: Why Western Values Underpin the World’s Best Countries” Great essay!

David Solway: “Is Western Civ on the Way Out?” “When a civilization decides it wants to destroy itself, it seems there is no stopping it. As Toynbee wisely said, civilizations do not die of murder but of suicide. It is in its way a perversely exhilarating spectacle: not many get to see in their lifetime a civilization coming to pieces before their very eyes, like a star going supernova. But it is also, and principally, a tragic spectacle, for this is the detritus we leave our children… If Benn and Spengler are right, and the Books of Revelation and Daniel are indeed prophetic, there is no saving a civilization that has surrendered its informing principles of intellectual vitality and belief in itself and that has lost the will to survive. Surely, if our knowledge of history—of who we are—and the inclination toward reason remain incomplete or defective, we can only expect to suffer what we have imprudently attempted to remake. Any hope of at least deferring the inevitable resides in the efforts of a brave and enlightened cultural residue, currently under prolonged and unappeasable attack by the befuddled heirs of a sustaining yet despised civilization.”

With respect to Solway’s essay – I have spent a lifetime living and working with the left, from my nuclear family to my colleagues in academia. I have to say, more in sorrow than in anger, that the left are horribly mentally ill. The problem is that our polity is built around the principle that the mentally ill have just as much say in governing it as do mentally healthy people. We are inclined to indulge their illness rather than put up a fight. We should not have to tolerate it. We need a new form of political structure that marginalizes the mentally ill. I have some ideas, which are probably workable only in New America. The current form of America will drag healthy people down in a sea of mental illness. We will not cure our problems even with a Republican wave in 2022 and Trump back in the White House. We need to separate.

Food for thought: “Are Religion and Science in Conflict? — Science and God” Wonderful video, 5.5 minutes. I thought he got this one just right. You can have it all.

I cannot refute the claim that government are the terrorists.


China’s disastrous one-child policy is finally starting to kick in” “A wounded or dying animal can be more dangerous than one enjoying vigorous good health.”

China hoards over half the world’s grain, pushing up global prices” This affects the rest of the world too, through much higher food prices.

Here’s How the Energy Crisis Turns Into Hunger and Then… War?” “…CO2 is currently the devil. The problem of course is that with no natural gas there is no urea, and with no urea there is no fertilizer. And with no fertilizer… well, we will eat each other.”

Peter Schiff: “Inflation Is Eating Up Your Paycheck: Real Incomes Fall for Fourth Straight Month

More on inflation.

HOW BITCOIN WILL CONQUER THE WORLD” This is an interesting perspective. I have some qualms.

One of my qualms with cryptocurrency is its hypervolatility. The graph below depicts weekly percentage price changes in gold and in bitcoin, from January 2017 through December 2021. Can you spot the difference? The measure we usually use for variability, called the standard deviation, is 6 times higher for bitcoin than it is for gold. The major functions of money are: 1) a medium of exchange; 2) a unit of accounting; 3) a store of value. Bitcoin, the most stable of the cryptocurrencies, certainly fails that last test.

Hat tip Nitzakhon: “6 Items To Stockpile For The Upcoming US Blackout” This is beginner level, so it may be good to share with friends who are beginning their journey of preparedness.

See you soon!

I talked to a man today; protect your children

Have any of you seen this essay from the first half of 2020? It is new to me. “I talked to a man today” starts like this.

“I talked with a man today, an 80+ year old man. I asked him if there was anything I can get him while this Corona virus scare was gripping America.

He simply smiled, looked away and said:

“Let me tell you what I need! [pause] I need to believe, at some point, this country my generation fought for [pause] I need to believe this nation we handed safely to our children and their children [pause]… I need to know this generation will quit being a bunch of sissies… that they respect what they’ve been given… that they’ve earned what others sacrificed for.””

This essay is probably a composite of the author’s experiences with several people, but it is moving nonetheless.

Critical for anyone with children or grandchildren, from Dr. Robert Malone: “COVID Shots May Permanently Damage Brain, Heart, Reproductive System, Immunity” 4 minutes.

Here is Dr. Malone’s previous warning for parents and grandparents: “Before You Inject Your Child! All Parents Need To Hear This! HALF A MILLION VIEWS” 4.5 minutes.

Were they ignorant or lying?

5 minute talk with a pharmacist in a 3 tweet thread. He is amazed to find the patient insert is blank.

COVID Government Advisers Finally Face Accusations of ‘Fearmongering’

Speaking of fearmongering…

The truth comes out.

Steve Kirsch: “Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

Questions are arising around the world. “Columbia study: True U.S. COVID vaccine death count is 400,000” They estimate the underreporting ratio at about 20:1.

UK: Being Vaccinated DOUBLES the Risk of Getting Omicron” Oops.

Denmark: Vaccine a DANGER to the vaxxed” Oops.

Daniel Horowitz Discusses ‘Persecution Of The Unvaccinated’” Not David! 13 minutes. He features the matter of the paramedics refusing to treat a man dying of a heart attack.

Steve Kirsch: “New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently” “The vaccines are making it more likely you’ll be infected with Omicron 90 days after you are fully vaccinated. To keep vaccine effectiveness high against omicron, vaccination every 30 days is needed… This paper means we will need to inject people every 30 days if we want to “protect” them. Based on the harm that the vaccines do to our immune system, it’s likely that the needed interval will shorten with each booster. If people don’t get boosted as required, they will be MORE vulnerable to Delta and Omicron than if they weren’t vaccinated. That’s what NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy means. It doesn’t mean the protection wears off (like we were told). It means the OPPOSITE of what you were told: it means the vaccines helps the virus to infect you (by suppressing your immune system, probably permanently each time we are injected according to Dr. Ryan Cole). It means we were lied to.”

When anti-S(pike) antibodies against Omicron can no longer sustain the narrative, why not resort to T cells?” This is for medical experts by Dr. Geert VanDen Bossche.

Alex Berenson: “A NY Times editor has died of a heart attack at 49, 1 day after receiving a Moderna booster shot” At least he will never get CoVID now.

Australian politicians hear directly from Dr. Geert VanDen Bossche, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko. Dr. Zelenko says: do not believe a word I say. Go out, do your own research, and do not put blind trust in any authority figure. Psalms 146:3.

Steve Kirsch: “WHO approves Novavax and COVAXIN” Still not a great option. Now you are injecting spike proteins directly.

Emerald Robinson: “Why Twitter Banned Me” You can no longer quote government agencies, apparently.

Steve Kirsch: “LinkedIn has banned me for life for making 3 truthful comments

‘Pandemania’ And The Psychology Of Fear” I think “Pandemania” is the title of Alex Berenson’s new book. Anyway, fantastic essay. “Some, guided by their dear leaders, even go so far as to chastise those who may dare to question the mandates and edicts. They hurl insults, attack the questioners’ humanity by claiming they are the cause of the ills, shun them from participating in basic daily activities in a theatrical display of morally superior citizenship, and even publicly shame them.”

Speaking of pandemania…

The Chickens of the Collective Psychosis of COVID Hysteria Come Home to Roost” “For years, fear-mongering from the government and national media has pushed people to detach themselves from reality when it comes to assessing risk profiles regarding the coronavirus. That’s now playing out in the form of completely asymptomatic individuals rushing to jam up emergency rooms…”

Hat tip Nitzakhon – possible bubonic plague in China: “A Total of 2,657 Reported Cases and 14 Deaths Due to Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome

Critical Race Theory Would Have Destroyed My Family” “My grandfather’s parents immigrated from Sweden, and my grandmother’s parents immigrated from Lithuania.  At Christmas, there were Whites, and Blacks, and Asians in the same house, as part of the same family.  There were blue-collar workers and white-collar workers.  Some were making minimum wage, and some had their own businesses.  We were musicians and accountants and models and artists and veterans and entrepreneurs and everything in between.  We were all different, yet we were all the same.”

In the old days, these teachers would have been dismissed as perverts. Now, we dare not utter the word.

Rep. Ralph Norman: Biden Administration ‘at War with All Faith-Based Agencies’” Why am I not surprised?

5 things the campus left decided was racist in 2021

Kitchen Tables Issues Rule the Day” “There is a real fear that things will never return to the way they used to be just a few years ago. Enough Leftist voters are scared to death about how this affects their own lives that they are actually voting against historical form and closing their eyes as they pull the R lever, as evidenced by Virginia and New Jersey.”

Putin Demands That the West Surrender Quickly

What Do We Do with the FBI Now?” “There are only two options: rehabilitate the FBI, or eliminate it.”

Emerald Robinson: “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Last Phone Call” Directed, perhaps, to a member of the US intelligence community?

Here There Be Monsters” Electoral fraud, 1/6, CoVID, injections, censorship, CRT, climate…

Marc Elias wants to use the 14th Amendment to expel Republican congressmen.

‘Biden seems confused’: CNN questions president’s cognitive health and points out he mixed up COVID-19 tests with antiviral pills in his ABC interview” Let’s use the 25th Amendment on Joe. Who should Kamala name as a vice-president? H-i-l-l-a-r-y…

Evidence? “Kamala Harris turns to Hillary Clinton for advice ahead of 2024

NASA ‘looks to the heavens’ for help: Agency enlisted 24 theologians to assess how the world would react to the discovery of alien life on distant planets and how it might change our perception of gods and creation” Do they have some news they ought to share? Also, I don’t believe in “gods”…!

See you soon!

Oh my cron!

Very serious – this attempted legal democide is back on track: “Federal appeals court reinstates Biden administration’s business vaccine and testing mandate” So it will have to go to SCOTUS, since the 5th and 6th Circuits disagree. We can count on Barrett and Kavanaugh siding with the left on this; they have already shown their hand on similar cases. If that is the case, that may give a big shot in the arm for secession.

More discussion: “Appeals Court Allows Biden Admin’s Private Business COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate to Take Effect

Dr. Robert Malone: “16,000 Physicians and Scientists Agree Kids Shouldn’t Get COVID Vaccine” This is not merely a life-ending decision, but potentially a species-ending decision. Whatever you decide for yourself, do not let your minor children or young adults get this! If they insist, tell them they may get the injections only after they themselves have had children.

Great overview of the big picture: “The geographies of the Pharma genocide” “This is the first self-inflicted genocide in human history… This is the first simultaneous global genocide…” and on. Nice treatment of the psychology – mass formation psychosis (think of what happened in Germany in the 1930s) – and how we fight it. A top commenter explained that her family rushed to take multiple injections despite her warnings, she being a Ph.D. in immunology! They called her crazy! Does that sound familiar? Now, with some adverse events happening, they are slowly beginning to be interested in what she has to say.

Dr. Judy Mikovits: “ANTIDOTE FOR VACCINE TOXIN AND WARNS AGAINST DANGEROUS FAKE ONE” Video and partial transcript. Mrs. Surak disputes Dr. Mikovits’s recommendation against masks, which she says have been used successfully in east Asia for decades to reduce morbidity and mortality in epidemics.

Dr. David Martin: “‘THE GREAT RESET AND COVID19 VACCINES’ AGENDA” Video and partial transcript. “1). There is no SARS-CoV-2. There is a bioweapon, that in 1999 was paid for by Anthony Fauci, was patented by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2002. It was the Recombinant Coronavirus that was actually the bioweapon created by NIAID for this very moment. That bioweapon was an infectious replication-defective clone of coronavirus. He says, “This bioweapon was engineered to destroy humanity. And if we started talking about a bioweapon and not a vaccine or a virus, we’d get a lot of progress.” 2). There is no COVID-19. There is influenza-like illness. When the World Health Organization invented the notion of COVID-19, it was the first disease in human history to have no clinical diagnostics. It was diagnosed by committee and symptom – and then they made up the term “asymptomatic carrier”, which does not exist. 3). There is no vaccine. There’s a bioweapon that’s being injected, which was engineered to generate tons of money for Big Pharma.”

CDC Confirms 80% of COVID-19 Cases Caused by Omicron Variant in the US are Fully Vaccinated Individuals – And 33% Had Booster Shots!

Steve Kirsch: “Latest VAERS estimate: 388,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines” He argues for an underreporting factor of 20 to 1. He may be right, but one commenter says Dr. McCullough believes the underreporting factor is 5 to 1, implying about 100,000 CoVID injection deaths. I think I can justify an underreporting factor of 4 to 1, implying about 80,000 deaths. Needless to say, even if the VAERS reports were not underreported at all, 20,000 deaths would still be far too much.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: “The Scheming of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci

Good luck with that: “Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in complaint to International court

Dr. Peter Navarro to the rescue: “Peter Navarro is Anthony Fauci’s worst nightmare” A book review of “In Trump Time”.

CDC just warned that 15,000 Americans will die EACH WEEK by Christmas; but it’s actually VACCINE DEATHS that are accelerating just as independent doctors told us all along

Mom Double-Jabbed in 3rd Trimester Gives Birth To Baby Who Died After Suffering Heart Failure, Blood Clots” At least the baby never caught CoVID.

Two Anderson High School students die in one week, district cancels final exams” At least they never caught CoVID.

Why are so many people going Blind after getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?” Eye strokes. That is new to me.

California medics refuse to enter care center to help man in cardiac arrest due to ‘some COVID-19 law’” Why take the job if you won’t do it? Now the man is dead. Heroes? Pfft.

This should do wonders for military readiness: “Navy begins kicking out 5,731 active-duty sailors as Army prepares to ax 3,800 soldiers for refusing to get the COVID vaccine after Air Force became first US military branch to fire 27 service members for rejecting the jab

Ontario top doctor’s holiday advice: ‘Avoid social contact with anyone older, even with two doses’” It’s almost like a game: “Let’s see how far we can push them before they rebel!”

Ex-Pro Calls For Investigation Into Footballers Suffering Heart Problems” It’s sad. He feels the need to urgently assure the audience that he is not “anti-vax”, God forbid! It’s just that he’s concerned about his mates.

South Africa: Only 1.7% Hospitalised From Omicron” Hey, you! Didn’t you get the memo? You can’t let up on the panic now!

‘Follow the Science’ a Potent Source of Authority for Politicians” Listen to me: THE science (meaning following authority) is the exact opposite of science. Great essay for your obedient acquaintance.

This time, it’s different! “Horowitz: Science mag that warned about danger of leaky vaccines in 2018 posts false editor’s note to cover for COVID shots” A “leaky” vaccine is a vaccine that is not nearly 100% effective. This is dangerous because it allows for immune escape. The magazine stated this in 2018, but walked it back for CoVID injections. So phony!

Who isn’t getting infected?” Good question. A look around the world. “Let’s look at Gibraltar.  One hundred percent of the adults have been vaccinated since March, and many of them have had boosters.  Yet in mid-November, they had a serious outbreak that caused them to cancel public events and Christmas celebrations.  Ditto Ireland and Singapore, where there were similar problems despite very high inoculation rates.”

A little good news.

Growing Number of Companies and Organizations Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements” Maybe wishful thinking. There is such a retreat by employers with a high percentage of black employees; they are a substantial fraction of the refuseniks. Other employers appear eager to comply, however.

Typical leftist projection: “Donald Trump deliberately undermined the COVID response to focus on the election, blocked CDC briefings, didn’t want people to wear masks and ignored advice so Americans could go back to church and sing in choirs, Congress report states” The left blocked effective therapeutics and killed 600,000 people so far.

Dr. Ben Carson: “Pandemic Could Be Solved Quickly If Politics Thrown Out” This man is calm, brilliant, and believes in God. Why on earth did Trump ask him to be Housing Secretary rather than Surgeon General? Can you imagine how history would have been different?

What on earth? “Biden Administration Offers Bonuses to Doctors Who Implement ‘Anti-Racism Plans’ New Medicare rules also reward ‘trauma-informed care'” I heard about “trauma-informed curricula” at school. The idea is to sensitize you to the suffering certain individuals got transmitted to them through their genes. A black student who grew up in a wealthy family is presumed “traumatized” because his or her great-great-great-… was a slave. Well, open up the book of Exodus. I too am the descendant of slaves. So what? My wife was born and grew up in the midst of what might have been history’s biggest famine. So what? The laws of the STEM disciplines work the exact same way for every individual, and that is how we could succeed. This is just another step in the infantilization of Western society.

Matt Taibbi: “A Culture War in Four Acts: Loudoun County, Virginia. Part Two: “The Incident.”” The race obsession of the schools.

America’s ‘White Supremacy’ Is A Myth – Here’s Proof” By an Asian woman.

Harvard Won’t Require SAT or ACT for 5 More Years” That way, they can focus on what really matters, which is skin color. Right?

Lutheran church offers drag queen prayer time to children” I am confident that Martin Luther never planned on this. This was the pastor!

Parents Erupt at California School Board Meeting Over Alleged ‘Coaching’ of Students Into LGBTQ Club” They forgot who is paying their salaries.

Get woke, go broke – it has a whole new meaning.

Jesse Kelly, with Tucker, on the dangerous consequences of a woke military.

‘Squad’ member Rep. Pressley claims student debt is ‘violence’” It is not violence, however, to use the coercive power of the federal government to extort taxes from a poor Hispanic or black single parent janitor supporting kids to pay that money to a rich white girl with dreams of a degree in gender studies. Do you see the problem, Rep. Pressley?

Despite a blackout by the establishment media, “Mark Levin crushes cancel culture, American Marxism No. 1 of all books” If he isn’t number one right now, that’s OK, because his place was taken by RFK Jr.’s book on Fausti.

James Rickards: “The Great Supply Chain Collapse” Great explanation of the fantastic complexity of the supply chain. “The bottom line is if supply chains are breaking down, the economy is breaking down. If the economy breaks down, the breakdown of social order is not far behind. And the costs of social disorder are far higher than any possible savings from supposedly efficient supply chains.” My comment appears at the bottom. I teach my students “…you can have globalization, or you can have just-in-time inventory, but you better darn well not have both.”

Bitcoin ‘may not last that much longer,’ academic warns” It’s worth some thought. However, I am cynical about advice from CNBC or Marketwatch. I always have this sneaking suspicion that they want me to sell what they want to buy, or they want me to buy what they want to sell. I have this ornery suspicion that I should do the opposite of what they suggest.

Trump evokes antisemitic tropes, says Jewish Americans ‘don’t like Israel’” How is that last statement anti-Semitic? Isn’t it accurate for the majority? Orthodox Jews and Zionists understand where he is coming from. There is supposed to be a kind of gentleman’s agreement that one doesn’t discuss such things; one pretends that the support for Israel is bipartisan, to reassure leftist Jews that they may safely continue to support the Dems.

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A leader to save the West?

Eric (accent acute on the E) Zemmour is running for president of France. He almost makes Donald Trump look like AOC. Zemmour proudly identifies the glories of French culture, and demands that immigrants assimilate to that culture. His speech was so good, I went through it three times. If you have time for only one pass, watch the original in French with English subtitles. The visuals of the glories of traditional France and the agonies of modern France are arresting, and could be translated to any Western country that has lost its self-confidence. Click through and watch on YT: 10 minutes. Éric Zemmour: “I am a candidate for the presidential election”

An American read an English translation of Zemmour’s speech: 12 minutes.

This Twitter thread provides a transcription of the English translation of Zemmour’s speech. Quite a stemwinder! Melancholy readers asked if an American politician might make a similar statement on behalf of our nation.

Supply chain issues impacting pharmacies” Among the 111 drugs the FDA has found in shortage are heart medications, cancer medications, and antibiotics.

You can read the FDA list at the link below. “FDA Drug Shortages

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Chinese virologist who escaped to America: “‘Chinese agents tried to kill me with two poisoned fried eggs after I tried to expose truth about Covid,’ says scientist

In Montana, they really want you dead. “Hospitals Refused to Give Patients Ivermectin. Lockdowns and Political Pressure Followed.” This article was published on a Kaiser Foundation website. Kaiser is one of the big “healthcare” conglomerates in the western US.

The question is getting asked more around the world: “Could Omicron variant end the Covid crisis?

ER Doctor: Omicron May Provide Natural Immunity With Mild Symptoms

Data Scientist [Dr. Jessica Rose] Tells RFK, Jr.: ‘VAERS Is Telling a Very Frightening Story’” She co-authored a paper with Dr. Peter McCullough estimating the under-reporting ratio between 30 and 40 to 1; that is, there are 30-40 times as many as adverse events as they are telling us. Maybe. I tend to think it may be around 4 to 1.

Alex Berenson: “FDA demanded Youtube censor video the agency didn’t like


More Than 40,000 March in Vienna Against Coronavirus Lockdown

Major Federal Lawsuit Filed by Employees Against Bristol Myers Squibb” BMS asked the employees seeking religious exemptions if they smoked or drank. Why is that an issue? Where in the Bible does it say that smoking and drinking are forbidden? This persecution is very old, is it not?

At least he didn’t get CoVID! “5-Year-Old Died 4 Days After Pfizer Shot, CDC VAERS Data Show

It’s ‘Game Over’ for the CDC If These Death Rates Hold True” Not effective for the elderly.

‘People in Their Twenties Have 7 Times Higher Risk of Death After Vaccination Than From COVID’

Insane. They are literally changing the definitions of words to suit political whim.

Neil Oliver is starting to become a necessity for figuring out this crazy world. “Governments amount to hundreds, we amount to millions – they are few and we are many” 10 minutes.

Sorry, I can’t resist. The tune is very familiar. Watch out, you may start singing yourself! 3 minutes.

College Football Coach Allegedly Fired for Removing BLM Poster Sues Former Bosses” The poor man believed that all lives matter.

Words of foolishness from the Temple University student who was recently murdered. His heartless response to a descendant of Soviet persecution is telling.

This is far from over. “Half of U.S. States Push Back Against National School Board Letter Suggesting Parents Are Terrorists” Look at the embedded map.


Look what the Greek police did to this poor old priest who dared to confront the Pope.


The Census Bureau released appalling information about the American family” Readers should not be surprised that cultural marxism has had tangible effects.

Did the DOJ just admit that Trump did not incite “insurrection” on 1/6?

Another website described him as a Manchurian candidate. “Republican Senate candidate Dr. Oz supports transgender surgeries for kids, occult practices” No thanks!

Russia is Planning a Military Offensive Against Ukraine in Early 2022” Only Putin knows if this is true. Sadly, this would be a great time for America’s enemies to act against her.

US intelligence says Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine early next year with up to 175,000 troops

China’s mysterious hypersonic nuclear weapon ‘can stay in orbit for extended period of time,’ general warns” America could use a warp-speed project on hypersonic missiles, not injections.

Lloyd Austin says increased China activity near Taiwan ‘looks like rehearsal’” Are the US armed forces still in stand-down mode? And how are we doing on sex-reassignment surgery?

Mises: “Poland’s Beef with the EU Shows the Dangers of Political Centralization” In America as well as Europe.

Inflation for thee, not for me: “Exxon plans below-inflation U.S. pay raises despite banner year

What is going on? “Signs Of A Massachusetts Cream Cheese Shortage Loom

Snow in Hawaii. Totally normal. It’s “global warming” in action!

Princeton physicist Dr. Will Happer: ‘Is climate change a problem? The answer is NO, it’s not a problem at all & co2 is not a problem at all’

Robots are now able to replicate. What does this mean for humanity?” Time for the Butlerian jihad!

Kosher food becomes a BDS flashpoint on a Toronto college campus

Fascinating stories from a member of the Nazarene church. Wolfie, this one’s for you! “Finding Purpose in Life” “The inner peace we seek does not come from knowledge; it comes from knowing our Creator and abiding in His will.  Prayer is a tool to seek His wisdom, but He also provided the Holy Spirit to guide our thoughts.  The path to inner peace is many times found by not forcing activities, but being aware of the surroundings and opportunities afforded to us by God.  The opportunities can be easily missed due to the far sighted nature of our lives.”

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Mass formation psychosis

I would like to thank Chuck for two great videos in a recent comment (delayed by comment screening software). One showed a poised doctor under savage attack by the community she is trying to save; “Houston Methodist doctor who resigned following suspension over controversial COVID-19 tweets“. (Controversial = thinks for herself.) Just click through and watch on YT. 23 minutes.

The other 13-minute video is very thought-provoking. It is Dr. Robert Malone speaking about mass formation psychosis, a concept he learned from the Belgian psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet. Dr. Malone is optimistic that we can find a way out of this, by forming small communities who can trust one another. I fear that there will be attempts at state-run violence, where 2nd Amendment supporters’ true commitment will finally be tested. “Billions Of People Are Affected By This & They Don’t Realize It

Dr. Malone was approached quietly by an MD, who said that many of her family members were MDs as well, but they absolutely refuse to look at peer-reviewed research in respectable journals. These doctors won’t look at data. They have lost their minds. Others express similar experiences in the comments section of the YT page.

Here are more articles about this topic. Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Mass Psychosis — How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill” One crucial step is menticide: the killing of the mind.

An interview with Dr. Desmet: “Mass Formation (Psychosis) and the Coronavirus Narrative

Interviews with Dr. Malone and with Dr. Desmet: “Mass Psychosis Formation Leads to Totalitarian State

MUST WATCH, MUST SHARE: “DR. ANDREAS NOACK RELEASED THIS VIDEO AND DIED/KILLED SHORTLY AFTER.” Dr. Noack was a carbon chemist. He describes the chemical structure of graphene oxide. Essentially, it is a molecular razor blade, one atom thick. It stays in the body and it is not biodegradable. Those who are injected with the CoVID shot are filled with enormous numbers of microscopic razor blades cutting their bodies apart from the inside. This is one of the most evil things I have heard of.

A RINO governor: “Doug Ducey Executive Order Sends Patients’ Home Addresses And Phone Numbers To State Government and CDC And Builds Creepy Public Database

Are the elites losing control of the narrative? “Fully vaccinated Dana White contracts COVID-19, takes same treatment as Joe Rogan, ‘feeling like a million bucks’ in less than 24 hours” How much hatred can the left express against fully-recovered patients before their grip over everyone’s mind vanishes?

Fighting back.

Sick. “Nevada Becomes First State to Impose Surcharge on Unvaccinated Workers

Triple-jabbed: “Fully vaccinated Israeli doctor with Omicron appears to pass bug on — to one person” It’s the end of the world!

Could seaweed stop coronavirus from infecting human cells?” Mrs. Surak wonders if this substance, “ulvan”, is the same as carrageenan.

Vietnam: “120 children hospitalized, province suspends Pfizer vaccine batch” The headline fails to mention that three children died. I doubt they had 3 child deaths from CoVID in all of Vietnam.

Some US Colleges Start Requiring Vaccine Boosters for Students, Staff” Just what I would expect – the nascent totalitarians.

The case for compulsory vaccinations is dead…Omicron just killed it” A repeat of this point: as viruses evolve, they become more contagious and less lethal. Omicron appears similar to the common cold.

RFK Jr.: “Fauci should be ‘criminally prosecuted,’ investigated alongside Bill Gates

UK: “Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths since August according to latest Official Data” So what does the “vaccine” accomplish?

Hat tip Nitzakhon: “India Declines Pfizer & Moderna Request For Legal Protection Over Adverse Reactions To COVID Shots

Protesting is illegal in Italy.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: “Nitrogen fertilizer shortage expected to drive down yields worldwide” That means wide-scale famine. Do you think that is an ancient curiosity? I hope you don’t find out the hard way.

Simon Black, Sovereign Man: “This is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline” Refusal to enforce the laws against violent crime.

A convenient explanation: “Psaki Blames Smash-and-Grab Looting on Pandemic When Pressed by Fox News Reporter Doocy

Brilliant man murdered by a worthless punk: “Who was Davide Giri, the Columbia grad student fatally stabbed in NYC?

I guess it’s going to have to be another lawsuit.

Mises Institute: “We’ve Only Just Begun to See the Benefits of the New Surge in Homeschooling” This is great news.

It’s about time! “Alumni Withhold Donations, Demand Colleges Enforce Free Speech

I’m so confused. I thought we wanted to empower women…?

Liberal Media Pushes Bonkers Conspiracy Theory About Florida Governor Ron DeSantis” He formed a state guard – clutch your pearls now! Oh, 22 states did as well – including California and New York. But – his intentions must have been sinister!

Nikki Fried: DeSantis Is a ‘Dictator’ Who Wants to Employ Unvaccinated People” That awful man – he wants people to have jobs, just like Trump!

Now here is a conspiracy theory come true… “Secret CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children

Good point about data.

AP: “Lawyers allied with Trump ordered to pay $175K in sanctions to Michigan, Detroit” No, it wasn’t a “sham lawsuit”. Obviously intended to deter future whistleblowers.

Thanks for nothing, GOP: “19 Senate Republicans Give Biden Over $13B to Resettle Unlimited Flow of Afghans Across Their States

What is with his voice? “Twitter Users Notice Something Very Strange About Biden’s Voice During Speech This Morning

China Set to Create New State-Owned Rare-Earths Giant” That means control of high-tech.

Worse Than Japan: China Unable to Deal With Aging Crisis


Michael Snyder: “What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping Stocks At A Pace Never Seen Before In All Of U.S. History” I guess we are not done with the ride down in the stock market.

Technology: “Why Web3 will Change Everything – in Plain English” It could make life a lot better or a lot worse.

Finally, a Fusion Reaction Has Generated More Energy Than Absorbed by The Fuel” How does this not violate the second law of thermodynamics?

Oh, wow… “Americans Know Nothing” – except for climate change and critical race theory…

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