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The wars on consciousness and on the world

I would like to share a pair of very popular videos from Greg Reese, whose content is featured sometimes at InfoWars. The first is a 4-minute thought-provoking meditation on media, technology, and the nature of reality, with a gratuitous swipe at organized religion – but a clever observation at 2:48 by a speaker who shows how we are being divided. “The War Against Consciousness and the Ultimate Answer for Liberation


The second one, “A WAR FOR THE WORLD“, is a 5-minute talk by Richard Bosi of the Australia One party, that we all need to hear. “Be calm; be brave; be united; be good.” This is one of the rare people in the world that can lead our civilization. He sees the big picture and sums it up in 5 minutes. Brilliant.


The link below goes to the website of a Chinese dissident, in hiding somewhere outside China. She produces very cutting-edge content and has access to well-placed sources. I cannot verify the contents of this video; I don’t know who the speaker is (but he seems to be Irish). It is less than 3 minutes long and should scare your socks off. He claims that the upcoming winter will be the most deadly in human history, because of a hemorrhagic fever called Marburg’s disease, similar to the Ebola virus. It will be unusually lethal because of the immune degradation caused by the CoVID injections. People will beg for a vaccine to this new disease, a vaccine that contains ricin, if I understand correctly. To watch the video, you will be prompted to enter a passcode within a box. Ignore the Chinese characters and just type nov11 in the box.


The Prospect of a National Divorce” The author argues that a peaceful secession cannot happen, because the left demands control. Below is the image in the article.


The Traits of the Authoritarians Among Us” Published the same day as the above, continuing the theme of the totalitarian nature of the left.


Poll Shows 44% of Voters Support FBI Targeting Anti-CRT Parents, 47% Oppose” Wow. I don’t see how there is any non-violent choice but secession.


Pushback by those who voted for the left? “Facing major campus disruption and firings, LAUSD extends staff COVID-vaccine deadline


A newsletter from the “healthcare” industry, minimizing the impact of laying off your most irreplaceable workers: “HEALTHCARE LABOR SHORTAGE, ESPECIALLY OF NURSES, CONTINUES TO STRAIN HOSPITAL PROFITABILITY” This should do wonders for “healthcare”!


Key GOP senators fear Biden to bypass Constitution to force U.S. corporations to pay global tax” Treaties are supposed to require ratification by 2/3 of the Senate. Thanks to RINO leaders during the 0bama administration (the Iran deal), this essential clause of the Constitution became a dead letter. They were terrified of being called racist, so they let the Constitution die.


Federal immigration agents to end practice of worksite raids” We don’t enforce laws anymore. Both parties are to blame.


Can’t verify this, but someone claiming to be a rancher says there is no meat shortage.


Take a 1-1/2 minute walk around the port of Tacoma, Washington. No one is doing anything.

Australia: “Vaccinations mandatory for frontline workers in NT


A hospital in Maine stops pediatric, trauma, and heart attack admissions. The hospital pled with the governor for a testing alternative to injection mandates. The projective governor’s compassionate and tolerant answer? NO! This should do wonders for “healthcare”!

More: “Janet Mills rejects GOP call to ease vaccine mandate after Lewiston hospital reduces admissions


CNN on Supply Chain Crisis: Consumers Can’t Expect to Shop Like Pre-Pandemic ‘Before Times’” No, actually, we were doing fine under President Trump.


Very interesting: “We are headed for a geopolitical Minsky Moment” Memorable quote: “World War III will be everybody against their own governments” Also, from a Supreme Court justice who objected to FDR’s confiscation of gold: “It is impossible to fully estimate the result of what has been done. The Constitution as many of us have understood it, the instrument that has meant so much to us, is gone. The guarantees heretofore supposed to protect against arbitrary action have been swept away. The powers of Congress have been so enlarged that now no man can tell their limitations. Guarantees heretofore supposed to prevent arbitrary action are in the discard… Shame and humiliation are upon us now. Moral and financial chaos may confidently be expected.” Sounds a lot like today, doesn’t it?


A tiny beginning: “US Judge Holds DC Jail Officials in Contempt Over Mistreatment of Capitol Breach Defendant


Thanks for nothing, Brandon: “Mike Pompeo: Israel might need to attack Iran due to US ‘appeasement’


Will Ron DeSantis Save Christmas?” Can Florida ports take up the slack from California?


A humble request by John Stossel: “Let Life Resume


A 4-minute video making an important point about the development I fear is coming soon – is already on its way right now: “The Collapse Blamed On The Unvaccinated


Dr. Joseph Mercola is censoring himself – taking down his own content after 48 hours – but this important article was archived at InfoWars: “Are the COVID Shots Working?” Short version:

  • A recent report details a SARS-CoV-2 Delta outbreak in an Israeli hospital where 238 out of 248 (96%) of the exposed patients and staff had been fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine
  • Of the 238 fully vaccinated individuals, 39 (16%) were infected, as were three of the 10 unvaccinated individuals who got exposed
  • While all of the sickened staff recovered, five infected patients died and nine turned into severe or critical cases. All of the dead and severe/critical cases were fully vaccinated. Two unvaccinated patients that got infected only had mild illness
  • This outbreak tells us that the COVID shots cannot create herd immunity. It also suggests vaccinated people may be more prone to serious and lethal infection than the unvaccinated
  • Of 41,552 hospitalized patients in the U.S., 73% of the unvaccinated, 71% of the partially vaccinated and 72% of the fully vaccinated received a diagnosis of COVID-like illness (CLI) between January 1, 2021, and June 22, 2021


John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute: “Tyrants of the Nanny State: When the Government Thinks It Knows Best” “Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers’ enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this apparatus and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others.”—Simone Weil, French philosopher and political activist


Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “If You Don’t Respect My Freedoms, I Don’t Respect Your Pronouns” “Just because the mentally ill become an organized mob does not mean they are a victim status group deserving of special protection or special treatment. The mentally ill are the LAST people on the planet that should be given the power to dictate the course of society. Madness is, in a way, infectious. Narcissism is poisonous. Psychopathy is radioactive. The majority of humans naturally discriminate against such people because every facet of our biology, every cell of our being warns us that if they are given an ounce of control, destruction will surely follow… The war arises when leftists and the trans people they exploit try to impose their ideology and their views on the rest of us. The fight is over freedom, not over trans people. If you want to control how I talk, how I think and how I live; If you don’t respect my freedoms then I don’t respect you. You are not owed or entitled to respect just because you were born or because you think you are special. You get respect by earning respect. You get respect for your actions, not your identity.”


A pair of important stories: “Hospitals are literally SUFFOCATING patients with plastic bags; AIR CARGO will be halted this winter due to collapsing airplane parts supply chain


Good luck finding an honest court: “MERRICK GARLAND Threat Against Parent’s 1st Amendment Right Backfires…Dad Serves Stunned School Board With $200 Million Lawsuit In Middle of Meeting” Super anti-Semitic comment section. I don’t understand.


The weather is affecting one airline every day. Strange.

Thanks for nothing, Brandon: “Taiwan Is Part Of China, Russia Declares, As Two Powers Coordinate To Resist US Pressure


New Zealand: “New Zealand Forces Vaccination Mandate On All Education, Health-Care Workers


They will be begging you to come back soon enough: “Chaos In Texas As Employees Fired For Refusing To Get Vaxxed Demand Their Jobs Back


Sounds illegal: “Chicago Art Museum Fires Unpaid Volunteers For Being White


University of Chicago professor under immense pressure because he REFUSES to discriminate on the basis of race.

CJ Hopkins at the Consent Factory: “The Great New Normal Purge” “…people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregatedstripped of their jobsbanned from attending schoolsdenied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted… Anyone deviating from the official ideology is being systematically demonized and persecuted. In Germany, Australia, and other New Normal countries, protesting the New Normal is officially outlawedThe New Normal Gestapo is going around to people’s homes to interrogate them about their anti-New Normal Facebook postsCorporations are openly censoring content that contradicts the official narrativeNew Normal goon squads roam the streets, checking people’s “vaccination” papers. And it’s not just governments and corporations carrying out the New Normal Purge. Friends are purging friends. Wives are purging husbands. Fathers are purging children. Children are purging parents. New Normals are purging old normal thoughts. Global “health authorities” are revising definitions to make them conform to New Normal “science.” And so on … a new official “reality” is being manufactured, right before our eyes. Anything and anyone that doesn’t conform to it is being purged, unpersoned, memory-holed, erased.”


Good luck! “Chicago Police Union Head Calls on Members to Defy Vaccine Mandate


See you tomorrow!

The truth: rejected

A scholar has to live with getting some papers accepted and others rejected. It’s like dating.

A friend sent me a link to a paper in a medical journal which examined the relationship between CoVID injection rates and new case rates in countries around the world. According to the prevailing narrative, high injection rates should result in low rates of new cases, implying what we call a negative association between the variables; in other words, the injection is preventing some new cases. The authors studied their data and announced that (sadly) there was no such relation; high injection rates did not result in lower new case rates.

I looked at their graph and their data and re-analyzed it myself. I discovered that not only was there not a negative association; indeed there was a strong, statistically significant positive association. In other words, higher CoVID injection rates were provably associated with higher new case rates. Wow.

What did your trusty data guy do? Quickly write up the results and send them to the principal author of the original paper, a professor at a well-known university. No answer.

No problem! I just sent this in as a two-page “short communication” to the journal that published the original paper. My discovery does not invalidate the original paper; in some ways it reinforces and strengthens their conclusion.

The journal just replied and said they will not publish it. They couldn’t find anything wrong mathematically, but – they just didn’t think it was all that important.

It isn’t important that higher injection rates are strongly associated with higher rates of new cases? Are you kidding? Or do they want to hide this fact? There are other journals in the world, and I hope someone else will take this.

Must watch – hat tip Nitzakhon: “ALIEN LIFE FORMS FOUND IN THE VAXX, THEY ARE MULTIPLYING” I can’t verify these are alien life forms; I can’t verify that they are alive at all. They are peculiar. They resemble what was seen in a Stew Peters video I linked in the last few weeks. I want to know why the spectrometer is indicating the presence of aluminum, which is almost completely absent from, if not toxic to, most life that we know of. Is it debris? Is it related to hydrogel or spikes we saw in a soldier’s skin? Just under 15 minutes.


Former Pfizer vice president and doctor: “Most Covid-19 Deaths were a direct result of the administration of Midazolam or Remdesivir” Fausti has a nasty past. They really do want you dead.


Why Is the COVID Case Count So High?” A doctor weighs in.


From the Netherlands: “Too many people are dying and it’s starting to worry the demographers” They are seeing excess deaths among young people. Injection, perhaps?


Read the next article too: “A Dutch mortician asks an innocent question: Why do the bodies look so strange lately?” Signs of increasing hemorrhage.


Florida and its awesome governor were all over the news when cases were rising. Now? Crickets.

As of a few days ago: “One Month After Biden Announced Federal Vaccine Mandate, It Still Has Not Been Formally Issued” Bloomberg is reporting that the formal regulation is on its way – we shall see.


Woman who escaped N. Korea: U.S. indoctrination is worse” “She was astonished by similarities between her North Korean and American education. Not only did the former expose her to an anti-Western theme but so too did the latter as she witnessed example after example of anti-Western sentiment and guilt-tripping. And the indoctrination at Columbia University came early, first experiencing it during her orientation week when a staff member scolded her for even liking classic literature.”


If you disagree with the government, you must be crazy, or a terrorist. “The Left’s Psychiatric Weapon


COVID-19: The Weaponization of Fear and the Loss of Freedom” “To live in the United States is to live in a permanent state of fear. This, as many readers know, is by design. A more fearful nation is a more passive one—easier to manipulate and easier to control.”


A Few Steps More Toward Authoritarianism” The phenomenon in current American life described by the author seems more like totalitarianism.


RCP: “Live Free or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Matters” “Because I have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, I have been labeled everything from an anti-science Luddite to a domestic terrorist. If I lived in almost any other state than Montana, I might be denied basic human services such as health care, refused employment, or told I can’t shop at a store for such fundamental necessities as food. The powers that be in government, media and medicine have decreed me to be an undesirable and they want to force me and millions like me to be vaccinated against our will. They say that I am a danger to society, never for a minute realizing that they represent a much greater threat to society — the threat of totalitarianism, the state against the individual.” The author is a Montanan.


Firing a nurse should be great for “healthcare”.

Stew Peters show – needs confirmation: “Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required


Think the involuntary vaccination situation is bad now?” Self-disseminating vaccines…


Terror university: “Colorado State University threatens to arrest unvaccinated students” They would never arrest ANTIFA/BLM rioters.


Bayou Renaissance Man: “Is resistance to COVID-19 mandates reaching critical mass?” Allegedly, “…many drivers for the big trucking companies are getting more and more adamant with their bosses that if they insist on vaccination, they’re going to walk out, and go to work for companies in states that have greater respect for their right to choose. …hospitals across the country are being forced to close entire wards, or shut down the provision of certain medical services, because they can’t get enough vaccinated staff to run them.” Do you think this won’t affect you? Think again. I love their meme – I’m thinking of adding it to my gallery.


Nitzakhon: “Creating a Preference Tsunami” The parable that summarizes this interesting column about the psychology of crowds is the emperor’s new clothes – or maybe Plato and the cave.


There is a courageous governor in Texas. This needs to spread out to the other states in New America.

Telling the truth in the Australian parliament.

Fair question: “The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease – coincidence?” But there could be other explanations too… Good discussion by the commenters.


Why am I not shocked? “Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden Working Closely to Resettle Afghans Across U.S.” Just what your neighborhood needs!


The audacity. He knows he won’t be prosecuted. Did anyone consider trying to trip this man while his hands were full of loot?

This link will allow you to read the full Daily Wire article hidden behind a pay wall: “Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom, Father Says” I can’t wait for some feminist to rant about the “war on women”. Take another look!


It is possible to regain a normal identity: “Journal of Human Sexuality Study Finds Sexuality Fluidity Exploration Can Change Attraction


Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “Is The Small Business Sector Being Deliberately Targeted For Destruction?” Of course! Like the family, like the church, any institution that promotes independence from the state must be destroyed.


Related – Michael Snyder: “Our Economy Is Starting To Break Down On A Very Basic Level” “It isn’t just the U.S. economy that is crumbling.  Literally, the economic infrastructure of the entire globe is falling to pieces, and experts are warning that things will continue to break down in the months ahead.” No, it isn’t falling to pieces. It is being destroyed deliberately.


UK: “Beans and coffee soar in price as freezers lie empty: Supermarket staff are forced to tell shoppers to ‘buy alternative items’ as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s run out of fresh fruit and veg and frozen meat after HGV and CO2 chaos


Walmart and Costco limit toilet paper sales while toy companies warn parents their kids’ Christmas gifts won’t arrive in time thanks to backlog at ports, rail yards and on the roads” Mayor Pete is on the problem and so is the Resident.


But… Michael Snyder again: “Now A U.S. Government Official Is Telling Us That The Supply Chain Nightmares Could Potentially Last For “Years”


Take this job and…: “A Record Number Of Americans Just Quit Their Jobs Despite Job Openings Plunging The Most Since April 2020” CRT + injection mandates, and some people are saying, enough. Maybe the patriots will move to New America.


Stew Peters show: “WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE!” He says they are busy, trucks are hauling loads, but it is not winding up in our stores. Is the government hoarding it?


Bayou Renaissance Man: “Explaining the logistics crunch” “Right now, our logistics snarl-up is posing the real danger of seizing up our economy – and the danger is growing worse by the day.  The next two to three months are likely to prove absolutely critical … I don’t believe we’re going to make it to Christmas without things getting much, much worse.


China is preparing for the coming war. Are we? Are you? “China says it carried out beach landing drills in province opposite Taiwan


Poland accelerates gold buying: Plans to purchase 100 tonnes during 2022” I think they have the right idea. What does this tell you about the prospects for the world and its economy?


See you tomorrow!


Mrs. Surak has taken her first harvest from her sprouting trays: organic pea shoots and leaves, and mung bean sprouts. They are growing in water, putting out roots, feeding on their own stocks of protein, starch, and fat. No soil is used in this process. After a few minutes in the wok, they are nutritious and delicious.

Organic Prepper: “15 Common Dynamics of SHTF Collapses” Worth studying and taking to heart. “When it comes to how we see and prepare for SHTF, thinking in terms of real and probable rather than fictional and possible can make a big difference. Even though SHTF has many forms and levels and is in essence complex, random, diverse and unsystematic, some patterns and principles are common to the way things unfold when it hits the fan.”


Mike Adams overview of coming dangers: “Major storable food company CEASES operations… US power grid blackouts to occur this winter… FAKE White House sound stage confirmed… actors?” Crisis in the food and energy supply chains, together with more photographic and video evidence suggesting that the resident in DC is not even Joe Biden at all. The more I see these pictures, the more I tend to believe it’s all a big fraud. Look at the embedded video in which an old man turns out to be a young man in a silicone mask.


Again, look at the ear in this news agency photograph.


More on the energy supply chain: “US Heating Oil Supplies Lowest In Decades Ahead Of Winter


On the food supply chain: “Breakfast Inflation Strikes As Oat Prices Hit Record Highs” We eat oats – and we also eat animals that eat oats. Uh-oh.


Opening the border to invasion – that’s treason. Congress, do your job!

Coming to a country near you! “Financial Times Says Europeans Should “Prepare for Demographic Replenishment by Arabs and Asians”

If true, this is a big deal. They are saving the best medicine for themselves. There is plenty to go around; they just don’t want you to have it. They really want you dead.

Indonesia joins the group of countries that are not at war with their own people, unlike America.

However, the government of Lithuania is at war with its own people. Oh, they would never do that here! Don’t fool yourselves. Your projective acquaintances are salivating at the chance to do something like that here. I know. I grew up with people like that.


Fake presidency, fake mandate: “Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release” “Americans are no longer living under representative government. We are living under government by the screen people, of the screen people, for the screen people.


LA firefighters fighting back.

Seattle police expendable – it’s such a peaceful city!

This nurse is no longer a “hero” to her employer.

What is it about healthcare workers refusing the vaccine that the administration fails to grasp?” What they grasp is their desperate desire to control people.


Injections and consequences.

It’s for the children. “Ethical issues raised as Pfizer conducts COVID-19 vaccine trials on orphans


The picture is upsetting, but – what if she were your 5-year-old daughter? “Young Girl Tested With Swab At School Bleeds From Eye, Nose” I suspect some readers would “go Old Testament”. That testament is a pretty good testament, no matter how old it is.


It’s for the children. Read the thread.

Another one for the children. Read this thread too.

One school district figured out how to not improve students’ language and mathematics skills. Oh, wait, that’s the old mission…

New York City to phase out controversial gifted and talented program” What is so “controversial” about it? The fact that they DON’T use skin color to determine admission.


Florida Mom Calls for ‘Mass Exodus’ from Public Schools on Heels of Merrick Garland’s Crusade Against Anti-CRT Parents” It’s about time!


Political arrest of freedom blogger in Australia.

One Australian policewoman has the courage to quit.

The Economy Needs Higher Rates” It’s coming. Watch for the plunge in the bond and stock markets – if the Fed permits – or an even wider destruction, if the Fed tries to support those markets.


See you tomorrow!

Warmth without power, and DIY HCQ?

The tips are coming in fast, from Mrs. Surak, Nitzakhon, and others. Here we go!

6 Lifesaving Tips to Keep Warm During a Winter Power Outage” This was popular last winter in Texas. If you are reading my supply-chain stories, you will understand that there is a strange world-wide shortage of food and energy supplies. Isn’t that an odd coincidence? Good survival tips – thanks to Mrs. Surak.

Here is why that video is popular again: “Energy Crisis May Unleash Winter Blackouts Across US” “We’ve actually had discussions with power utilities who are concerned that they simply will have to implement blackouts this winter,” Thrasher warned. He said, “They don’t see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand,” adding that 23% of utilities are switching away from gas this fall/winter to burn more coal.” In turn, the environmentalists will have a temper tantrum, demanding that more people be sacrificed to the cold (which claims more lives than excessive heat).


Home recipe for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)” Really? I will not vouch for this. I would love to hear a more knowledgeable person weigh in. In the comment section, one of the readers attributes this recipe to AFLDS, American Frontline Doctors, which I consider credible. In any case, the goal here is quinine, apparently (Mrs. Surak confirms), which is available directly in supplement form – for the time being…


Dr. Simone Gold with Patrick Byrne: “TOP Medical official in US ARMY provides affidavit re Covid-19 vaccines” – and their harmful effects on troops.


Tip from Nitzakhon from the Stew Peters show: “Psychiatrist Attacks Unvaxxed Patient in Psychotic Tirade” This man’s hatred is disturbing. Physician, heal thyself.


Dr. Pierre Kory US Senate hearing – Ivermectin is 100% cure for COVID-19” The only question is why they don’t want you to have that. You know now – they really want you dead. Thank God for Senator Ron Johnson.


It isn’t a tragedy when it’s murder.

Also from Nitzakhon: “A Silent and Dutiful Massacre” An interview with an Italian doctor regarding the psychology of mass suicide. This doctor, and Dr. Pierre Kory in the testimony above, are genuinely perplexed about why people don’t want to save lives. You know the answer: they really want you dead.


Related from Matt Taibbi: “The Cult of the Vaccine


The new “miracle” drug from Merck? ‘“Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril” – Merck’s COVID ‘Super Drug’ Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn‘ “According to Barron’s, some scientists who have studied the drug believe that its method of suppressing the virus could potentially run amok within the body. Some scientists who have studied the drug warn, however, that the method it uses to kill the virus that causes Covid-19 carries potential dangers that could limit the drug’s usefulness. Molnupiravir works by incorporating itself into the genetic material of the virus, and then causing a huge number of mutations as the virus replicates, effectively killing it. In some lab tests, the drug has also shown the ability to integrate into the genetic material of mammalian cells, causing mutations as those cells replicate. If that were to happen in the cells of a patient being treated with molnupiravir, it could theoretically lead to cancer or birth defects.”


Black conservative perspective on mandates and passports.

This will do wonders for patient “healthcare”. “Kaiser Permanente suspends more than 2,000 employees who didn’t get COVID vaccine” The smart ones.


CDC-FDA-NIH hiding injection deaths? Oh, they would never do that!

Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots” You mean they have been lying to us? Oh, they would never do that!


NURSE FORCED TO TAKE THE JAB OR LOSE HER JOB SPEAKS OUT IN EMOTIONAL PLEA!” Language warning. Interesting debate among the commenters. Some angrily ask, “Where were you and your outspokenness when I lost my job?”

This anesthesiologist was escorted out of the UCLA medical center for wanting to save his own life. Look at the sneering responses of the commenters. Maybe one day they will have the experience of an operation without anesthesia. We’ll see if they are still laughing then.

Speaking of supply-chain, WSJ: “Conagra, PepsiCo and Other Food Makers Grapple With Higher Costs” Our recent trip to one of the wholesale outlets was a stunner. Inflation is overall close to 6% in my view; some forecasters say you can expect 11% inflation in food this coming year.


Tucker asks an important question: “Who is really in charge?” The more close-up pictures I see of the individual play-acting at president, the more I wonder: is that really him?

A high school student beats her wheelchair-bound teacher for fun and games.

Just what Wyoming needs: “WaPo: Diversify ‘Overwhelmingly White and Christian’ Wyoming with Afghans” – in the same way that Afghanistan welcomes Christians! Right?


Asia: “Amid Concerns Over China, U.S. Special Forces Train Taiwanese” – how to win wars, not how to be social justice warriors, I hope.


Xi Jinping’s calculus as he ponders attacking Taiwan, possibly starting World War 3” The article links a NYT article on the loss of many deep sources for America within China. Who betrayed them? Chinese bloggers seem to believe the American traitor was recently a vice-president… Let’s go Brandon!


Daniel Greenfield: “U of Michigan Cancels Chinese Composer Who Survived Cultural Revolution” Maybe those special forces need to take over American schools…?


Will this article make a difference? Ask Nitzakhon! “Democrats’ Antisemitism: It’s Not Just the Squad, it’s the Entire Party


Speaking of Nitzakhon: “Quick Takes – Hat Trick” (7) (I take it that this is his name for columns that treat 3 different topics. I wish I had such self-control!) Depopulation, nationalism, and culturism.


See you tomorrow!

The injection toll: October 8, 2021

Here are the weekly numbers from VAERS, current as of October 1, 2021. Deaths caused by the CoVID injections and admitted by the CDC are now:

  • 78% more than deaths caused by all vaccines 1988-2020;
  • 5.4 times as many as were murdered on 9/11;
  • 34 times the average annual number of deaths from vaccines, 2017-2020.

Hospitalizations have surged in the past few weeks, including more than 4000 this past week. At this rate, it is possible that hospitalizations from CoVID injections will exceed hospitalizations from all vaccines combined, 1988-2020, as soon as next week. Do not forget the estimates by Jessica Rose and Steve Kirsch of under-reporting of adverse events by VAERS; the most conservative such ratio is 20:1. That would imply over 300,000 CoVID injection deaths.

Speaking of VAERS under-reporting – Karl Denninger at Market Ticker: “Stop this NOW


Fauci, mRNA Vaccines, and the Connection to the Wuhan Institute of Virology” Less than 4 minutes. ‘On October 29, 2019 (nearly 2 months before the first reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan) Anthony Fauci and Rick Bright went on C-SPAN and spoke of the urgent need to switch over from egg-based vaccine manufacturing to mRNA-based vaccines. They said that due to public resistance to gene-based therapies (mRNA), there would need to be some “disruptive” event that causes a scenario where they would not be “beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.”’ A “surprise outbreak”. Nuremberg 2 now.


Doctors are getting angry at their patients” They used to be independent small-businesspeople. Thanks to Obamacare, they are now beholden to the big “healthcare” systems that demand compliance. “Doctors are not taking kindly to the suggestion that patients should have access to medication that can prevent serious illness.” Wow!


This has been bothering me for the last year and a half: “About COVID: What does ‘follow the science’ really mean?” It turns out that “THE science” is the exact opposite of science. “THE science” just means authority. “True science uses the scientific method which proposes a hypothesis, principle, or assumption. Then science proceeds with experimentation. Then science sometimes yields repeatable identical results to prove the hypothesis is true.”


The news gets more and more bizarre: “Unvaxxed Medical Prof Put on ‘Investigatory Leave’ in Desperate Bid to Get Him to Quit


Here is the professor in his own words.


Even more bizarre: the NEJM doesn’t want Dr. Robert Malone to read their journal???

Dr. Malone branded a terrorist by Italian media, for wanting to save their lives: “Doctor Says Physicians Are Being “Hunted” For Speaking Out by Press & Medical Boards


This should really promote patient health: “Mass. hospitals prepare to fire hundreds of unvaccinated workers


Good question, lady!

Very important: “The Left hates self-sufficiency” You bet they do. Everyone who takes prophylactic supplements or therapeutics at signs of illness – homeschoolers – those who are interested in growing their own food or having generators – these are potential terrorists to our government. “The Left simply cannot tolerate any degree of self-sufficiency.  It undermines the need for a ruling elite.  Without the need for a ruling elite to preside over the oppressed, the Left is meaningless.”


FPM: “The Left’s Anti-Life Agenda” “Maybe it wants us all to die?” YES, now you are starting to understand! They really want you dead. No, it isn’t rhetoric. They really want you dead.


Buffalo Philharmonic: No White or Asian Conductors Need Apply” Blatantly illegal. Who will fight it publicly – and get permanently ostracized from the profession?


7 States Push Noncitizen Voting, 4 States Say No” CA, DC, IL, MA, MD, NY, VT. Are you sure you really want to keep all 50 states together? No thanks!


Tucker: “Nothing like this has ever happened in our country” The war on parents. 16 minutes.

The War on America by Twisted Logic” “We are living under a regime that’s increasingly totalitarian.  And it is using an insidious strategy — call it disinformation, propaganda, gaslighting, indoctrination, or outright lying — to achieve the leftists’ political and social goal of a “Great Reset” of America.  The regime’s enforcers, or boosters, are the media, academia, and Big Tech, who together control the narrative with faked statistics, slanted semantics, and endless repetition.  They also deploy the psychological tactics of intimidation, shaming, and canceling.  At the center sits the government…”


Rand Paul tells Americans ‘be afraid’ amid DOJ schools threat policy


Christian Education and the Future of Western Culture” “The Christian vision of education offers the only antidote to the culture war. To love the wisdom and excellence of the past is something fulfilling that also brings a sense of accomplishment with it. It permits us not to destroy, but to build, and in building from what we’ve inherited we leave our mark upon it for the next generation to build up further.”


Former Reagan Education Secy. To Launch Patriotic Curriculum” That would be Dr. William Bennett.


Who is running the government? Seriously! “Biden Caught Using Fake WH Set During Meeting with Business Leaders” We never see the opposite side of this phony set. What is Biden facing? Some say it’s a wall with a built-in teleprompter.


Again, be prepared: “Energy Crisis May Unleash Winter Blackouts Across US, Insider Warns” “We’ve actually had discussions with power utilities who are concerned that they simply will have to implement blackouts this winter,” Thrasher warned. He said, “They don’t see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand,” adding that 23% of utilities are switching away from gas this fall/winter to burn more coal.


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Full court-martial press

“Biden Pushing For Dishonourable Discharges, Court Martials For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines” Any word from insiders? Is this happening?


“Do The Global Managers Want The Pandemic To End?” Of course not. It has consolidated their power.


“They Intend to Destroy America” “If you’re thinking that Biden’s policies are destroying America, you’re right. And the worst part is that this is exactly what Democrats want.”


Fantastic, extremely detailed overview by Dr. Joel Hirschhorn: “COVID Vaccines Bloody Travesty: From Shots To Clots”


Nurse whistleblower speaking to Stew Peters: “We are seeing injuries from the vaccine

Remember this every time they tell you that the uninjected are driving morbidity: “CDC Now Lists Some Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated” Dr. Mercola.


Also Dr. Mercola: “The AMA Is Teaching Doctors Psychological Manipulation Tactics to Coerce the Unvaccinated”


Todd Starnes severely sickened by injection.

“Researchers discover ‘ultra-potent’ antibody against COVID & variants” Great! I wonder if it is almost as good as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.


Nurse Ratched again.

Here is a 9-minute highlight excerpt from a previously linked video with a physician assistant whistleblower who works in a hospital, detailing the under-reporting to VAERS.


Regarding a possible VAERS coverup: “Congressman Paul Gosar Drafts Letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Following Project Veritas Investigation”


More on VAERS under-reporting.


“North Carolina Hospital System Suspends Hundreds of Employees After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate” Great idea, but New York did it even better.


Buck Sexton: “Biden’s Authoritarian COVID-19 Battle”


“Physician ‘Horribly Injured’ After Pfizer Vaccine Pleads With Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None” Maybe that was the intended outcome after all.


They aren’t following “the” science: “CDC Allows COVID-19 Vaccine Booster for Group That Advisory Panel Did Not”


“Fauci: Psychopath or narcissist?” And he isn’t alone!


Alex Berenson analyzes Scottish data: “Fair is foul, and foul is fair” This one is important. Scotland is one of the most highly injected places on earth: 91% at least one dose, 84% two doses. But – “Deaths from all causes [in a recent week] were 25% higher than the five year average.” What do you think the reason might be?


A reminder of a paper withdrawn under pressure: “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag” Too close to the truth?


Australia: counter-terrorism squad deployed against unarmed, peaceful construction workers.

“Australian government shuts down Melbourne construction sites amid protests over vaccine mandates” Not for public health reasons – just for punishment.


Water cannon fired at Swiss lockdown protestors.

Canada arresting opposition politicians for buying coffee.

Thank God for El Salvador. They give ivermectin to their citizens.


Contraceptive corn??? “Genetically modified corn set to stop man spreading his seed”


“Democrats’ push for $50,000-per-year journalist tax credit sparks GOP ‘media collusion’ accusations” How about credits for conservative college and university professors?


University practices racial segregation.

California practices perversion. “Newsom signs law letting kids hide sex operations from parents” Sick. Sick. Sick.


“Man fired from Unilever for taking off Rosh Hashanah” Sadly, it still happens – especially if the company is “woke”.


Charles Hugh Smith: “Wealth Without Work” The “everything bubble”.


“Costco limits purchases on paper goods, water & key items amid supply chain delays” That is part of the story. There is more to tell.


Michael Snyder: “Before They Were An Inconvenience, But Now The Shortages Are Really Beginning To Sting” As desired. I have similar pictures of empty shelves, like what is shown in the article. I don’t think I need to remind readers of this blog – prepare – for the worst.


One judge tries to stop the gaslighting: “Judge Slaps Down Government’s Attempt to Control Public Image of Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection,’ Orders Release of Narrative-Busting Video”


“Sidney Powell Suggests Boyfriend of Brian Kemp’s Daughter Was “blown up” In His Vehicle To Stop Election Audit” Never forget Harrison Deal – or the GBI agent assigned to investigate his death, who himself mysteriously died days later.


“Expert Says Democrats May Have Used Psychological Operations Against American Voters” They see you as the enemy. What does that make them?


“Border Patrol stunned as Biden goes to war with his own agents over false ‘whipping’ allegations” There is a reason why Biden is undermining his own BP – see next story.


Lara Logan says she’s been told migrant crisis at border perfect cover for someone to sneak in a bioweapon” Yes, it’s treason.


“Dems Plan To Scuttle Space Force” Treason. I hope the minority of Democrats in the military are happy.


Leaked DARPA document, DRASTIC analysis confirms attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins” You may need to stop attending large outdoor gatherings – a possible great target for the DS.


Here is the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) document.


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