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The end of Black History Month

Now that every month is Black History Month, it seems superfluous to focus on this topic with special intensity in February. Don’t forget, we get to do this all over again in March for women.

There is an alarming increase in open racism in America’s educational system and corporate boardrooms (a synergistic duopoly that degrades American civilization). Some of these stories and blogs have received national attention. We reassure each other, saying, “This time the leftists have gone too far. This time the moderate centrists will finally reject the radical left and join the nearest GOP committee!” This is the unicorn that never appears – and besides, there will never be another fair election again.

There is so much information about black-on-white and black-on-Asian crime that is being suppressed by mainstream media, that in order to be fully informed, I find myself reading certain websites on the far-right that tend to attract a mostly anti-Semitic crowd. The problem is that there seem to be very few news sources and opinion sources that sincerely believe that all lives matter, and are willing to shout it out loud and make some people angry. On the mainstream left, whites must apologize for their “privilege”; on the kook right, blacks should be sent to Africa, with or without their consent.

I hope you recall my discussing culture, race, and the rules of this blog:

I insist that I will judge every individual by the content of his or her character, not by innate physical characteristics like race or sex. I am much closer, in my mind, to conservative traditionalists of different races and religions than I am to leftists of my own race and religion.

Nevertheless, I am not ignorant of group averages. I am informed daily that the unique crisis facing this planet is that America is the most racist country ever to exist (yes, Virginia, global warming is racist), that paradise on earth would result from ending this “literally” “genocidal” attitude, and that to end this attitude, one must act in the most disgustingly racist way towards whites. This would have been a loathsome conclusion to the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When I read such proclamations, and hear my colleagues proudly announce segregated student clubs and racial quotas in academic programs and hiring, I examine data. I present data for your consideration.

Below is a graph of homicides in the USA reported to the FBI, in which the race of the perpetrator was identified. On average, blacks committed about 37% of homicides. Given that blacks constitute about 13% of the population, this yields an odds ratio of about 4:1; that is, a black American is about 4 times as likely to commit a homicide as a non-black American.

Next is a graph of unemployment in the USA, broken out into black unemployment compared with non-black unemployment. Here the average (geometric mean) ratio is about 2.1:1; that is, a black American in the labor force is about 2.1 times as likely to be unemployed as a non-black American in the labor force.

Last is a graph showing the results of exit polls from the 2020 presidential election, showing the respective share of the popular vote for Biden and for Trump among black Americans and non-black Americans. The black vote caused a 10-point swing in the popular vote, and most likely a much larger swing in the Electoral College. Now America is reaping the “benefits” of more illegal aliens, construction project shutdowns, and general lockdowns, which will hurt racial minorities more than whites.

I have taught first-generation immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. They are often ferociously motivated to learn English, to follow the law, to educate themselves, to work hard, and to love the country that took them in. Their skin color is completely irrelevant. They will make great Americans – until the American school system gets hold of their children and brainwashes them into total race consciousness. Alas, it is tremendously disappointing that the Blexit movement of Ms. Candace Owens was not more successful.

I watched Sean Hannity’s TV show for the first time in a few years on the night of Rush Limbaugh’s death. He made an impassioned call for the renewal of the type of “opportunity society” I associate with Jack Kemp: the culmination of a glorious color-blind end-of-history paradise by reducing marginal tax rates and regulations. This is that for which the patriots of 1776 bled and died… not! Although the motivation is sound (reducing the size of government), this is thin gruel to appeal to blacks, or to whites for that matter.

People are passionately attached to their society, to their culture. The only way to reconcile blacks to the rest of America, in my opinion, is to end Black History Month. Leave skin color behind and become un-hyphenated Americans. I have ended relations with family members due to their accusations of “white privilege”. This and the insane transgender agenda are powerful enough catalysts to break up America. Consider this to be a warning: let those with ears hear!

The murder of justice

Inscribed upon the portico of the Supreme Court building is the phrase “Equal Justice Under Law”, a foundation of any rational society. How tragic it is that this very court destroyed its own credibility, and the veneer of a just society.

This week, in its announcements on election-related cases, the court announced that not only could a petitioner not seek redress of grievances before an anticipated harm (no standing), but also that the petitioner could not seek redress of grievances after a harm materialized, because… the case is moot. Do you see the consequences of this? There is no point in prosecuting murders any more, because the victims’ lives are moot.

Once a target for political persecution has been established by the elite, however, the court will allow what used to be called fishing expeditions. Formerly, after a crime was committed, the justice system would investigate it, and charge the people who apparently committed the crime. In our brand new justice system, the target is chosen – in this case Donald Trump – and he is then subject to endless investigations of his life to see if he committed a crime.

The justice system in America is dead, and it was a case of suicide. This goes for law enforcement, prosecution, and the judicial system.

What will our lives be like now? What will our society be like, now that we have killed off justice?

There is no such thing as unequal justice. Unequal justice is by definition unjust. Justice is rule according to a common law for all. What we have now is the raw exercise of power. The elite do whatever they can get away with. They can get away with murder. I would like to quote Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, Phil Haney, Antonin Scalia, Seth Rich, and Harrison Deal on this point, but they were unavailable for comment.

By governing in such a way on top of the stolen election, government has lost the consent of the governed. By the standards of the American Declaration of Independence, the government has lost its legitimacy. We are still its subjects because of its raw power, unimaginable to the Founding Fathers; but it has not earned our allegiance.

Rebellion is brewing quietly across the fruited plain. In my links at the bottom of this blog, you will see increasingly many detours around the mainstream totalitarian culture, with regard to alt-tech, investing, health, and recovery of our beautiful Western civilization. States are turning back to precious metals, and forward to crypto-currency. Every time big-tech stamps its foot and censors a voice, a new dissident is born. The northern mountain states and northern plain states are beginning to awaken. May they be the birthplace of New America.

The war against reason

As usual, Front Page Magazine is leading the way in identifying destructive cultural trends. This past week saw two important essays on related subjects getting national attention: the war against reason, and the race war.

I want to provide some additional context for these articles, by means of a list of additional articles you may not have seen.

The race war is now open. It is primarily focused on white males and secondarily on white females. I do not see how it is possible to deny this any longer. To be clear, the aggressors include white leftists, and the targets include non-white conservatives.

It is not going to go away if we make nice and indulge the leftists. The left has dropped all restraint. This is the final inning of the game, and they are hungry to win, whatever the cost. All they have to do is to say the word “racist”, and people of good will freeze up.

Most decent people lack the knowledge and the survival skill to throw this ugly accusation back in the face of the left. Those who claim to be conservative might be a little more motivated to fight if they knew the end goal of the left. It is to roll back completely all the progress that humanity has made for the last three and a half thousand years.

Constitutional, classically liberal, democratic republicanism – canceled. The enlightenment – canceled. The scientific revolution – canceled. The Renaissance – canceled. Jesus – canceled. Euclid, abstraction and proof – canceled. Aristotle and logic – canceled. Moses – who taught “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “There shall be one law for all” – canceled.

All decisions on education and hiring will be made on the basis of biological factors, according to a hierarchy in which transgenderism is on top, followed by Islam, homosexuality, non-whiteness, and womanhood. Any white male heterosexual Christian who is still voting for Democrats is prima facie suicidal.

It is no longer confined to the Ivy League schools and the weird liberal arts colleges. It is underway as I speak at most colleges and universities and school districts. People are being fired willy-nilly and permanently banned from employment outside menial jobs. I am shocked that there has not been more of a muscular resistance.

I am not going to lead that resistance. Decades of experience have taught me that the least reliable ally is a conservative. Other websites engage in conspiracy theories, positing a demonic alliance of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Gates Foundation, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve and too many three-letter government agencies, in co-operation with European royalty and the late Jeffrey Epstein. The last thing conservatives want to do is to engage in introspection: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in our selves.” We want to be given the fruits of victory in war without having to earn them.

If an employee of academia loses his or her job, as Jodi Shaw did in one of the articles listed above, will we help her to get new employment? Why do we consistently refuse to pool our talent to save our precious civilization?

In the map below, there is almost no hope of re-taking the area west of I-5, or the area east of I-95 or east of US-202. 75 million Trump voters, if they moved and concentrated in the states I have shown in my map, could change the world.

The final pandemic, part 2

In the short time left before sunset, I want to share some information provided by our friend Nitzakhon about the pandemic, and other information I found later. It makes for disturbing viewing and reading.

This article includes an embedded 30-minute video well worth your time. The doctor being interviewed explains how the mRNA vaccine works and how the world is being prepared for a “mass death event”:

The video is here as well:

The next article reports that mRNA vaccines are causing deaths in seniors and others previously exposed to coronavirus (hat tip Nitzakhon):

On the subject of vaccines in general…! I know little, and do not feel qualified to lead a discussion on them. I do know now that I begin to get mighty suspicious when big tech and big pharma conspire to hide documentaries on the subject, like Dr. Mikovits’s “Plague”. Here is one called “Vaxxed”, which was deleted from Youtube, of course; the producer, formerly with CBS, was interviewed by Sharyl Atkisson:

There are many articles and videos by a doctor regarding coronavirus here:

An hour-long interview with her is here:

This article addresses possible environmental factors that might explain the changes in mental health in recent decades: Here is a list of hypothesized causes:

I think the discussion is worth having. If a scientist refuses to explain why these concerns are not valid, then I start to think that they are legitimate concerns after all.

I belong to a “scientific” “professional” society that is strongly political, and seems to operate by mockery and intimidation. I have lost such respect in the last year for the scientific establishment that I am starting to question even the germ theory of science, and am reading the writings of those who espouse terrain theory. As someone who leans towards syncretism, I suspect that they both may be true.


We begin this discussion honoring the memory of one of America’s most successful populist patriots in my lifetime, Rush Limbaugh. The other all-stars on this lineup include President Reagan, Speaker Gingrich, Governor Palin, and President Trump. Rush was the first to substantially open the national conversation to us “deplorables”. He had a commoner’s insight into what makes power-hungry people tick. Like the other all-stars above, he intensely loved America and Americans.

Please go to and buy Rush’s five-book historical adventure series for your children or grandchildren. Better yet, read it to them!

It seems that we are plunging headlong into the destruction of America. We have two options from which to choose: defeat America’s internal enemies, or else hunker down and save what we can of Western civilization. I see no appetite for the first option, notwithstanding bellicose threats from people commenting on blogs (“Let them bring their helicopters, armored personnel carriers, and soldiers in body armor, gas masks, and night vision – they’ll pry my six-shooter out of my cold, dead hands!”).

Hunkering down ideally means secession, as we have discussed here: Alternatively, hunkering down means living the way Christians lived for their first three centuries, under the heel of a murderously hostile culture.

I am gradually introducing new sets of links at the bottom of the blog. Putting too many links too fast tripped an alarm last week at WordPress, so I will be more gradual in the future. There are several new categories, but the common theme is resources and ideas for survival, for yourself and for our civilization. I will discuss those categories in future blogs.

I made a list of some dystopian stories from the last century that seem, en masse, to foreshadow the current direction of our society. The only missing ingredient is the use of a pandemic to do a “great reset” of society.

Brave New World (Aldous Huxley, 1932): drugged into apathy, “one cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy sentiments”

Animal Farm (George Orwell, 1945): “two legs bad”, “some animals are more equal than others”

Nineteen Eighty-Four (George Orwell, 1949): surveillance state, “war is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery”

Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury, 1953): book burning, the original cancel culture

Lord of the Flies (William Golding, 1954): ANTIFA/BLM hyper-violent anarcho-communism

Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand, 1957): government knows best

Harrison Bergeron (Kurt Vonnegut, 1961): five-page short story in which finally everyone is completely equal –

This Perfect Day (Ira Levin, 1970): drugged into apathy in a surveillance state and forced into absolute homogeneity

The Camp of the Saints (Jean Raspail, 1973): Europe overrun by millions of invaders

When I was a child, these books were science fiction. Now, they are the news, but – one doesn’t discuss that in “polite” company (the emperor’s new clothes and all that).

If you have suggestions for this list, I would be interested. See you next time. Pray for Rush’s family and for Texas.

The final pandemic

Dear friends of Surak, welcome back. I ask you to look through these articles with an open mind, and share them with your open-minded friends. They suggest to me the very real possibility that the popular mRNA vaccines for the coronavirus are preparing the entire human race for a massive depopulation.

The West’s obituary

mRNA vaccines could cause long-term chronic illness

Call it what it is: terrorism

Scientists warn COVID is reducing fertility

Long-term mask use may contribute to advanced stage lung cancer

If you have limited time, please read at least the first three articles above. The first author argues that the mRNA vaccines for coronavirus are setting our bodies up for a horrifying vulnerability: that one’s second encounter with a variant of the coronavirus will result in a massive, deadly inflammatory or auto-immune response.

In essence, the tens of millions of people around the world who have taken the mRNA vaccines are walking time bombs who will self-destruct the next time they are exposed to a similar coronavirus, if the first author is correct – and he is echoed by the second author at a less deadly level. This may have been the intent with the original, man-made coronavirus all along.

The third article excoriates the war against easily available, cheap, effective, safe over-the-counter medications by the American medical and political establishments. He presents clear and convincing evidence that the American medical and political establishments do not want you to live.

It is a war for your survival. What do we do now?

I will continue to wait for the traditional type of vaccine, due soon. Even then, I will read the literature and wait.

In the meantime, please check out the growing body of links I have been able to insert at the bottom of this blog. There are new categories. I hope we will have a chance to discuss investments soon, because 2021 is likely to be a memorable year, and not in a good way.

Be well!