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The insurance industry is shining light into darkness

RED ALERT: “Fifth largest life insurance company in the US paid out 163% more for deaths of working people ages 18-64 in 2021” “Company cites “non-pandemic-related morbidity” and “unusual claims adjustments” in explanation of losses from group life insurance business”

Steve Kirsch: “The CDC says “severe reactions” to the COVID vaccines are rare. That’s not what we found.” “A new poll of Americans shows that 1% of people who get the jab (2M Americans over 18) are so seriously COVID vaccine injured that they are unable to hold a job.” Highlights:

  1. “Only 34% of the American public is buying the bullshit and taking the vax. This is why Dr. Peter Marks is so desperate to convince people to take the jab. They must have a lot of inventory they are trying to get rid of by injecting it into you. Dr. Marks will do anything except debate our team of experts (which now includes Dr. Clare Craig and Professor Norman Fenton, both of the HART group).
  2. >1% of vaccinated respondents reported they were so severely vaccine injured that they can’t hold a job
  3. >1% reported that they believe their injuries have shortened their lifespan
  4. Since there are 258M people over 18 in the US and 77.3% of the population has had at least one jab, this is roughly 200M jabbed Americans over 18. This means that roughly 2M Americans have been severely injured.
  5. 14% of the people surveyed said they were vaccine injured: this implies an estimate of over 25M Americans with a vaccine injury that required a doctor or hospital visit (=258M * .14*.8).
  6. Since only 77% are vaccinated, a 14% overall rate of vaccine injury is an 18% rate of injury if you were vaccinated (14%/.77).
  7. 200M people 18 and over who are vaccinated*(.18 injury rate) = 36M vaccine injured people
  8. 23% of the households have a vaccine injured person
  9. 33% of the extended families have a vaccine injured person
  10. In 80% of the cases where there was a vaccine injury, there was either a doctor visit(s) or hospital stay(s) or both.
  11. Nearly 50% of the injured are still impacted today.”

Look at the mindset – unbelievable: “So my mom’s very dear friend called me tonight to tell me that her cancer came back. She was diagnosed over 20 years ago and has been cancer-free. I asked her did you get boosted she said yes, I already knew she was vaccinated. She said don’t start asking me these questions. What does that have to do with anything? They now found cancer all over her uterus and it’s now spreading to her body. You think it’s from the vaccine?  She was perfectly fine all these years before getting vaccinated. It makes me so sad she will probably end up dying.”

They are coming after the children.

Steve Kirsch again: “Young people dying in their sleep is now happening on a regular basis” “Here’s the latest victim. I wonder what the cause is? It only started happening after the vaccines rolled out, and it’s ONLY happening to vaccinated people. The CDC refuses to investigate.”

Do not trust the “experts”: “Most healthcare interventions tested in Cochrane Reviews are not effective according to high quality evidence: a systematic review and meta-analysis!

Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 Infection, But Infection Without Vaccination Gives Immunity” Why do they do it?

Food for thought.

Governor DeSantis, with God’s help the next president of the United States, defying the injection bullies.

Please share. This is extremely alarming – a looming shortage of diesel and engine oil. For your leftist relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, food does not magically appear on the shelves of Whole Foods. This is a thread with four brief videos.

Michael Snyder: “What Is Your Plan To Make It Through The Worst Global Food Crisis In Any Of Our Lifetimes?” This article includes an outstanding list of 50 essential items for prepping.

What Is Your Plan To Make It Through The Worst Global Food Crisis In Any Of Our Lifetimes?

Is this really just coincidence? “Here’s 96 Examples of Food Shortages Being CREATED in Past Year

Jeffrey Tucker: “At the Military Olympics, October 2019, Wuhan, China, Athletes Caught Covid” That is before the official start of the pandemic. What gives?

‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders” “When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake — all by the time she was 16 years old.”

The military has been infiltrated: “West Point cadets taught critical race theory, including addressing ‘whiteness’” If a foreign nation did this with domestic assistance, we would call it treason.

A nice quiet suburban community: “Parents Find Critical Race Theory Training Material in Pennsylvania School That Denies Teaching CRT

Mental health… Was the franchise expanded too far?

Good news for religious freedom and school choice.

Good news: “CEOs Start to Push Back Against ‘Woke’ Employee Bullying

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Biden’s IRS Spent Approximately $700,000 on Ammo ‘Between March and June 1’” Because self-defense against the government, or against your neighbor, is racist, or something. Nothing to worry about here, I’m sure.

Mark Levin: “‘In Many Ways, We Live in a Post-Constitutional America’ — Says 1/6 Committee ‘Major Participant’ in Demise” Great monologue, with transcript. No solutions offered.

Do you remember Belgian psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet and his concept of “mass formation psychosis”? He is now out with a book on the topic: “The Psychology of Totalitarianism“. It is #1 on Amazon for politics of privacy & surveillance – and it only came out today! Sure to make leftist heads explode.

Texas ‘Triple Threat’ Leads Hispanic Voters’ Seismic Shift Toward GOP” As America’s most numerous minority, this endangers the success of the Democrats’ race-baiting philosophy of governance. Latinos and Asians are awakening.

Daniel Greenfield: “A Permanent Shortage of Everything

I have to ask – did anyone see this? “Epic alignment of 5 planets, moon to peak after summer solstice” Apparently, it’s only visible in the early morning, near the eastern horizon, before sunrise, around 5:00 AM. I am not up that early… You can see Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – yes, in order! Very cool.

49 seconds of humor from Senator Ted Cruz.

36 seconds that will put a smile on your face!

See you later!

The tail is wagging the dog

How Many Adults and Youth Identify as Transgender in the United States?” Adults: 0.5%. Youth (13-17 years old): 1.4%. Adults 65 and older: 0.3%. See a pattern?

James Howard Kunstler: “Proud of Yourselves?” He speculates about the minds of drag queens, and parents who want to expose their children to perversity. His discussion of fairy tales reminds me of my increasing distaste of such. They are not comparable to Biblical narratives, all fashionable atheist cynicism to the contrary notwithstanding.

Speaking of such parents: “Mom Forces Unwilling Child to Watch Gay Festivities As He Recoils in Horror” One of my friends speculated today that much of America is in the grip of demonic forces. There may well be scientific explanations (CoVID injections, 5G, chemtrails, food additives, social media hypnosis, and so on), but the conclusion is undeniable.

Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones, and Youth Suicide” A Heritage Foundation study showed that states with easier access to “gender-affirming treatments” (meaning surgical or chemical mutilation of children) have higher rates of suicide in those children. I wonder why.

This horror story is not for the faint of heart. It is an anatomically detailed account of what happened to a boy who found understanding adults who performed surgery on him, surgery that he later bitterly regretted; but the damage is irreversible.

Savannah Hernandez interviews.

Michigan’s first gay attorney general says there should be a ‘drag queen for every school’

Norway: ““Queer” Academic Suggests Pedophilia Be Taught in Schools as an Innate Sexuality” This is, of course, an indirect strategy to support depopulation.

Another Heritage Foundation study regarding the six-figure salaries of the “diversity” mob on campus: “Diversity University: DEI Bloat in the Academy

Deprogramming From the ‘Woke’ Cult: Former Social Justice Warrior Overcomes Fear to Speak Up” Interview with podcaster Keri Smith. “The Knitting Wars”??? Yes indeed.

Hear, hear! “CRT and LGBT in the Classroom: Americans Have Had Enough

Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals” So it wasn’t necessary after all?

Mortician Finds Massive Hand-Sized Clots In Cadavers After Vax Release” The host explains these tissues, however, are not clots. They are rubbery. What might be causing them?

Emerald Robinson: “What’s Graphene Oxide?” “Is a toxic material hiding inside the COVID vaccines causing blood clots?”

Speakers Lambasted FDA Advisers During Advisory Committee Hearing” 14 minutes. One speaker, a doctor, warned the panel that they are risking an eternity in hell. What good does such a warning do, however, for the person who does not believe in God?

Data Show Just How Ineffective are the COVID-19 Vaccines Around the World” In multiple countries, high vaccination rates did not prevent high case rates; quite the opposite.

Edward Dowd was banned from Twitter right around this time.

Another fire at another food processing plant.

Could a food shortage be coming? Record diesel prices are crushing Pa. farmers, lawmakers told

More on the coming famine. Are you ready?

What do you want to bet the FBI is aware of this individual already?

23 Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized, Firebombed by Pro-Abortion Activists in Recent Weeks” And… the FBI will be right on it!

Here is the J6 Truth documentary, 45 minutes long, narrated by political prisoner Jake Lang. Between this and 2000 Mules, I expect Republicans to start holding hearing right away. Right?

This 34.5 minute video is from Rudy Giuliani: “The January 6th Videos that are being Covered Up

Jan. 6 Prisoner Who Was Denied Cancer Treatment Now ‘In Dire Straits’” From “conservatives” – crickets.

Ted Cruz cannot get the FBI to answer questions. Fine. Defund it.

What Happens When the Workforce No Longer Wants to Work?” How do they plan to feed themselves? I guess we will “cancel” their debt, right?

Jeffrey Tucker: “The Economic Meltdown Has Roots in Lockdown” “The most frustrating aspect of all of this is the rampant failure to connect cause and effect. The cause should be clear: this was all kicked off by the most egregious, arrogant, irresponsible, foolhardy, and brutal policies ever perpetrated on the whole of American life, all in the name of disease control. I’ve yet to see evidence that any of the people and agencies who did this to us are willing to reassess their decisions. Quite the contrary. There must be a reckoning. It was not the poor, the working classes, or the person on the street who did this. These policies were not an act of nature. They were never even voted upon by legislatures. They were imposed by men and women with unchecked administrative power under the mistaken belief that they had it all under control. They never did and they do not now.” There must be a reckoning – but there never is. If you want to deter such behavior in the future – there must be a reckoning.

Is Corporate Greed Behind High Gas Prices?” More like politicians’ greed.

Victor Davis Hanson: “The Subordinate Citizen

Mises: “The Five Stages of Totalitarianism

A young man can think for himself! The indoctrination system failed!

The core of the Democrat coalition is fraying badly.

See you later!

Taking down the individualists one at a time

Ilya Shapiro Resigns from Georgetown Law in Scorching Letter

Ilya Shapiro Resignation Letter to Georgetown University Law Center, June 6, 2022” He dared to think for himself. He thought that all lives matter.

January 6: “Raw Footage of Cops Beating Lifeless Roseanne [Boyland]” They clubbed her mercilessly like a seal. Murder one. Then the government cremated her body against the family’s wishes. The “conservative” response? Crickets. 6.5 minutes. Do not look away.

Another resource:

America’s government gleefully tortures the innocent. Read this account from a political prisoner. Again, silence from “conservatives”.

Supreme Court permits counting of Pennsylvania mail ballots with missing dates” – in violation of PA law. What were you saying about the “conservative” majority on the court? Thanks for nothing, Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

Christopher Rufo: “The “Gender-Variant Universe”” “A consortium of publicly subsidized nonprofits wants to “decolonize gender” and normalize male genitalia as a form of authentic womanhood.” In other words: they’re crazy.

This is who they are – shameless.

Here is an example.

Over 5% of America’s Young Adults Identify as Transgender, Nonbinary” The tail wagging the dog. Sad.

Pro-Abortion Terrorists Firebomb Buffalo Pro-Life Pregnancy Center” Is this on Merrick Garland’s or Chris Wray’s list?

Blake Masters on Anti-White Racism and Indoctrination of Far-Left Hate Ideology in Schools” 2 minutes.

Foreign-Born Population Hit Record 47 Million in April 2022” This includes naturalized citizens, permanent residents, and illegal aliens. Overall, this is 14.3% of the population, close to the 1910 record of 14.7%. Look at the forecast from the Census Bureau.

Man Hurls 52-Year-Old Woman off New York City Subway Platform” Here is the highest rated comment: “Before I watched the video, I knew.”

Turn the sound on.

Family of Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene after he was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast” I have never heard of such a thing. But, nothing to see here.

Biden’s White House Radicalized the Would-Be Kavanaugh Killer as Pelosi Held Up Supreme Court Security Funds” It would be wall-to-wall outrage, a five-alarm fire, had such a threat been made against Pelosi.

A decision bigger than guns and abortion looms” Superficially, the issue is about EPA regulations. In fact, it is far more profound. It is about the unconstitutional regulatory state that considers itself above the Constitution.

Is an indictment looming for Obama? “Obama Approved Accusing Russia of DNC Hack Before FBI Received DNC Server Images

How to steal an election, Michigan: “Governor candidate Ryan Kelley charged in Jan. 6 riot

FBI ‘Purging’ Employees With Conservative Views” Because it is a political organization with weapons, subsidized by you and me.

John Whitehead: “Everything Is a Weapon: The U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare on the Nation” ‘“Have you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings? … Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere.”— U.S. Army Psychological Operations recruitment video… Psychological warfare, according to the Rand Corporation, “involves the planned use of propaganda and other psychological operations to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of opposition groups.”… As the military journal Task and Purpose explains, “Psychological warfare is all about influencing governments, people of power, and everyday citizens… PSYOP soldiers’ key missions are to influence ‘emotions, notices, reasoning, and behavior of foreign governments and citizens,’ ‘deliberately deceive’ enemy forces, advise governments, and provide communications for disaster relief and rescue efforts.” Yet don’t be fooled into thinking these psyops (psychological operations) campaigns are only aimed at foreign enemies. The government has made clear in word and deed that “we the people” are domestic enemies to be targeted, tracked, manipulated, micromanaged, surveilled, viewed as suspects, and treated as if our fundamental rights are mere privileges that can be easily discarded.’ Important.

Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register” SADS: sudden adult death syndrome. Such a mystery! Maybe because they haven’t received a 5th injection yet…

What is SADS? Healthy young people dying from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Jordan Schachtel: “Pfizer quietly admits it will never manufacture original FDA approved COVID vaccines” Only Comirnaty was approved, but it isn’t being distributed. Only the EUA (emergency use authorization) version is available, which makes it experimental, and therefore it cannot be mandated! Schachtel brings the receipts.

Doctors Suing Food and Drug Administration Over Ivermectin” Then trials for crimes against humanity.

Canada: no “absolute” right to own property. Watch out, America!

Important thread from Kim Dotcom about America’s financial status: a debtor to the tune of $259 trillion. Total American assets: $193 trillion. Net debt (after selling ALL American assets): $66 trillion.

Jim Rickards addressing a question I want answered: “The Real Reason Why Gold Has Stumbled” “Investors should consider today’s prices a gift and perhaps a last chance to acquire gold at these prices before the real safe haven race begins. Gold is so cheap right now, it’s practically a steal.” Some look at the price of gold compared to the total money supply to justify that last sentence. (I am not a financial adviser!)

DeSantis 24!

See you next week!

Shall we have ourselves a convoy?

The People’s Convoy website. I wish them well. I hope they are prepared for a long prison term in the District of Corruption without access to Bibles, the Bill of Rights, lawyers, edible food, or bodily integrity. I still think that a general strike is the better option. They can’t arrest you for staying home.

Interesting gauge of American public mood.

Twitter Takes Down Video By Freedom Convoy USA 2022 Organizer Calling For Peaceful Protest” But OANN has the video. This is a good man.

More from Bayou Renaissance Man: “Fascism comes to Canada. Next stop: the USA.” “…the powers that be in the USA are no more willing to tolerate this level of civil disobedience and protest than Justin Trudeau and his jackbooted thugs were prepared to tolerate it in Canada.  They have to crack down on it, or watch as a groundswell of popular protest builds up until it overwhelms them.”

Matt Taibbi: “When Boring People Turn Dangerous: Canada’s Insane Power Grab

Trudeau will not cancel Emergencies Act despite protests being over” Superseded by today’s events, but still relevant. Why did he cancel the emergency today? Bank – run. Not generosity.

Tyranny: Canadian Parliament Votes for Emergencies Act Motion” A vote that will live in infamy. A century from now, Canadians will shake their heads in shame about this vote.

Majority of Democrats Support Justin Trudeau’s Crackdown on Freedom Convoy Protesters” 87% of Republicans disapprove, but 66% of Democrats approve. Remember that.

Trudeau-Style Tyranny Is Already Here” “As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown, Americans worry it could happen here. They’re too late. It already has.”

Italian police.

Glenn Greenwald: “The Neoliberal War on Dissent in the West

Losing control of the narrative?

7-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Choked, Put In Restraint Hold, Thrown Across Room For Not Wearing Mask In School” The school employee needs a long time-out. In prison.

Uppity parent, uppity child, concerned doctor.

The Nation Isn’t Divided, the Left Is Just Too Sick to Deal With” Both can be true. The nation is divided; the left is more numerous than you think. And they are nasty. This statement by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov reminds me of many blogs by Nitzakhon: “Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When a military boot crushes his b***s then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragic [sic] of the situation of demoralization.”

Washington and Lincoln Call the American People to Reclaim their Rights from Government

Daniel Greenfield: “The Left Goes Full Orwell” ‘”Freedom,” warned the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which is funded by the Trudeau government, is a word that has “become common among far-right groups.” To prove its point, the CBC quoted Elisabeth Anker, a George Washington University prof, who claimed that freedom is a “slippery concept” and that those on the right want “violent” freedoms that reject being “bound by norms of equality” or “norms to remedy inequality.”‘ And I know the type that will take the assertion of “experts” over the evidence of their own eyes. They are called leftists.

FBI: Thou shalt not think!

Victor Davis Hanson: “The Gathering Storm in the West” “…those who smear the truckers are mostly of the zoom and laptop class. Their chief agendas during the last two years of crisis were sheltering in place to avoid contact with anyone, while zooming and skyping to maintain and boost their already generous incomes. Few like Trudeau ever wondered how the elite remained fully employed, but rarely present at work—much less why millions of others were expected to scoff at the virus and come physically to work, while their incomes often dived or ended due to government lockdown policies. The muscular classes enjoyed no such exemptions. Their kids went to public schools that were shut down or required masks. Parents lost incomes as they stayed home to watch children that tenured teachers would not teach. Truckers had no such margin of safety or security, but were out among the public delivering food, fuel, clothing, and the appurtenances of the Western comfortable lifestyle. In our current inflationary spiral, they earned a bit more, while inflation made them poorer, while those they served earned far more. The truckers remind Western audiences that modern progressivism equates muscular labor and hourly wage compensation with a sort of Neanderthalism. That is, the unfortunate clingers supposedly never quite understood globalization, much less how an 8-billion-person market rewards those who type on keyboards and, in relative terms, punishes the supposedly less aware who physically deliver, fix, make, and repair things.” Fantastic!

The Responsibility of Intellectuals 2.0” “Are you as a member of the well-educated Western elite class prepared to explore the possibility that members of the sociological cohort to which you belong are capable of highly organized evil and deception rooted in a deep disdain for the core humanity and inherent dignity of all people? Are you open to imagining that people—to borrow a phrase much-loved in certain circles— “who look like you,” live in “nice” neighborhoods like you, and want all the markings of the good life for their children like you, are also capable of monstrous deeds and the propagation of extremely damaging herd-induced stupidities? Do you ever think of using the knowledge of history your prestigious education might have afforded you for something other than establishing favorable comparisons with the past that prop up the idea of Western man’s triumphant march of progress and, of course, your sociological cohort’s starring role within it? “

Jonathan Turley: “Public Health Scotland Stops Releasing Covid Data to Protect The Public From Reaching Bad Conclusions” Protecting us from ourselves.

Covid-19 Vaccines now have NEGATIVE Effectiveness among Triple Vaccinated as low as MINUS 206%” Negative effectiveness means you are more likely to become ill if you are injected.

CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for 33 MILLION Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show the vaccines as ineffective: FDA expert tells CDC to ‘tell the truth’” They work for us. Show us the data, or you’re fired.

Steve Kirsch: “Highly acclaimed peer-reviewed Bangladesh study shows that masks don’t work at all

Steve Kirsch again, following up on the Israel adverse event data release: “How rare are vaccine side effects? Not very rare at all

UVA Health calls for participants in COVID-19 medication study” including Ivermectin. Guaranteed they will rig the study by offering the medicine too late to be beneficial, or will underdose or overdose.

Some School Districts Cancel ‘Diversity’ Programs After Backlash

Critical Race Theory Makes Its Way Into Mandatory Trainings at Top US Medical Schools, New Database Shows” Poison.

Texas AG Declares Sex-Change Pro­ce­dures and Puber­ty Block­ers For Kids ​“Child Abuse” Under Texas Law” Common sense prevails.

Kyle Rittenhouse is aiming at accountability for the media, which sorely needs it.

Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for” Outrageous. Vindman blames the Putin invasion on Trump? Biden is the president!

FBI Still Silent on Murder of DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney” They probably already know the perpetrator.

Techno Fog: “Trump Transition data was passed to the CIA” They are not allowed to do domestic surveillance. But they did. The godless left does whatever they can get away with.



Sprott Money (and precious metals): “Russia, Ukraine Crisis, and De-dollarization

Sovereign Man: “Intellectual Freedom started with the Elon Musk of the 1600s” Isaac Newton – the Elon Musk of the 1600s? That’s a new one!

Greg Reese: “Big Bank’s Globalist Death Cult Announce Plans For Global Communism” The WEF’s description of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. 5 minutes.

Queens Jewish leader slams AOC for suggesting Israel ‘cages’ Palestinian kids” Thank you again, American Jewish leftists.

See you soon!

L’etat, c’est moi!

Justin Castreau warns Canadians: l’etat, c’est moi! (Sorry I can’t insert accents.)

Constitutional lawyers warn Ottawa Police to leave convoy protesters alone

Truckers in southern Alberta hold the line.

The Windsor front.

Ontario police move in on truckers blockading Ambassador Bridge

We Are All Truckers Now” Terrorist white supremacist blah blah… The left have terrorized the English language into incoherence.

Do you remember Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski, the Polish immigrant? Here are two short videos about his abuse in prison. Warning to you, Castreau: do not make a martyr of this man!

Matt Taibbi: “Justin Trudeau’s Ceauşescu Moment” And Matt is a liberal…

Again, this same comparison: “Oligarchy’s Response to the Freedom Convoy Bodes Ill for Them

Bill Maher on Trudeau: ‘Now You Do Sound Like Hitler’” One minute. If a “progressive” has lost Bill Maher…

Castreau is tone deaf: “‘Freedom Convoy’ Spreads As New Canada-US Border Crossing Shuts Down

Mayor Adams: Vaccine Mandates Will Remain Until 100% of New Yorkers are Vaccinated” In other words, forever.

Canberra rising.

Paris rising: “Nearly 360,000 protesters descend on Paris in convoy against vaccine mandates

French Police Break Car Windows, Beat Protesters as Freedom Convoy Bursts into Paris

This is a legal BIG deal: “Pharma Liability Shields Could Be at Risk if Fraud is Found, says Former Blackrock Investment Executive” “This could be game over for companies such as Moderna and other mRNA manufacturers, as big insurance is prepping to “square off” with big pharma over life insurance pay-outs linked to the COVID gene therapy jab, according to the Equity Investment Executive Edward Dowd.” And the pharma companies dragging their feet over releasing trial data raises suspicions of fraud – and fraud would remove their legal immunity protection.

More important news from Steve Kirsch: “Embalmer reveals 93% of cases died from the vaccine” “Anna Foster is an embalmer with 11 years of experience in Carrollton, MO. In this exclusive interview, she reveals that 93% of her last 30 cases died due to clots from the COVID vaccine.” Also, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “It sterilizes men for good.” Also, a warning from Dr. Luc Montagnier before he died: “If you have taken the third dose, go and take a test for AIDS.” Are you leftists paying attention yet?

649 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 404 Dead, After COVID Shot” The people running this website have received death threats. THOU SHALT NOT MOURN! Biden is in office and everyone must be HAPPY!

Deaths among Triple Vaccinated increased by 495% in January with the Vaccinated accounting for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Cases, Hospitalisations & Deaths since December

AstraZeneca uncovers what’s triggering blood clots after its jab: Vaccine acts like a magnet and attracts platelets which body mistakes for a threat and attacks” These cause “extremely rare” blood clots, according to the article. Well, that’s a relief.

Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowing” Don’t let them stick anything into you.

Hat tip, anonymous friend: “Pre-infection 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels and association with severity of COVID-19 illness” Here are data and graphs proving the association of high vitamin D levels with mild CoVID illness.

Will the ‘Unvaxxed’ Have the Last Laugh?” Technical details about why the alleged benefits of the injection are not real. We won’t be laughing. We will be burying millions of our fellows.


Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans to Spread Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics, and She Shares the Cure

A doctor writes: “Washington’s COVID Scam Killed Medical Freedom, and Americans” The article is full of reference links.

For some, the fall of mask mandates is causing a rise of paranoia” You must remain imprisoned so someone else doesn’t experience neurosis.

The indispensable Neil Oliver: we chose not to put children’s welfare first. Of course, if children’s welfare had mattered to anyone, Social Security would have been individualized decades ago, and we would have had vouchers and school choice.

Michael Snyder: “Right Now There Are Shortages Of 116 Different Pharmaceutical Drugs In The United States” The article contains a link to the FDA webpage listing the drugs in shortage. These are mostly injections or bags for IV drips. Apparently, America is incapable of producing saline water, or even pure water. Let’s go, Brandon!

It Is Possible For Putin To Get Crimea Without Force” We ask for God’s protection of Wolfie’s son, together with all God’s people, in the world’s conflict zones. I think this author strikes the right balance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

‘An Absolute Mad Rush’: Californians Reveal Why They’re Fleeing the State

Cultural enrichment: “Manhattan ad creative, 35, was butchered with her own kitchen knife by out-on-bail career criminal, 25, who followed her into her apartment, say cops, as he appears in court charged with murder

Why is Wokeism so attractive to so many?” “Wokeism offers pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf righteousness to anyone who bends the knee. It requires little effort, sacrifice, or intelligence. Simply believe, complain, criticize, and accuse—it’s that easy.” The author offers an antidote to those self-righteous lawn signs:

  • Truth matters.
  • Every person is unique.
  • Humans thrive in freedom.
  • Tyranny is worth resisting.
  • Politicians should serve people.
  • Individuals build families, families build nations.
  • God is real.

Killing civilization: Teaching schoolkids ‘the narrative’” “Any teacher who’d subordinate facts to narratives should immediately be ousted from education, no further questions asked. For the person is at best fatally corrupted, at worst a conscious corruptor and, either way, will be a child abuser in the classroom.”

House passes bill with GOP support to sanction foreigners who oppose LGBT agenda” Why are we trying to force other countries to give up their religious beliefs?

Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House servers to link Trump to Russia: Durham” Things are heating up! It’s just as exciting as watching a turkey defrost on the kitchen counter. One of these years…!

Trump Reacts to John Durham Spying Allegations: Worse than Watergate” Has it been mentioned on the establishment media? Probably not, or perhaps, “debunked”.

Maria Bartiromo EXPLODES Over Durham News” 1:40.

NEW FOOTAGE Shows Trained, Plainclothes Operatives Coordinating Break-In Through Capitol Window on January 6

Nebraska Joins Call for Convention of States to Amend US Constitution” I have mixed feelings about this. Yes, the Constitution needs to be amended. But a COS could be a runaway train. Even with a conservative outcome, the ruling class ignores the law when it suits them.

“The suicide of French Catholicism has reached the point where there is a Moslem prayer corner in the 2nd largest church in France.” WHAT??? Is there a Christian prayer corner in the mosque in Mecca?

The War Against Humanity” “Virgil famously remarked, well over 2,000 years ago: “The descent to hell is easy.”… On one side of the great divide in America are those who believe in standards of human value and action that transcend politics, applying principles that are independent of time and generation – the stand taken to heart by the founders of this country. On this side are people drawn to the freer atmosphere that prevails in that healthier human environment. On the other side of the divide, in ascendance over the past century and accelerating, are those who believe in standards of human value and action that are totally dependent upon “the times” – that is, upon continuous “change” in scientific discovery, technologic development, and political engineering for “what is best” for all of us… What is amiss regarding the ethics of deviant and tyrannical leaders has in fact been known since the beginning of civilization. Revving to modern time, it was Alexander Solzhenitsyn (surviving the hell of Communist dictatorship in Soviet Russia) who reminded us all of what is missing: “Men have forgotten God.””

THE OVERTON WINDOW AND BITCOIN” Watching the truckers and the donations to them, it certainly adds credibility to the value of crypto-currency. Right now Bitcoin’s total global value is about 7% that of gold. While gold is more than 4 times the size of Apple (the corporation with the largest market capitalization), Bitcoin is larger than all but 6 corporations in the world (Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Google, Amazon, and Tesla). (Note: silver is larger than Tesla.) When Bitcoin stabilizes, it will become more useful.

If You Can’t Trust Bitcoin, What Can You Trust?” Societies fail without trust. Imagine driving to the supermarket wondering whether other drivers will stay on the other side of the road, or whether they will respect traffic signals.

Federal Reserve board meeting today. I wonder what they discussed?

Sorry, but not sorry, about the length of these posts. Satan is busy. When he takes a vacation, then I will consider taking one. See you soon!

The injection toll: January, 2022

Here are the latest numbers from VAERS, current as of February 4, 2022, or the end of January, 2022. The 23615 deaths from CoVID injections is almost 2.5 times the total number of deaths due to all other vaccines combined since 1988, is almost 8 times the number of people murdered on 9/11. Together with the 42260 people with permanent disabilities, there are 65875 people with life-changing or life-ending outcomes from the CoVID injections.

Every serious adverse event is already far more serious in 2022 than the geometric mean of all other vaccines combined in 1991-2020. At the current pace, 2022 will be worse than 2021, if it continues this way to the end of the year, so expect the second bar in each group to rise.

Already, 2022 is an outlier year, lying outside the red dashed lines. The right side of the graph will get higher later this year.

The average age for a CoVID injection related death continues to fall. It is 0.77 years less than the average age of death for the whole population, and 1.70 years less than the average age of death for a CoVID death.

The number of CoVID injection adverse events reported each month remains tightly controlled at a close to constant level. I believe this suggests that there are a large number of reports backlogged on being displayed in the system. These curves should be rising or they should be falling. It is very unlikely that they would remain level.

Texas high school basketball player will never get CoVID. Ever.

Illinois high school basketball player will never get CoVID. Ever.

His college mandated that he get the injection. Now he will never get CoVID. Ever. “COVID-19 vaccine, myocarditis to blame for Southern Tier man’s death, deputy coroner says

Medical Murder: How “Covid Protocols” are Being Used for Eugenics” “Scott Schara is sharing the heartbreaking details of how hospital staff mistreated his daughter with Downs Syndrome and ultimately left her to die while he cried out for them to step in. You won’t believe all of the rules, regulations, and laws the hospital broke with seemingly impunity because of CARES ACT dictates that give the doctors immunity from liability. Don’t miss his warning to others so that no family has to go through what his has.” There is no humanity left in the “healthcare” system. They murder at will, and he can cry on Infowars. There is NO justice. We really are on our own.

What are you going to do about it, deplorable? It’s just a kid.

Yes, they lied. What are you going to do about it, deplorable?

The Countries Where Covid-19 Vaccination Is Mandatory

Infographic: The Countries Where Covid-19 Vaccination Is Mandatory | Statista

NY Dad Assaulted and Dragged Out of School Board Meeting for Not Wearing Mask” It’s for his own good! It’s absolutely nothing to do with their love of humiliating people!

Dramatic moment police dragged a naked woman by her HAIR along the ground during protest against Jacinda Ardern’s hardline vaccine policies

Were masks a waste of time?

Dr. Jessica Rose: “The HIV mountaineer has passed” Nobel prize winner and virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, discoverer of HIV, on humanity’s side, died within days after warning us that anyone who has had 3 injections (2 doses + 1 booster) should get tested for AIDS. It is a total coincidence.

What the Truckers Want” Guest column on Bari Weiss’s blog. “I’ve spoken to 100 of the protestors gathered in the Canadian capital. What’s happening is far bigger than the vaccine mandates.

Thought crimes. Consider it a warning. This time.

Trudeau warns trucker convoy crackdown coming following late-night meeting” Tiananmen Square in Ottawa?

The moronic Ottawa police returned the truckers’ fuel tanks – spiked with water. Well, that’ll show them! How do you expect to move the trucks with water in the tank? Dumb!

‘We Just Want Our Freedom’: Protesters at Windsor-Detroit Border Crossing Say They Will Continue Blockade

Biden Administration Urges Justin Trudeau to Use Federal Powers Against Trucker Blockade” Mind your own business, pedophile.

Ontario Imposes ‘State of Emergency’ Hours After Report It Considered Dropping Mandates

Canada: “B.C. man ordered not to discuss or share social media posts about COVID-19 vaccine with 11-year-old son” The ex-wife wants to jab the kids, he doesn’t.

In France, they discover that liberte is even more vital than egalite and fraternite.

America Next? Biden Stares Down Possibility of Massive Truck Protest Just Like the One in Canada” This is going global.

Senator Rand Paul on CoVID tyranny and civil disobedience. The left does it violently ALL THE TIME. Why can’t conservatives do it peacefully?

Was Our Intelligence Community Involved in Creating the Virus?” Give me a break. You can trust them 110%!

Dr. Robert Malone on Tucker Carlson Today“: the ownership of Moderna and Spotify overlap. Hm…

John Whitehead: “Dystopia Disguised as Democracy: All the Ways in Which Freedom Is an Illusion

When Will the COVID Emergency Be Over?” When we make it to be over?

YouTube Bans LGBT People From Finding Effective Treatment For Trauma” The elites want people to be sick and dependent.

Parent Livid After School Instructs 8th-Graders to Describe Sex Acts Using Pizza Toppings” These people are sick.

Rhode Island school holds celebrity event for those who ‘identify as students of color or multiracial’” Illegal, but – what are you going to do about it, deplorable?

2020 election fraud.

Capitol Police Issue an Unbelievable Statement After Accusations of Spying on Congress” Republicans are asking Pelosi to investigate. Ha. Haha. Hahaha.

Republicans press archivist against certifying Equal Rights Amendment” Using a trick to amend the Constitution?

Victor Davis Hanson: “Why Ideology Is the Ancient Enemy of Civilization

Daniel Greenfield: “Countdown to National Bankruptcy

Biden Confuses 3 Different Countries Then Acts Openly Disgusted in Brutal 9-Second Clip That Aired Nationwide” They insisted that Trump take a cognitive test. Well???

Tennessee mother complains: Bible teacher told class ‘how to torture a Jew’” Awful.

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