The censorship is decreasing slightly – why?

POST VAX CLOTS: THE LATEST LAB ANALYSIS FROM MIKE ADAMS” Very important. Mike uses his lab expertise to break down the content of the strange “clots”. 5 minutes.

Children’s Health Defense: “15% of American Adults Diagnosed With New Condition After COVID Vaccine, Zogby Survey Finds” – such as blood clots, heart attack, liver problems, stroke, autoimmune disorder, dysmenorrhea (disrupted menstrual cycle); up to 22% so diagnosed in a second survey. The astonishing thing? The presence of a significant number of people who were harmed by the shots, perhaps permanently, but who are still glad they got the shots. The cognitive disconnect is off the charts. Covidians, as Nitzakhon says. Again, very important.

Dr. Malone speaking with Bret Weinstein on injection injuries. Intelligent, high-level discussion. Make your smart-alec acquaintances tell you what part of this discussion is incorrect. It’s shocking that Youtube has let this stand, no red flags. Why? What do the powers that be have planned now? 18 minutes.

Kim Iversen deep dive on the injections and mRNA -> DNA. 12 minutes.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Shocking Testimonies From the Covid Jab Injured” “It’s been shown with controversial topics like abortion and the border crisis that hearing from the people most affected by problems can change hearts and minds. Will it work for the jabs?” This lengthy article is a keeper. Dr. Mercola concludes the article with natural strategies for fighting the disease, and the injections. However, you should view the two embedded videos. “Greg Reese: The Covid Genocide” is 12 minutes long; “MRNA Vaccine Genocide” is 1 hour 37 minutes (I could only handle the first 4-1/2 minutes).

A brave healthcare worker admits she was wrong about the injections.

Rep. Thomas Massie: the injection does not stop the spread.

Doug McKean, Grammy-Winning Engineer + My Chemical Romance Producer, Dead at 54” At least he will never get CoVID!

Three types of long COVID identified with different symptoms” Remember, the original bioweapon is not itself harmless. Its creators must be tracked down and held accountable.

Reader leavemygunsalone sent in a comment with a link to an alarming Facebook thread. The source of the allegations is an author on Substack. Here, she gives her column to another investigator. “The Truth: Admissions from High Places” “Studies Show Covid Vaccines May Suppress Immune system” “CDC Hides Data

Brought to you by Pfizer.

Kids take on the FDA. 2:20.

Great Reset.

Apple, GE, other major US companies ask Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action” Big business is not a friend to the common person. They are leftists.

Speaking of big business…

I feel sorry for this girl, but angry at either her parents or her teachers.

Mind control: “The New Age of Orwellianism” Changing the meaning of words.

Senior Economist ‘Fact Checked’ By Facebook For Saying U.S. Is In Recession” They changed the definition. Then they gaslit the public, saying they did not change anything.

Grothman seeks answers on Biden policy giving IDs to illegal immigrants” A sternly worded letter is no response to invasion and treason.

Biden Sees Stunning Loss of Support Among Asian Americans” About time. Asians have been hit hard by the leftist support for “affirmative action” and for violent criminals. I hope they have a survival instinct.

Speaking of crime targeting Asians…

Non-woke liberals describe ‘living hell’ caused by Minneapolis homeless encampments” But she insists on remaining a liberal. Conclusion? The ‘living hell’ has not been bad enough. Let them suffer more, until they figure out we were right all along.

Teenage pro-life activist allegedly punched in the face while knocking on doors in Kansas” It’s OK because the attacker was passionate, or something. I don’t expect any consequences to the attacker.

NYC McDonald’s worker shot over cold french fries” Now he’s dead.

Trans cheerleader, 25, is given assault citation after ‘choking out’ teammate, 17, who called her [really him] a ‘man with a penis’ at cheer camp as video taken afterwards shows attacker saying ‘I barely touched her’” I hope women enjoy the new liberal world the majority of them voted for.

Fox News Banning Trump From Network” Howie Kurtz says it’s not true. Lou Dobbs could not be reached for comment.

Julie Kelly: “The FBI Twice Interfered in the 2020 Election to Sabotage Trump. Now What?” “The evidence is amassed and verified—the only unknown is what Republicans will do next.” It is not unknown. Nothing will happen.

Guy Reffitt Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months For Protesting Outside Capitol on January 6th. Prosecution’s Request for Terrorism “Upwards Departure” Denied! HIS SON JACKSON ASKED FOR MAXIMUM SENTENCE FOR HIS DAD IN LETTER TO COURT!” The son is a real head case.

Man who phoned in threat to Rep. Matt Gaetz is sentenced to home confinement” No doubt his expenses will be paid by a wealthy leftist. ‘Eugene Huelsman left a voicemail in which he called Gaetz, a controversial Florida Republican, a “tyrant” and said he was going to “put a bullet in you.”‘ Oh, I’m sorry, TPTB decided that Gaetz is “controversial”, so I guess terroristic threats are OK.

Trump’s Lawyers Are Preparing Legal Defenses Against Criminal Charges” Can we prosecute Obama for being president while not being a natural-born citizen?

Supreme Court to hear case on ‘independent legislature’ elections theory” The theory that the Constitution should actually be followed, which seems to be a “far-right” interest.

‘The View’ Invites Florida Governor Ron DeSantis On Their Show, His Team Destroys Them” The things they said about him are the most atrocious slander. The current state of the law on this topic is sad.

Taiwan chip giant head warns war would devastate global supply” That is why I just got a new phone. Coming soon, a column on the errors of neocons AND paleocons.

A 1,000+ Year Old Idea is the Latest Cryptocurrency Trend” The Knights Templar apparently started this. Amazing!

DeSantis is the man.

Steve Bannon Launches ‘New Financial System’ For ‘Patriots’ Amid Bans By Payment Processors & Govts” It’s the Freedom-Jobs-Business (FJB) blockchain network. Love Bannon!

Victor Davis Hanson: “Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal?” Great theoretical treatment. But we all know that Republicans are too gentlemanly to defend themselves.

The Earth Just Started Spinning Faster Than Ever Before And Scientists Don’t Know Why” OK, the earth has just been recorded rotating in 1.6 milliseconds less than the standard 24 hours. A day only took 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59.9984 seconds. Don’t say I ignored this!

Food for thought…


See you later!

1 thought on “The censorship is decreasing slightly – why?

  1. Down here in SE FL,I see no signs of letting up on the “get your vaccine” propaganda.Regularly see commercials (FDA) on tv promoting it,complete with the sad music and pictures of little children and grandma,who will be killed because YOU didn’t get the vaccine.Not unlike the quivering dogs and cats in a typical ASPCA commercial.

    People still wearing mask too,alone by themselves,in the car with the windows rolled up…hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.Such a shame.May the Lord bless us all.Pax vobis.

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