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Playing with fire

Trudeau Is Playing with Fire” Well, maybe not. He is hiding very well.

Five Freedoms: Julie Ponesse’s Speech to the Trucker Convoy” Do you remember Dr. Julie Ponesse, the philosopher who was fired from a Canadian university for refusing to get the jab? I wrote about her under the title “Tears of a philosopher”. She addressed the truckers rallying in Ottawa. There is also an 11-minute video of her talk. “You are reminding us that we will never allow our governments to terrorize us, segregate us + break us again. That we just need to stand up and take back what belonged to us all along. The last two years will be remembered by our children as the most catastrophic moral failure of our generation. But I believe they will also be remembered as the time that woke a sleeping giant. And that giant is truth. The thing about the truth is, it’s buoyant, it is lighter than lies and deception. It always rises to the top. To everyone here today, I know what it is to feel small and insignificant and powerless. The words and actions of one person, might not feel like they can do much. But when we band together, all of our small voices roar like a convoy! The strength of all of us together is unstoppable. Our freedom already belongs to us but we need to remember that sometimes we have to fight if we want to keep it. We will never stop fighting for our freedom, for our children, for our country.”

Truckers arrive in Canberra, the Australian capital. A trucker opens the video. 8 minutes.

‘Convoy to DC 2022’ Gaining Steam as American Truckers Begin to Organize” American spring? Just beware of federal infiltration.

You weren’t really surprised, were you? Stop using Facebook!

YouTube doing their part: “YouTube’s new censorship tactic is to limit streams that are too popular” That is coverage of the Canadian truckers. Biden speeches from the White House set have never had this problem of overpopularity. Stop using YouTube!

Next: “Canadian freedom convoy GoFundMe ‘under review’ after raising over $10 million” What did you expect? Stop using GoFundMe!

I am almost envious – if it weren’t for Sweden’s “guests”…

Covid-19 Vaccines are projected to cause 62.3 Million Cardiovascular Deaths in 2022 Worldwide

Some People Will Follow Authority – “The Science” – to Their Doom” I spoke with a friend earlier today. His wife, the only injected person in the household, suffered a severe case of CoVID, while the other household members had only mild symptoms. Apparently, her experience taught her nothing but the salvific effect of devotion to “THE science”.

Army to immediately start discharging vaccine refusers” This should do wonders for military readiness.

Attorneys Report Spike in Calls for Help From Families of Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19” “Attorneys around the country report an alarming uptick in calls for help from families of patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Some say they’ve talked to family members who were arrested after trying to visit a loved one or to speak with a doctor after communications with the hospital were cut off. Attorneys told The Epoch Times about a wide variety of instances of what they call abuse, including hospitals preventing visits from family, failing to provide nutrition and fluids, and coercing patients to agree to treatments they’d already refused multiple times—such as being placed on a ventilator.” Horrifying. It is medical imprisonment; it is refusal to treat; it is malpractice; it is separation of families. The “healthcare” system are lining up to be the new Nazis.

“How Many More Until We’re All Grieving” – 28-Year-Old Woman Speaks Out After Suffering Functional Neurological Disorder Following Pfizer Vaccination” Look at this gorgeous woman before – and the video after. She has dozens of diseases now. All I want is for the Big Pharma folks, the media, the politicians, and the “healthcare” people who pushed this to get triple-jabbed with the full-strength concoction.

Lab leak conspiracy mashup!

Here we go again! “FDA Grants Full Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax COVID Vaccine — Another ‘Bait-and-Switch?’” Just like Pfizer’s Comirnaty, the approved version isn’t available in America. The version that is available is still under EUA. What???

Loudoun County is getting a national reputation for hating their own kids and parents.

Not to be outdone, this story is another horror show: “Single Father Put on House Arrest After School Guards Frame, Allegedly Assault Him After They Locked His 7-Year-Old Son Out of Gym For Not Wearing Face Mask” America will need some serious de-nazification.

Rabbi Chananya Weissman: “The Covid Cult and the Ten Commandments” Wow. Rav Weissman pulls no punches on this one. He argues that the CoVID cult have violated all 10 of the famous commandments. “In sum, covid cultists strike out on all of the Ten Commandments. These include the most fundamental crimes against God and Man, upon which all of civilization rests. Those who have been ensnared by this cult must abandon it and return to God. Those who run the cult must be exposed and brought down. Then there will be true joy upon the earth.” Those who run the cult – and those who work for it and with it.

Judicial Watch Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit for Mass. High School Teacher Fired for Social Media Posts Objecting to Critical Race Theory in Schools

Massachusetts teacher fired over TikTok school board campaign video on CRT files federal lawsuit” This is a different case.

Will We Ever Eradicate the Cancer of Identity Politics?” Yes, if we are willing to criminalize the Democrat party and any party that resembles it.

Multiple Public Schools Host ‘Week of Action’ for Black Lives Matter Curriculum, including Disruption of Nuclear Family

Here is a different type of professor. Then they wonder why their declamations are not more widely respected, as society’s natural leaders. Maybe NY AG Letitia James can investigate him rather than Trump.

‘Someone Opened the Doors From the Inside,’ Jan. 6 Defense Attorney Says” Video shows it. The doors are virtually impossible to breach, short of an artillery charge, unless they are opened from the inside.

Biden Voter Furious That Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Her Daughter Will Not Be Deported” It is a tragedy, but this is exactly what she voted for.

Love this lady, Kari Lake. What a sad little cub reporter, trying to play the gotcha game with someone in the business for decades. “Do you believe that…?” It is a modern Inquisition.

Be Grateful for Global Warming” “Human and climate history reveal that we should welcome the warmth and fear the cold, quite the opposite of the story the Climate Industrial Complex peddles.” I believe the “environmental” movement shares a common goal with the “vaccine” movement: depopulation. The “environmentalists” need to be cautious. If they cut atmospheric carbon dioxide by more than about 60%, they may well kill off all multi-cellular life on earth.

Michael Snyder: “A Geology Insider Explains Why The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Get Much, Much Worse” This will affect fertilizer capacity and ultimately food availability.

Facebook (FB) stock peaked at $382 in September 2021; now trading at $237, down 38%; 26% in one day! One Twitter user blames this on FB’s promotion of “vaccine misinformation”, because FB is too far to the right. Eh???

PayPal stock closes down 24% in worst-ever trading day” Another leftist big tech firm.

President of El Salvador asks if the destruction of American cities is a ‘deliberate plan’” You know the answer.

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