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More vaccine dangers

Friends, I would like to share with you a 4-1/2 minute video from an Irish genetics professor, warning of the extreme danger from the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. The article includes a transcription of this talk.

There has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus before; that is not much of a problem. It is much more serious that there has never been a mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine before. The professor in the video believes it can cause a massive and permanent auto-immune reaction, leading to organ failure.

Nitzakhon, a friend of this blog, kindly sent a powerful testimony from a nursing home CNA (certified nursing assistant). This kindly gentleman, and part-time pastor, stated that his nursing home lost no patients to coronavirus in all of 2020. Once the residents received their mRNA vaccinations, the neurological reactions were severe, and people started dying.

Our household is going to wait for the more traditional vaccines. In the meantime, remember to prepare for home treatment in accordance with the recommendation of the AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons).

I have more of my standard posts planned for next week, probably about three. But I would like to survey your preferences. I browse many blogs daily. I often see interesting news articles or analyses that indicate the direction of the culture. They could be of interest to you. However, I do not want to overwhelm your e-mail inbox. I know from personal experience that this is a fast turn-off for me from any website.

It would be nice if WordPress allowed the user to consolidate notifications into one per day or one per week; I don’t know if that is possible for this blog. Until I discover the answer to that question, I would like to know what you prefer. Should I post especially interesting items not authored by me as separate posts? Or do you prefer that I stay at the current pace of two to three original articles per week? Let me know in the comments, and have a great weekend.

The republic is dead; hail the oligarchy

Eichah” (the first word of the book of Lamentations). Speak a lament, for the mighty Republic is dead; Mr. Franklin, we could not, or would not, keep it. It was, we thought, “the last, best hope of earth”, Mr. Lincoln. We lost it because it was only suitable for a virtuous people, Mr. Adams, and we would not undertake the unpleasant duty of forcefully cleansing vice, Mr. Jefferson. King David, you told us that “You who love the Lord [must] hate evil” (Psalms 97:10); instead we accommodated ourselves to it.

A deliberately degraded, coarsened populace lost interest in the classical virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance), self-governance, and independent thought, preferring to be fed tidbits of approval in the form of “likes” on social media, that echoes monolithically the truisms of the news media and academia. Those who deviate from the standard narrative are, in the words of Pelosi, “enemies of the state”. Note well her words: not “enemies of the people”, but rather “enemies of the state”; and so indeed we are.

Our rulers are not God, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, but rather the unelected and unholy junta of Bezos, Cook, Dorsey, Fauci, Gates, Pichai, Soros, Zuckerberg, and others – and the people rejoice in their bondage.

This outstanding article by Angelo Codevilla analyzes the shock of the past four years to the deep state, and their willingness to weaponize a pandemic and racial tensions to destroy the Constitution and the Republic:

A new birth of freedom may awaken in Texas. State representative Kyle Biedermann has filed HB 1359, the “Texas Independence Referendum Act”. This act does not call directly for independence, but rather a November, 2021 referendum on “Texit”. Texit is not secession, but rather a process of negotiation like Brexit:

Conservatives in other states appear very interested in this process, as well they should be. The current corrupt regime will tell you what to think and who to hate:

The regime will not permit free elections again:

Twenty-two million illegal aliens, new states of DC and Puerto Rico, permanent universal mail-in voting, and a stacked Supreme Court will cement a permanent cultural marxist stamp on this land. Republicans who dream of a comeback in 2022 or 2024 are delusional.

As we prepare our new America, I have turned to reading critically important documents overlooked in our civic education: not merely the somewhat well-known Federalist Papers, but their equally important, and arguably more prescient counterpart, the Anti-Federalist Papers. An editor compiled the latter set of writings into a set of 85 essays, matching the 85 essays in the former collection. Thus it is easy for me to read essay 1 in each collection one day, essay 2 in each collection the next day, and so on.

Although the idiom is unmistakably 18th century, I assure you that the content is riveting and absolutely current. It is easy to assume that the authors are writing about today’s top political concerns. Conservatives have identified themselves for decades with the Federalists ( for example, the Federalist Society). Under the current regime, patriots are far more likely to understand the concerns of the Anti-Federalists, and perhaps to wish they had won their argument. The future constitution of a new America must incorporate Anti-Federalist philosophy.

Please join me:

Comparative political and economic power of the states

I would like to share some infographics I prepared for you. First, I was interested in the effects the upcoming reapportionment, and statehood plans for DC and Puerto Rico, would have on the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. I used the Census Bureau’s population estimates from 2019 to do these calculations.

The number of representatives is fixed at 435 by the Reapportionment Act of 1929. New representatives for DC and Puerto Rico would be taken from existing states, which are themselves subject to population change. The Senate would increase to 104 members, bringing us to a total of 539 electors, of which DC already has 3. It would still take 270 electors to win.

The graph below shows states whose representatives would change with blue bars; changing numbers of electors are shown in orange.

Puerto Rico can be expected to have 4 representatives and 6 electors, a real change. Texas gains 2 representatives and electors at New York’s expense. Other results are mixed. Of course, we still don’t know if the migrants from California to Texas and from New York to Florida plan to assimilate to and celebrate the political culture of their destination, or if they prefer to re-create the mess from which they fled.

The second graphic depicts the GDP of the 50 states and DC divided into 51 slices by the size of the state economies. Starting at the top and going clockwise, you have the most conservative states shown in blue, gradually becoming swing states in purple, then becoming farther left in red as you return to the top.

The conservative slice of the pie does not enlarge substantially by the defection of the rural, conservative parts of California, Illinois, and New York, for example, because most of the GDP is created in the metropolitan areas.

I agree with critics who hold that GDP (per capita) does not alone measure quality of life. However, a pastoral land, like all lands, cannot be held without the credible threat of force. A nation needs purchasing power to have security. That purchasing power is only created by growth and/or the manufacture of valuable goods and services.

The kind of lifestyle implied in survivalist blogs, living in a rough-hewn log cabin in a primeval forest on the side of a mountain miles from the nearest paved road, does not facilitate the social interactions of a civilization, nor can it support the sick and the elderly. A society that does not want its life expectancy to regress significantly cannot be constituted solely as a redoubt. Yes, I am aware that thanks to various leftist policies, our life expectancy already is diminishing. But we cannot succeed without Texas and hopefully Florida as well.

The graph suggests to me that a large part of America needs to hang together to make secession work. Here are two interesting articles from the last few days:

One last map divides the United States into the three groups from the pie chart. The purple states have strong conservative traditions among the populace, but the elected Republican officials fold like a lawn chair. Only a determined and united movement in the conservative states can preserve freedom for the conservatives in the purple states.


Languages are fascinating to me. “Scapegoat” – what is that? A goat that escapes? Actually, yes. In the original Hebrew, it is ‘azauzeil, usually transliterated as Azazel.

Thousands of years ago, in the time of the Tabernacle and the Holy Temple, offerings were made. Not sacrifices to appease an enraged deity or to “feed” him, but rather offerings. The offerings were almost always eaten by the priests and their families. Ritually sanctifying the act of eating a meal raised consciousness about our dependence on God.

Our dependence on God is so great that our violations of God’s laws puts us at risk of losing our lives. The animal offering in particular makes this risk visible. In a time without a Temple, such as the Babylonian exile, the prophet Hosea said “Let our lips [meaning prayer] substitute for the bulls [meaning offerings].” On fast days, a prayer is added connecting the diminution of our own blood and fat to the offering of the day.

Not all sins are created equal. Some are more serious than others. Some may be atoned through daily offerings. The more serious ones are atoned on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kipur. In the days of the Tabernacle and Temple, a goat would be driven out of the camp into the desert and off a cliff, symbolically carrying off the sins of the nation: thus, the scapegoat.

I have been thinking sadly about the scapegoat’s modern human counterpart, President Trump. I have never seen such over-the-top, manic, hysterical rage about a good man. Not a perfect man (and who is?), but the kind of patriot we have not seen among politicians since President Reagan, hard-working and generous, who did this thankless job for free. Not once did he initiate or incite the genocide with which his enemies charged him; indeed he stopped wars and concluded more peace treaties than several recent presidents combined.

We spoke once about projection by the left: We could easily have added virtue-signaling to that discussion. In the left’s zero-sum world, their virtue can be established only by destroying a good man and all who follow him. He exulted in achieving the lowest level ever recorded for black unemployment – clearly the sign of a racist!

I do not believe that one’s account with God is put into good standing by destroying an innocent man. Yet that is the suggestion of a professor (of course!), to be applied to 74 million Trump voters: Multiple banks have closed Trump’s accounts. Golf tours will avoid his courses. New York City will not do business with him. Twitter banned him. He is being “unpersonned”, and so will be every American who loves God, the flag, and the Constitution.

We really need our own country, to separate from these insane psychopaths. They could easily carry out another French-Russian-German-Chinese style revolution. I do not like hyperbole. I believe this is literally true.

At the bottom of this blog is a new section containing links to the American Redoubt movement and the Texas Nationalist Movement. Happily, I have now located a third website promoting peaceful secession: Their proposed boundaries are a compromise between the state-level and county-level maps I created, and appear quite feasible to me:

Here are two short videos by Red-State Secession (poorly produced, unfortunately):

If we could get those several movements to combine into one, it would be more effective.

Tears of an Immigrant

Mrs. Surak is stoic. She does not usually reveal her negative feelings. That is what happens when you grow up in a totalitarian society, where people are forbidden from asking questions or disagreeing with authority. That is what happens when you grow up in a snitch society, when humanity is reduced to its ugliest level: if I cannot be happy, I will make sure you are miserable too.

In China, she saw the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. This part was unforgettable.

“O brave new world, that has such people in it!” Born a questioner, a thinker, a scientist, a philosopher, she knew she had to come to the land of freedom, America – and so she did, near the end of President Reagan’s second term.

But the American people have been so well protected by our mighty armed forces, that we do not know the misery suffered by other countries, usually at their own hands. Sometimes that suffering is motivated by corruption and greed; sometimes by bad ideas; and often a toxic mixture of the two.

The cognitive elite are in a very good position to inflict misery on their countrymen, assuring themselves that the suffering of others is for their own good. For example: “We will not let you see doctors or get medical screening or treatment because… you might get sick. You are not smart enough to make that decision for your own lives. We will put on lab coats and get on television and tell you what you may and may not do.” For example: the governments of Australia and the United Kingdom putting their entire countries under house arrest until further notice.

That could not happen here in America, could it? But it did. Recapitulating the Bezmenov stages: 1) demoralization (decades of cultural marxist anti-Western propaganda in schools, media, and entertainment); 2) destabilization (pandemic); 3) crisis (race riots); 4) normalization (25,000 troops patrolling the nation’s capital in search of a red MAGA cap, the alleged equivalent of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorism according to the “experts”).

The election was stolen brazenly before our eyes. The brazen criminals gaslighted us and told us we were imagining things.

The cognitive elite deny us the ability to communicate freely; to travel freely; to work freely; to vote in a fair election; to receive impartial justice. They have taken everything away from us.

Now, my wife says, America is China. She says that Chinese people will not sleep tonight, terrified that the last hope of freedom on earth will fall; so they have already written in their VPN-protected comments on Chinese blog sites. No one is sleeping – she laughed uneasily – “Nessun dorma” (ironically from an opera about China) – the theme of the 2016 Trump campaign. I played her Pavarotti’s rendition – and the tears fell.

Not misty, wistful tears. Rather, the realization that America is dead. Your worst nightmares are about to come true. The left has been clear: EVERY Trump supporter, 74 million of us, are to be denied a livelihood, if you do not actively affirm “critical social justice” dogma. Ideally, you will assist in their desired depopulation of this planet, particularly if you are a conservative Christian or Jewish heterosexual white male, by taking pre-emptive action against yourself.

She said many times how much she hated Chinese culture. Each time, I replied: it has nothing to do with Chinese culture; it is human nature. Alexander Tytler made a well-known forecast about the lifespan of societies, and it looks like he will be correct about the USA.

Very well, then. It is our fate to live in one of the “interesting” times of human history. It is a time where the old will die, and something new can take its place.

I would very much like to see an alliance between the Texas Nationalist Movement and the American Redoubt These two movements are not quite the same, but I think they are likely to be sympathetic to each other, and could be helpful to one another – especially if they are joined by all the states due north of Texas. That would join the regions together into a much stronger whole. Joining with Florida would make such a union into a viable independent nation.

Readers of this blog know that I am not a Pollyanna. I believe in a realistic assessment of where we stand, lest we fall to unrecognized dangers. We must balance two realizations: 1) the future will not be like the past, but 2) freedom still lives in the hearts of many Americans. Separation is likely the only way that most Americans will be happy.

These are a few of my favorite Psalms

Friends of Surak, I don’t know how much time we have left before the Great Reset. I wanted to share with you a list of some of my favorite Psalms, which you can read in the King James Version here: In increasing order of length they are:

117, 134, 100, 15, 93, 150, 128, 23, 121, 130, 67, 98, 111, 24, 29, 148, 27

Every one of these plays an important role in Jewish prayer, either on a daily or weekly or annual basis. When times are exceedingly stressful as they are now, and I find it difficult to commence the regular order of prayers written in the days of the Second Temple, these Psalms unlock the doors of my heart. I would be interested to know which Psalms are special for you.

I leave you with a special treat: Canticum Canticorum (Song of Songs), a cycle of 29 motets on Latin translations of the Biblical text, as set by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina in 1584 for five voices.