The Unified War

Dear readers,

I have just published my first essay on Substack, entitled “The Unified War”.

It is an extended essay on many of the topics we discuss regularly. I think you will find it intriguing. Please click through and let me know what you think. Also, subscribe to my Substack while you are there!

Mrs. Surak’s operation is Tuesday morning. Please pray for our safety and for her complete and speedy healing. For Jewish readers, her Hebrew name is Miriam bas Sarah (Ashkenazi) or Miriam bat Sarah (Sefardi). I hope to speak with you later this week.

6 thoughts on “The Unified War

  1. Surakvulcan takes a stand, for Truth, Freedom and the (North) American way!  So what is that way?  It is “plain spoken” and unadorned; it is wanting to get to know your neighbours (in case you need their help) and “thinking about their wants and needs”; it is self-reliance and “willingness to lend a hand”; it is “show me”, but “don’t tread on me”; it is “live and let live” and a “true North, strong and free”.  It is service to others: World War One; World War Two; Korea; Viet Nam; Afghanistan, none of which were in our back yard, but were in our world!  Is that because we are blood thirsty and desire the death of our best and brightest? 

    Don’t let your political enemies define you.  Just look at the cenotaphs in any jurisdiction, or visit the war cemeteries in the above countries; why would a people want to die for others?  Because we are different, modeled on the example of the family we grew up in: we may squabble like dogs and cats but we are still in this together.  Some of us are, anyway.

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  2. B”H wishing for a successful operation and speedy recovery. Please let us know when you can how things are.

    Interesting… I am Ashkenazi thru and thru, but I use Sephardic pronounciations. Always throws me off when I am at Chabad and everyone is using Ss instead of Ts.

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