Grading the states

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the performance of the states on the 8 metrics presented in yesterday’s blog entry:

Rather than present precise quantitative data, we choose to divide the states into 5 classes on each of the 5 metrics. The classes are called A (best), B, C, D, and F (worst), and are roughly but not exactly the same size.

StateScoreCoVID death rateCook PVIunemployment 2019-20fertility rateviolent crimehomicidedomestic migrationarable land per capita

No state scores straight A’s, but two states, Idaho and Utah, score consistently A’s and B’s. Those two states plus Wyoming, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Wisconsin have grades consistently in the A-B-C range. Again, many of these scores and grades would change substantially if measured at a county-wide level, even in the lowest scoring states.

Yesterday’s blog post mentioned some secession movements. There are interesting maps to go with those projects. Here are the maps for Illinois, Oregon, and Virginia. See more at Red State Secession (link at the bottom of the blog page).


Of course, moving state boundaries only delays, briefly, the conflict with the left. Secession from the union is the only non-violent solution to that problem.

6 thoughts on “Grading the states

  1. I have to admit I agree (in general) with your system for grading until…

    You drop down to the county level; eliminate 4 counties in Wisconsin and we would be all A/B. The vast majority of Wisconsin (by productive member wealth generation) is Conservatives. Maybe we can trade the cities of Milwaukee, Kenosha and Madison to Illinois for our freedom!

    In fairness I have to really ponder this a bit. I do know one thing, two years ago you could never have convinced me that we must give up on part of our fine nation. Now, you can’t convince me otherwise. What I can’t stand is what happens to the good people, families, hard working and God Fearing people stuck inside the boundaries of territories we are willing to “give” away.

    I owe them a chance to fight for their future… If they choose to fight for their home then I will have to pick up my rifle and help them!

    God Save America!
    God Protect Jews and Christians Everywhere!

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    1. I think we are on the same page, my friend. My hope is that a core of states are liberated from the left. They then provide the resources to allow the secession of rural regions of purple states. Indeed, as I mentioned, our national problems are caused by about 1% of all the counties.

      In your area, I would support a separation of the Chicago metro area, joined to Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Madison, seceding from Illinois and Wisconsin to become a separate state. The remainder of Illinois and Wisconsin would be revealed to be substantially more conservative.

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  2. I talked to an official of the Campbell County board in Virginia … although the city where I work in is an independent city … and he said that a measure to separate the county from Virginia and become part of West Virginia may very well be on the ballot, next year. He actively supports this, and hopes that I will speak to other folks about it – which I will do, of course.

    When I’ve talked about it to others, their main concern is their gun rights, followed by the flood of “immigrants” from DC. Those immigrants … open Leftists all … want everything to stay is it is (for some reason, they don’t seem to like firearms). Also, more liberty is what they detest the most.

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    1. That is great news, Wolfie. This campaign would be far more effective if it were done simultaneously with all the other counties in the Shenandoah Valley and western Virginia; see the map in the article.

      I would love to talk with one of those leftist immigrants and ask him/her, what is it that you like so much about this area? How did it get to be this way? What did you not like about the place you left? How did it get to be that way? And how do you plan to preserve what is attractive about this area? If you want to change it, why would you want to live here at all?

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  3. Why Democracies Collapse
    The decline of America has many causes but just one solution: start over. Anyone who has followed Bill Bonner is familiar with his fair-minded analysis of why we are going to ‘hell in a hand basket’. Along with debasement of currency and morality (which is an emergent feature of free markets) there is the human tendency to ‘game the system’ which is part of (play) learning but also corruption of morality (serving self instead of duty). As John Glubb points out, empires (or distinct cultures) have a “sell by date” of about 250 years
    Nigel Farage, leader of the ‘Leave’ campaign in Britain, is here in America bringing hope to millions who are reeling from the assault on democracy in the free world. (watch the video). Nobody likes to be ‘told what to do’ when it is against their better judgment . All decent people live by the slogan, “there but for the Grace of God, go I”, realizing that they too could be made wrong. When someone “makes you wrong” they are putting you in a box of their own design to more easily persuade themselves and the mob to demonize you. It is characteristic of fighting, either innocently (with your sibling) or malignantly (Hamas vs. Israel).
    The antisemitism that is endemic in socialist enclaves (Democrats in U.S., Labour in Britain, Liberals in Canada, Hamas in Palestine, the European Union) could be the weak link that exposes their bigotry towards others both economically and politically. We need our own “Libertexit” to rally voters all over North America to fight the domination of the bullying Left. I wonder how we could engage Britain’s own version of Donald Trump?

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