Memorial Day, 2021

Readers of this blog will remember what the vice-president* of the United States forgot: the meaning of Memorial Day.

Some of our fellow Americans gave their last full measure of devotion – because we asked them to – and because greater love hath no man than this.

Along with reverence of God and empathy, gratitude is the fundamental virtue. We will say their names. Their short lives were given to build better lives for others.

The country for which they sacrificed no longer exists within its traditional boundaries; it is a dead man walking. The true country shelters in our restless hearts, until we realize it again in its new home: New America.

I offer you, on this day, one possible design for a flag for our new home. The idea came from observing the common elements among the flags of five Nordic nations (an idea which was once briefly considered for Germany as well), and then overlaying motifs from the existing American flag.

This is no intended slight of the Celtic, Romance, or Slavic countries; it is just that there is no equally obvious theme for the flags of those groups. Suggestions are welcome!

10 thoughts on “Memorial Day, 2021

  1. Remembering today all our fellow countrymen who made the ultimate sacrifice…may our Lord keep them in His grace for eternity.Amen.

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    1. Remember …

      In Vietnam, my spotter and best friend was a red-haired, freckle-faced young kid named Donald Smith, whom everyone called Smitty. Everyone loved him as a brother. He was good-natured, friendly, and faithful to his purpose in being in that hellhole, to a fault.

      Together, we would scour the countryside looking the always elusive Viet Cong. We hunted them like deer, because they used game trails that were somewhat elusive to other kids who might have grown up in a city, and never went hunting. We would ambush the Cong! Smitty would then use his “burst” radio to inform our contacts at base of any action, or prisoners that needed to be picked up.

      On the last day of his life, we were preparing for the first assault up what would come to be known as “Hamburger Hill”, which started on May 9, 1969. However, we were “far from danger” …famous last words. On the other side, the enemy had moved up some 152mm howitzers. We were walking towards what served as our “hooch”, and he was taking the lead. He had told a joke, and was laughing, when the first of those 152mm shells burst slightly to his right, and about five feet away from him. Eighty-five pounds of high explosive, along with shrapnel, exploded and blew Smitty’s body in half, at the waist. The top half of his body struck me with such force that it broke several bones and the explosive concussion of the shell blew out my inner ears, rendering me totally deaf.

      I don’t know how long I was unconscious, but when I awakened, I saw everyone in our unit firing into the jungle. My rifle was broken in half. So, I crawled over to Smitty’s remains and took his M-16. I firing one magazine after another into the forest, wherever I saw a spit of fire. It was the only time in my service I used full auto. I was changing mags when I spotted our company 1st Sergeant giving me a ceasefire hand signal. Only then did I feel some pain, but I also noticed that I could hear nothing.

      That same day I was transported back to the coast, and went to a MASH and underwent surgery. I was then placed onto a C-130 and sent back to the States, where I underwent surgery at the Mayo Clinic. The surgeon, there, restored about half of my hearing, and had to give me the eardrums of a corpse, to do it. Needless to say, my days in the Army were over.

      So, as I do every Memorial Day, I remember. I remember Smitty’s infectious smile, and his ridiculous jokes. I’ve lived 51 years since his death, but he is always and forever young, in my memory.

      Never forget. Always remember …

      Remember …

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      1. Thank you for your story, Wolfie. As it’s been said, “all gave some; some gave all.” May the Good Lord bless and keep your buddy safe in His Arms, and may He bless you and all the others who wore — and wear — the uniform of our country. This day is forever there’s.

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  2. Here is a discussion of the American’s Creed, written in 1918:

    “I believe in the United States of America, as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.”

    Today I would argue that in order to save the other clauses, we must remove the word “inseparable” from the Creed.

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    1. Indeed. The idea of continuing America as it presently is constituted is anathema to patriots.

      The following is something that I posted in the My Militia website, yesterday (and please pardon the length). Also, please excuse my failure to mention my brothers of the Jewish faith. In all the years that I have posted at My Militia, I’ve never heard one person declare that he was Jewish (That’s probably for a good reason, and I’m sure that you catch my drift):


      I am a Christian. I believe in God’s Word, and the Works of Jesus Christ. As a veteran of the war in Vietnam, I hope never to physically harm another human being in my lifetime. But this personal goal is getting harder to attain, given the circumstances that ALL Americans find themselves in, today. There is a deep conspiracy in government, and the potential for war … a protracted and bloody civil war, with the threat of intervention by foreign powers … looms large on the horizon.

      If the subject of conspiracy in government and the potential for war is new to you, just the thought of US governmental threats should be disturbing to everyone, and not just you. It used to be more difficult to convince good people that all of this was happening during a Republican administration when President George W. Bush was pretending to be both a conservative and a devout Christian. But it is extremely hard for conservatives to ignore it after watching the Deep State and the media attack former President Trump incessantly.

      Christian conservatives are too often suckered into looking for a savior who is going to solve all their government problems so that they don’t have to prepare for a potential battle. Unfortunately, most presidents of both political parties are controlled by the PTB (the Powers that Be). President Bush ended up being a globalist puppet,as was his father before him. Although President Trump was not controlled, he was too inexperienced to tell who in his administration was Deep State and who wasn’t. He learned slowly, the hard way. Conservatives in general are also too trusting of those who claim to be Christians, even when their actions betray their words. We can attest that a high percentage of government disinformation on the net claim to be devout Christians in order to fool people.

      The threat of nuclear war looms large as a threat to every American physically. However, we think that the true ultimate “nuclear threats” are the unfolding social unrest and the draconian tyranny as our own government starts eliminating our liberties under the mandates of a global government, and cracking down on true patriots like no invader ever could.

      In the final analysis, we should … if we are Christians … trust in God. However, we should also entrust our preparations for the end of America into our own hands, minds, and hearts, rather than anyone else or any entity. This conservative can attest to the fact that the enemy is to be found where you least expect it. Distrust organizations and individuals who claim to be Christian and conservative, until their words and actions prove that they are.

      Also, be ready to defend yourselves against people you might have considered to be safely on “your side”, in the past. In the final analysis, people you have considered to be friends might fear the State more than they wish to remain “friends” with you (and this is true of relatives, also). We remember the USSR.

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      1. Well done, Wolfie. Regarding your failure to mention your Jewish brothers because of the climate at MyMilitia, well – maybe that is exactly why they *needed* to hear it…!

        As to reliance on a savior, my knee-jerk reaction was to wonder if that was a predictable problem in the Christian community. My second thought was to realize – oh, wait, we have the same issue in the Jewish community too!

        This set me off for a few minutes reading online about so-called Muscular Christianity, and its offshoot, Muscular Judaism. Although certainly valuable, this seems of little use without a corresponding mindset.

        Once upon a time, it seems that Christianity married four classical virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance) with three theological virtues (faith, hope, charity). Today, it seems we only have the last three, without the first four. That strikes me as terribly imbalanced, and an invitation to passive submission.

        We need to find a way to channel the strength of our Greco-Roman roots while maintaining the humanity of our Judeo-Christian roots. This is our core challenge in keeping Western civilization alive. Whoever determines a viable way of accomplishing this goal will be admired for centuries to come.

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    2. Yes, Surak, sadly the “Untied States of America” is closer to the mark these days. Or, E Unum Pluribus, if you will. With all due respect, I really appreciate your comments, but would respectfully disagree that we need a new flag, just like we don’t need a new Constitution. Too many people have sacrificed under Old Glory. Our job is to take them both back, if we can, and in so doing redeem the blood that birthed, nurtured and protected them, up to our present era.

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