We cannot save them

This column will discuss several distressing news items revealing trends towards social destruction, but there is a common theme at the end.

Please spend some time to watch these three interviews involving Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of which is with Dr. Andrew Wakefield (the British doctor from Vaxxed: The Movie). I list them in chronological order, from January to March of this year.




Dr. Tenpenny has literally done her research. She has identified 10 mechanisms by which the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) and adenovirus (J&J and Astra-Zeneca) “vaccines” can endanger us, such as:

  • anaphylaxis (shock);
  • alveolar failure (the lungs stop working);
  • antibody-dependent enhancement (overreaction by the immune system upon exposure to another coronavirus such as a cold);
  • destruction of type 2 macrophages (which ordinarily bring our bodies’ immune response to an end, thus enabling prolonged and escalating inflammation);
  • and so on.

The experts with whom she speaks expect a decrease in fertility (already happening), and an increasing number of deaths and disabilities from inflammatory and auto-immune diseases, over time ranges from the next few months to the next several years. The cost in lives these experts forecast is unlike anything humanity has experienced since the medieval Black Death. The survivors will be crippled economically by the burden of supporting the disabled.

And once your DNA has been altered by this gene therapy, there is no going back.

On what seems to be a different topic – in Minnesota there is a murder trial of a police officer, in whose custody a man died of a drug overdose last year. This was one of the very few deaths in this country that were worth noticing, because as my college has clarified, only some lives matter. No, I did not say that they decide whose lives matter based solely on their race. Rather, they decide whose lives matter based both on their race and the race of the person who took their life. Most murders are not worth discussing, and it is even racist to acknowledge they took place.

This college, like most other schools, bends over backward to try to be “inclusive”, although they have never identified any way in which they fail to be inclusive. Nevertheless, the people they attempt to persuade of their “inclusiveness” assert their ongoing state of offense, and their feeling of not being “welcome”. I saw another blogger recently writing about “cultural” differences in understanding the nature of fairness, contrasting the view that fairness means equality of process, versus the view that fairness means equality of result.

On a third topic – on Sunday I and some 250 other Jews attended a massive Zoom meeting for the newly formed Congress of Jewish Affairs: https://conferenceofjewishaffairs.org/

Its spiritual leader, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, is a well-known Orthodox rabbi who has appeared on Fox News. Its lay leader, Adrienne Skolnik, and Rabbi Spero have authored many articles on the American Thinker. Together they are planning to create an online home for the many American Jews who are repulsed by the replacement of Judaism by leftism in their synagogues.

What do these apparently unrelated stories have in common? The CJA meeting had some participants who preferred to stay and fight for balance within their respective synagogues. After decades of experience, I felt that would be a losing battle, and that we needed to take care of ourselves. I think that is Rabbi Spero’s feeling as well.

One sees similar arguments with respect to stopping the cultural marxist takeover of America, and in particular its school system. Readers of this blog and of my comments over the years know that I have had enough of failing cruise-ship conservatism movements to reform this and to reform that. Reagan did not stop the leftward slide of America, and neither did Trump. We need to secede to save ourselves. Victor Davis Hanson and other conservatives remaining behind enemy lines remind me of Jews who refused to leave eastern Europe before the Holocaust.

Finally – “vaccination”. Of course I get asked about it, by people who assume that such an intelligent person as I would of course “get the jab”, as Nitzakhon likes to say. I do not attempt to argue with people who believe that the material, formal, efficient, and final cause for all actions in this life is the reward of likes on Facebook and Twitter for obeying the demands of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and NYT.

I think it is likely that every one of us will know someone who is disabled, or who dies, as a result of the mRNA or adenovirus “vaccines”. (I am not speaking of the more traditional type Novavax subunit vaccine.) You must prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the loss of many people you care about.

We see the world in different ways. I am empirical. If evidence comes forth to challenge a previously held opinion, I would gladly change my mind and thank the person who enlightened me. Many of the people around me, however, use their above-average intelligence not to learn, but to put down others who question their unfounded opinions.

We cannot save them.

23 thoughts on “We cannot save them

  1. I think that I might have said this, before, but the last time I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist asked if I wanted to be vaccinated. He saw me looking at a chair they had set out. I pointed to this chair, where the person just vaccinated would have to sit while people in the store kept a watch on them. I thanked him, and said, “No, sir. I’m not interested in gene therapy, today.” He went on and asked other customers about his offer, and there were no takers.

    My daughters, two of which are RN’s,.have been vaccinated, and one of them came close to dying. She’s 41 years old, and the other was confined to her bed for almost two weeks, almost paralyzed and she’s the youngest (in her 30’s). Her husband … who thankfully is big enough to carry her, had to take her to the bathroom, during that time

    I talked to the youngest, today, and – too late – she has read information in OFFICIAL LITERATURE that this vaccine is actually a form of gene therapy. It does not provide protection from the COVID-19 virus, and begged me not to get the vaccine. I recommend that she come to this blog and read your article, Hopefully, she will open an account with WordPress and comment.

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    1. These vaccines, or whatever they are, are very problematic at best. There is another one that may be out in the next couple of months called Novavax, which been going through all the clinical trials, as new pharmaceuticals are supposed to do, and which was not done with any of those already in use.
      I am very hesitant, and will remain so until I think that there is a safe one to get, if that is possible.

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    2. Wolfie, Mrs. Surak was even more interested in your comment than the original blog. She asked me to send her your comment in order to encourage people who had begun the mRNA vaccine routine to not get the second shot.

      On second thought this evening, she decided not to send this message after all. Her friends and family think this is too much worry. All their friends are getting the vaccines, and they are all just fine – so they say. Actually, they are not all just fine. I pray that all these scientists and doctors are wrong, because if not, the world will be drenched in tears next year.

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      1. My older half-sister can’t believe I’m not going to take The Jab.

        Neither of my older cousins (on the Jewish side) can’t believe I’m not going to take The Jab.

        My wife – who should know better to trust government given Stalin’s starving of 1/3 of her ethnic group to death – can’t believe I’m not going to take The Jab.

        There is such a starry-eyed trust in TPTB. It’s like there’s no awareness of history. These are people who have lived through the Shoah, or whose family tree is missing branches thanks to Stalin. But, universally:

        “That can’t happen here!”

        And I saw your name on the zoom call – was wondering if that was you. (It turns out someone I know, local to me, was as well!)

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  2. My wife visited our next-door neighbor who was in mourning last week for her brother, who died suddenly at the age of 70 (and was presumably in good health.) My wife, who is very skeptical about the vaccine, asked if he was vaccinated and the answer was yes; the neighbor didn’t notice the connection.

    As I have commented here before, the idea of secession does sound like the only possible road for the sane people (majority or minority; I don’t know), but the technical hurdles are enormous, beginning with all the Federal property in many states and of course the question of dividing the military. It’s probably worth studying the breakup of the Soviet Union for parallels; that story is still going on as Putin threatens Ukraine and others.

    I find it disturbing to use the example of pre-WW2 Jews in Europe. Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler, who lived through the period in England separated from his family, and who lost many relatives and close friends, wrote on the subject and criticizes people for their 20/20 hindsight. No one knew that Israel or even Britain was safe, as he experienced first-hand, and no one could imagine the cruelty of the Nazis. When the German soldiers reached some small Jewish towns in Poland and other East European countries, the people came out to welcome them, having remembered the German soldiers from WW1 as more decent than their own non-Jewish neighbors. We are guessing at what is the wisest course of action, and we have to find everyone who agrees with us on the principles (freedom, limited govt., etc.) and try to work our a plan (which must include prayer and sincere repentance.)

    Thank you, Surak, for your work in trying to get through to those who can be reached.

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    1. One more very important consideration about the whole secession idea: In today’s world, political sovereignty is not going to be enough until someone comes up with a solution to the control of the whole world by an oligarchy of giant corporations, in particular the technological ones. In the new (old) America, people will still be using Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., and these companies have shown that they are ready to use every kind of pressure imaginable to bend people to their ideology. Even the best libertarian govt. will be challenged in dealing with these behemoths and their amoral, megalomaniac owners.

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      1. The very time for secession is getting short. I saw some information, yesterday, about how “immigrants” are going to be pushed into the Red states. There is already an exodus of hardcore Leftists leaving California for the lower taxes of States like Texas, Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. For example, it wouldn’t take a horde of Leftists to turn places like Montana from Red to Blue. The game is truly over, if this happens. Note that it’s happening right now.

        More to your point, did you know that Bill Gates owns more farmland than any other person in the United States?

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        1. One added comment …

          Rebel Media, in Canada, which is headed by Ezra Levant, was basically assaulted by the police in Montreal, who kept shouting, “What are you? Jew media?” That is, to say the least, frightening in the post-WWII era.

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      2. Easy peasy. Corporations are people and therefore have right to play in the political sphere. The Supremes said so!
        But the president could issue a executive order that corporations that play politics using there status as “person” must pay the same tax from the same schedule the REST of us “PERSONS” have to pay.
        Corporations that don’t want to play on their personhood status can keep the “corporate” tax rules and tables.

        If you want the privileges of personhood, PAY for it!


    2. Studying the “break-up) of the Soviet Union will not really help, as there was no break-up of the Soviet Union. It was all smoke and mirrors, intended to lull the West to sleep and it has worked far better then the Soviets or Red Chinese ever expected it to be.
      “Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.” -Mikhail Gorbachev, speech to the Soviet Politburo, November 1987

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      1. I’m aware of this, but didn’t Ukraine and other “republics” get some kind of independence? That’s the parallel I’m talking about.


    3. Reb fsy, I am sure you know the English name of Rav Dessler’s magnum opus, “Strive for Truth!” When the issue is how to prevent a self-inflicted repeat of the Holocaust, c”v, I can’t refuse to bring up certain topics lest they offend. Some of our great prophets, l-hav’dil, were murdered in the Holy Temple. Sometimes, the tzadiqiym were those who spoke words the people did not want to hear.

      Shalom u-v’rakhah.

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      1. Thanks for your well-thought-out reply. I wasn’t trying to claim that your ideas were “offensive”, just to point out that the future is very uncertain, just as it was then (and just as Yogi Berra so wisely taught us.) By all means, do as you see fit and encourage others to do the same, but no one can say at this point what will work and what will backfire.

        The most obvious example right now is that Pres. Trump would almost certainly have been better off canceling his rally on Jan. 6, because it was obvious that the Dems would use it against him. I don’t know if the “riot” was the work of provocateurs or just nuts on our side, and it has definitely been blown way out of proportion, but as of now, that day was a loss for the good guys.

        It’s hard to even discuss what needs to be done, and in any case, I am not in the U.S, so I have no business talking without action. (The situation here in Israel has its own unique problems, but they are quite different.)

        Keep up your good work.


  3. Yes, unfortunately, even with several defectors like Anatoli Golitsyn, and Yuri Bezmenov providing our intelligence community with plenty of information on what the Soviets were up to and how they were going to pull it all off.
    No one listened.
    It was the greatest Trojan Horse since Odysseus pulled off the first one 2500 years ago.
    Up a creek without a paddle.

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    1. Chilling, isn’t it? Thanks for this link, Surak.

      I will be using it in my debates, although Lefties will argue that all the information is flawed, because it was presented on the War Room, hosted by the “evil” Steve Bannon. My counter-argument will be that when information is presented on a website hosted by Steve Bannon, does that … in itself … make the information wrong? If one doesn’t like Steve Bannon, does that make the arguments of another person, per se, invalid? I note that Dr. Flemming is not being invited to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC. This is not because his points are wrong, but simply because he has deviated from the orthodoxy.

      This is a massive problem in America, today. Even we on the Right engage in it. I can’t tell you the last time I tuned into the networks mentioned on the preceding paragraph. I watched the Gulf War coverage on CNN, but FOX wasn’t around, back then.

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      1. “My counter-argument will be that when information is presented on a website hosted by Steve Bannon, does that … in itself … make the information wrong?”
        That is an old Communist tactic. As soon as anyone tells the truth, they do all they can to demonize the information and the person presenting the information, and anyone or anything associated with that person.
        The Lame Stream Media has been using that tactic for a long time as well. Sometimes they did it more subtly, although, now they just brazenly do it, with attacks already prepared to go after anyone that tries to refute them.

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  4. Great article and comments by all! My wife and I are adamant about NOT receiving the “vaccine”.We would like to know the chemical components of “the jab”,and are not nearly intelligent enough to be able to find this information on our own.We would however trust information from people smarter than us (like people here on this site,and a few other places) who we respect,if it could be ascertained.In our experiences within the medical field,although we know there are good people and wonderful technology,we overall has a great deal of mistrust and apprehension.We know this may sound completely ignorant,but our only recent direct experience with vaccines is with our pets.After too many trips to the emergency vets after vaccines were administered,we have sworn them off for good,and since then,have been told by several vets of similar occurrences that they have witnessed with other clients.

    Perhaps our fears are unfounded,but they are what we believe nonetheless.We would rather take the chance with a virus that over 99% of people survive,than with the vaccine.We also take a daily regiment of Quercitin,Vitamins C,D,Zinc and a few other supplements as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge Mr. Ritter,NMSD,and FSY,and of course Mr. Surak for the great article.May the good Lord bless us all,even those whom we cannot save.

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    1. Spent ALL last night reading and researching stuff from Dr. Richard Fleming.Wow! An eye opener to say the least.Thank you Mr. Surak for the link/information.

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  5. We Can’t Save Them…add Hollyweird presstitute ‘activist’ Sophia Bush
    to the list of parasitic attention whores that are shilling for ‘The Jab’ in
    front of the professional parasitic thieves guild, known as ‘Congress’
    that can’t be saved along with them.

    ‘Vaccines Are Acts Of Love’: Sophia Bush Urges COVID-19 Vaccination
    at House Hearing

    Just when you think Bolshivest Klown World just can’t get
    any klownier……almost surprised that Sophia wasn’t the follow
    up presenter at TedTalks after the gal shilling for sympathy/support
    for pedophiles a few years back.

    John Podesta and Hillary and Bill want to know if you like pizza?….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


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