Democide and politicide

I assure you that the purpose of this blog is not to shake our heads sadly over tales of woe. That is a waste of time and energy. My goal is to teach you what I know about proving God’s existence, marveling at the greatest discoveries and inventions of the human mind, and preserving Western civilization. The news stories I share are intended to illustrate how serious our situation is, and to motivate you, if you need external motivation, to prepare for a historical calamity, and to teach the next generation of survivors the best of what we learned.

I do not think America can be saved at this point. Europe is past the point of no return, and America is following in Europe’s steps. It is possible that our decline could be halted by a miraculous combination of President Ron deSantis, Senate Majority Leader Rand Paul, and Speaker of the House Marjorie Taylor Greene, if they eliminated the State Department, Justice Department, Housing and Urban Development Department, Education Department, Federal Reserve, CIA, FBI, IRS, NPR, and PBS. They would need to build a complete border wall, pass national voter ID and national e-Verify for employment.

As long as we deny the death of the United States of America, we cannot build a new America. No nation in human history has been immortal. Our existential, teleological crisis coincides with a public health crisis, and with the grand solar minimum. However, we are engaged in fruitless diversions by the conservative establishment as they promise to “reform” one social institution after another. “This time, we will get it right!”

The death of the United States of America has been the consequence of a long sequence of events. The concept of “Manifest Destiny” led to greater acceptance of the Mexican-American War, and the Mexican Cession of 1848, that arguably hastened the transition of America from a republic to an empire. The Civil War that followed soon thereafter featured atrocities on both sides, and indisputably began the modern era of larger government.

Shortly after the splendid Spanish-American War and the acquisition of overseas territories, progressivism found a beachhead in both major political parties. The deservedly-maligned Frankfurt School simply walked into the breach opened by John Dewey. President Roosevelt successfully confiscated gold and successfully neutered the Supreme Court. President Johnson ordained that society must be great, not merely good (apologies to George Will). Presidents Reagan and Trump eliminated not one cabinet-level agency.

In the past year, we have witnessed a flagrantly stolen election; a race war intended to demonize whites; and a war on decency intended to sexualize small children. Parents are starting to fight back at school board meetings. Their employees, the “public servants” whom they pay, are responding by arresting their employers, the local citizens.

Victor Davis Hanson summarizes the situation well: “The Cruel Progressive Creed Undoing Civilization – The Left’s progressive wasteland is an acceptable price to pay for the terrifying visions of its anointed.”

Conservatives react by tweeting photographs and videos: “Look how outrageous this is!” Yes, it is outrageous. So what?

They have been trying to kill our souls. For those still “resisting”, they can resort to killing our bodies. The biggest democide in American history has taken place in the past year and a half with no outcry. Even the establishment media are resentfully admitting that maybe CoVID-19 did come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology after all. Mrs. Surak says that dissident Chinese bloggers are warning us that China is preparing its citizens for war, it has a battery of further infectious pathogens to release on the world, and that some Chinese troops are training in Canada, with the cooperation of Justin Castro Trudeau.

Dr. Peter McCullough is one of a minority of doctors warning against the dangers of CoVID-19 “vaccines”. He claims that whistleblowers at the CDC and CMS inform him that deaths from these “vaccines” are over 50 thousand. He is stunned at the behavior of “…our propagandized colleagues in major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they are hypnotized right now… He said 85 percent of the more than 600,000 U.S. deaths could have been prevented with a multi-drug treatment given in the early to mid-point of the disease.

Those of us who are not hypnotized have the possibility of surviving the coming slaughter by looking outside establishment medicine, such as the supplement suramin, which appears in pine-needle tea and star anise tea. Although it cannot undo vaccination, it may protect people from ADE, antibody-dependent enhancement.

In short:

  • there is a violent race war against whites;
  • there is a predatory war to sexualize children;
  • there is an educational and media war to make Americans loathe our country;
  • there is a biological war by China on the world;
  • there is a war by our own government and media to prevent Americans from saving their own lives with simple supplements;
  • there is a democide being carried out under the guise of a “vaccination” program.

The government of the United States of America – by which I mean the bureaucracy, the other branches no longer matter – is the enforcement arm; big tech and social media is the intelligence agency; and establishment education and establishment media is the propaganda arm, of the deep state-new world order-great reset. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, they say. But you will not own your mind, and you will be punished for following the dictates of your conscience.

What can we do? Nitzakhon said we can only let the current order fall apart, and pick up the pieces afterwards. I largely agree, but the recovery will not be at a national level. The large cities are Somalia, and our government is North Korea.

Western civilization has wandered from its ancient beginnings in the triangle of Mesopotamia-Egypt-Greece (with Israel in the middle). The Roman Empire pulled this civilization to the Mediterranean basin, then to Europe. The modern West reached its heights in the quadrangle of England-France-Germany-Italy, with smaller contributions from eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Iberia.

More recently, America became the center of Western civilization. Lady Liberty held her torch aloft to enlighten the world, but we received “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” because we refused to enforce our borders and we refused to demand assimilation. Rebellion against God’s laws became mandatory. Conservatives are too scared to use the words “perversion”, “perverse”, and “pervert”; they are too scared to declare that all lives matter; and they are too scared to use force to defend the sacred.

Consequently, Western civilization will be forced to wander again. One fragile home may take root in the 12 countries of the Three Seas Initiative (image: Wikipedia).

Another possible home will be New America. To save the part of America that is healthy, we will have to say goodbye to the sick areas. Not one soldier should risk his life to fight for Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, or Washington.

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Every person must go at his or her own pace. But know this: the longer you hold on to the sick part of this country, the more you risk infecting the parts that can be saved. The map above shows you which parts will survive and which will die off. Save the parts that can bear our civilization into the future.

44 thoughts on “Democide and politicide

  1. A book also should have been mentioned in the column: Vasko Kohlmayer’s new book “The West in Crisis: Civilizations and their Death Drives”. He calls our death drive atropos, which means lack of direction. I would have called it dystropos – a bad direction – or maybe thanatos – death.

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  2. The State model is what needs to go. We need to gut the States and switch to a federalized Counties model. Think of the map in counties and it’s nearly all red!

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    1. In my former state of Illinois, out of the 101 counties, most of them are deep red. The blue counties are all centered on the cities, like Chicago. A couple of years ago, there was a move in Cook County (where Chicago is) to break off and form their own State. Had that happened, Illinois would have become Blue overnight.

      Springfield, the capitol of Illinois, is Blue, but the county where it’s located is very Red. What to use for pressure to make this happen? Most of the food produced in Illinois comes from the Red counties!

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        1. No.

          The “Electoral College” is for our subcontractors. We are Americans, not “U.S. Citizens,” and have no reason to participate in foreign private elections.

          The State and county Assemblies operate as Republican systems (as guaranteed by the Constitutions).

          That means land owners. No skin in the game, no say in how the resources get used.

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          1. Ok [obnoxious uncalled for snark]. That’s why oligarchs are bidding up suburbs and farmland and turning the population into renters.


    2. We already have that.

      The American government and the 50 states are back in session

      Secession is an individual matter, correct your status and come back to American.


  3. Interesting article and I’m glad I found this site. One of the things I would have liked to see explained were the images used in this article. In particular, the one labeled, “Quality of life indexed by state” as there is no key, or legend to accompany the image, so one has no idea the scale involved.
    Otherwise, dead-on-balls accurate.

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    1. In particular, the one labeled, “Quality of life indexed by state” as there is no key, or legend to accompany the image, so one has no idea the scale involved.

      Same here.

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  4. “No nation in human history has been immortal.”

    Our hubris, leading to nemesis, has been believing that our nation is immune to the forces that have brought down countless other nations.

    On pine needle tea: An email from an internet-friend said that, specifically, white pine “five needle” tea is especially good.

    P.S. Hope you liked my latest cartoon. And on the Jab cult specifically, did you see Kamala encouraging people to go door to door? “Have you accepted the Jab as your personal Lord and Savior”?

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  5. I have to confess,I had never even heard of the word “democide”,so I looked it up.Quite appropriate…I tend to agree with Mr. Nitzakhon…let the chips fall where they may,and go on from there.

    I have NO fear of that scenario whatsoever.My friends and I have always been “survivors”.I have been told that at times I am somewhat brash,but when the crap hits the fan,I am usually one of the first to be called on for help.You need someone you can trust and depend on when times get tough,so I tend to depend on them also…and we’re always there for each other.

    I believe you or Mr. Ritter or NMSD have commented on survival skills before (prepping),but the real challenge is being able to survive when you have nothing prepared,for one can never estimate exactly what will be needed in such times.

    “If they eliminated the State Department…etc”.Uh huh,and IF grasshoppers had machine guns,birds wouldn’t mess with them.Thats a big “if”,albeit precisely what would need to happen to stop our current meltdown.

    In my opinion,this is one of your best articles to date Mr. Surak.We are all here for one another in kindred spirit.Cheers and may the good Lord bless us one and ALL. Pax Vobis.

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    1. Alone, I think I can make it. My fears are two-fold:

      1. My kids are still young and while they’re far fitter than most kids their age – took them to the beach yesterday and the majority of the kids were plump to obese (one kid, going to get a life preserver, was so overweight I thought to myself “Dude, you have enough blubber to float on your own”!) – they’re still not knowledgeable enough. Working on that.

      2. My wife who, ironically, grew up in the former USSR has what I can only believe is willful blindness to the tsunami that is approaching.

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  6. The cancer cannot be isolated and expected to not reinfect the healthy tissue around it.
    Now lets talk reality here. This is sin that has taken root because we Christians have misinterpreted the Bible into an effeminate treaty with the Devil that he will nullify as soon as his children have attained critical mass. Sin has always and always must be controlled by brute force to reduce it to a livable level expected by the fallen nature of mankind.

    “The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life” 1 john 2:16 are all normal everyday sins since the fall of man but they have always been held in check by civilized cultures with brute force. But when they are not; God authorizes greater brute force to hold them to livable levels. When they are not controlled but instead allowed or even encouraged by government God steps in with Pestilence, War and Famine to get them under control again. All of which is brute force.

    Those that are willing to step up in mass and defend righteousness with brute force will be supported by God Himself.

    So do not abandon our country in your hearts and minds. This is human wisdom and will fail. But instead lean on and hope in God and let your voice be heard in heaven with passion and conviction and take up arms against this current wickedness to the glory of God, the cause of righteousness and the salvation of our beautiful land that God gave to our fathers and they defended with their lives, honor and riches.

    Blood, sweat and tears is the price of freedom not cruel abandonment. Be patient, God will hear our prayers and provide the leadership and situation (trigger) that will call us to arms.

    The question is does God hear your voice in heaven. Does He know you believe in His Son that He slaughtered for your sins. Does He know you lean on Him, trust in Him and hope in Him. If He does then raise your voice, let it roar out your complaint about the deluge of evil corrupting every aspect of our lives. Confess your part in it and receive God’s forgiveness of your sins. Then get armed to the teeth and start asking God to unite us as one mailed fist against the malevolence that opposes Him and all sense of righteousness in our land.

    There must be a total defeat of the enemy with no quarter asked for and absolutely none given. If they will not listen to logic and reason it is an absolute certainty they will listen to the rage of God and good men.

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    1. Asking God for help is a cop out. God is not going to save us or even help us. He never has in the past. Why ask God when the solution is obvious, people having believed in God have become weak and delusional and not able to take appropriate action. What are whites waiting for? A sign? The signs are everywhere already but we have become too soft to act. Total destruction of the enemy is required, not worrying about sins.


    2. I keep telling people, there was a reason that God told the Israelite to slaughter the Amalekites, man, woman, child, and even livestock. Today is even worse.

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  7. The Long March is almost complete and the burning down of Western Civilization is the must have item for all the fellow travelers of the CPUSA/CCP in order to install the neo-fedual global Soviet serf plantation.
    Equality of results for all comrades will be mandatory and blunts with Grand Theft Auto all day will not be an option.
    Wear comfortable shoes in the beet field collective.
    Forward! Yes we can. Umm…umm…umm.
    The golden Fundamental Transformation into West Zimbabwe or utopia.

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    1. Who here remembers that Obama kid singing video. I was creeped out, as were many… my three reasons:

      1. Obviously, the use of schools for political purposes
      2. The indoctrination of the kids (I’d be as pissed if schools were doing that for Trump)
      3. The vapid, Eloi-smiles of the parents radiating glee at this

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  8. The only real solution is a horrible one to comprehend…but so is the future if we don’t. America and Europe must be purged of non-Whites. They have whole continents that they can call home. It’s time for them to go there. Demographics is destiny-we can switch to a county model like a gentleman mentioned above, but they’ll simply shove more non-Whites into those areas and change the voting patterns. They have to go back, period.


    1. I permitted your comment in order to make a point about America’s population. It currently stands at about 331 million. The Census Bureau estimates that slightly over 60% are non-Latino white. Thus about 40% are non-white, which amounts to roughly 132 million people.

      Thanks to the one-drop rule employed by white nationalists, I know that I and two other regular commenters on this website would not qualify to remain as Americans under your proposal, because we are Jewish, despite being Caucasian. Another regular commenter is half-white, half-indigenous. My wife was born in China, but she has loved America since the 1980s, more so than white leftists like Joe Biden, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi. She and the commenters listed above voted for Donald Trump twice.

      We don’t need to go “back”; we are home. I was born in America to two citizen parents, who were born in America to four citizen grandparents, who were born in America. My family has been American for more than a century.

      The separation I propose is cultural, not racial. It may well end up as a de facto partial racial separation. Every individual will need to decide whether he believes in the universal God of the Bible and our founding documents, or whether he prefers secular atheist critical social justice cultural marxism.

      Ben Carson is my family; Hillary Clinton is not.

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      1. And you sir are what makes America great!

        There is only one color that counts to me and that is the color of your lifes blood; love for the freedom of the American way.

        You sir are what men like me willingly defend… even give our life in it’s defense.

        God Bless Jewish and Christian Americans!

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      2. @Surak: Thanks!

        I remember one time when engaged with a whites-only person that they said I needed to be here for X generations. My reply? Is having been here – on AT LEAST* one branch – since Plymouth 1620 good enough?

        * I have one DOCUMENTED Mayflower ancestor; I am 95% confident 🙂 that, were I to have time to do more digging, that there would be more. My surname has been here since the mid-1600’s.

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    2. There are a great many non-white conservatives and fine Americans. Just to name a few, Michelle Malkin (though she’s gone a little anti-Semite for my taste, on other topics I still thing she’s spot-on), Candace Owens, Dinesh D’Souza, the late Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, and many more.

      They’re not the issue. To make this SOLELY about race is to miss the bigger issue.

      The issue is the people who have been listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine” on autoplay to the point where they’ve come to believe that said fantasy is a feasible and desirable thing.

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    3. Are you going to tell that to my lifelong black friend that served with me 18 of my 25 years in the US Army? He helped raise my daughter and cared for her when I deployed.

      I don’t care Sh*t about race… only the honor and quality of the person!

      Lets “purge” (I don’t like that word, I visualize boxcars) haters of America, Freedom and our citizens of all colors and creeds. If a person is willing to defend America and our freedom they are my brothers and sisters regardless of race.

      God Bless America!

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  9. Conservatives are too scared to use the words “perversion”, “perverse”, and “pervert”; they are too scared to declare that all lives matter; and they are too scared to use force to defend the sacred.

    And scared of what? Of being called names …

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    1. @fsy:

      Of being called names, of being cancelled, of having people go after their employers, or friends/relatives disappearing…

      And so we retreat, and fall back, all the while losing the far greater thing: a free country.

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  10. When I read how whites need to stand up, etc., I can sympathize because white hatred is becoming more common and powerful. I am white, and I love my people, places, music, food, language, customs and all the things that create the texture of my culture (American of northern European descent). But my Christian brothers and sisters mean more to me than that tribal and cultural love. I am closer to them in heart than I am to my own blood family. I feel strong affinity to anyone who pursues truth and beauty with unwavering devotion, Christian or not.

    The small reformed Baptist church I attend has many races and ethnicities in its tiny place of worship. These people are real family to me. The tie we have in the Lord Jesus Christ is much stronger than the ties of blood I share with people of my race and ethnicity, and, unlike earthly family, will last forever. I also feel a strong kinship with anybody who loves this country, believes in its founding principles, and wishes to preserve the most blessed nation ever to exist on the planet.

    I think the answer is to return to the high calling of our national founding. TS Adams’ comments about the need to control sin with brute force are right on point. Sin is what makes racial hatred. Sin removes the blindfold from Lady Justice. Sin, and our susceptibility to it, is at the root of every human evil. The Rule of Law must be applied consistently to every person without regard to intersectionality score or political position.

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    1. KH – I hear your sentiment,and it’s a great comment,but I’m just not “there” yet on the “brute force” aspect.I think once you take the gloves off and open that Pandora’s box,you will have painted yourself into a corner and lose any peaceful options there may be to remedy the assault on our JudeoChristian way of life.I am in no ways averse to violence,but generally only as a last resort.Keep your powder dry for now amiga…there will be plenty of time to fight should there be the need.Stay Blessed.

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      1. Sin makes laws necessary. Government is force, given by God to wield the sword in the cause of justice, even to the taking of life.

        Only government should use force to address the sins of others. Individuals still have the right to defend themselves or others, but this right is disappearing.

        Mark and Patricia McCloskey (both lawyers) pled guilty to a crime when a social justice mob broke the gate to their home, entered onto their lawn and threatened to rape and kill the wife, kill the dog and kill the husband. The McCloskeys brandished their weapons, and have acquiesced to the confiscation of same. But, what did they do wrong? What crime did they commit? Did they not have the right to defend themselves and their home? Why have no charges been brought against a single person who broke the gate and trespassed upon private property threatening to assault and kill the owners? The law does not apply, obviously, to the social justice crowd. The government prosecuted the McCloskeys, and not any person in the mob.

        What I mean to advocate is the return of true justice via the rule of law, whose severity is unmitigated by “intersectional score.” Mercy also should not depend upon intersectional score.

        The laws are no longer applied equally, but Lady Justice peeks beneath her blindfold to gauge your intersectional score and rule accordingly.


        1. This is one reason why Rome fell.

          LONG after the government became corrupt the “average Roman” was still willing to fight and die for Rome. It was when that “average Roman” grasped that the leadership was choked to the gills with corruption and trading in favors* with laws unequally applied that they said SCREW IT and decided to focus on protecting their own families and communities – and not Rome.

          Parallels? I think yes.

          * Paging Ayn Rand:

          “When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed.”


  11. Unless you are a total newbie to this topic you shouldn’t have to burn up too many of your little grey cells to figure out the map. If you can’t figure it out you are so S.O.L. when things go sideways. Just sayin’…
    Great post by the way. Also, you might start looking for a more open minded host for your blog because it’s only a matter of time before WordPress silences you. You speak to much truth and that is not permitted in these times.
    As far as being home, we’ll my family has been on the American continent since the 1600’s, I celebrate my Scots and Irish heritage, along with all the other “bits and bobs” thrown in but I am a proud American. With that being said, I am but an alien in a strange country because this is not my home. I will go home when Christ finishes his housecleaning.
    Stay salty.


  12. @TS:

    “As far as being home, we’ll my family has been on the American continent since the 1600’s…”

    My father’s side too. At least one confirmed Mayflower ancestor and my surname’s been here since the 1600s as well.

    I know I commented to this effect before, but… I get told that as a Jew I don’t belong in white-Christian-America. I reply to the effect that my father’s side has been here ever since the Pilgrims.



    1. My G*d chose Israel as his chosen people. Christians who read their Bibles know we are to respect that fact and we are to pray for Israel. Then there is that little fact , that a lot of Christians seem to forget… Christ was a Jew. Christ practiced Judaism. I know for some people that might be a duh moment, lol. But some can’t see the forest for the trees. : )

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