Preach it!

Wow. This preacher from Trinidad and Tobago has a doctorate in theology, but he has a better understanding of the intricate details and the big picture regarding the pandemic and injections than do some “healthcare” workers in America. His Caribbean accent was a bit difficult for me to understand, but his presentation was riveting. 24 minutes. “Dr. Michael McDowell: “The Genetic Bioweapon, The Vaccine, And COVID-19″”

Sharyl Attkisson does her usual great job organizing a lot of data. “Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns”

Also from Attkisson – some extremely serious consequences of the CoVID injections: “Case study links Covid-19 vaccines to acute Central Nervous System Demyelination and Multiple Sclerosis”

Perhaps related: “Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier – Warns Covid Vaccine May Lead to ‘Neurodegenerative Illness'”

Can there be any doubt that this is genocide?

Do you think I exaggerate? “Chris Whitty ordered the NHS to give alleged Covid-19 patients lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine to kill them and sabotage trials – now the fate of the nations children rests in his hands” It is genocide.

“Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts On Ivermectin Suppression: ‘They Have Blood On Their Hands'” 2 minutes. One of the few heroes in the Anglophone world. It is genocide.

Yes, it is genocide.

Nitzakhon has spoken about the CoVIDian cult. Here is a set of excellent, extended essays on that topic, by Consent Factory author CJ Hopkins. It begins: “One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative.”

New Zealand police surround address after Covid-positive man escapes quarantine” Oh, they wouldn’t do that!

“The “Great” Police Raid: Government unleashes terror campaign targeting journalists in Australia” Oh, they wouldn’t do that!

“Aussie Who Is Vaccinated And Tested Negative 9 times Uploads Video From COVID Concentration Camp, People Locked Into Rooms For Over 300 Hours, Guards Threaten To Gas Them” Oh, they wouldn’t do that!

Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to believe that all religions are similar. In the constitution I am drafting in my mind for New America, there will be some changes. It will not be a theocracy. There may be more religious freedom than we have right now. However, there will be religious limitations on immigration, and religious tests for public office.

They are crazy. “Rutgers student says he’s being stopped from taking virtual classes because he’s not vaccinated” 100% online!

God bless and protect Governor Ron deSantis.

Americans at the breaking point.

Is this New York City?

Well said. It will never happen, of course. “Biden Surrendered to the Taliban; The GOP Must Not Surrender to Biden – Impeach the president, court martial the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” Horowitz and Greenfield.

Same day – Horowitz – “Who Is Responsible For the Darkness That Has Descended on Us?”

Victor Davis Hanson: “Biden and the Left-wing Standard of Attacking Presidents”

Do not hire. Do not hire. Do not hire.

Nitzakhon argues that secession is either impossible or ineffective, due to the left’s rabid craving for totalitarianism. He may be right, but I explain my disagreements in his comment section. “The Riddle of Steel – Liberty Version”

See you tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Preach it!

  1. If there is going to be a new country, you need an organized movement to rally around. We do not have a reliable party. There’s Trump, but that’s it. Either take over the Republican party, or start a new one. Then there is some practical structure. Otherwise you would have to rely on scattered resistance groups, which, as Nitzakhon indicated, may already be swarming with Feds.

    Instead of writing a new constitution, what we really need is a simple, and firm party platform. We need to learn how to maintain a party that answers to us. We cannot even get one party to act reasonably. Primarying the bums has not yet worked. Maybe it still could, but I am pessimistic. I would like to see a new party with tight rules to prevent a repeat of the Republican mess. A party with clear, attainable goals and none of the lofty dreaminess that has led us astray into endless empty suit bromides. No forced medical procedures should obviously be a top priority. Perhaps no deplatforming augmenting traditional freedom of speech, so if a platform reaches a certain size audience it must be automatically subject to public speech rights, and not be able to hide behind the private business excuse or any other such flimsy excuse. No American citizen left behind in war zones ought to be there. A man can be identified as a man ought to be there and not allowed into women’s locker rooms etc. There, that’s four simple points that sane, decent people ought to agree on. I would love to see a full such platform. I would be happy if temporarily no controversial points were there. Prolifers and prochoicers, for instance, can go back to squabbling later. I am firmly prolife, but I recognize that there are normal people who, for whatever reason, are not. First we need sanity though and a new party should stick with only utterly basic points. We can worry about other things later when such a party would inevitably split up.

    If it came to a new country, then a new declaration of independence would be the document to start with. But if we cannot even hold onto a party, I am pessimistic that we could manage a whole country in the face of what would almost definitely be massive hostility.

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  2. I should add no sex change medicine for the underaged, whatever they and their crazy parents consent to.

    The Left made it easy to draw up a list of sane policy points, that offer little to no controversy.

    How the heck could such a party lose? There’s no way, except for election fraud. That should also be a top priority, fighting for simple paper ballots. We may only have one chance at getting back to anything like honest elections.

    There should also be an ultimatum regarding any attempt at anything like covid concentration camps. Even that garbage in Australia with the hotel rooms has crossed a line.

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    1. We just had a local election; despite the city being rather heavily “R”, the “D” won. By 37 votes. A friend / fellow congregant said they know enough about statistics to know that could not have happened honestly.

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      1. People should be ready to push full force on simple, transparently collected, paper ballots. All the votes should be tabulated at nearly the same time as well. That’s a classical sign of cheating, when some districts wait to see the results of others to see what the necessary margins are.

        How hard could it be to actually have an honest accounting system. It is just blatant corruption. We don’t even need to see statistics to know this is corrupt. We can tell just by the setup that it is. No honest person would approve of an election process that would even allow for such fraud, let alone openly allow it with all these hackable machines, no ID nonsense, and mail-in-ballots. If the Republicans were actually worth something we would never have come to this point.

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        1. If significant changes aren’t made in America’s voting systems, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dems increase their margin in the House, and gain a majority in the Senate, next. This, despite all the polls that show the GOP likely to take the House and gain a healthy majority in the Senate. As much as I hope to see Larry Elder in the governor’s mansion in California, I don’t hold much hope for that outcome.

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          1. 1. Nothing will change IMHO. The Left moves in lockstep, and the Right has too many go along to get along types.

            2. The Ds getting more in the House, and probably the Senate, in 2022? Likely.

            3. Elder doesn’t stand a chance. 😦


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            1. Did Elder express any strategic plan, other than trying to be reasonable? Too many still believe that reasoning alone works. That’s hubris on our side. Most people just do not care about what is reasonable, and I doubt they ever did. The key to freedom is finding a way for those who do value sanity to survive amongst those who do without losing our principles.

              I hope Elder has at least built a team that can learn from this and fight another day.

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  3. I have some experience at Rutgers. Nothing crazy or evil going on there would surprise me. It has one of the highest Jewish student enrollments in the country but it was also rife with antisemitism, and that degeneracy was just for starters. Its culture seemed to be a mix of Lefty lunacy, weird obsessive bigotries of all kinds, crackpot philosophies, and vicious criminality, forgive the redundance. It was a seething hotbed of hate filled, backstabbing supremacists who would rationalize anything if they thought it would help them climb up onto that prestige ladder that was always ever so close but perpetually elusive. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that half the faculty one day spontaneously broke out with some form of rabies induced by sheer personal depravity and which could spread through mere eye contact. Thank gosh most of us were too awkward to ever make eye contact.

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