It may be war

Resident Biden has joined the other leaders of the Five Eyes countries by blasting an IED through the few remaining shreds of the Constitution, and declaring open war against his own people.

Years ago, while teaching at another college, I attended a faculty union meeting. The members voted to take some action that they had no right to do under the union’s by-laws. I protested. My colleagues around me could not understand the reason for my objection. They said to me, in puzzlement, “We just voted to do it!” – as if that should end the discussion. We voted on it! Yes, and Athens voted to sentence Socrates to death, and democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

This has been the fundamental nature of the left since time immemorial. In the early days of this blog last year, I described the left as the “totalitarian id”. This is that large segment of society that will do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want, with no self-control or sense of remorse for harm caused. I grew up with such a person and know how dangerous they are.

If you have followed my blog with its comments, together with Nitzakhon’s blog with its comments, you know we have had a friendly disagreement about how to get to that better society that we want. I prefer secession. Nitzakhon believes that the left will not let us leave peacefully, thus making civil war unavoidable, and there is plenty of historical evidence to support his position. I respond that it is easier for an independent country to use force to act in self-defense, as opposed to a group of patriots scattered around thousands of counties requiring rescue operations, or a universal block-by-block civil war.

If we don’t get some fast response within the next few days by MAGA governors and state legislatures, I think we may well be at stage 7 – preparation – on the genocide scale, as Nitzakhon said, or even at stage 8 – persecution:

Can it go that far? I have been giving you evidence almost daily about the insane war by the governments of Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand against their own people. A statistical analysis I did years ago demonstrates that these countries, together with Israel, are the most similar to America. I do believe that the ABCNZ are initiating genocide against their own people. They are gassing people under lockdown who continue to complain.

Now we must return to first principles, including the God-given and inalienable right to government WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. The ABCNZ governments have lost the consent of the governed. The USA has a different problem. It is true that the government lacks the consent of the governed, but in addition, we know that the present government is illegitimate. They had to cheat to “win”. They are blocking audits. I acknowledge the power of the United States government, but I do not acknowledge its legitimacy.

There may be rescue from an unexpected quarter: the boring details of economics. A few days ago, the Labor Department just released the latest JOLTS report, covering job openings, hires, quits, layoffs, and so on. Job openings are at record levels, well above the unemployment rate. Unlike under President Trump, this is not for a good reason.

The numbers are stunning. Leisure and hospitality has a job opening rate of 10.7% – wow; professional and business services – 8.1%; education and health services – 7.7%. Keep an eye on that last number especially, as doctors and nurses get fired for refusing to take the gene therapy. The news stories will portray the overcrowded ER as our fault, of course. The fault lies with government and management telling essential employees to inject a foreign substance into their bodies, and the employees saying “I don’t need this nonsense.”

Some employers may call Biden or his handlers to their senses. I suspect that the White House probably floated this trial balloon in secret calls with the biggest businesses: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and so on. They will control the media narrative to protect Biden, and destroy their medium-size business competitors.

Don’t count on a popular uprising. You can watch all the 2-minute school board meeting videos you want. Polls (unreliable as they are) suggest an uncomfortably large public acceptance of dictatorship. This is what happens when marxists were put in charge of education. The tree of American society has hollowed out. The people abandoned God and chose government as their savior.

I expect the news to feature increasingly violent confrontations between the left and patriots. The former will cloak themselves in scientism – not science – and self-righteousness. Self-defense and freedom will be described as extremism.

We cannot hang on until the 2022 election, hoping that they will be honest this time. More than 7 months after a fraudulent election, not a single electoral slate has been decertified.

I believe the only hope for the survival of freedom, the only hope for our physical survival, and the best way to avoid violence, is secession. The map in the right sidebar of this blog shows the states that appear to be the leading candidates for a new birth of freedom – in New America. The time to act is growing short.

18 thoughts on “It may be war

  1. There is already feedback from the governors and states’ attorneys general. Lawsuits are forthcoming, as is a called-for mass civil disobedience movement.

    I neglected to mention the legal phrase ultra vires: beyond powers. The resident went beyond the scope of his Constitutional powers. Let’s see how the Supremes play this, together with congressional Republicans.

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    1. If there is a new country, they and all present officeholders ought to be barred from holding official office for at least a long period, as in many years long, until they can be thoroughly vetted. I expect a few scattered ones are okay, but there are plenty of other people who can do those jobs and those scattered few can find other perfectly worthwhile ways to contribute.

      Nobody’s special. Nobody except Hashem himself.

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  2. Is Arizona really a lost cause already? I thought there was still a possibility there?

    It would be better to get organized around something like that, wouldn’t it? Otherwise we can just end up too splintered. Just the organization that could form would be worth it since it could be parlayed into other efforts.

    If not Arizona, then something else might be better. We have gotten too brainy on our side. I know I’ll just get called stupid again, but we really could use some sort of more modest but simple, structured goal to gather around, to rally around. Otherwise we might just panic, scatter and get run over.

    We can never ever underestimate the Left, no matter how tempting. I am tired of always being on the losing side, even when we supposedly won. Let’s win something for real this time.

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    1. The Arizona audit continues claiming we will soon be presented with world changing news only to deliver absolutely nothing. At this point I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  3. Doesn’t it take 35 States to call for a Constitutional Convention?
    Many of these are already on the record list approving one.
    The Feds have no part in that and can be stopped if it is done right.

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