The injection toll: September 10, 2021

Here are the latest numbers from VAERS. There were about 600 additional deaths from CoVID injections reported this past week, bringing the total to 14,506. That number is:

  • 61% larger than the total number of deaths caused by all vaccines since 1988;
  • 4.8 times the number of people murdered in America on 9/11;
  • 30 times the number of people who died per year from vaccines from 2017 to 2020.

The smoking gun. Fausti funded the research against US law and lied about it to Congress, killing millions of people globally – a true crime against humanity.

It really is genocide. “As a doctor, here’s my message to anyone who thinks it’s OK to deny medical treatment to those unvaccinated against Covid”

Healthcare worker 1-minute video: “There is no reason for people to be sick and dying from CoVID.”

“Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot” At least the baby didn’t get CoVID, so there is that.

Japan alarmed about 3rd CoVID injection death and stops the injections, while America whistles happily through 14,506 such deaths.

Alex Berenson on the connection between spike proteins and heart disease: “Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain”

Dr. VanDen Bossche: “How remaining in the dark and turning in vicious circles inevitably leads to erroneous decisions” “Conducting mass vaccination campaigns on a background of high infection rates generates optimal conditions for breeding even more infectious Sars-CoV-2 variants.”

It really is genocide. “Hospital Can’t Be Forced to Administer Ivermectin to COVID-19 Patient”

“Associated Press Falsely Claims 70% of Mississippi Poison Control Calls Due to Ivermectin” Gaslighting.

“The ivermectin war” Great overview of the mind games being played.

“Vaccine-Resistant “Mu” Variant Spreads To 49 States As Delta-Driven Summer Wave Peaks” The silver lining is that they will HAVE to give up on attempted vaccination; treatment will be the only option – just as it was during the first encounter with every previous virus.

“They will reap what they sowed”

“Australian State Plans To “Lock Out” Unvaccinated While Florida Doctor Refuses To Treat Them” The Florida doctor should lose her medical license. Does she refuse to treat the overweight, smokers, or drug users? It really is genocide.

“Why in the World Is the Government Disrupting the Distribution of Monoclonal Antibodies Now?” It really is genocide.

An intriguing new treatment that probably will be shut down. “One antibody stops all strains of CoVID-19 from infecting cells”

Doctors gagged.

Man arrested for crossing line in grass.

“Google admits: We’re keeping Aussies in the dark” Thou shalt not think.

You need to get a “vax” ID to worship God, but no voter ID.

“Being Anonymous Online May Become ILLEGAL In Australia!”

Mass Resistance Arises As Washington Makes It Nearly Impossible To Get Vaccine Exemptions” If it can happen in Washington, it can happen all across the country.

A doctor’s perspective: “Is COVID a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? Not Quite.”

“Five Ways to Deal with the COVID Karens in Your Life” Hard-headed advice: “…it’s past time we started to acknowledge not just this ongoing civil war, but also the fact that the other side is THE ENEMY. They are actively trying to destroy society, and they are using a virus with a 99.5%+ survival rate – that mainly poses any significant risk to those who are already extremely old and/or extremely sick – to do it. They MUST be stopped, and it’s up to us to do it.”

Gordon Chang: “Biden Letting China Get Away with Crime of the Century” From the summary:

  • If Chinese scientists succeed in designing pathogens targeting only foreigners, the next microbe, virus, or germ from China could end non-Chinese societies. This will be Communist China’s civilization-killer.
  • The next pandemic, therefore, could be the one that leaves China as the world’s only viable society. The world, therefore, needs something far more important than justice or compensation. It needs deterrence.

“Different ‘Pandemic Potential’ Brain Destroying Virus With 75% Death Rate Spreading In India” Another Chinese bioweapon attack? You have to wonder.

This is a big deal in China – a black swan appearing in front of the tomb of the dynasty founder (Mao) portends an end to the dynasty (CCP).

What do you do when the government themselves are the traitors? “State Department obstruction of private rescue flights from Afghanistan revealed in leaked email”

Demoralization. “National Archives Places ‘Harmful Language Alert’ on Page Hosting U.S. Constitution”

Dennis Prager: “Colorblind Is the Moral Ideal” The left tell you that colorblindness is a racist microaggression. They want to see race in everything. They are as anti-racist as ANTIFA is anti-fascist.

CLOWNWORLD – “Dear White People”: NHS Lectures Brits About Their “Privilege”’

He was fired for this.

“39 Per Cent of French Believe Islam Will Become France’s Primary Religion” You may mock those who believe in God. Some of them will behead you for that.

Jonathan Turley: “Can the Media Survive Without Half of the Population?” One side is an echo chamber; the other side prefers to think for themselves.

“Investigating the Mass Hysteria Over 1 Degree in Climate Change Since 1850” The generator salesman who visited our home today told us that the reason that generators have been flying off the shelves in 2021 is because of… “global warming”. I remained silent.

That is all for this week. See you next week. Never forget.

9 thoughts on “The injection toll: September 10, 2021

  1. I cannot tell where the informatiom warfare ends and the biowarfare begins. There is too much conflicting information. There is too much vague information. There is too much misleading information. All of that is purposeful to keep us chasing our own shadows. I am ashamed that for a moment today I actually started to want vaccines to turn out highly dangerous, just because I did not want to be humiliated. I never want to end up getting twisted desires like that. It really scared me. I sincerely hope that we find that they are not as dangerous as some of the indicators have absolutely plausibly led us to believe.

    Not getting jabbed has probably sacrificed the dregs of my career. I could not even get on a train today for a job interview. The bureaucracy stopped me at the testing center for me to get my pass. The prospective employer coldly refused to use zoom instead. I cannot even ride a train or bus anymore unless or until I can get this cleared up. I am trapped within walking distance of where I live, unless I shell out massive wads of cash for a taxi, assuming the driver would let me ride with him or if I could get one of the remaining people I know here to give me lift. But most of my friends have moved away. I cannot afford the taxi more than a few times to get to neighboring cities. In principle, I could walk. Maybe I’ll get a bicycle, if I am still allowed to do that. The grocery stores are still letting me in at least.

    I am worried that there will not be much resistance to the obvious tyranny looming. George Bush Jr seems to have equated the Jan 6 protesters to the 9/11 mass murderers, although he cloaked the language to make it barely possible that he was referring to others. If he really did mean the Jan 6 protesters, then I believe that in my lifetime we have only had two Presidents who actually tried to be good presidents for the citizenry at large, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. The rest has just been evil political theater. If so, the liars have won, laughing at the rest of us all along.

    I would still rather that we win instead. If we have made an honest mistake in overassessing the physical dangers of the vaxxes, and underassessing the information warfare and slavery headed our way, then we should not be demoralized. I really cannot tell. Surak’s info and Nitzakhon’s, it is all very fine, but it is just too hard to tell where the slavery leaves off and the murder begins. This information maelstrom is too draining. Every video I see, I want verified and double and triple verified by disinterested parties. Every statement I hear, I wonder which way it is jerking me around.

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      1. Everyone feels the need to rant, every now and again. I’ve done it several time on Surak’s blog. The lack of an edit function bothers me, also. I still type at 72 words per minute, but my mistakes are very visible. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a sticky space bar on my computer.

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        1. I’ve been reduced to the keyboard on a phone. My i’s and o’s and my p’s and o’s are always getting mixed up as well as g and h etc, but p and q curiously are just about the easiest to mind.

          I feel like I get about 72 characters per minute. But it always is frustrating when the space bar keeps tripping you up. Still, the more modern my equipment, it seems like my bread and butter uses get more aggravating. Other than a refurbished space bar, it might not be worth an upgrade, unless you have a pressing need. Maybe China embeds software engineers in companies to aggravate us on purpose. Or maybe the US does? The NSA is probably spying on me typing with my thumbs and getting a good chortle.

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        2. Even with a real keyboard, I doubt I ever went more than around 40 wpm, although I never measured. That must be dreamy going at 72, it’s just about half a speaking speed, I think.

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          1. It’s pretty close to speaking speed, but I’m slightly faster on my old electric typewriter (although the “E” key doesn’t work, anymore).

            Once, a lady who was a secretary in the office where I worked told me, “Gee, prof, with typing speed like that, you could qualify to be a Kelley Girl!” I laughed and told that I didn’t have the “requisite equipment.” Then, everyone laughed. Today, I’d be up on sexual harassment charges.

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      1. Both would be most welcome. I am afraid that term r’fu’ah and related words from the same shoresh have been temporarily destroyed on the surface. We will need to restore them asap.


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