The devastation is getting harder to hide

Australia: “‘This is Just Devastation’: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated with Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims” She says that funeral homes are ordering more freezers to store bodies, because of the increasing number they have to deal with. 2 minute video.

Popular Doctor Comes Clean About Witnessing Covid Vax Adverse Reactions” ‘Dr. Redd explained that recently, a patient of his who is a social media influencer told her followers she is suffering from POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a circulatory and neurological issue) in relation to a Covid shot she recieved. “People blasted her for sharing her story.”‘ Shameful. “I know the ramifications of sharing this, but I can’t sit back and be quiet anymore,” the doctor told his followers in the video. “We’re seeing a lot of people develop autoimmune diseases. We’re seeing a lot of POTS [neurological issue], a lot of cardiovascular problems, a lot of heart conditions and a lot of menstrual issues.”

STANFORD: Injected mRNA is not self-destructing as planned” Cell journal: vaccine mRNA found in lymph nodes even 60 days after injection. They were supposed to “self-destruct”, or so we were told. Maybe they were never intended to self-destruct…?

Time Is Running Out for the COVID Coverups” “Joe Rogan and Spotify aren’t in trouble for spreading false information. They’re in trouble for embarrassing the media and government officials who themselves pushed false information.”

International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation: ‘Psychopathic’ Globalists Used COVID to Commit ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Is the Coronavirus the Greatest Crime Against Humanity?” Full of reference links.

How It All Fits Together: Covid, 5G, Nanotech, Transhumanism & Charles Lieber

The Evil Transhumanism Agenda of Klaus Schwab & Doctor Yuval Noah Harari” This guy is brilliant and creepy, an Israeli intellectual in the land of the Bible, who probably never opened a Bible. 2 minutes.

#ProtectTheChildren: The Story of Emma Burkey” AFLDS 9-minute movie about a girl and her injection injury.

HEATHER MCDONALD COLLAPSES ON STAGE… Suffers Skull Fracture” She was triple-jabbed, plus flu shot and shingles shot. Place your bets!

Infuriating! “Losing my Brother to the Medical Industrial Complex – When Philosophy and Research Become Personal” “My brother’s death was so unexpected, so head-scratching, that it was essentially as if he’d just dropped dead. To go from being healthier than the vast majority of seventy-three-year-old men, to dead in two weeks is an indictment of the healthcare “professionals” who were supposed to be caring for him.”

A doctor speaks: “Why the Sudden Hostility Toward Off-Label Medicines?” On the widespread practice of off-label use.

Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID” Shh! Don’t advertise it! The elites may ban it too.

“It affects kids so much more than we realize…”

The elites may not believe their own lies, but the adoring masses believe; although cracks are appearing in the leftist lie.

Austria Makes Covid-19 Vaccines Compulsory For All Citizens Aged 18 and Over

Australian leader inspires his people, in part, by reciting part of America’s Declaration of Independence. He tells them that only about 20% of the American colonists supported the American Revolution. Interesting idea. The group that is most motivated can still win.

Canberra’s finest in action.

Ottawa Mayor Declares State of Emergency Due to Convoy Protest” Preparing to crack down.

Canada’s Rebel News has a special channel called “Convoy Reports“.

Ottawa police blocking fuel from truckers.

Brave Ottawa police removing fuel from freezing families. Something that should make every first responder proud.

RCMP Insider Claims Police Are Planning Mass Arrests” Canada’s Tiananmen Square moment? 3 minutes.

Israel: “Green Pass to expire at midnight for most venues” Finally!

Hat tip to a reader: “Covid officially over in Sweden!” Denmark too, apparently.

55 federal agencies tracking religious objection requests amid concern from conservatives

Parents File Lawsuit After 12-Year-Old Girl Attempts Suicide Twice at School After Secret Meetings” “A counselor endorsed the belief that the child ‘could be a boy'” And the school brought in a policeman to control the parents after they told the parents their daughter was sent to the hospital without informing them. School officials blatantly insulted the parents regarding their Christian beliefs. How long must this go on?

Daniel Greenfield: “You Can Call White People Evil, But Don’t Criticize Affirmative Action

Biden official: Secretly scattering criminal migrants across America is ‘beautiful to watch’” Treason.

A retired naval officer speaks: “Losing Taiwan is not an option

Sprott: “Ever Closer to Break Out – Precious Metals Projections

Court cancels hearing in Netanyahu trial to mull police spying implications” Apparently, government employees used terrorist surveillance capabilities to spy on Netanyahu. Sound familiar?

The Epstein Files: US Bureau of Prisons bent facts to support suicide narrative

A member of the US House casually admits that she is still a CIA asset. Wow.

A German historian speaks: “Hitler’s weird opinions on Jews and the Ten Commandments, in his own words” This article shows that the weird skin color obsessed right, like the weird skin color obsessed left, sees the Judeo-Christian tradition as its mortal enemy. Self-styled secular “progressives” have an uncomfortable amount in common with the KKK and the Nazis. “The Holocaust was intended to eliminate moral inhibitions, thereby immunizing Germans against any reluctance they might feel about carrying out the rest of Hitler’s homicidal plans for Europe and the world.” Recall too the Miller and Asch experiments; and then reflect on our moral and psychological re-programming these last two years.

Western nations losing belief in themselves” But why?

Here is an interesting statement: “The Declaration of Liberty” It has a petition you can sign.

See you soon!

1 thought on “The devastation is getting harder to hide

  1. I was never much of a conformist. I’ve been called weird etc. enough times, by the conventional folks I know, to know that much.

    I’m not sure what the Miller experiment was. Asch showed conformity tendencies in the short term. Milgram did something related. But those were both short term. Long term conformity is very different. In these cases your whole career and social life may be on the line, and for years on end. That is much harder to collect data on in laboratory experiments. But we got a real world example (unless one views the world as the laboratory in this case, which I do). Doctors, for example, were more directly threatened in ways that have such long term consequences. I’m still disgusted, many notable exceptions notwithstanding, by the mass sheepleness of that profession. What sort of conformity is likely in these cases in general? What needs to be done to restructure that profession to make a repeat less likely? Presumably it would help to have a better form of social distancing, not the evil masked sort, but involving more independent small medical businesses instead of the massive big box organizations where so many doctors ended up in recent years. We should also stop requiring that medical students get undergraduate degrees. Perhaps we should end the allopathy monopoly? I don’t know what role Obamacare played in all this. But if structural measures are not taken, then why should we not expect a repeat of the experiment after a certain time has elapsed. Is there good quantitative data on how long peoples’ memories will last in order to be perhaps somewhat more resistant to a repeat? One generation? Less? More? Or will a bit of name changing be all it takes to make people not realize a repeat is occurring at all?
    Has data collection on such issues been one of the primary goals all along? Are those behind this wave of attack using that information to better calibrate another attack? The timing of how the narrative is holding up or not may simply be getting quietly noted so that another wave will be even more devastating, not that we even know how much devastation has already been caused. But despite the very real pain and suffering already inflicted, I still worry that all of this was more of a practice round.

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