Where We Go From Here

If you can keep your head when all about you

⁠Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; …

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken

⁠Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, …

If — (Rudyard Kipling, 1895)

The world is hypnotized deeply. Living in a dimly-lit room walled by mirrors, they think they see the world. They re-post and “like” the few thoughts permitted on Facebook and Twitter, and think themselves clever to do so.

Millennia ago, Plato described that mindlessness memorably as the allegory of the cave, in his otherwise evil book Republic. More recently, that story was rendered into film as “The Truman Show”, and also more violently as “The Matrix”.

Rebels who think for themselves are a menace to the hive. Obedience is preferred, not merely by the rulers, but also by the subjects, who merely want to be comfortable. Freedom is not just a luxury, but actually a threat. Evidence is not proof, but rather a threat.

We are being denied our right to communicate freely. We are being denied our right to a fair election. We are being denied our right to be heard in court. We are being denied our right to be heard in public.

This does not end well. Let us consider the paths forward.

First, we should agree that the Republican party is dead, along with its affiliated “conservative” institutions in the media and think-tanks. In the future, no politician deserves our vote if that person will not confirm that he or she would have voted to challenge the 2020 presidential electors from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And no media show deserves our patronage if it features another interview with Lindsey Graham promising that this time – I really mean it! – THIS time he will get to the bottom of it. Unleash the kraken!

The details of a new party platform – say the American Party – need detailed discussion in future columns. Some brief points would include:

  • national voter ID;
  • completion of the border wall;
  • national e-Verify for employment;
  • dramatic slowing of immigration, including a complete stop from certain areas;
  • vouchers for parents of all K-12 students;
  • four-year terms for senators;
  • balanced budget and line-item veto;
  • 20-year lifetime limit as a civilian federal employee, whether civil service, politician, or judge.

It is very doubtful that patriots will ever win another election, however. The left will ensure that all 22 million illegal aliens get amnesty and voter registration; that DC and Puerto Rico become states, with four new Democrat senators; and that multiple new justices are added to the Supreme Court.

Many say civil war is inevitable. Anyone who questions this received wisdom is accused of not having enough testosterone, or perhaps not enough cortisol. But no hallucinogen is powerful enough to change the fact that the left controls ALL aspects of society relating to command, control, communication, and intelligence: GAMETEBB (government, academia, media, entertainment, technological elite, big business). No blustering braggart on the internet has shown yet the ability to lead an insurgency.

That leaves us with secession. Consider again the political map of the states from an earlier column, updated to reflect the Georgia senate runoff.

The core conservative area is the north central region, the upper plains states and the upper mountain west. Many of these hardcore conservative states could not be bothered to join the Texas lawsuit against voter fraud, nor could they be bothered to object to fraudulent electors. This has puzzled me greatly. What hope is there for America if even its most conservative region blithely accepts a stolen election?

I believe the answer is in their great distance from the troublesome coastal urban areas. These sparsely populated states do not feel greatly bothered by the social engineering coming out of Washington; they can afford to ignore Washington to some extent. I don’t think this idyll will survive the coming Harris-ANTIFA-BLM-AOC presidency. At some point, this region may eagerly embrace the vision of James Wesley Rawles as an American Redoubt: https://survivalblog.com/redoubt/

Until then, I think the best models for the survival of Western civilization are those of Jews and Christians under persecution. Christians were persecuted for three centuries in the Roman Empire until the conversion of Constantine. Jews survived exile for nineteen centuries by an intense devotion to learning.

I have been surprised to discover how many of the great classics of Western literature have been turned into reasonably good movies, which may entertain children and young adults. The next step is suggested by an Orthodox rabbi with whom I once studied, advertising one of his Torah classes: “You’ve seen the movie” (Charlton Heston’s Ten Commandments), “now read the book!”

I am looking casually at a certain online education platform I like very much. I am thinking about uploading content when the school year ends. This would be my small subversive contribution to ensuring the survival of Western civilization, the greatest civilization in human history.

18 thoughts on “Where We Go From Here

  1. I’ve been considering all the calls for civil war, coming from various sides of the political aisle, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be a successful secession movement. Civil was is, quite frankly, too horrible to consider.

    I started getting interested in the English Civil War of the 17th Century after watched the movie “Cromwell”. The war itself was treated almost as an afterthought, in the treatment of King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, with Parliament being a deciding factor in the war.

    But the reality of that war was actually several civil wars, and the brutality of it was much greater than anyone would realize given the two battles that the movie portrayed. War is hard enough on the soldiers who fight, but an ungodly amount a violence was perpetrated upon the common folk of England, who died in their thousands … could it actually have been hundreds of thousands. The brutality of both factions of the perpetrators of this war on the people. I do not wish to see this sort of violence committed on either side in an new American Civil War II. The deaths could number in the millions.

    This horrifying aspect of such a war would be visited on both sides of the war. I’ve been ready …from a military point of view … for this war for many years. Yet, having seen another civil war, and been part of a third party in it, in my experience in Vietnam, every possible and potential resolution of the political drama being played out must be exhausted before taking such a step. Note that I will NOT fire the first shot.

    By the way, there are several very good histories of the English Civil War available on YouTube. They show this series of conflicts … which resulted in the beheading of a king … in all of its grisly detail. Think of the happening here, with modern weapons fueled by absolute mutual hatred.

    The American Party you speak of, Surak, I would gladly and gratefully be a part of, to avoid such a cataclysmic war in our country.

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    1. Civil war is discussed on every blog, and on every blog it will stay. Here is one of the few commentators who is not abjectly apologizing for the events of Wednesday, January 6, 2021: https://alt-market.us/conservatives-should-be-proud-of-the-raid-on-capitol-hill/

      He has this crazy idea that the people have the right to assemble peaceably to seek redress of grievances; and that when government shall fail to protect our God-given inalienable rights, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. Imagine that!

      (dramatic shivers) “Oh, we abhor violence!” The only violence I saw was a Capitol policeman shooting dead an AF vet. (An interracial police shooting, yet no riots – strange…) There was no arson. There was no looting.

      The brainwashing continues, so I opt out of the Republican party and Fox News. But a civil war taking place on every block of every street in America? Not happening.

      Secession only works if some states become sufficiently uncomfortable, and there is no sign of that yet.

      That is why I concluded that underground resistance is our only hope now. It took about 7 decades for the Soviet Union, 3 centuries for Christians under Rome, 19 centuries for Jews in exile. I hope our American exile is considerably shorter.

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      1. Thanks for this link. An excellent essay and the reader comments are equally thoughtful. Am still not fully internalizing a point or two, but am noodling on it.

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    2. This doesn’t have to be a WAR. A referendum is on the ballot by each state asking voters ‘do we leave or do we stay?’ We approach Congress in a block and vote ourselves out on our terms. SCOTUS? We tell them they don’t have standing.

      The other Civil War was caused because the North wanted to maintain the military bases on southern soil. The South fired on Fort Sumpter. We need to convince both sides that this is for the best.


  2. I just wanted to point out, at this time, that I read Nitzakhon’s article, this morning, and I want everyone to know that that despite my concerns expressed, above, I am willing to participate in a civil war, if one happens. My warning is simply the concern of an old soldier who is, nevertheless, well-armed and equipped. I didn’t spend all of the money I did on weapons and equipment never to use them. If pushed far enough, I will do what my sense of duty requires of me.

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    1. Wolfie, I remember the Army recruiting commercials: “An Army Of One”. An army of one gets slaughtered outside the movies. I suspect a new country would require hundreds of thousands of soldiers to secure its borders.

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  3. Sorry about my continued posting, here, Surak, without any responses. But something on your map, above, stood out to me. That is, the State of Illinois centered in a sea of patriotic states.

    Illinois is mostly a conservative State that has been hijacked by several blue counties, the largest of which is Cook County, where Chicago is located. I cannot tell you how much frustration is suffered by Republicans when their consistent votes simply don’t count, because of the large population centers, dominated by the Left. Out of 101 counties, only about 10-12 counties are “blue”, but they determine every election in the State.

    In your stated plan for peaceful secession, these “red” counties should be taken into account, and some provision made for their separation from the Untied (purposeful misspelling!) States. Indeed, this is true in many so-called “blue states”. Look at a map of California or Virginia. I daresay most of the counties of North Carolina and Georgia would desire separation.

    Just a thought …

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    1. Wolfie, I see you, no problem – just doing a little work at my paying job, while I have it…

      Of course you are right about the county-level distinction. Here is the map again for those who are not familiar: https://surakblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/separation2-1.png

      I chose the state-level map to illustrate my essay for a reason. That is: we cannot even get the most hardcore conservative states interested in objecting to electoral fraud, so what chance do conservative counties in leftist states have?

      Those counties in CA, IL, NY, and elsewhere that want to join a conservative secession need to observe entire states ready to opt out before they stick out their necks. The problem is that for the time being, federalism is still loose enough that the north central region can ignore much of DC’s scheming. Maybe we will have to vote with our feet.

      Mrs. Surak prefers Texas or the south for health reasons. She cannot handle the cold. I told her that Texas is close to tipping left; Georgia and North Carolina already have.

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      1. The only problem I found living in Texas is that the allergy season is all year long.

        A Texas joke: visitor to Texas, “too bad Texas doesn’t have all four seasons.” to which the Texan replies, “sure we have all four seasons, there’s Almost summer, summer, still summer, and deer hunting seasons”…Lol.

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    2. “…Illinois is mostly a conservative State that has been hijacked by several blue counties,”

      Actually, this is true all over America and has been for quite some time. The deep blue urban centers are the 900-lb gorillas that bulldoze the rest of the state. It really annoys me when well-meaning goofballs wish that if Calif would just “fall into the sea,” the nation’s problems would instantly be solved. Really? And what of the millions of good folk and true in every state — dump them too?

      It’s a very interesting problem, but not sure how gerrymandered “secessionist” areas could be cohesively chiseled out of the current geographical mix. Seems a tectonic upheaval would be in order. And that’s maybe what it will take.

      On a personal note, I live far behind enemy lines in southern Commiefornia, an area that used to be reliably conservative. I am now planning my bug-out strategy, as this is no place to make a stand. Not sure where is better, as it all seems under the thrall of the TraitorKKKrat’s evangelical expansionism.


  4. What we have seen since November is that the swamp is as deep as the Marianas Trench and as wide as the Siberian steppes. Trump, evidently never had much of a chance, although he did accomplish quite a bit and definitely upset the apple cart in DC. Even those that seemed to be on Trump’s side in Congress or in the bureaucracy, were doing so in a very subtle way, as when it came down to action, there was none.
    Very disappointed with Mike Pence, although at the same time, with all the threats that were probably being made against those that seemed to support Trump and also against their families, I guess the Stalinist tactics prevailed.
    At least now we know without a doubt that our government has been very much controlled by soft-Communists for a very long time, which has now unfortunately opened the door for the hard-Communists to start moving in.
    Not sure what to expect over the coming year, but do not expect it to be good.
    Perhaps, the anticipated secession of States and possible open civil war, hard to say but the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be dimming.

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    1. Note to sourdough: My wife’s Texas relatives have a sign hanging in their Colorado cabin, “We interrupt this marriage to bring you hunting season.” Quail, pheasant, deer, elk — doesn’t matter, it’s all good!

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  5. “Many of these hardcore conservative states could not be bothered to join the Texas lawsuit against voter fraud, nor could they be bothered to object to fraudulent electors.”
    Well, that is because even when these States were more conservative 30 to 50 years ago, they had a tendency to elect liberals that gum the works up.
    Now 50 years later, these States too have been infiltrated by those from New York, New Jersey, California, etc., etc…
    I had some back and forth with Mr Rawles in the so-called “American Redoubt” about all the liberals moving in there, and he stated they had it all under control. Then the virus hits and we have small town police arresting young mothers trying to take their kids to the local parks in Idaho. Yeah, its all under control.
    My comment back to Mr. Rawles was, the American Redoubt is wherever you make your stand! He did not care much for that comment, and yet we see the same things happening in the so-called American Redoubt that we see everywhere else.
    There is not a State in the Union that does not have this problem, including Alaska, supposedly, the last frontier.


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