The injection toll: November 5, 2021

Here are the latest numbers from VAERS, current as of October 29, 2021. The CDC admits that CoVID injections have caused 18,078 deaths. That is:

  • 96% more than the number of deaths caused by all non-CoVID vaccines, 1988-2021;
  • 6 times the number of people murdered on 9/11;
  • 37 times the average annual number of deaths from vaccines 2017-2020.

In addition, there have been 28,112 permanent disabilities. Added to the deaths, that is a total of 46,190 devastating adverse events.

Here is a very important article that was disappeared from its host’s website: “Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America” It is still visible at web archive. “Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing all over America, and nobody can seem to explain why this is happening… All across the country, emergency rooms are absolutely packed, and in many cases we are seeing seriously ill patients being cared for in the hallways because all of the ER rooms are already full.” There are numerous examples of inexplicable illnesses and deaths among otherwise healthy people. What could be the cause?

Get Ready for Food Rationing” “Gas lines? Fine: Just switch to electric. No heating oil or it is unaffordable? That’s all the better for solving climate change. No bags in the stores? Just bring your own. No meat? Eat veggie burgers. And so on.”

More from the archbishop who should be Pope: “Archbishop Viganò Writes Stunning Letter on Vaccine Program” He writes in scientific detail regarding the injection’s safety and efficacy, and the viability of therapeutics, as well as on the moral questions involved.

Ontario & Quebec Back Down on Vaccine Mandates For Healthcare Workers After Massive Resistance” The war is not over.

School Blocks Parents From Attending Vaccine Drive for 5-Year-Old Students” I am a little suspicious. The inflammatory sentence in the letter looks pasted in.

Ernest Ramirez lost his son to the injection. Shortly afterwards, GoFundMe canceled his account to raise awareness of injection dangers. They are soulless. At least the son never caught CoVID.

Vaccinated ice-hockey player Boris Sádecký dies after cardiac arrest” At least he never caught CoVID.

Democrat “blood bath” signals turning point for human AWAKENING… the counteroffensive has been launched against the tyranny, stupidity and CRIMINALITY of the unforgivable Left” “…Democrats don’t represent a political party in America; they represent satanism, psychological terrorism, economic destruction and genocide against the human race. They are the party of pain, suffering, death and destruction. To prove it, they openly celebrate abortions, infanticide, child trafficking across an open border, censorship of free speech, scientific dictatorship, medical mandates and the hospital murder of anyone diagnosed with “covid.” And if you disagree with them on anything, they brand you a terrorist. This is no longer about Left vs Right, or Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s about the survival of humanity... America is plunging into a “Dark Winter” under incomprehensible fake “President” #PoopyPants Joe Biden. This Dark Winter is going to be characterized by:

  • Skyrocketing inflation affecting prices of food, fuel and consumer goods.
  • A wave of child deaths and side effects from mRNA vaccines now targeting 28 million children.
  • Rolling blackouts due to dwindling energy supplies.
  • Extreme product shortages and supply chain failures due to vaccine mandates causing labor shortages.
  • A huge number of deaths of adults from vaccine-induced immunodeficiency and Antibody Dependent Enhancement.
  • Rising civil unrest, desperation and crime across the country.

This coming winter, in other words, is going to be the most difficult season which any living American has endured in their entire life.”

The Hague rising.

This is a big deal. This translation of an article from Il Tempo reveals that only 3% of Italy’s death attributed to CoVID actually died from CoVID. WOW!

Even worse! “VAERS data shows 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced and the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA” OK, Congressional Freedom Caucus, Fox, OAN, Breitbart – where are you?

UK: “85% of Covid-19 deaths are among the Vaccinated, Child deaths have risen by 83% since they were offered the jab, the Covid-19 Vaccines have negative effectiveness as low as -132%

Isn’t this interesting? “Maine passes nation’s 1st ‘right to food’ amendment

Joy Reid better watch out, or she will find herself on the receiving end of a libel lawsuit.

Republican Elected City Attorney In Deep Blue Seattle” Seattle?!

The most secure election ever!

Businesses have until after the holidays to implement Biden Covid vaccine mandate

Keep this page for future reference, with OSHA’s FAQs on its illegal unconstitutional “mandate”, an “emergency” standard that does not take effect for another 2 months, a “temporary” standard that has no expiration date. Give me a break!

Open borders.

Watch out! “Massive Energy and Power Crunch Coming Soon as U.S. Coal Producers Have Already Sold Their Coal Inventories for 2022

Stay aware: “La Palma: Seismic activity is picking up again with two M5.0 earthquakes within 24 hours and record ash emission! Houses and even cemeteries are buried under meters of volcanic ash

The drug companies wouldn’t deceive us, would they? “My Letter to Pappas and His Reply: Did Pfizer Submit False And/or Corrupt Trial Data?

One Minute Before Midnight” “No one gets to tell you what your job is worth. No one gets to tell you what you must allow into your body. No one gets to tell you that you have no right to interfere with what they wish to “teach” your kids. Period… No one should be allowed to abridge your right to free speech, to defend yourself, or to believe and worship as you wish- and your conscience dictates. No faceless, unelected bureaucrat should be allowed to essentially make laws that seriously impact your life. And no one in power should be able to ignore, overturn or otherwise negate your vote. …the only way to stave off the demise of our republic is for conservatives/patriots/sane people to utterly disregard what Leftists/America haters/illogical people think, be willing to sacrifice like our Founders and not reflexively shy from confrontation… We conservatives, each of us, need to stand strong in the face (often literally) of demented personal attacks from progressives labeling us “racists,” “bigots,” and “white supremacists.””

See you next week!

1 thought on “The injection toll: November 5, 2021

  1. I am struck by your chart showing essentially no variation in the number of added deaths per week aside from the first week or two. It’s almost like someone said “Wait, these numbers will make the database worse” and settled on a number, plus or minus a few, to use as the monthly addition.

    Wondering: could you please email me those data? I’d be interested in the standard deviation / 3 and 6 sigma histogram of that data which would – to my eyes – be unnaturally narrow.

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