Into the gulag: July 21, 2021

I am looking forward to a trip tomorrow into America’s heartland. I pray the madness has not infected them yet, please God. I will look for pictures I can share with you.

Until then, the news.

“Sharyl Attkisson: Big Tech Is Censoring Key Facts About COVID Vaccine Safety”

From the great Dr. Peter McCullough and colleagues: “SARS-CoV-2 mass vaccination: Urgent questions on vaccine safety that demand answers from international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments and vaccine developers

“New UC Berkeley study suggests cell phones sharply increase tumor risk”

“The Mystery Plague That Is Killing Countless Birds In 9 States And Washington D.C. Has Gotten A Lot Worse” The ‘experts’ do not know why, and that is scary. 5G, perhaps?

From the same website: “5 Specific Reasons Why You Should Stockpile Food Right Now”

I think one of our readers left this link: “Doug Casey on why so many people outsource their thinking to ‘experts'”. He warns that Christianity is on the way out in Europe, and is barely hanging on in America among the “lower class”. By the way, Europe is not without religion; it’s an old religion that has been invited into Europe. America is succumbing to satanism (my take).

An interview with Alexander Dugin” I would like your opinion on this controversial philosopher. At some time, I would like to begin philosophical discussions of the basics we take for granted. Do these basic assumptions lead to dangers for society?

Dugin is not the first to question the nominalist choice in the Middle Ages. “Are ideals real or nominal? Who cares?” Oh, you should care. Richard Weaver explained why in his book Ideas Have Consequences, and Dugin seems to follow in his footsteps.

Glenn Beck warned that Dugin is dangerous. I respect the warning, because Beck profoundly understands the power of ideas. However, as I watch my society disintegrate, I will continue to read dangerous ideas that may help me understand why.

“The National Education Association’s Radical Agenda for Public Education”

“American Decadentocracy”

“Record Number Of Americans Died From Drug Overdoses During Pandemic, Driven By Fentanyl” Appalachian and other rural lives do not matter. Neocon/neolib bank accounts overflow with the ruined lives of Americans.

“Ontario’s Grade 9 Will Be Taught That “Mathematics Has Been Used To Normalize Racism”” California just stepped back from the brink, brought to their senses, against their will, by nervous tycoons in Silicon Valley.

“Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty calls on Elmbrook School District to remove sexually explicit books from library” Yes, this is our world.

“Proof That Wokeness Is Projection By Nervous, Racist White Women Who Can’t Talk To Minorities Without Elaborate Codes” If you were wondering about the psychological explanation: “Evidence is mounting that “wokeness” is a creation of abnormally anxious and prejudiced white women who feel that elaborate rituals are necessary to interact with people of other races — something that most people, who simply treat them as peers, have no need for.”

“‘Let Them Die’: Fairfax NAACP Leader Speaks Against Anti-Critical Race Theory Parents” Honesty is the best policy.

“Elderly Woman Allegedly Beaten by Walmart Employee While Bystanders Looked On” There is a Torah commandment (Leviticus 19:16): “You shall not stand [idly] upon the blood of your fellow.” We need to do better – as they say…

South African historian issues warning to America.

“Pronouns as Weapons against America” “Culture is at the heart of any society.  The American heart and heartland are under mighty and relentless assault.”

“A ‘rainbow dildo butt monkey’ to help children read” Sorry, but this is happening to American children.

“Stephen Miller: It’s an Impeachable Offense for Biden to Resettle Large Numbers of Illegal Immigrants Across America” Actually, it’s treason.

“Biden tells lawmen he’s opening the borders” Expect the “lawmen” to protect their paycheck, not the country.

June 2021 was a record month ever for illegal crossings, with 900,000 total so far in 2021. That is more than the population of some states. There are not many cities larger than that.

“Joe Biden’s Open Border to Drive 1.7M Illegal Aliens to U.S. in 2021” It’s planned. Do you understand? The United States is under invasion, our armed forces are standing down, and “law enforcement” is assisting.

Watch your government employees open the gates.

I have so much more for you, but I will save it for another day. See you soon!

8 thoughts on “Into the gulag: July 21, 2021

  1. I just ran across this, and I think you will find it interesting.

    So, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t want to get the vaccine if it was released while Trump was still President. They were anti-vaxxers before they became vaxxers. Now that they’re in office, they demand that everyone get vaccinated. Interesting … and telling … indeed.

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      1. Is 5G killing birds? It’s possible – not proven, but possible. All these INDUSTRY studies that say it’s 100% safe are funded by people with a financial interest in making sure it’s safe.

        As we *cough* “welcome* more than a million new residents – for can anyone doubt President Asterism and the Dems will move quickly to bring them out of the shadows and eventually to citizenship – I still do not grasp how people do not see the Great Replacement in action? Likely to become new citizens handed voter registration cards at their mass naturalization ceremonies just in time for the 2024 election…

        And for Mrs. Surak, she might find these interesting:



        You too. It’s written by a psychologist whose blog has, alas, gone dark since 2012. But some fantastic stuff regardless. Remember that Leftists ONLY care about the opinions of other Leftists. That’s why any charge of hypocrisy doesn’t stick, because we on the Right are making the charge. Since we’re not in the herd, it’s irrelevant.

        Please do recall my early piece:

        The Leftist Sense of Self

        Lastly, my latest piece at GraniteGrok:

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    1. Wolfie, I was curious about what you make of Alexander Dugin and his philosophy. There is a lot more to discuss, especially Eurasianism, but this fascinating question of the problem of universals seems to return to us. For him, it has serious political consequences.

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          1. Wolfie, I am just catching up on comments from the last week. Let’s start with fascism. Does Dugin advocate for genocide of minorities? Does he advocate for government partnership with big business? If not, in what sense is he fascist?

            The “destruction of Americanism” is not the same as the destruction of America, depending on what “Americanism” means. If he means America’s perceived missionary duty to invade other countries and impose an alien culture upon them, then I oppose that as well. I was not happy with the Javanka-inspired efforts during the Trump administration to change other countries’ laws prohibiting same-sex marriage, or promoting women-owned businesses. Let those other countries make up their own minds on these issues without American pressure. Putin does not give a hoot about other countries’ values.


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