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Before we start with the news, I ask you to please keep Steffen Ritter’s wife in your prayers for a speedy and complete healing, as she goes in for knee replacement surgery on Thursday. We are now something of a virtual family, and as Chuck Fire noted, the quality of the discussion here is higher than many other blogs – thanks to all of you! Wolfie is my friend all the way back from Disqus days. His service to his country and to his God have been exceptional, and I know we wish his family the best.

Fellow blogger Nitzakhon is getting back into the writing saddle at Liberty’s Torch. He put together the usual well-researched article on the newest wave of coronavirus in India. It is very alarming to read.

Nitzakhon provides English-language resources to support Mrs. Surak’s suspicions reading Chinese-language blogs: namely, that the current variant of coronavirus ravaging India may well be outright biological warfare that is RACE-SPECIFIC in its target. Moreover, Mrs. Surak reads that Chinese with Indian friends are reporting that symptoms of the newest variant include bleeding from facial orifices (eyes, nose, mouth), very much like the Ebola virus, suggesting deliberate VIRAL ENGINEERING.

China is rubbing salt in the wound by warning India to back off of its alliance with America. Can World War Three be far behind? Consider too that Joe Biden is unlikely to stop travel from India until many Americans are infected. Under the circumstances, as Nitzakhon rightly warns, we must take the pandemic very seriously indeed. It is not just a cold. But the “vaccines” are equally problematic.

Here is one resource, called “No Jab for Me”, on the deleterious effects of the current “vaccines” (hat tip Nitzakhon again):

This much longer resource is a thorough, global documentation of “vaccine” injuries and deaths, called “Informed Consent Matters”:

Here is a very important reminder that… “Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA”

Finally, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson provides evidence suggesting a connection between the development of CoVID-19 and one Anthony Fauci:

Mrs. Surak says that she has read that some doctors are more concerned about the long-term neurological consequences to CoVID-19 than the early inflammatory response. People may “recover”, and remain disabled for a long time, perhaps forever.

Under the circumstances, I am more inclined to be cautious than I was previously. I am happy to teach my summer class from home, and I would rather not go back on campus after all in the fall. I would rather stay home another year, and see how things play out from the pandemic waves and the aftermath of the “vaccines”.

God, please give us strength. We have no help but You.

13 thoughts on “Latest pandemic and vaccine resources

  1. Offering up prayers for Mrs. Ritter.There is nothing more important than one’s health,especially among family and friends.

    May the Lord watch over her while undergoing this procedure, and deliver her to recovery without complication and as little pain as possible.May your divine mercy be upon her and Mr. Ritter.

    We ask this O God,through Your Son Jesus Christ,from whom all good things come.Amen.

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  2. “Moreover, Mrs. Surak reads that Chinese with Indian friends are reporting that symptoms of the newest variant include bleeding from facial orifices (eyes, nose, mouth)…”

    This begs the question – well, parallel questions.

    1. What is the percentage rate of persons of Indian extraction having these effects?
    2. What is the percentage rate of persons of non-Indian extraction having these effects? (And, parenthetically, vs. those of Chinese extraction.)

    Assuming they are different, what’s the chi-squared test show on this? The Null Hypothesis would be that there would be no racially-different rates.

    And, now, I have – I assume – established my bona fides as a stats geek. 🙂

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    1. On the geeky side, you realize that with large enough samples, even small differences will be statistically significant. This is where even the hard-core statistician will recommend examining meaningful differences rather than significant differences.

      It has not escaped attention that the highest death rates per capita seem to be in Caucasian countries – and India is part of the Indo-European stock.


  3. One last thing… (Columbo, call your office)… this makes, what, the second column I’ve inspired? I am incredibly flattered to have tickled your intellectual bones to this degree.

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  4. The following is from “The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian”, and many believe that the Wuhan flu was a test run to see how the US and many other nations that China considers enemies would respond to a bio-weapon unleashed upon them.

    Only by using special means to “clean up” America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. This is the only choice left for us. This is not a matter of whether we are willing to do it or not. What kind of special means is there available for us to “clean up America”?
    Conventional weapons such as fighters, canons, missiles and battleships won’t do; neither will highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons, despite the fact that we have been exclaiming that we will have the Taiwan issue resolved at whatever cost. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of “cleaning up” America all of a sudden. When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focus instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country.
    Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die. If the Chinese people are strapped to the present land, a total societal collapse is bound to take place. According to the computation of the author of Yellow Peril, more than half of the Chinese will die, and that figure would be more than 800 million people! Just after the liberation, our yellow land supported nearly 500 million people, while today the official figure of the population is more than 1.3 billion. This yellow land has reached the limit of its capacity. One day, who knows how soon it will come, the great collapse will occur any time and more than half the population will have to go.
    We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios. If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities. Whatever the case may be, we can only move forward fearlessly, for the sake of our Party and State and our nation’s future, regardless of the hardships we have to face and the sacrifices we have to make. The population, even if more than half dies, can be reproduced. But if the Party falls, everything is gone, and forever gone.

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    1. I found that speech by searching online. Mrs. Surak recognized it. She is warning people that the Chinese leadership is crazy. Like the Iranian mullahs, they have a high tolerance for deaths among their people. Mrs. Surak is emphatic: the CCP must be stopped.


  5. I want to thank everyone here for thinking about my good lady, and your prayers (Jewish or not!). She came through this surgery with flying colors. It was quite a long surgery, performed by a well-recognized surgeon who has trail-blazed several procedures that are now in wide use.

    Now, the hard part, and it starts this evening. They will get her on her feet and make her walk, using her walker.

    It’s been a long day, for me, and I doubt that I will show up here, again, until tomorrow. But Surak’s blog post is very good, and I’ve got a lot to say.

    Once again, thanks.

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