Rewriting your DNA

The dam of denial is starting to show cracks, at the most respectable of academic institutions, Harvard and MIT. Here is a link to the article:

Let me summarize this complex piece of research as best I can.

For the last few months, skeptics have expressed concerns about whether the mRNA “vaccines” such as those from Pfizer and Moderna could wind up re-writing your own DNA, leaving you vulnerable to an auto-immune reaction, in which your body’s immune system believes your very own cells are coronavirus, and attacks them. Nonsense, snarks the establishment; mRNA does not work that way.

Don’t forget, by the way, that the mRNA “vaccines” are not true vaccines:

And do not forget that the adenovirus “vaccines”, such as those from Johnson & Johnson and Astra-Zeneca, act in a similar fashion to the mRNA vaccines, according to this article:

From the last article: “Like the mRNA vaccines, the main idea behind adenovirus vaccines is to get genetic material that encodes SARS-CoV-2 genes into your cells and get your cells to make the virus proteins.”

Returning to our first linked article above – researchers at Harvard and MIT seem to have discovered that it is indeed possible for coronavirus mRNA to rewrite your own DNA. The researchers were puzzled about why patients were still testing positive for coronavirus months after getting over the disease.

The answer was not that they were seeing false positives. Instead, it turned out that the tests were detecting true coronavirus DNA written into the patients’ own DNA by a process called reverse transcription.

Usually, messenger RNA, mRNA, functions only in one direction, copying instructions from nucleic DNA (DNA in the nucleus of your cells) to the outer portion of your cells, where they can begin supervising the creation of proteins. It has been thought for years that this process is a rigidly one-way street, and that it is generally impossible for nucleic DNA to be changed by mRNA.

Maybe the snarky people should not have been so confident. After all, isn’t this how gene therapy works? And one method of introducing new DNA into a human cell is the use of a virus as the vector:

This leaves us with an obvious question. If it is possible for coronavirus itself to re-write our DNA, is it also possible for the mRNA “vaccine” to also re-write our DNA? Unlike gene therapy meant to correct some condition such as inflammation, this particular gene therapy might cause an auto-immune reaction, as outlined above.

I have added a pair of related links to the growing link galaxy at the bottom of the blog. One is for the COVID blog: The other is for COVID Legal USA:

They state that they will offer legal assistance to protect Americans from mandatory vaccines. They may become very busy this coming year.

11 thoughts on “Rewriting your DNA

  1. It is very disturbing that the mRNA is able to re-write our DNA, and it is also disturbing that the CCP evidently created this virus to be able to re-write DNA, with no one saying or doing anything about it. It is also disturbing that the virus has apparently been weaponized and was deliberately released by the CCP in order to effect as many people as possible, in as many countries as possible. It is also disturbing to see that the CCP and the Dhimmicrats were working together to achieve a particular goal, the outcome of which is not very clear. The Soviets are also somehow involved, although it is not clear in exactly what way.
    All I can say is that it appears that the goal is to turn everyone into Lemmings, thus making it much easier to control the masses.
    It is all a very disturbing ride in the Dhimmicrat/CCP/Communist theme park where you pay with your DNA to get on the ride that never ends, where there is no T-shirts, and
    “Relax,” said the night man, “We are programmed to receive, You can check out any time you like But you can never leave” from the Eagles Hotel California.

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  2. On the covidlegalusa link, I love the way they have used one of the Left’s favorite memes against them, and on behalf of the people. “My body, my Choice”. Extraordinarily good.

    On the music list, may I suggest one of the most beautiful pieces ever written, which … unfortunately … is controversial because of later history? That is, “Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral”, from Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin”. I leave a link, below.


    1. Thank you for your ideas, Wolfie. Keep them coming. This particular suggestion will be a fairly easy “no thanks” for a simple reason and for a more profound reason.

      The simple reason? It’s Wagner. That’s enough reason.

      The profound reason is that it’s Wagner, and carries the seeds of all the worst excesses of the last century – up to this very day. Do you find rock, punk, heavy metal, rap, and all the rest repulsive? Thank Wagner – and his predecessor Liszt – and his predecessor Beethoven.

      Have you noticed that all the works in my list were composed no later than 1803? That year, the year of Haydn’s last composition, was to me the outer limit of musical civilization. Coincidentally, or not, I believe that was also the year of the debut of Beethoven’s third symphony, the “Eroica”, dedicated initially to Napoleon.

      After 300 years of sublimity, structure, symmetry, and serenity, Beethoven decided we needed heroics and extravagance, ranging from the maudlin to the neurotic. It is not a coincidence that the victory by the “Romantic” composers paralleled the increasingly violent utopian revolutions in Europe.

      The piece performed in the video above expresses an unseemly pathos, that does not elicit the finest virtues of humanity, in my opinion.

      Having said that – I listen to and enjoy a very, very wide spectrum of music. One of the purposes of this blog, however, is to identify the very best of our civilization, to identify the seeds from which the very worst grew, and to be able to separate them. For such a purpose, I believe that the composition above belongs in the second category.

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      1. I understand what you say about Wagner. Indeed, Hitler himself said that one cannot understand National Socialism if one does not understand Wagner. I enjoy Wagner’s music on the basis of its craftsmanship, and the beauty of the result.

        We’ll leave it at that, and maintain our friendship!

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        1. Wagner was indeed an incredible craftsman. Ironically, the soft music of French Impressionism owes a considerable amount, in my opinion, to the Wagnerian revolution.

          Wagner was, as well, a great inventor in the role of fashioning new modes of art; not just “surround sound” but a fusion of art forms. Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” production method in modern American popular music is itself Wagnerian.

          Having said all that, Wagner merely carried to their logical conclusion the ideas initiated by Beethoven. The Choral Symphony presages Wagnerian opera.

          The question for me becomes this: is it possible to extract the pure sound experience from the context of ideas which gave birth to it, and the ideas which it in turn inspired?

          The Liebestod (love-death) obsession in Tristan und Iseult, and the Gotterdamerung (death of the gods) in the Ring, bespeak a mind that is very troubled. (When you find yourself getting criticized by Nietzsche, you have definitely gone too far!)

          You can see that my list of best compositions is dominated mostly by Germanophones. I try to imagine the reaction of Telemann, the very pious Bach, Handel, the very easy-going Haydn, and the very light-hearted Mozart to Wagner. I think they would believe that something is wrong here.

          Think about the frame of mind that gave rise to the American Revolution (etymologically, revolution = turning back). It was a summary of the best ideas of the 17th and 18th century, such as Locke. This era was also the time of Baroque and early Classical music.

          The French Revolution initiated an era of political chaos and mob violence, which was reflected in, and perhaps equally inspired by, music that became passionate and lost all restraint. As I attempt to reconstruct Western civilization, I expect to keep 1803 as the last date for compositions I feature.


  3. Considering that the Wuhan lab was involved in Genetic modification of viruses to ENHANCE their potency, that same lab was partially funded by Bill Gates (the man that states he would like to see the world population reduced to about one million people) and the CCP that is looking to move forward into world domination; we should be looking at this under the microscope. Yet, the Demoncrats deflect and actually defend Communist China.

    Consider this… DNA rewriting is the perfect method of control of a population. This could be the start of the final Tyranny.

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  4. If there is even a CHANCE this is true it should mean stopping. Risk is not probability; risk is probability times consequences. What are the consequences of a species-wide genetic editing program?

    What floors me is the hubris in thinking this can be done without consequence. Or maybe the potential consequences are intended…

    And Surak – emailing some links (multiple topics) later today. Hopefully good grist for you.

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