The injection toll: September 2, 2022

I will keep the graphics as simple as possible. Here is where things stand on the CoVID injections as of September 2, 2022. The blue curve shows deaths, permanent disabilities, and the worst vaccine injuries and diseases from all non-CoVID vaccines combined. The red curve shows the same for only CoVID injections. All numbers for … Continue reading The injection toll: September 2, 2022

Slouching towards democide

“Democrat Leaders Increasingly Demonize Republican Voters — Not Just Politicians“ Greasing the skids… Israel: “Prominent anti-vax doctor has license permanently revoked” “Dr. Aryeh Avni “poses a real danger to public safety,” stated Jerusalem Court judge.” He is dangerous to big pharma. Steve Kirsch: “Think we got it wrong?” One of his Stanford doctor … Continue reading Slouching towards democide

It’s time to stop the shots

Dr. Eric Payne from Canada: “It’s Time To Stop The Shots” This one is a keeper. Level-headed, full of evidence. 12 minutes. Greg Reese: “Massive Bio-Structures Found in Bodies of the Vaccinated” 6 minutes. Horrifying. “1024 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 666 Dead, After COVID Shot” “We’re seeing it multiple times per week. … Continue reading It’s time to stop the shots

The one article you need

Thanks to Lt. Col. Washburn (I call him “governor”) for the best, superb, only article you will need, summarizing all the major concerns with the CoVID injections, chock full of links. Bookmark this one; save it; share it; print it out. Steve Kirsch includes 76 points now and it is still growing. “The “safe and … Continue reading The one article you need