The wars on consciousness and on the world

I would like to share a pair of very popular videos from Greg Reese, whose content is featured sometimes at InfoWars. The first is a 4-minute thought-provoking meditation on media, technology, and the nature of reality, with a gratuitous swipe at organized religion – but a clever observation at 2:48 by a speaker who shows … Continue reading The wars on consciousness and on the world

Hydrogel people

Dr. Carrie Madej is interviewed by Stew Peters. She shares images of what you can see inside CoVID injection fluid underneath the microscope. The owner of that channel gave the video a title including the phrase “ALIEN EMBRYOS”. No, probably not. But it could be this: “A hydra tentacle-inspired hydrogel with underwater ultra-stretchability for … Continue reading Hydrogel people

Thus far, and no farther

Now the argument is breaking into the open, between patriot friends who are determined to resist our very rapid descent into totalitarianism. There will be no magic human rescue. No Durham, no kraken, no Lindell, no popcorn, no Q. “‘Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.’ What If Nothing is Coming?“ The argument finally became … Continue reading Thus far, and no farther

Words mean what I say they mean!

“The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’” This changes everything. The CDC website USED to say that a vaccine confers immunity against a particular disease. NOW it says that a vaccine is protective against a particular disease – but that is NO different from any prophylactic treatment, including … Continue reading Words mean what I say they mean!