Anglophone tyranny

“MICROWAVE VICTIM 12TH FEB IN CANBERRA” If you were offended by my description of Australian police as Nazis, watch this 5:46 video. LOOK at this woman. LISTEN to her. This is EVIL. “This woman describes burning sensation on her skin, blistered lips, aching bones, yellowing eyes, severe headaches and exhaustion. She is in indescribable pain … Continue reading Anglophone tyranny

Oh my cron!

Very serious – this attempted legal democide is back on track: “Federal appeals court reinstates Biden administration’s business vaccine and testing mandate” So it will have to go to SCOTUS, since the 5th and 6th Circuits disagree. We can count on Barrett and Kavanaugh siding with the left on this; they have already shown their … Continue reading Oh my cron!

A recent essay: “The error of Christian passivity”

A very important essay was published in American Thinker on Friday: “The error of Christian passivity“. Here are some quotes. “People who are aware of what is going on around them in this country will admit that we are living in unprecedented times.  America has morphed into an authoritarian and increasingly dangerous country: the “cancel … Continue reading A recent essay: “The error of Christian passivity”

Biden is crushing these people

Tucker’s epic opening dialogue, if you didn’t see it earlier, is worth 19 minutes. Related: “The Biden doctrine: America’s planned obsolescence“ “Will Governments Survive the Coming Peasant Revolt?” “Something big must happen next.” Uh oh… “Truckers Warn Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Worsen Shortages Across the Country“ “‘Historic’ Trucker Shortage Set to … Continue reading Biden is crushing these people

A statistical curiosity

Provoked by a suggestion from Nitzakhon, I went back to the beginning of the CoVID injection process to find the history of serious adverse events. The CDC’s Wonder research tool only allows you to group these reports by month, not by week. Here are the results. The shape of these curves is troubling. I work … Continue reading A statistical curiosity