The injection toll: September 23, 2022

I am trying to simplify my CoVID injection graphics. Below are two formats that should be simple to grasp.

The first shows the worst sort of adverse events subsequent to vaccines plotted by year, separated into CoVID (red) and non-CoVID (blue) varieties. The first five categories are considered “serious” by CDC; the remaining 18 keywords were also searched, eliminating double counting. Year-end totals for 2022 are projected from 9/23/2022.

The second chart focuses exclusively on reports completed and received in 2021 and 2022, only for vaccination in 2021 and 2022, with adverse events in 2021 and 2022. This eliminates reports that may have been received in 2021 and 2022 for adverse events before these years. By doing this filtering, we discover that the CoVID injections are 32.3 times as dangerous as all vaccines combined.

I have circulated a document summarizing much of this CoVID injection research to various friends, rabbis, and doctors. It is swimming in dozens of footnotes, including many primary sources such as peer-reviewed journals. The reaction has been mostly stony silence, with the exception of a few people who were already aware of the dangers. Everyone else steadfastly refuses to look at the evidence, in the same way that Church leaders refused to look through Galileo’s telescope to see for themselves the truth of his astronomical claims. I call this phenomenon “a conspiracy of willful ignorance”.

I regret that for the next 2.5 months, I will not be able to blog as frequently as this past summer. Mrs. Surak needs substantial help in her recovery, so that I am taking on additional responsibilities at home. I have new responsibilities at work, and am prepping a new course I never taught, which starts in mid-October and ends in mid-December. I cannot digest the major events of our time. I wanted to write about my idea for a “League of Free Counties” as a step towards freedom.

Prep, prep, prep. Expect injection adverse events, famine, recession, and war over the next year. Watch for a Russian-Chinese monetary move away from the dollar to currencies that have more commodity support, which will wreck the dollar and elevate gold. Mrs. Surak says that well-connected Chinese bloggers with their ears to the ground anticipate something catastrophic over the coming months.

If I find the time, I may post essays over at Substack:

Did you see my essay at Substack called “The Unified War”? Please check it out and subscribe too! It’s free for now. šŸ™‚

This coming Wednesday is the Day of Atonement. Pray for deliverance for the pure of heart and destruction of the wicked deep state democidal transhumanist globalist elites.

See you later!

3 thoughts on “The injection toll: September 23, 2022

  1. It seems like your soul is already afflicted. Have a meaningful holiday.
    You are not alone in bearing the burden of helping a loved one recover from surgery. I affirm your decision to help your wife and blog less.
    Thanks for your blogging. It is strengthening to me in these times.

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  2. On the first chart, make sure you note the scale – NOT LINEAR. And just a thought – on that, do the chart with a linear scale too to highlight how the blue data vanish to invisibility.

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