Bible festival

This will be a short one today, as I celebrate a special accomplishment. I have finally completed reading the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, in its original language (together with English translation and commentary, of course!). But this is only the beginning of my studies.

I would like to share with my Jewish readers some resources for learning more about the core texts in our heritage. First up is the “Siddur” (actually sidur: prayer book) in Hebrew and English, one for Ashkenazim and one for Sefardim. It should get you through the whole year except for the High Holidays. It is not designed for prayers in Israel, for which the publisher, Artscroll, offers alternatives. They also publish the siddur in different sizes. Below is the full-size version.

Next is the full size Hebrew-English version of Artscroll’s Tanakh, with minimal commentary. Several alternative formats are available.

A deeper understanding of the first five books, the Torah, is necessary. You can find this extended commentary in Artscroll’s Chumash (set of five). Below is the full-size version; again several alternatives are available.

Judaism has an enormous body of holy books, of which the Tanakh constitutes a bit less than 5%. The Chumash contains marginal notes that show you how to complete the Torah in one year, the usual practice. At a similar rate, you can complete the Tanakh in about 3 years, and the whole corpus of Jewish holy books in about 84 years, unless you step up your pace. So let’s get studying, people! 🙂

See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Bible festival

  1. Surak, I thought that I would share a video I caught, just today, that every thinking person should be concerned about. I apologize for it having nothing to do with the subject of your blog, yesterday:

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    1. Thank you for that video, Wolfie. That is Mark Levin discussing the threat posed to America by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Mrs. Surak and I were discussing the topic. I said, “People are focusing on the danger of China capturing Taiwan. We have not been focusing on the Chinese conquest of Washington, DC.” She agreed, and named several prominent Democrats that seem to be doing China’s bidding in American politics. One of their recent goals has been to undermine Donald Trump, who has been warning us about China for years. The same could be said about Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Gordon Chang, and Michael Pillsbury. In my opinion, this is a big factor behind the ferocity of the deep state’s attack on Trump.

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