Shall we have ourselves a convoy?

The People’s Convoy website. I wish them well. I hope they are prepared for a long prison term in the District of Corruption without access to Bibles, the Bill of Rights, lawyers, edible food, or bodily integrity. I still think that a general strike is the better option. They can’t arrest you for staying home.

Interesting gauge of American public mood.

Twitter Takes Down Video By Freedom Convoy USA 2022 Organizer Calling For Peaceful Protest” But OANN has the video. This is a good man.

More from Bayou Renaissance Man: “Fascism comes to Canada. Next stop: the USA.” “…the powers that be in the USA are no more willing to tolerate this level of civil disobedience and protest than Justin Trudeau and his jackbooted thugs were prepared to tolerate it in Canada.  They have to crack down on it, or watch as a groundswell of popular protest builds up until it overwhelms them.”

Matt Taibbi: “When Boring People Turn Dangerous: Canada’s Insane Power Grab

Trudeau will not cancel Emergencies Act despite protests being over” Superseded by today’s events, but still relevant. Why did he cancel the emergency today? Bank – run. Not generosity.

Tyranny: Canadian Parliament Votes for Emergencies Act Motion” A vote that will live in infamy. A century from now, Canadians will shake their heads in shame about this vote.

Majority of Democrats Support Justin Trudeau’s Crackdown on Freedom Convoy Protesters” 87% of Republicans disapprove, but 66% of Democrats approve. Remember that.

Trudeau-Style Tyranny Is Already Here” “As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown, Americans worry it could happen here. They’re too late. It already has.”

Italian police.

Glenn Greenwald: “The Neoliberal War on Dissent in the West

Losing control of the narrative?

7-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Choked, Put In Restraint Hold, Thrown Across Room For Not Wearing Mask In School” The school employee needs a long time-out. In prison.

Uppity parent, uppity child, concerned doctor.

The Nation Isn’t Divided, the Left Is Just Too Sick to Deal With” Both can be true. The nation is divided; the left is more numerous than you think. And they are nasty. This statement by KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov reminds me of many blogs by Nitzakhon: “Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When a military boot crushes his b***s then he will understand, but not before that. That’s the tragic [sic] of the situation of demoralization.”

Washington and Lincoln Call the American People to Reclaim their Rights from Government

Daniel Greenfield: “The Left Goes Full Orwell” ‘”Freedom,” warned the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which is funded by the Trudeau government, is a word that has “become common among far-right groups.” To prove its point, the CBC quoted Elisabeth Anker, a George Washington University prof, who claimed that freedom is a “slippery concept” and that those on the right want “violent” freedoms that reject being “bound by norms of equality” or “norms to remedy inequality.”‘ And I know the type that will take the assertion of “experts” over the evidence of their own eyes. They are called leftists.

FBI: Thou shalt not think!

Victor Davis Hanson: “The Gathering Storm in the West” “…those who smear the truckers are mostly of the zoom and laptop class. Their chief agendas during the last two years of crisis were sheltering in place to avoid contact with anyone, while zooming and skyping to maintain and boost their already generous incomes. Few like Trudeau ever wondered how the elite remained fully employed, but rarely present at work—much less why millions of others were expected to scoff at the virus and come physically to work, while their incomes often dived or ended due to government lockdown policies. The muscular classes enjoyed no such exemptions. Their kids went to public schools that were shut down or required masks. Parents lost incomes as they stayed home to watch children that tenured teachers would not teach. Truckers had no such margin of safety or security, but were out among the public delivering food, fuel, clothing, and the appurtenances of the Western comfortable lifestyle. In our current inflationary spiral, they earned a bit more, while inflation made them poorer, while those they served earned far more. The truckers remind Western audiences that modern progressivism equates muscular labor and hourly wage compensation with a sort of Neanderthalism. That is, the unfortunate clingers supposedly never quite understood globalization, much less how an 8-billion-person market rewards those who type on keyboards and, in relative terms, punishes the supposedly less aware who physically deliver, fix, make, and repair things.” Fantastic!

The Responsibility of Intellectuals 2.0” “Are you as a member of the well-educated Western elite class prepared to explore the possibility that members of the sociological cohort to which you belong are capable of highly organized evil and deception rooted in a deep disdain for the core humanity and inherent dignity of all people? Are you open to imagining that people—to borrow a phrase much-loved in certain circles— “who look like you,” live in “nice” neighborhoods like you, and want all the markings of the good life for their children like you, are also capable of monstrous deeds and the propagation of extremely damaging herd-induced stupidities? Do you ever think of using the knowledge of history your prestigious education might have afforded you for something other than establishing favorable comparisons with the past that prop up the idea of Western man’s triumphant march of progress and, of course, your sociological cohort’s starring role within it? “

Jonathan Turley: “Public Health Scotland Stops Releasing Covid Data to Protect The Public From Reaching Bad Conclusions” Protecting us from ourselves.

Covid-19 Vaccines now have NEGATIVE Effectiveness among Triple Vaccinated as low as MINUS 206%” Negative effectiveness means you are more likely to become ill if you are injected.

CDC is refusing to publish data it has collected on booster effectiveness for 33 MILLION Americans aged 18-49 over fears it might show the vaccines as ineffective: FDA expert tells CDC to ‘tell the truth’” They work for us. Show us the data, or you’re fired.

Steve Kirsch: “Highly acclaimed peer-reviewed Bangladesh study shows that masks don’t work at all

Steve Kirsch again, following up on the Israel adverse event data release: “How rare are vaccine side effects? Not very rare at all

UVA Health calls for participants in COVID-19 medication study” including Ivermectin. Guaranteed they will rig the study by offering the medicine too late to be beneficial, or will underdose or overdose.

Some School Districts Cancel ‘Diversity’ Programs After Backlash

Critical Race Theory Makes Its Way Into Mandatory Trainings at Top US Medical Schools, New Database Shows” Poison.

Texas AG Declares Sex-Change Pro­ce­dures and Puber­ty Block­ers For Kids ​“Child Abuse” Under Texas Law” Common sense prevails.

Kyle Rittenhouse is aiming at accountability for the media, which sorely needs it.

Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for” Outrageous. Vindman blames the Putin invasion on Trump? Biden is the president!

FBI Still Silent on Murder of DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney” They probably already know the perpetrator.

Techno Fog: “Trump Transition data was passed to the CIA” They are not allowed to do domestic surveillance. But they did. The godless left does whatever they can get away with.



Sprott Money (and precious metals): “Russia, Ukraine Crisis, and De-dollarization

Sovereign Man: “Intellectual Freedom started with the Elon Musk of the 1600s” Isaac Newton – the Elon Musk of the 1600s? That’s a new one!

Greg Reese: “Big Bank’s Globalist Death Cult Announce Plans For Global Communism” The WEF’s description of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. 5 minutes.

Queens Jewish leader slams AOC for suggesting Israel ‘cages’ Palestinian kids” Thank you again, American Jewish leftists.

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Shall we have ourselves a convoy?

  1. I’ve showered people with facts about centralized education for years, to no avail. Every Lefty I know claims to be against it, until the doors are closed. Every conservative I know is in favor of it, at least when the mic is on, and it seems to be what many truly believe. Most conservatives would support Richard Nixon all over again, just so long as he had an aesthetic makeover. Centralized examination is just as bad as, if not worse than, centralizing banks or medicine or government. Once examination was centralized, the communists had won and the rest was in the bag. They owned formal education and anyone who spoke out against that was destroyed. Centralized examination has led to the brainwashing of a significant percentage of the population. It led to the communist takeover of the universities. It led to the worship of experts. It was a means to an end. At this point these tyrants may be able to dispense with such methods. Now they can just seize your assets, poison you with boosters or just DEW-LRAD you into submission. But humiliation and degradation is a beloved pastime of tyrants. Freedom of speech has always meant lashon hara to these degenerates, even if ‘freedom’ is not one of their words du jour. It is one of the most fundamental anti-moral questions, whether ’tis more fun to socially, psychologically, or physically torture one’s victims. Perhaps a cocktail of hideous delight is the answer, an exquisite blend of weird pains of all kinds.

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