Anglophone tyranny

MICROWAVE VICTIM 12TH FEB IN CANBERRA” If you were offended by my description of Australian police as Nazis, watch this 5:46 video. LOOK at this woman. LISTEN to her. This is EVIL. “This woman describes burning sensation on her skin, blistered lips, aching bones, yellowing eyes, severe headaches and exhaustion. She is in indescribable pain and feels helpless…”

Microwave Energy Weapons Deployed Against Canberra Freedom Convoy” “Use of such weaponry against peaceful civilians likely violates the Geneva Convention, and could therefore be a war crime.” Actually a crime against humanity. Multiple videos and article links. DEW = directed energy weapon. LRAD = long range acoustic device. They FRIED the protestors. They are diabolically, Nazi-level, evil.


Peaceful Women Pepper Sprayed by Trudeau’s Minions” LOOK at her.

Ontario government staffer out of a job after $100 donation to Ottawa blockade, others under scrutiny” Dissent is not permitted!

In hindsight, this is how it should have been done from the beginning. Now, many people’s lives will be ruined for years.

Canada really is turning into a police state before our eyes” Read the stories in the embedded tweets.

Proof of exclusion?

Dr. Robert Malone Speaks To Canada” 15 minutes.

David Solway: “Requiem for a Nation” “It may seem hard to believe that America’s neighbor to the north is now a full-fledged, up-and-running police state. Heavily-armed police are arresting and, in some cases, roughing up, severely beating, and trampling with horses members of the truckers’ Freedom Convoy in Ottawa as well as bystanders. The country has gone off the rails… Some goodbyes are painful, this one especially so. For the national anthem has become a lugubrious requiem.”

Romanian MEP Scorches ‘Tyrant’ Trudeau’s Brutal Response To Freedom Convoy” Cristian Terhes again. This man is honest.

No badge, no name, no shame.

Protect and serve

mistersunshinebaby was pressured by the Canadian government into removing his YouTube videos covering the Ottawa protest and police riot. However, they are still on Rumble.

Calgary rising. Get Pastor Artur Pawlowski out of prison!

Hat tip Nitzakhon: “Canada is now a test laboratory for oppression in the USA” “Friends, be in no doubt that the next few days and weeks, both in Canada and the USA, will be critical.  I expect the US government to try to crush the US version of the “Freedom Convoy” before it can make a major impact – perhaps even before it starts.  I expect our truckers to resist.  What will come of that?  Right now, nobody knows;  but I expect the authorities to use any and all measures necessary to crush opposition, rather than allow it to snowball out of control. The response of free Americans to that will determine whether we remain free, or tacitly accept that we are already slaves.

RED ALERT: “Biden Extends US National Emergency Over COVID-19” There is no end date for this declaration. This is Napoleon crowning himself. Where are the congressional Republicans???

D.C. National Guard Members Told to Be Ready Ahead of Potential Truck Convoy” Will the National Guard become a praetorian guard? I hope not.

The indispensable Neil Oliver: “People ought not to fear the power of governments” And now that we do, what then?

The WEF is controlling governments around the world. On their website, I found a list of graduates of their Young Leaders program. It includes not only Macron and Merkel and Trudeau (if I remember right), but also Mark Zuckerberg (no surprise), Tulsi Gabbard (hm), and even Maria Bartiromo (what???).

Fires in liberal democracies” “What if there were a fire in a liberal democracy scorching human rights and civil liberties?  What if that fire was in several liberal democracies and spreading fast?  The people are loudly screaming “fire!” but their leaders are curiously silent.”

Igor Chudov: “Covid, Vaccine, HIV and VAIDS — an Explanation” ‘HIV “Motifs” present in Sars-Cov-2, as well as in “Covid Vaxx”‘

FDNY union leader requests probe into possible correlation between recent department deaths and COVID vaccines” Isn’t that misinformation?

Funeral Directors and Embalmers Alarmed By Freakishly Large Blood Clots Clogging Veins in Vaccinated Bodies” Follow up and expansion on Steve Kirsch’s reporting.

COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mask And Vaccine Mandates, And The Rejection Of Cures: Are They Crimes Against Humanity?” Great overview.

Translated Israeli MOH survey of reported adverse events after the third Pfizer vaccine shot for Covid-19

Hat tip Nitzakhon: “The Israeli Ministry of Health Actually Did a Survey of Adverse Events after The Booster Dose” They don’t include deaths. For non-death events, the numbers are bad, suggesting that VAERS is even more underreported than we thought previously.

We don’t need no stinking data! Just trust us!

US Agencies Quietly Studying Reports of Post-Vaccination Neurological Issues

‘Freedom’ now deemed a white supremacist notion” CRT is coordinated with the pandemic and injection mandates to make “nice” people fearful of asserting their own liberties.

Top EU court rules Hungary, Poland can be stripped of funding for opposing ‘LGBT’ agenda” I have said many times that the Three Seas Initiative countries must leave the EU as soon as possible.

The ‘challenge’ for Dems is their liberal base isn’t ‘comfortable’ with going back to normal” So the rest of us must suffer?

The FBI Seized Almost $1 Million From This Family—and Never Charged Them With a Crime” Civil asset forfeiture.

Biden Brought Unvetted Afghans to U.S., Many Flagged with ‘Security Concerns’ Cannot Be Located” Your neighbor, the Taliban?

DHS Chief Mayorkas Strips Border Protections from U.S. Graduates” You wasted money on your professional training.

Is this real? “Everything that’s wrong with American education summed up in one image

Michael Snyder: “The Cost Of Living In The United States Is Rising To Absolutely Absurd Levels


Fed up Ottawa residents win secret suit to freeze the crypto wallets funding Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters

Good advice.

Sun ‘has been erupting non-stop this month’ – and ‘giant flares are incoming’” There is a very low chance such a flare would hit the earth directly. If it hits the ionosphere, it could cause a huge mess for power generation and transmission, communication, transportation, and any electronic device.

Academy of Ideas: “Decentralization and Freedom” Discussion of Leopold Kohr’s “The Breakdown of Nations”. A good argument for secession. 10.5 minutes.

On the Alleged Moral Superiority of Intellectuals

America Is Not Divided; It’s Being Hijacked” Charmingly naive.

America’s cognitive dissonance continues to deepen

Jewish federations add gun control, LGBT issues back to agenda” I do not contribute to Jewish “federation”. No Torah believer should either.

See you soon!

1 thought on “Anglophone tyranny

  1. When I was in 7th grade, I received a failing grade on a quiz on which I had answered every question correctly. I showed the teacher. She agreed that I had answered everything correctly. She then handed me back the paper. I asked if the grade would be changed. She said no, that the grade written on the paper matched that in her gradebook and she briskly walked out of the classroom leaving me with the failing score. You may need to read that twice. I wrote it correctly. I have never respected credentialed professionals unless they earned that respect in my presence.

    One thing I don’t understand is how, since everyone can remember what a bunch of evil and brainless jerks so many of their own teachers were, how schools can still be taken seriously at all. My antipathy does not end with secondary schooling. The biggest problem with home schooling is that it does not extend to the equivalent of so-called higher education. Even doctors could just be apprenticed off. Credentialism is really just petty tyranny. Unfortunately it has moved beyond petty. The brainwashing of the schools seems like an analogue of a psychological vaxx program. A couple of common side effects have been sheeple syndrome, and critical race fever. Now it seems that LGBTQ disorder may become one of the leading injuries.


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