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Thank you, everyone, for helpful feedback on yesterday’s column. I had the pleasure of reading about Goldback, as well as Monarch Precious Metals, now both linked at the bottom of the blog. These go a long way to addressing the divisibility issue for gold and silver currency, by offering bills laminated with gold (Goldback), or coins at 1 gram, 1/2 gram, and 1/4 gram (Monarch). The coins are very tiny, but the 1 gram coins have a surprisingly low premium over spot prices. When they achieve wider acceptance, they can become competitive as a medium of exchange.

Trudeau Goes Full Totalitarian With Plan To Invoke Emergencies Act

Trudeau Goes Nuclear: Invokes Emergencies Act to Crush Freedom Convoy

Here’s How Justin Trudeau Plans to Crush the Canadian Freedom Truckers

Jonathan Turley: “Free Speech Becomes Roadkill in the Crackdown on Canadian Truckers

To Ensure Democracy Trudeau Will Crack Down on Crowdfunding for Anything He Does Not Like” 3:38.

Geniuses: “Police sabotage heavy equipment at Coutts” How are they supposed to move the equipment if you sabotage it?

Sounds like martial law. You can no longer refuse to get involved. You will be arrested if you don’t actively support the Castreau regime.

Amid the Canadian Trucker Protests, The Left Has Found the New ‘F’ Word…And It’s Laughably Pathetic” The CBC says the word “freedom” is associated with… the FAR RIGHT. Just like trained circus animals, expect the administrative class of white-collar Zoom workers to nod dutifully.

Israel Freedom Convoy heads for Jerusalem

Jerusalem rising!

Here’s how to detox from the COVID spike protein – from the jab or the virus” I may have posted this before, but it should still be useful, for the few people who took the injection willingly or under duress, and now experience regret.

Nice interview with JD Rucker: “Pandemic Endgame: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Deciphers the Transhumanist Goals of Schwab and Gates, Then Explains How We Win in the End

[WhatsHerFace is BACK!] EVERYONE has AIDS?!” Why was she foolish enough to publish this first on YouTube? At least Rumble has a back up copy. She brings the receipts. 18 minutes.

Vasko Kohlmayer: “The Global Covid Vaccination Campaign Is Courting Catastrophe” References and links.

Official U.K. Lab Report confirms Covid-19 Vaccines definitely contain Graphene Oxide” Look at the evidence. Mrs. Surak believes she is seeing this as well in the residue she cleans out of our new humidifier, filled with tap water.

Does it make a difference if you can watch it in real time? 41 seconds. The audience thought the ending was hilarious.

Retelling the story of a cold-hearted killing by a hospital: “Grace’s Last Day: A Father Questions Hospital Protocols Leading Up to His Daughter’s Death” They really want you dead.

Mexico City Health Ministry Stands By Ivermectin Use After “Colonialist & Authoritarian” Censorship Of New Study” Hysterical Americans try to shut down Mexico’s successful use of ivermectin. They really want you dead.

Instagram post by a grieving widow whose husband got the injection: “Brandon died of Lymphohistiocitic myocarditis” The sick, twisted people who play with phones for a living attacked her viciously for having the audacity to grieve her husband’s death. They really want you dead.

Whistleblower Releases EXPLOSIVE AUDIO That Confirms Doctors Are ‘Killing’ COVID-19 Patients In Hospitals, Wife Forced To ‘Smuggle’ Ivermectin Into Hospital” They really want you dead.

COVID-19 patient given meds without consent at Woodmont Hospital” They really want you dead.

Yale Study Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Caused Teen Boys to Die of Myocarditis” They really want you dead.

Rare hemorrhagic fever found in Britain for the first time in more than a decade” It’s an incredible coincidence.

The Oldest Pub in Britain Is Closing Its Doors After 1,229 Years” It opened in 793. Boris Johnson achieved what the Vikings, Normans, Civil War, and two world wars could not.

This is no longer about public health.

Psychiatrist bans child-masking and ‘all forms of child abuse’ in his practice” ‘I will no longer accept your ill-informed, foolish, immature rationalizations for the ongoing abuse of your children.’ Awesome!

Study shows VAERS data ‘underreported by a factor of 20’” So closing in on 500,000 injection deaths?

Israel Education Ministry ordered 1,556 defibrillators installed in all schools with over 500 children in preparation for children’s vaccine campaign” It’s for the children!

Levi’s President Publicly Quits Over Company’s Attempt to Silence Her Views on COVID Restrictions” She is a liberal, but 99% compliance is not good enough.

Dennis Prager: “COVID-19 and the Failure of America’s Major Religions” “The government issued irrational (as well as anti-religious and unethical) edicts and nearly every church and synagogue obeyed.” What do Judaism and Christianity say about cooperation with government? The top commenter said: “God’s admonition to the Christian Church that it obey the secular government ends when that secular government fails to obey God.”

GOP Senators Demand Vote To Defund Biden Vax Mandates Or Government Shutdown” Do they have the nerve to follow through?

It’s OK. They probably have a new medication to help you with the problems created by their old medication.

UH-OH! “Pfizer drops India vaccine application after regulator seeks local trial” Why can’t Florida and Texas demand trials and publicly published data?

Thou shalt not question Fausti! Even if you are a journalist – or should I say – especially if you are a journalist.

University of Virginia paid CRT proponent Ibram Kendi more than $500 per minute for lecture

The Unraveling ‘Equity’ Racket” Critical racism theory.

Cultural enrichment, costing a Chinese-American her life: “Woman stabbed to death; body found in Manhattan bathroom

Austria: Woman charged with ‘bodily harm’ for stabbing Syrian migrant who tried to rape her in Vienna” Self-defense is no longer permitted.

Does this news mean that it is illegal to teach Judaism in Israel?

This. Is. Depravity. Pope John Paul II called for a seamless culture of life. Apparently NYC has a seamless culture of death.

No wonder there is such a passion by the elites to shut down Julian Assange.

Did Hillary’s Campaign Plant Fabricated Evidence to Frame Trump?

Durham probe has ‘accelerated,’ with more people ‘cooperating,’ coming before grand jury” Instead of taking 100 years to complete, they should be done in 99 years now.

Greg Kelly: “Kash Patel Drops BOMBS on Durham Investigation and Grand Jury

Charlie Kirk: “Kash Patel Points to NSA Working with Hillary Campaign to Spy on Trump White House

John Ratcliffe: “Ex-Director of National Intelligence claims Biden and Obama KNEW ABOUT Hillary campaign plot to hack Trump servers: ‘Enough evidence in Durham’s Russia probe to indict MULTIPLE people’

Turns out the real threat to ‘norms’ was the Hillary Clinton campaign

The Silent Coup

Techno Fog – shocking – but then again, perhaps not: “The unstated scandal: The CIA collected info on President Trump” So the CIA is running American elections…?

El Salvadoran President Reveals Real Reason for Ukraine-Russia Hysteria” Covering up the increasing resistance to the elites’ democide, as well as Durham’s indirect threat to Hillary.

Biden Administration Kills Israel-to-Europe Gas Pipeline” Well done, leftist American Jews. If you were so worried about Russia as you say, you would have supported this project.

Producer Price Index year-over-year the highest ever recorded: “US January PPI +9.7% y/y vs +9.1% expected” Bond yields are edging higher, as is gold, which cracked $1900 today.

Part one in a series: “A LOOK AT THE GAME THEORY OF BITCOIN” “Bitcoin has the same game theoretics as the Gutenberg press, but it is working toward separating the State from Money.”

Martial Law in Canada: It’s never been riskier to NOT own Bitcoin” The author observes that traditional bank accounts have been seized in Canada. Since this article, so have crypto-currency wallets.

Emerald Robinson is a jewel: “Thomas Lipscomb: Hidden In Plain Sight” This is an excerpt from an upcoming book about the JFK assassination. It turns out that the windshield of Kennedy’s limousine was an extremely important part of the story. Read. Ask yourself what all the presidents since have hidden – even Trump.

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? People in Idaho and Montana are willing to help you. It just takes a little interview…

See you soon!

7 thoughts on “Catching up on news

  1. Thanks, as ever, for all your good work, Surak.

    Here are some translations of the Hebrew banners/placards in the videos of the protests in lsraeI:

    Video 2: The green and black banner reads תו ירוק = כתם שחור which effectively means “a black mark for the green pass”, the green pass being the certificate-of-obedience you have to show to enter shops, cinemas etc. It’s also printed as a sticker, and attached to the green signs outside buildings giving the regulations for entry.
    The other legible banner, on the left, reads עד הילדים which I’m not sure about. It could be “until the children” or “up to the children” (“up to” in the prepositional sense), but I think it’s more likely to be “Children’s Witness” (the other meaning of עד, pronounced as “ed” instead of “ad”).

    Video 3: The hand-written placard visible from 0:01 to 0:06 carries an English inscription “Stop killing our children!” The Hebrew below this isn’t a translation but says לא מנדטים! לא תו ירוק! לא מסכות! – לריקות which is “No Mandates! No Green Pass! No Masks!” then an arrowhead pointing from the last two to “All for nothing!”
    From 0:06 – 0:07, on the right, there is a white placard hand-painted in blue letters saying עם ישראל חי which I don’t need to translate for you, but for anyone who needs it: “Long Live the People of Israel” (or whatever your preferred English rendering may be).
    From 0:12 to the end, on the left, there is another version of the green-and-black sign I’ve explained in Video 2

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    1. Thank you for the translations, Rocio. I guessed several of them. I agree with you that in this case, ayin-daled is more like to be eid than ad.

      I sometimes fantasized about becoming ruler of Israel for a day. I would like to pass a decree that nikud (vowels) must be used in media, commerce, education, and so on. A consonant-only script is intimidating and confusing. (I understand the use of “long form” spelling to imply vowels.)

      Interestingly, I have found my recent studies of Mishnah to be helpful in learning Hebrew.

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  2. Why is There Something and Not Nothing?
    This may not be the proper forum for this meditation, but you are all I’ve got.
    My brother-in-law is grieving and obsessed with the above question. Wikipedia takes a crack at elucidating this conundrum by exploring all the possible philosophical perspectives In an earlier post here, I posited that we need both God and science (both/and), not either/or, just as we need both men and women, a left and right hemisphere or binocular vision in order to understand and gain a complete picture.
    In answer to the musical question, “What’s It All About, Alfie?” there is a fascinating deep dive into the physics of our universe in this discussion: (start at the 2:13:00 mark). For those as confused as I, the Coles Notes skinny goes like this: at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a black hole which theoretically incubates stars that evolve through time to creat the very star-stuff (us) who yearn to satisfy inquiring minds. The infinite number of galaxies observable (each with its own black hole and thus its own universe) could represent the Multiverse, and we are just lucky enough to reside in one in which the beauty and symmetry of our science (parameters) allows our existence. Given these infinite possibilities, the correspondents in the podcast speculate that an incorporeal and transcendent super intelligence (God) evolved in the form of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. Those qualities in a Presence would allow the creation of black holes at will, including our planet and it’s consequent calculations through time (life) as a kind of computer game, so God can have fun (“play being the highest form of research” ). Is this a scientific explanation of how the God of our Bible could come to be, see everything and live in the sky? I’m asking for a friend!

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    1. Genuine scientific endeavour is the attempt to understand the natural world, which is orderly and open to our understanding because of its Creator. Genuine science, that is, as opposed to scientism, which is a project to hijack science for atheism.

      The notion (which you mention) of a “god” evolving into omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence is merely a species of pantheism, which is an incoherent cosmology and incompatible with Theism (as in Christianity, Judаism and lsIam). Aristotle devised the first proof of the God of Theism, which was developed by Plotinus, Augustine, Alfarabi, Avicenna, Averroes, Maimonides, Aquinas, Leibniz and others. The God of Theism is (as argued by the proofs) transcendent, i.e. not a part of the natural world of matter and energy, and unchangeable, both of which rule out your evolving god. There is no similar logical proof of pantheism simply because it is a contradictory belief-system.

      The scientistic atheists have, for at least a century and a half, tried to characterize the proofs as arguing that “all things must have a cause, so there must be a first cause, and this we call ‘God'”, to which the smirking atheists reply “Aha! But what caused God?” This sounds convincing to the naive, but the atheists’ characterisation of the proofs of God originated as a mere Iie, although today’s atheists probably repeated in sincere ignorance, since they are convinced that everyone was an idiоt prior to the “Enlightenment” (or to the extent that they embrace wokery, everyone was an idiоt prior to a couple of years ago).

      An excellent guide to the proofs is to be found in Edward Feser’s “Five Proofs of the Existence of God”, which covers Aristotle and several of the philosophers listed above (the author is a Catholic professor of philosophy, but he restricts himself to the task of proving theism alone).

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      1. Theism and pantheism may be seen as endpoints on a spectrum. I think there is much to be said in favor of a middle option, panentheism, in which the universe is contained in God, but God nevertheless transcends the universe. I have read claims that Spinoza’s argument in favor of pantheism (nothing can exist outside of God, supported by some verses in Tanakh) actually proves panentheism, and that this is mainstream theology among Chasidim.


    2. That looks like an interesting deep dive, Chuck, and thanks for your thoughts as usual. The margin of that YouTube page had a recommendation for a 2-hour long interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, for which I will need to make some time.


  3. @Surak
    I think the development will take place naturally over time, unless the number making Aliyah slows down to a trickle (which is conceivable, given the dominance of leftism among US Jеws, Соvid-totalitarianism in lsrael, and the US giving lran free rein).

    If you know the terms “abjad” and “abugida” for writing systems, modern lsraeli Hеbrew is already traveling on the path from the first to the second. An abjad uses consonants only. An abugida has an “inherent vowel” – a particular default vowel assumed where there is no diacritic mark, and diacritics for other vowels. lsraeli Hеbrew has already inserted yuds and vavs just to make pronunciation less of a guessing game for non-sabra speakers. All that remains is to adopt “a” as the inherent vowel, and invent a diacritic for “e” (replacing tzere and segol). Shva would still have to be retained to show when there is either no vowel or an unstressed “e”.

    By the way, you’ve probably heard that lsrael is dropping the three-vахх rule for incoming visitors. That’s a very promising step, but the brain-scraper tests will have to be scrapped for international flights before air travel will be safe again.

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