Pax vobis

“Pax vobis”? Latin is not among my first four languages, although I do know that pax = peace. What does the phrase mean? I found that it is the translation of Jesus’s greeting to his disciples. Google renders this “Peace to you”; some Christian writers render it “Peace be with you”. Now I am guessing it is “Peace be upon you”, the common greeting in Hebrew and Arabic (and presumably Aramaic). This would be, in my view, the most authentic translation, based on the most likely original words.

I am continuing the regimen of beet juice/root capsules, with Dr. Sinatra’s Omega Q Plus Resveratrol (marine EPA + CoQ10 + resveratrol + B-vitamins); more movement and exercise; earlier off the computer at night; reduced sodium; reduced processed foods; reduced meat and dairy. You readers had some great suggestions; thank you! Someday we must also discuss the DASH diet, Mediterranean diet, and the (east) Asian diet.

Very important: “No Fertilizer, No Food: Global shutdown of fossil fuels the quickest way to STARVATION HELL – basic chemistry lesson for ignorant Leftists

Wow – that’s gutsy.

Teachers Unions: The Serpent in the Cradle of America’s Duplicitous Educational System

DG: “Black People Can Be White Supremacists If They Oppose the Left

The establishment should be trembling. “19-Year-Old Unseats Incumbent In South Jersey School Board Race

This is the fault of the schools. “Humans a ‘mistake,’ young people say

A review of David Horowitz’s new book: “The Racial Hoax That’s Killing America

Former Vatican Doctrinal Chief: LGBT Ideology Is ‘Absolutely Wrong’

MTG Explodes On The Gov’t For Sickening Torture Of Political Prisoners

The Political Class Is Working To Make Americans Expendable

Great point.

Related. Our government is a mafia.

Diary Allegedly Belonging to Ashley Biden Reveals Disturbing Personal Details” And maybe Joe as well.

Peter Doocy is a genius.

Open borders: “German Girl, 15, Raped by Nearly a Dozen Migration-Background Men

An American milestone: “Hamtramck City Council will be all Muslim, likely first in US, in January

They called him a conspiracy theorist. But he was correct.

Proctor & Gamble employees weigh in.

24 states challenge Biden administration’s mandate for private businesses

Wasn’t the government supposed to respond on Monday?

Air Force is Rumored to Blanket Deny all Religious Exemption Requests

Texas ports jumping into the supply-chain gap, following Florida’s lead.

Makes sense: “Biden Admin Weighing Shutting Down Oil Pipeline In Michigan As Gas Prices Skyrocket Across U.S.

Jim Rickards explaining the globalist elite’s addiction to “free trade”: “Globalist elites don’t trust you to make the right choice

Jim Rickards on the push towards a global currency: “Towards a Single World Currency

A review of Mollie Hemingway’s new book that contains over 1,000 endnotes: “The Big Truth: Election 2020 Really Was Rigged

Dems Are Starting to Lose Rural Voters by +80%” You know, where they grow the food you take for granted.

Is It Time for the Butlerian Jihad?” This is the pre-Dune narrative about a war between man and machine.

When will the CDC correct its COVID death counts, as Italy just did?” Oh, there were hundreds of thousands of deaths, no question. It’s just that a huge number were caused by medical malpractice, not by CoVID.

As I showed you on Sunday: “Highest risk of Covid-19 hospitalisation and death is in the most vaccinated nations worldwide according to official data

Great analysis of the numbers: “Pfizer “vaccine”: kill 200 to ‘save’ one?” The kill ratio is outrageous.

Dr. Robert Malone: ‘The Vaccinated Are Actually the Ones That Are Creating the Highest Risk for Everybody“Here’s the wrinkle to this … a case can be made, because the vaccines are providing protection from serious illness, so in general, if you get infected with Delta and you’re vaccinated, you’ll have as much virus replication in your body as the unvaccinated person, but you’re not going to feel so sick. What does that translate to? ‘Oh, I can just go to work,’ right? So if you think it through … the vaccinated are actually the ones that are creating the highest risk for everybody, because they’re still going to be able to be infected, replicate virus at least at the level, if not higher, than the unvaccinated. They’re still shedding the virus all over the place, but they feel good. And so they are, by definition, set up to be superspreaders.”

Staggering! “CDC Scientists admit they did manipulate study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women as researchers discover 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following Covid-19 Vaccination” 91%?! Will these women become permanently incapable of carrying a child to term?

The narrative is crumbling. Something bad and big is going on.” 8 minutes with the world’s best doctors.

40-minute video: “Vaccines now ALTERING personalities and activating the REPTILIAN brain stem” Watch the woman meltdown in the plane aisle at about 3:30. Wow.

I expect this to be conveniently leaked to ANTIFA. “Biden Admin Amassing Millions of Records on US Gun Owners Amid New Crackdown on Firearms

NYT: Americans Think Economy is Bad for “Psychological” Reasons” It’s “malaise” time!

Paul Joseph Watson: “Social Engineering in TV Commercials

Food for thought: “‘The public have been led to believe UFOs don’t exist. But they do’

OK, see you tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Pax vobis

  1. Pax vobiscum and עליכם שלום to you and yours, Surak.

    Aramaic I don’t know, unfortunately (apart from the words adopted into Hebrew), but apparently ܫܠܡܐ ܥܠܘܟ̣ܘܢ is the phrase in modern script, which (on my best guess) might have been written שלמא עלאוכן.

    I hope you’re now on the mend after your bout of illness. ! תחלים בקרוב

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  2. “‘The public have been led to believe UFOs don’t exist. But they do’“
    I don’t think this is the case. It has been suspected for a long time in the absence of convincing evidence that’s available to the public, and the government has always been noncommittal about it. This alone has convinced some that UFOs do exist. Generally, however, the public has maintained a wait-and-see attitude. No one with any credibility has attempted to lead people to believe one way or the other. In the absence of actual physical evidence, I have seen nothing that is more than simply curious. Like most people, I’m doubtful, but willing to be convinced with evidence, not breathless speculation.

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  3. “First four languages”…that’s quite impressive Mr. Surak,and no easy feat I may add.”Peace to you”,”Peace be with you”,”Peace be upon you”…yep,it’s all good…they pretty much describe the same sentiment in my opinion.

    Anyone who speaks more than one language knows that things don’t always translate exactly.It’s the meaning that is important,and often that has to be taken in context.(as are many things in life)

    Latin is helpful in learning romance languages as you know.It helped me learn two other languages besides my default language of English.I have at times even found myself thinking of how to say something in English,while knowing how to say it in Spanish or Portuguese.Pretty goofy,right?

    I must admit,I really don’t think much about UFO’S or alien life too much.I don’t think I have ever seen one.If they were that smart and advanced,why the heck would they be here?To study us?Not much useful information to be gathered there,in my opinion.I kind of look at it like ghosts.While they may exist,and I don’t know if they do or not,I have never seen one.The only thing I believe in that I have not seen,is the Lord.(because I can feel Him)

    Nonetheless,I wanted to wish Mr. Ritter and all our wonderful veterans a Happy Veteran’s Day.Thank you for your service to our country.It is GREATLY appreciated.

    And God’s blessings and “peace to all”.Pax vobis.

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