The value of one life

Government does what it does best: to take. It is best known for taking your money, and for taking your freedom. Last week, in Britain (which is not great), it deliberately took the life of an innocent toddler.

UK 2-year-old Jewish toddler Alta Fixsler dies after taken off life support” “British courts had refused to allow Alta Fixsler’s parents to take her to Israel or US for treatment or to let her die at home.” I could understand the British government saying, “We don’t see any realistic hope for improvement, so we will not pay any more.” But that is not what they did. They denied the child the opportunity to travel to America or Israel for treatment. In essence, the British government’s position was: “We want that child dead, whatever it takes.”

It is not enough to say there will be consequences in the next life. That has no deterrent effect on atheist projectives. There have to be consequences in this life.

US Jewish groups appeal ruling in favor of protestors outside Michigan synagogue” “Anti-Jewish protests harassing congregants have occurred weekly outside Beth Israel Congregation synagogue in Ann Arbor for two decades.” But an abortion clinic would be protected!

Calif. Parents Protest Child Vaccine Mandate Statewide” And how did they vote in the recent recall election?


Chicago Police Union President Estimates More Than 3,000 Officers Defying City’s Vaccine Reporting Mandate” Freedom!

Such bitter vindictiveness.

Everything I disagree with is an insurrection!

Southwest Airlines pilot speaks. Courage!

Victory – for the time being: “Southwest drops plan to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave starting in December

Dan Bongino lays down the law to Cumulus Radio.

Leesburg, VA police officers.


Not every protest has a happy ending. “St. Louis Veteran Newscaster Kim St. Onge Leaves KMOV after 10 Years – Posts List of Abuses She Was Forced to Endure After Being Granted Religious Exemption for Vaccine

Just what America needs: “Thanks to vax mandate, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists face mass firings

Listen to the dispatcher at the end.

IL Governor JB Pritzker working to close loophole exploited for vaccine mandate

Trumpolators, beware: ““I Would Convince People” – Trump Says US Wouldn’t Need COVID Vaccine Mandate If He Was President

The mystery of Japan’s disappearing COVID crisis” Embarrassing for the power-hungry.

Similarly: “More deaths from vaccinations than from Covid-19 in Taiwan

Australia: “Is the Mickleham quarantine facility a $200 million white elephant?” Better than it being used as a concentration camp.

Why is the medical profession letting us die?” “It’s my belief, reluctantly arrived at over more than a year, that medical and political policymakers do not have our best interest at heart… By withholding potentially effective treatments, medical professionals are letting us die.  By threatening the livelihoods of medical professionals should they try everything for their patients, the politicians and policymakers are killing us.  They could stop this pandemic in its tracks if they would simply get out of the way and let the medical professionals do their work.”

Dr. Andrew Bostom on the deception.

Active 60-yr-old woman blames Pfizer vaccine for sudden heart, lung ailments

Bringing out the worst in human nature: “Universities Deputize Students As Mask Police To Snitch On Peers For Money

Miami private school requires students to stay home for 30 days after getting COVID vax – citing debunked claims that newly vaccinated people can shed the virus.” Debunked? By whom? Mrs. Surak and I have each gotten ill after spending time with recently injected friends. I believe it. Better question for the students – why go back…?

Data Analyst proves Covid-19 Deaths increased dramatically AFTER the Vaccine roll-out in over 40 countries” Watch the embedded video, under 2 minutes. It is crystal clear. This is damning evidence.

You didn’t seriously think they would save you? “US Supreme Court declines to stop mandated COVID-19 vaccines for Maine health workers

When there are no boundaries to human behavior. Can this be cured by love?

A student’s anxiety attack about ‘cisgender’ workmen is peak Oberlin” Men at work – reminding him of everything he is not.

The man who wrote that “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…” is an evil RACIST and must be erased from history.

States fighting back: “17 State AGs Demand DOJ Cease Attempt to Silence Parents at School Board Meetings

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night” What is he ashamed of?

Supply-chain crisis ingredient: “In North Carolina, poultry workers are quitting in large numbers after an unknown chemical was introduced at their plant

Let’s go Brandon! “LA ports a ghost town much of the weekend despite Biden’s goal to move cargo

Haha, someone will get their treadmill late, haha. Or in Alabama, children will not get their school meals. I thought that was a Democrat priority…?

Peter Schiff: Stock Up Now! Inflation Could Get Very Ugly” “Buy the things that you think you may need a year from now, two years from now. Buy it now. Especially the stuff that is nonperishable. Becuase in the future, stuff is going to be in even shorter supply than it is now, but prices are going to be much higher. So, why wait for the prices to go up? Just buy the stuff that you need now while it’s available and a lot less expensive than it’s going to be pretty soon.

The DOJ won’t do anything: “Hundreds of churches across Va. air ad with Kamala Harris, appearing to violate IRS rule

Nitzakhon: “The Jab: A Rite of Passage” They are pressuring you by isolation. They don’t understand that we are more comfortable functioning as individuals, secure in our relationship with the Almighty.

An evil sequel to the murder of a British MP by a Somali immigrant: “British police stopped priest from giving last rites as stabbed Catholic politician lay dying” The government admitted the invader, enabling the murder, and then refused last rites to the dying man. Again, there must be justice in this world.

Suicide of the West continues” This review of James Burnham’s classic includes great quotes from the book: “Liberals are prone to speak in terms of problems — of war, unemployment, poverty, hunger, prejudice, discrimination, crime, disease, racial conflict, automation, the population explosion, urban renewal, recreation, underdeveloped nations, unwed mothers, care of the aged … and what not.” Yes, indeed, the eternal state of crisis. “The more significant achievement of liberalism, by which it confirms its claim to being considered a major ideology, is its ability to handle the problem of guilt for large numbers of persons without costing them undue personal inconvenience.” Virtue signaling – and I am thinking here of my academic colleagues.

See you tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “The value of one life

  1. With the death of Alta Fixsler, this is the fifth time the totalitarian National Health Service, backed up by British and European courts, has declared that death is “in the best interests” of a child.

    These weren’t even utilitarian killings of “useless eaters”. They were still worse: all the children had offers of treatment elsewhere, so the NHS would not have been “burdened” in the slightest. As you say, Surak says, “they really do want you dеаd”.

    The NHS is determined to demonstrate that the state is the owner of children, with the power to override any parental decisions. Each time the NHS imprisons a child to prevent treatment elsewhere, they intimidate the parents and eventually kill the child, bringing closer the day when they can do this routinely, without facing protests or litigation.

    International interventions from President Trump, Pope Francis (some rare cases of him doing the right thing) and many parliamentarians were disregarded each time, as were the offers of transportation and treatment by Italian and Polish hospitals.

    2017 Charlie Gard (almost 1) died 12 minutes after he was removed from a ventilator.

    2018, Alfie Evans (almost 2) died four days after he was removed from a ventilator.

    2019, Tafida Raqeeb (5) was the NHS’s one defeat so far – a UK judge eventually ruled that she could be taken for treatment in Italy; the treatment was successful, and she was able to come off life support.

    2020 – no case, since the NHS was busy consolidating its hold over society in other ways

    2021 Pippa Knight (6) died this May after doctors removed her life support. In this case, the family wanted to care for her at home.

    2021 and now Alta Fixsler (2), promised treatment in lsrаеI.

    Of course, we also know that during the Scаmdеmic, the NHS/UK Govt. has ensured the killing of many adults, by withholding and banning cheap prophylactic and early-stages treatment, then finishing them off on ventilators when they are beyond hope, alongside the UK government’s acquisition of two years’ supply of Midаzolam in March 2020, which ran out in October 2020 – the safe dosage figures were arbitrarily raised so that “patients” could be sedated to death out of view of their relatives in order to produce dеаth figures to scare the population into accepting totalitarian measures.

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    1. This is in a country which officially abolished capital punishment. Vicious murderers cannot be executed, but innocent babies must die “for their own good”.

      Remember that the rationale behind destroying society and the economy (and certainly causing many deaths in the process) because of COVID-19 was “anything if it saves one life”.

      These evil people don’t care one bit that we see through them; they have the power and do as they please until it is taken away from them.

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      1. And who take it away from them? It is sufficient for the triumph of evil that good men do nothing. In our case, good men write sad commentaries on the few patriots who unwittingly risked their lives by going to protest a fraudulent election.

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    2. With all due respect to our British readers, it is painful to continue treating Britain as the mother country to America. With our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, it seems that we pulled all that was best out of our British heritage and gave it a temporary home here. Now we are ridding ourselves of that precious heritage.

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