The truth: rejected

A scholar has to live with getting some papers accepted and others rejected. It’s like dating.

A friend sent me a link to a paper in a medical journal which examined the relationship between CoVID injection rates and new case rates in countries around the world. According to the prevailing narrative, high injection rates should result in low rates of new cases, implying what we call a negative association between the variables; in other words, the injection is preventing some new cases. The authors studied their data and announced that (sadly) there was no such relation; high injection rates did not result in lower new case rates.

I looked at their graph and their data and re-analyzed it myself. I discovered that not only was there not a negative association; indeed there was a strong, statistically significant positive association. In other words, higher CoVID injection rates were provably associated with higher new case rates. Wow.

What did your trusty data guy do? Quickly write up the results and send them to the principal author of the original paper, a professor at a well-known university. No answer.

No problem! I just sent this in as a two-page “short communication” to the journal that published the original paper. My discovery does not invalidate the original paper; in some ways it reinforces and strengthens their conclusion.

The journal just replied and said they will not publish it. They couldn’t find anything wrong mathematically, but – they just didn’t think it was all that important.

It isn’t important that higher injection rates are strongly associated with higher rates of new cases? Are you kidding? Or do they want to hide this fact? There are other journals in the world, and I hope someone else will take this.

Must watch – hat tip Nitzakhon: “ALIEN LIFE FORMS FOUND IN THE VAXX, THEY ARE MULTIPLYING” I can’t verify these are alien life forms; I can’t verify that they are alive at all. They are peculiar. They resemble what was seen in a Stew Peters video I linked in the last few weeks. I want to know why the spectrometer is indicating the presence of aluminum, which is almost completely absent from, if not toxic to, most life that we know of. Is it debris? Is it related to hydrogel or spikes we saw in a soldier’s skin? Just under 15 minutes.

Former Pfizer vice president and doctor: “Most Covid-19 Deaths were a direct result of the administration of Midazolam or Remdesivir” Fausti has a nasty past. They really do want you dead.

Why Is the COVID Case Count So High?” A doctor weighs in.

From the Netherlands: “Too many people are dying and it’s starting to worry the demographers” They are seeing excess deaths among young people. Injection, perhaps?

Read the next article too: “A Dutch mortician asks an innocent question: Why do the bodies look so strange lately?” Signs of increasing hemorrhage.

Florida and its awesome governor were all over the news when cases were rising. Now? Crickets.

As of a few days ago: “One Month After Biden Announced Federal Vaccine Mandate, It Still Has Not Been Formally Issued” Bloomberg is reporting that the formal regulation is on its way – we shall see.

Woman who escaped N. Korea: U.S. indoctrination is worse” “She was astonished by similarities between her North Korean and American education. Not only did the former expose her to an anti-Western theme but so too did the latter as she witnessed example after example of anti-Western sentiment and guilt-tripping. And the indoctrination at Columbia University came early, first experiencing it during her orientation week when a staff member scolded her for even liking classic literature.”

If you disagree with the government, you must be crazy, or a terrorist. “The Left’s Psychiatric Weapon

COVID-19: The Weaponization of Fear and the Loss of Freedom” “To live in the United States is to live in a permanent state of fear. This, as many readers know, is by design. A more fearful nation is a more passive one—easier to manipulate and easier to control.”

A Few Steps More Toward Authoritarianism” The phenomenon in current American life described by the author seems more like totalitarianism.

RCP: “Live Free or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Matters” “Because I have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, I have been labeled everything from an anti-science Luddite to a domestic terrorist. If I lived in almost any other state than Montana, I might be denied basic human services such as health care, refused employment, or told I can’t shop at a store for such fundamental necessities as food. The powers that be in government, media and medicine have decreed me to be an undesirable and they want to force me and millions like me to be vaccinated against our will. They say that I am a danger to society, never for a minute realizing that they represent a much greater threat to society — the threat of totalitarianism, the state against the individual.” The author is a Montanan.

Firing a nurse should be great for “healthcare”.

Stew Peters show – needs confirmation: “Sources: VAXXED Delta Pilot DIES IN-FLIGHT, Emergency Landing Required

Think the involuntary vaccination situation is bad now?” Self-disseminating vaccines…

Terror university: “Colorado State University threatens to arrest unvaccinated students” They would never arrest ANTIFA/BLM rioters.

Bayou Renaissance Man: “Is resistance to COVID-19 mandates reaching critical mass?” Allegedly, “…many drivers for the big trucking companies are getting more and more adamant with their bosses that if they insist on vaccination, they’re going to walk out, and go to work for companies in states that have greater respect for their right to choose. …hospitals across the country are being forced to close entire wards, or shut down the provision of certain medical services, because they can’t get enough vaccinated staff to run them.” Do you think this won’t affect you? Think again. I love their meme – I’m thinking of adding it to my gallery.

Nitzakhon: “Creating a Preference Tsunami” The parable that summarizes this interesting column about the psychology of crowds is the emperor’s new clothes – or maybe Plato and the cave.

There is a courageous governor in Texas. This needs to spread out to the other states in New America.

Telling the truth in the Australian parliament.

Fair question: “The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease – coincidence?” But there could be other explanations too… Good discussion by the commenters.

Why am I not shocked? “Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden Working Closely to Resettle Afghans Across U.S.” Just what your neighborhood needs!

The audacity. He knows he won’t be prosecuted. Did anyone consider trying to trip this man while his hands were full of loot?

This link will allow you to read the full Daily Wire article hidden behind a pay wall: “Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom, Father Says” I can’t wait for some feminist to rant about the “war on women”. Take another look!

It is possible to regain a normal identity: “Journal of Human Sexuality Study Finds Sexuality Fluidity Exploration Can Change Attraction

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “Is The Small Business Sector Being Deliberately Targeted For Destruction?” Of course! Like the family, like the church, any institution that promotes independence from the state must be destroyed.

Related – Michael Snyder: “Our Economy Is Starting To Break Down On A Very Basic Level” “It isn’t just the U.S. economy that is crumbling.  Literally, the economic infrastructure of the entire globe is falling to pieces, and experts are warning that things will continue to break down in the months ahead.” No, it isn’t falling to pieces. It is being destroyed deliberately.

UK: “Beans and coffee soar in price as freezers lie empty: Supermarket staff are forced to tell shoppers to ‘buy alternative items’ as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s run out of fresh fruit and veg and frozen meat after HGV and CO2 chaos

Walmart and Costco limit toilet paper sales while toy companies warn parents their kids’ Christmas gifts won’t arrive in time thanks to backlog at ports, rail yards and on the roads” Mayor Pete is on the problem and so is the Resident.

But… Michael Snyder again: “Now A U.S. Government Official Is Telling Us That The Supply Chain Nightmares Could Potentially Last For “Years”

Take this job and…: “A Record Number Of Americans Just Quit Their Jobs Despite Job Openings Plunging The Most Since April 2020” CRT + injection mandates, and some people are saying, enough. Maybe the patriots will move to New America.

Stew Peters show: “WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE!” He says they are busy, trucks are hauling loads, but it is not winding up in our stores. Is the government hoarding it?

Bayou Renaissance Man: “Explaining the logistics crunch” “Right now, our logistics snarl-up is posing the real danger of seizing up our economy – and the danger is growing worse by the day.  The next two to three months are likely to prove absolutely critical … I don’t believe we’re going to make it to Christmas without things getting much, much worse.

China is preparing for the coming war. Are we? Are you? “China says it carried out beach landing drills in province opposite Taiwan

Poland accelerates gold buying: Plans to purchase 100 tonnes during 2022” I think they have the right idea. What does this tell you about the prospects for the world and its economy?

See you tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “The truth: rejected

  1. The first paper I independently submitted showed a precise connection linking two different areas of study that previously had no known connections. The editor rejected the submission with obtuse remarks along the lines of ‘what is the point.’ He refused to refer to one of the two subject areas, the one in which he was not expert, and in which I was primarily working, pretending that it did not exist, which, of course, erased much of the point. I resubmitted to what I think was actually a better journal and the editor accepted it and soon so did the referees. I later found out that these two editors were actually co-authors of a book which covered their area of expertise to which I had linked mine. It is just purposeful, arbitrary cruelty, and as I came to learn, also a great deal of corruption. Dating, as Surak pointed out, is not a bad analogy, but more than that it is like all the worst elements of high school all over again. I have pointed out many times in the past (although perhaps not here in this particular forum?) that many professors seem to have permanently ceased to mature upon receipt of prestigious acceptance letters to college or graduate school. So, many of them really are still behaving like ageing high school kids and college kids. This principle seems to extend to many people who seem to plateau in maturity at various points in their life and try to lock their views into place and force that on everyone else. Malthusianism and depopulation efforts seem related to this, an effort to freeze time in place to suit the frozen views of the advocates. The heroes of the bible generally matured far more than we do today. I believe that even the most mature people of today would seem like kids to our ancestors.


  2. I know this is a macabre question. I have avoided it because of that. Does anybody know how many people would have to die before it became noticeable in day to day life? This would have to take into account the issue that many people are much more socially isolated now for various reasons. I mean, what is the point where the coverups of death and injury simply become untenable to even a casual observer who does not read the news at all? How regionalized is the timing of that effect etc.? Does anybody know if there is a critical point where the coverup fails and only severe scapegoating of the unvaxxed will divert attention from profound levels of depopulation, if that is really what we are faced with? Also the delayed deaths of conditions which murder in several years vs days or months must be taken into account, and sterilization etc. It seems that a years long, perhaps decades long death curve has been graphed in advance consistent with a tightly planned psyop which will allow long term denial of those willing to deny or unable to accept the horror of a possible die-off that could be already occuring, especially in industrialized/Westernized regions. I still don’t know where the deaths and injuries are supposed to stop, leaving everyone else terrorized and enslaved, but I would not be surprised if the plan is to inflict as much murder as possible while still maintaining a thin crust of psychological acceptance that may be indefinitely fed by media outlets.

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  3. The Ivy League lady from North Korea is not consistent. She states that brainwashing in America is in some ways worse than brainwashing in North Korea. I am not all that surprised. I have claimed for years that America is in many ways extremely Leftwing, despite, or perhaps even because of the reputation to the contrary. While many Americans still do not comply with that radicalism, our elites have been extraordinarily radical for a long time. The conservative reputation of America has provided them with an incredible cover story beneath which their ideology has festered. But this lady then goes on to say that we Americans do not understand oppression, due to our lack of experience with it. Well, for most of us, maybe we did not experience the sort of physically brutal oppression that she experienced, but clearly we did go through psychological oppression and not the sort we can use to our social advantage, but rather of a type which most of us would rather not speak about. It has grown more than tiresome to be called spoiled, yet again, by another compliant Ivy Leaguer. I don’t give passes anymore based on personal hardship, and I am not impressed by parlor room talents. I was gaslighted with all that when I was young, but no more. Yeonmi Park is 27 and from the sound of it, she went through some really bad sh-t in her escape. But while it may not be so dramatic or physically terrifying, many Americans have lost much more time than that and with no end in sight, just a dark winter looming. Just a few of the things we stupid, ignorant, lazy, spoiled Americans have put up with for a long long time: government theft of our hard earned money while they took credit for all that work a la Elizabeth Warren’s construction experience; societal ostracization; displacement by illegal and legal immigrants and increasingly by AI and robots; heaps of slander dumped on us by our elites denigrating our morals, our brain capacity and even our physical appearance; family shunning; being scapegoated by the world for imaginary crimes or crimes committed by the vaunted graduates of Columbia and their ilk while the average Joe took the heat, those who served often with life, limb and other suffering and everyone with false blame; endless gaslighting psyops which virtually turned the country at large into a re-education camp; hideously perverted attempts at the feminization of the men; the destruction of any notion that we have any homeland at all, good or evil; and now an exploding medical tyranny, engulfing large regions of the world including America, a plandemic that has been years in the making.

    I don’t need to be lectured by any more elites, and whatever her origins, Yeonmi Park is now a member of the world elite. If she really had integrity, why did she stay at Columbia? Why did she attend in the first place? If she recognized it as illegitimate, then why should I respect her for going along to get along. I never did that, and I have endured daily ridicule for decades as a result. Is there really individuality in the US? My erstwhile academic colleagues seemed like carbon copies of one another, beyond some superficial differences. I would have rather worn a uniform than been threatened with the pervasive internal uniformity I was immersed in. If America is worse than North Korea, then why not return? Is it simply that she could not anymore because she would be considered a criminal? In which ways is it worse there for those who stayed? Just intellectually is it better? Are the physical privations the issue? I went to listen to a video of Park discussing her description of her life growing up. It honestly did not sound that horrifying. Some lack of electricity? I am purposefully reducing the overload here and my bill is never large. Having to knock on her friends’ doors rather than call or text? I have never texted in my life, and except for my weekly call to my mother, I average about one call per month, if that. Meeting people in person without these contraptions is much nicer. My personal electricity use is occasionally one or two out of 5 light bulbs, my fridge, my computer and this phone which I use to read books and the news and bother Surak’s readers in these comments. If I had a good library, my main gripe in losing electricity would be the fridge. I do have running water and a gas stovetop. But if everyone around lived without, then I would be happy to join if they didn’t shun me. Heck, my sleeping schedule without those light bulbs and this phone would probably improve my health. Having to walk everywhere? I use cars/trains/buses all combined maybe once every few months. I have not owned a car in 10 years, and that only lasted 2 years. I don’t miss it. These are not privations which make life difficult. Is she catering to an American audience of teenagers driven to video games and social media to escape the psyop our elites inflict on them daily, youngsters who are supposed to feel guilty? Prison camps are presumably actually bad, but daily life sounds similar to everywhere else, and no worse than daily life for the older Americans who I knew when I was a boy, and certainly no worse than their parents. That 88 year old man whose video Surak linked to said his life in the modern West is now less free than his life under the communists and fascists of Europe which he endured. He did not seem to feel the need to dump on his neighbors to make his point. Are we stupid, lazy, worthless, entitled, rich little spoiled pieces of garbage just supposed to die off in mass numbers before we are allowed to join in living in this world? Will that make us worthy? Will the world honor us in death, or just throw us down, cackling and spitting on our mass graves before turning aside and relegating us to be the villains of history or perhaps we will inherit a place in the memory hole of oblivion?


  4. Re Nitzakhon:

    I still think there are two missing rules.

    Rule 4: When you transcend facts and logic you destroy all communications.

    Rule 5: When you have destroyed communications then the memory hole awaits the unecessary isolate.

    Nitzakhon has coveting, slandering and theft at the level of information and belief. But adultery and murder are unaccounted for. They are implicitly implied maybe, but after rule 1, all the others are, in principle, implicitly implied. People may say that rule 4 especially is already accounted for, but not exactly. When you control information and belief you begin with your own conception, and that’s rule 1. Then you plant that in the minds of others. That’s rule 2. Then you destroy your victim’s ability to reason their way out. That’s rule 3. But you must also destroy the ability for others to alert the victim. That is rule 4. Then finally when your victim is cut off, you come in for the kill. That is rule 5. Maybe Nitzakhon has pushed the concepts of rules 4 and 5 into earlier rules, but I still think there should be 5 rules to separate some conflated issues out. My phrasing is not so elegant or compelling, but I still insist that there are 5 rules.


  5. Your comments are not a bother Mr. Tom! I,for one,rather look forward to reading them and comments from others as well.You often express feelings that I have also,albeit in a much more elegant manner.Please continue…

    Thank you again Mr. Surak for all the information.

    Praise be to God,and may His light shine upon all of us.Pax vobis.

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  6. A “friend” sent you this? 🙂 Would that be a one-tail test vs. a two-tail test? (Me showing my amateur stats chops.)

    Thanks for the HT on the “alien life” – no, I do not believe it to be alien life. But in parallel, having odd things seen in multiple vials by multiple doctors / researchers, it begs the question WTF is going on?

    @Tom: Thanks for the ideas. Will mull them over! 🙂 And shabbat shalom!


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