The injection toll: October 8, 2021

Here are the weekly numbers from VAERS, current as of October 1, 2021. Deaths caused by the CoVID injections and admitted by the CDC are now:

  • 78% more than deaths caused by all vaccines 1988-2020;
  • 5.4 times as many as were murdered on 9/11;
  • 34 times the average annual number of deaths from vaccines, 2017-2020.

Hospitalizations have surged in the past few weeks, including more than 4000 this past week. At this rate, it is possible that hospitalizations from CoVID injections will exceed hospitalizations from all vaccines combined, 1988-2020, as soon as next week. Do not forget the estimates by Jessica Rose and Steve Kirsch of under-reporting of adverse events by VAERS; the most conservative such ratio is 20:1. That would imply over 300,000 CoVID injection deaths.

Speaking of VAERS under-reporting – Karl Denninger at Market Ticker: “Stop this NOW

Fauci, mRNA Vaccines, and the Connection to the Wuhan Institute of Virology” Less than 4 minutes. ‘On October 29, 2019 (nearly 2 months before the first reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan) Anthony Fauci and Rick Bright went on C-SPAN and spoke of the urgent need to switch over from egg-based vaccine manufacturing to mRNA-based vaccines. They said that due to public resistance to gene-based therapies (mRNA), there would need to be some “disruptive” event that causes a scenario where they would not be “beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.”’ A “surprise outbreak”. Nuremberg 2 now.

Doctors are getting angry at their patients” They used to be independent small-businesspeople. Thanks to Obamacare, they are now beholden to the big “healthcare” systems that demand compliance. “Doctors are not taking kindly to the suggestion that patients should have access to medication that can prevent serious illness.” Wow!

This has been bothering me for the last year and a half: “About COVID: What does ‘follow the science’ really mean?” It turns out that “THE science” is the exact opposite of science. “THE science” just means authority. “True science uses the scientific method which proposes a hypothesis, principle, or assumption. Then science proceeds with experimentation. Then science sometimes yields repeatable identical results to prove the hypothesis is true.”

The news gets more and more bizarre: “Unvaxxed Medical Prof Put on ‘Investigatory Leave’ in Desperate Bid to Get Him to Quit

Here is the professor in his own words.

Even more bizarre: the NEJM doesn’t want Dr. Robert Malone to read their journal???

Dr. Malone branded a terrorist by Italian media, for wanting to save their lives: “Doctor Says Physicians Are Being “Hunted” For Speaking Out by Press & Medical Boards

This should really promote patient health: “Mass. hospitals prepare to fire hundreds of unvaccinated workers

Good question, lady!

Very important: “The Left hates self-sufficiency” You bet they do. Everyone who takes prophylactic supplements or therapeutics at signs of illness – homeschoolers – those who are interested in growing their own food or having generators – these are potential terrorists to our government. “The Left simply cannot tolerate any degree of self-sufficiency.  It undermines the need for a ruling elite.  Without the need for a ruling elite to preside over the oppressed, the Left is meaningless.”

FPM: “The Left’s Anti-Life Agenda” “Maybe it wants us all to die?” YES, now you are starting to understand! They really want you dead. No, it isn’t rhetoric. They really want you dead.

Buffalo Philharmonic: No White or Asian Conductors Need Apply” Blatantly illegal. Who will fight it publicly – and get permanently ostracized from the profession?

7 States Push Noncitizen Voting, 4 States Say No” CA, DC, IL, MA, MD, NY, VT. Are you sure you really want to keep all 50 states together? No thanks!

Tucker: “Nothing like this has ever happened in our country” The war on parents. 16 minutes.

The War on America by Twisted Logic” “We are living under a regime that’s increasingly totalitarian.  And it is using an insidious strategy — call it disinformation, propaganda, gaslighting, indoctrination, or outright lying — to achieve the leftists’ political and social goal of a “Great Reset” of America.  The regime’s enforcers, or boosters, are the media, academia, and Big Tech, who together control the narrative with faked statistics, slanted semantics, and endless repetition.  They also deploy the psychological tactics of intimidation, shaming, and canceling.  At the center sits the government…”

Rand Paul tells Americans ‘be afraid’ amid DOJ schools threat policy

Christian Education and the Future of Western Culture” “The Christian vision of education offers the only antidote to the culture war. To love the wisdom and excellence of the past is something fulfilling that also brings a sense of accomplishment with it. It permits us not to destroy, but to build, and in building from what we’ve inherited we leave our mark upon it for the next generation to build up further.”

Former Reagan Education Secy. To Launch Patriotic Curriculum” That would be Dr. William Bennett.

Who is running the government? Seriously! “Biden Caught Using Fake WH Set During Meeting with Business Leaders” We never see the opposite side of this phony set. What is Biden facing? Some say it’s a wall with a built-in teleprompter.

Again, be prepared: “Energy Crisis May Unleash Winter Blackouts Across US, Insider Warns” “We’ve actually had discussions with power utilities who are concerned that they simply will have to implement blackouts this winter,” Thrasher warned. He said, “They don’t see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand,” adding that 23% of utilities are switching away from gas this fall/winter to burn more coal.

See you next week!

3 thoughts on “The injection toll: October 8, 2021

  1. For more reasons than one, we can all be glad that Hitlery was not elected President. If you’ll recall from the 2016 Election Cycle, she had the gall to go into West Virginia and tell coal miners that she would destroy their industry. A complete lack of foresight.


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