New America matches the injection rebellion…

…almost completely. Using advanced statistical techniques, we can group the 50 states and DC into clusters that match each other as closely as possible on eight characteristics: political orientation; membership in the injection rebellion; fertility rate; arable land per capita; unemployment rate; violent crime rate; homicide rate; and domestic migration.

This tree shows the whole process from beginning to end. The more conservative states are on the left side of the tree. DC joins with the leftist states on the right side of the tree, but is so unique as a city that it forms its own cluster.

Here is a map of the results for 2 clusters, the ultimate goal.

It is remarkable that the 26 states of New America, in blue, match the injection rebellion almost perfectly, the only exception being NH, which is not contiguous with the 26 blue states. (Sorry, Nitzakhon!)

We have spoken many times about the deeply contrasting values of urban and rural areas in left-leaning states. It would be wonderful to partition some of the states so some of the more conservative areas could join us. For example: west coast states east of I-5; east coast states west of US 202, I-95, and I-85; Illinois outside of Chicago metro; Michigan outside of Detroit metro; and so on. But we need a place to start.

If we don’t separate ourselves soon from the nihilistic gangrene known as “woke” America, we will lose everything. My proposal gives us a way to avoid civil war, which is starting to flare into reality in the “advanced” countries.

John Whitehead: “Constitution Day 2021: It’s Time to Make America Free Again” “A recitation of the Bill of Rights—set against a backdrop of government surveillance, militarized police, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, eminent domain, overcriminalization, armed surveillance drones, whole body scanners, stop and frisk searches, vaccine mandates, travel lockdowns, and the like (all sanctioned by Congress, the White House, and the courts)—would understandably sound more like a eulogy to freedoms lost than an affirmation of rights we truly possess.”

Mike Adams interview of Steve Quayle: “Steve Quayle warns of imminent catastrophic COLLAPSE of America as we know it” Very serious and alarming. It is better to be prepared.

Mike Adams reacts to the interview here: “VAXSSASSINATION: How globalists convinced BILLIONS of people to exterminate themselves with biological weapons presented as “vaccines”” Here is his outline.

  1. First, build a toxic nanoparticle weapon system (the spike protein) and mass produce it in labs run by the Chinese and US military.
  2. Fake an outbreak in China along with “leaked” scary videos of Chinese people falling over dead in mere seconds after breathing in the “virus.” Cue media frenzy.
  3. Drop the toxic nanoparticles on NYC (and Northern Italy) to simulate a “viral outbreak,” while diagnosing people with “covid” via PCR tests that merely detect the presence of the toxic nanoparticles.
  4. Unleash mass media propaganda, claiming everybody will die unless they take vaccines.
  5. Fill the vaccines with the exact same toxic nanoparticles you dropped on New York City in the first place.
  6. Unleash mass injections of the population with the spike protein bioweapons, fraudulently labeled “vaccines.”
  7. As people get injected with the bioweapons, they start shedding the toxic nanoparticles, making others sick around them. Frame this as a “worsening pandemic” to spread more fear and drive more people into the spike protein injections.
  8. Censor anyone talking about vaccine injuries or deaths. Pay off hospital administrators to wildly exaggerate covid numbers to keep the scamdemic going.

At what point does it become permissible to resist, if you want to avoid genocide?

TechnoFog weighs in: “Why the Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate is Unconstitutional”

Female and minority protestors against Joe Biden in NYC!

Karl Denninger at Market-Ticker: “The Citizens Rights Act” I thought that was what the Bill of Rights was for.

Alex Berenson thoughts about the dreadful Supreme Court decision Jacobson v. Massachusetts: “If you like compulsory vaccinations, you’ll love child labor and the Espionage Act”

MA governor fires school-bus drivers for not getting injected with gene therapy. Then…

“Texas hospital faces closure over vaccine mandate” That will certainly improve public health!

“Fauci-Funded Wuhan Research Relied On Human Blood Samples Provided by China’s Military”

I wonder why? “Seriously ill COVID-19 patients double in vaccine pace-setter Singapore”

“There Have Been 26 Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Studies Proving the Effectiveness of Ivermectin” The gold standard.

No help for this lady. “QAnon backer at center of ivermectin treatment flap dies at Northwest Side hospital” Listen to the propaganda: “A QAnon backer from Chicago died early Monday following a public battle with COVID-19 that recently prompted a coordinated harassment campaign against a Northwest Side hospital that declined to treat her with an unapproved and potentially dangerous drug.” Potentially dangerous????? SHE IS DEAD!!!!! Remember – they want you dead.

“Scientist Alleges Deception in NIH’s Non-Recommendation of Ivermectin” They really want you dead.

Do you remember this? “The unmistakable ivermectin miracle in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh” Ivermectin destroyed CoVID in an Indian state with 240 million people.

“Journo asks for unvaxxed obits, flooded with vaxxed horror deaths instead” Reality wins.

“COVID Hospitalization Numbers Could Be Grossly Misleading” Roughly half of all hospitalized patients were actually admitted FOR ANOTHER REASON.

“I will never trust another doctor” Just as with our formerly trustworthy other institutions, in my view. You cannot assume that they have your best interests at heart, as with the hospital that deliberately murdered the woman in the story above.

Did a nursing home deliberately murder this patient?

More details.

Young man’s reaction to the injection, filmed in his hospital bed.

A progressive’s reaction to his post.

“Another Individual Speaks Out His Horrible Vaccine Reaction at the Meeting Against WVUH”

Rochester: “Healthcare Worker Protests: Eve of the Mandate”


Australian police assault someone and then charge him with assault.

Some animals are more equal than others. “NBA Won’t Impose Vaccine Requirement On Players After Union ‘Refused To Budge'”

This link is joining the bottom of my blog. Early CoVID Care Experts is directed by a group of doctors including Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch, and Vladimir Zelenko. It includes resources for finding a doctor who is willing to treat you and heal you. Sad that this is needed.

Inflation is higher than they tell you. Officially 5.3% year over year as of August, I calculate it as very close to a full 6.0%.

Your government is not on your side: “Bill ‘Blows Away All Numerical Limits’ on Employer-Based Green Cards — for an Entire Decade”

An inspiring miracle: “How Rural Colorado Parents Created A ‘No Politics’ Public School In Just One Year” This needs to be replicated all across this country.

“Confronting systemic anti-white discrimination” This requires stopping self-hatred.

“Senate Dems to force vote on bill overriding new elections laws in GOP-led states”

But: “Republican Attorneys General Issue a Warning to Schumer, Pelosi on ‘Voting Rights’ Legislation”

“School board should resign over material suggesting kids write about sex, drinking” It isn’t reading, writing, or arithmetic at that school.

Lovely. “Penn State police charge professor for physical altercation with counterprotester at vaccination rally”

“Arctic Sea ice is expanding” The world does not have a fever.

The top of the chain in the military. How could this happen? “New Reporting Shows General Milley Committed Treason”

David Horowitz at FPM: “The Treason Party” A nasty but important argument in the comments section.

Marjorie Taylor Greene absolutely fantastic thread on how Republicans are failing conservatives.

“American Maoism: The origins of our current Cultural Revolution” From a Chinese refugee.

Dennis Prager: “Why Freedom is in Serious Jeopardy” “Those who seek to control others and those who seek to be controlled by others would seem to be on opposite ends of the political spectrum. But they are not. Both groups are overwhelmingly populated by individuals on the Left.”

See you tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “New America matches the injection rebellion…

  1. Re: “Dennis Prager: “Why Freedom is in Serious Jeopardy” “Those who seek to control others and those who seek to be controlled by others…”
    Confirms a simplistic little comment I have often made–The world is made up of three kinds of people. Those who wish to rule, those who wish to be ruled and those who wish to be free. And the first two are perpetually at war with the the third.

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  2. Call me Karnak, but I think I have a glimmer of the plan set in motion by our incipient fascist overlords.
    Everyone on the right is assuming that they’re pouring foreigners into the country in order bias voting toward “democrats” forever. And that is true. But that’s not the only purpose. These people are also of generally lower IQ, are from illiberal parts of the world (where individual rights is a foreign concept), in order to shift the IQ distribution, education level and expectations in the US down toward the banana republic level, and keep it there. At that point, elections can be disposed of.
    But how do you keep these people busy working instead of causing trouble? This is where the “global warming crisis” comes into play. In order to save the planet, we need to stop using gasoline powered agricultural equipment for food production. And since the metals needed to make battery powered vehicles are expensive and in short supply, any plans to use electric powered agricultural equipment would need to be abandoned. Therefore, huge amounts of manual labor will be needed to produce food. (As the argument will go)
    What they will have created is essentially an amalgam of a high tech surveillance state with ancient feudalism underpinnings. The rulers and enforcers of this police state will be selected from the higher IQ races, white and Asian. Mixing with the “Eloi” will be forbidden.

    Science fiction? Maybe not.

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    1. Welcome to the discussion. We have hashed this out for several months. Many of the readers live in “purple” states, or leftist states dominated by big cities, but whose rural areas are just as you describe. A county-level map, like the one in the right side-bar of the blog, will help us to sort out the eventual boundaries. We need to have county-level autonomy as well, as you imply. I had a map showing an eventual county-level division of the country, and I need to get that back up, so thanks for the reminder.

      My argument has been that we have to start somewhere. A secession movement by the 26 states in my map would form a power base to which the rural counties of the remaining 24 states could attach themselves. The secession does not have to end with the 26 states of New America, but it should start with them.


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