Words mean what I say they mean!

The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’” This changes everything. The CDC website USED to say that a vaccine confers immunity against a particular disease. NOW it says that a vaccine is protective against a particular disease – but that is NO different from any prophylactic treatment, including by HCQ/IVM + Zn + D + C. In other words, there is no advantage to getting the injection – not to mention the enormous disadvantage.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “20 Mechanisms of Injuries (MOI): How COVID-19 Injections Can Make You Sick; Even Kill You” This is a 2-page pdf you should download and share. It is only a summary, but Dr. Tenpenny has scientific/medical journal citations for all of these.


Stew Peters: “Whistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS “Delta” Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital!” Wow. The doctors are in on the corruption.


“Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity” From Pubmed.


Here is the lifetime timeframe for adverse events after CoVID injections.

“Georgia football coach Kirby Smart says Bulldogs experiencing ‘highest spike’ of COVID-19 despite more than 90% being vaccinated” Despite??? Maybe – because…


“Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID” As long as they don’t die from CoVID, the media don’t care.


Whoops. “Massachusetts coronavirus breakthrough cases jump 4,415 last week”


Michael Snyder: “There Is No Turning Back After This” “This is the most sickening thing that Joe Biden has ever done… For the past couple of hours I have been trying to find the right words to put what we just witnessed into proper perspective. This truly is one of the most pivotal moments in American history, and there will be no turning back after this. We are descending into full-blown tyranny, and I have literally felt sick to my stomach as I have pondered the ramifications. What remained of the country that so many of us once loved is being absolutely eviscerated…”


Australia: “We will gas you!”

Australia to doctors: shut up!

They will make you suffer. “United Airlines staff who are granted religious exemptions to vaccine mandate will be put on unpaid leave”


“College textbook blames COVID deaths on Americans who oppose lockdowns” Is that why public health officials for decades opposed quarantines on healthy people?


Fausti’s lies finally exposed.

Mass civil disobedience.

Don’t mess with Texas.

Or Florida!

Or South Carolina!

Statements from multiple governors.




Vaccine rebellion up to 27 states. Looks a lot like my secession maps in the blog’s right side-bar, no? Other than AK and NH, it’s one nice, big connected chunk. Beautiful.

It’s not just.

Oh, they would never do that!

Uh-oh – publicly admitting an attempt to end-run the Constitution? Not a good look.

Important observations by Nitzakhon: “Fear is the mind-killer” This is what makes it such a potent weapon for social control by psychopaths: “…escalating pulses of fear as a part of conditioning people to accept tyranny, as well as constantly changing doctrine on what is “right” and “not right” to sow confusion.”

It’s fascinating to recall Hannity on his radio program, citing gospel regularly: “Be not afraid!” During the period of the Jewish high holy days, we recite Psalm 27 daily, which begins: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is my life’s strength; whom shall I dread?” This is indeed the time that tries men’s souls. Do – you – believe?


“Will the Amish take over America?” They number an astonishing 350,000 – I had no idea.


“Suicide by ‘Replacement Migration'” FPM returns to this subject. Wikipedia insists that the Great Replacement is just a conspiracy theory. Then leftists mock whites with the observation that the demographics of America are changing, thanks to immigration. Well, which is it?


Only professors can be this crazy. “Merit system is unjust because it rewards productive individuals” It’s also racist. The leftists are arguing that non-whites are incapable of being equally productive. By the way, tell that to the Asians…


“A Google employee program claims that America is a “system of white supremacy” and that all Americans are “raised to be racist.”” Can you imagine working there and saying to yourself, “All I wanted to do was program algorithms, not get mixed up in this stuff”?


Leftist American Jews must be thrilled by Biden undermining Israeli sovereignty: “Biden Tells Israeli Government He’s Reversing Trump’s Jerusalem Move Despite Its Strong Objections”


The Three Seas Initiative 12 nations should leave the EU as soon as possible: “Polish justice minister accuses EU of ‘legal hybrid warfare’”


RCI: Comparing January 6 to the BLM riots, by the numbers.


Nuclear fusion – a step closer?


Winning wars is not their top priority: “Biden Administration Orders Ideological Purge Of U.S. Military Academies


Robert Spencer at FPM: “September 11, 2021: Twenty Years of Failure”


I am sorry that these posts are getting longer, but there is so much news. I am trying to focus on real essentials. See you tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Words mean what I say they mean!

  1. Shortly before I left America, one of my students, a young person who had emigrated from India with his family when he was a boy, told me that he really liked his new home in America. That sounded good. But then he added that the reason was that there were not that many white people left in his neighborhood. I don’t know what the origin of that creep’s racism was, something from India, his parents, or maybe American schooling and media, but it chilled my blood.

    I went into math to get away from the politics in other subjects. But I learned something counterintuitive about so-called objective areas. They actually attract bigots and supremacists, who view the objective nature of the subject as a golden opportunity to purportedly demonstrate their innate superiority. They are in it for themselves, and their work is typically more superficially impressive than actually substantial. Of course, career advancement often has little to do with the objective part of the subject.

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      1. It’s a bit late, but shana tova umetuka.

        What took me aback about that student was how he brazenly said that to his own instructor, when I still nominally held a certain amount of authority over him.

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      2. No, I do not accept that statement at all. I was not born racist. I am not racist now, although BLM believes I am.

        We do not hold people responsible for natural things. We hold them responsible for their choices. If all behavior is indeed innate, as the left holds, then there is no more crime – my DNA made me do it.

        I believe in choice – the kind of choice God offered mankind through His prophet Moses – to choose life and blessing.


  2. In re to Nitzkhon’s cited piece. Disqus has malfunctioned yet again.

    I have long thought of the Left etc. like an onset of frostbite. At first it feels bad, and then if you are irresponsible it will feel better, but that is when the real trouble sets in. The trick to dealing with the Left emotionally, which I am only very slowly improving at, is to view the pain and disorientation etc. Imflicted upon us as an opportunity to measure what they are doing. That seems to keep it from getting its claws into you, and because of the constructive knowledge that you develop, it prevents you from falling into despair. Our feelings are just raw data, which we take in from the outside, and nothing more. The can be self induced, in which case we can act as our own outsider, and this is, I believe, where gaslighters get their leverage over us. But it is still really from the outside.
    This issue of false feelings is addressed in the siddur, indicating that we should remind ourselves of it often.

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  3. The item in Surak’s blog, above, that resonated with me, was the “we will gas you” video, from Australia.

    Last night, I watched the 1959 movie “On the Beach”, which postulated a nuclear war, and the only place on Earth with life was Australia. Gregory Peck sails his nuclear submarine to Australia and finds acceptance, friendship, and even love (in the voluptuous form of Ava Gardner). However, all of these beautiful people are merely waiting for the winds to bring the radiation to Australia and kill them all.

    Ever since I first watched this movie, in the 1960’s on TV, I was impressed by the Australian people and their “rugged individualism”. My wife and I even considered relocating there, at one time.

    I must ask the question, “What has happened to the people of Australia?” It looks like they have meekly settled into obedience to a government that has become an authoritarian nightmare. The man who was screaming at the police, and was threatened with gas, might be one of the last of the true Australians.

    As for me, had the police been threatening me like they did that man, I would have taken appropriate action, no matter what the result was. Americans have not given up their guns, yet. That will be the American version of “Waltzing Matilda” …

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    1. Yes, that is actually the second time I’ve seen that video. It still kept me glued to the screen, even knowing exactly what would happen.

      I do not understand just what surveillance they are under. It seemed like the inmates could just rush through their doors and join up. But maybe they are too far apart from each other to make effective contact? I wonder what, if anything they have tried. Can people contact them from the outside and coordinate something? Or do they themselves believe in the quarantine enough, do they still trust their government enough to keep them relatively docile? Is the point of these just to slowly sap them of resistance and break them?

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  4. As always, thanks for the mention!

    Going down the list:

    It’s not JUST that they changed the definition… it’s that it was done quietly.

    Breakthrough cases are going to mount, and mount, and mount. Now, I can understand the globalists trying to kill people off – I listened to a very interesting presentation from Australia, link just below, about the NWO and how this has been going on for years.



    I’m waiting for NH to do something truly concrete, as our RINO squish governor is, well, busy kissing Elite *ss as he considers running for Senate.

    As to the Amish? They’re dead meat as soon as the SHTF and people say “Wait, the Amish have food”! The city dwellers will swarm into Amish country like locusts.

    I put my head in my hands that JEWS are working so hard to bring in ISLAMISTS because “Tikkun Olam”; when the Shuls get attacked and/or burned, when their sisters and wives and daughters are made captive of the Islamists’ right hand, will they have the introspection to ask WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

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