The tears of a philosopher

Julie Ponesse Ethics Professor Huron College University of Western Ontario, dismissed for not submitting to genetic medical experimentation” This 5-minute lesson demonstrates that philosophy is all that separates man from the beasts. Last week, the beasts hurt a human, and they crowed in evil triumph. God sees her tears. She will not be the only person to cry in Canada. What a shame. This is the one you want teaching your children and grandchildren.

Guest post by Oregon philosophy professor on Bari Weiss’s blog: “My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.

Research: “Melatonin may decrease risk for and aid treatment of COVID-19 and other RNA viral infections”

They really do want you dead: “Texas COVID Patient Dies Days After Judge Ruled He Must Be Given Ivermectin Treatment” Misleading headline, by the way. The hospital fought the family because they absolutely did not want to treat him.

The drama: “Pathetic Mask-Nazi Prof Whines About ‘Emotional Hellscape’ of Unmasked Students”

Wayne Allyn Root in Front Page Magazine: “The Government and CDC Are Lying About COVID-19 Vaccine and Ivermectin” They really do want you dead.

We spoke about this a couple of months ago: “The war on supplements” They really do want you dead.

A welcome consequence for the left: “More than 200 Seattle cops face being fired over vaccine mandate as 20% refuse to get jab”

“Staff Sergeants File Class Action Suit Against COVID Mandate” Oo-rah!

“Mask Zombie pediatrician” Pediatrician and her “wife” are proud that their children wear masks underneath face shields. Must be seen to be believed.

“‘COVID Zero’ New Zealand has completed its transformation into a full-blown Police State”

“Rand Paul Calls For “Five Years In Jail” For Fauci Lying To Congress” Good luck.

Der Fuehrer’s patience is wearing thin. Il Duce will get his opponents out of the way.

“Federal Government Limits Distribution of Antibody Therapy” They really do want you dead.

The mask slips in Australia.

Injections made no difference in Israel.

Similarly with Britain: “Pandemic of the Vaccinated – Latest PHE Report reveals the vaccinated account for 70% of Covid-19 deaths since February”

Lay off enough people and who will run the economy? “United Airlines warns of unpaid leave for staff given religious vaccine exemptions”

“Jimmy Kimmel says unvaccinated people shouldn’t get ICU beds in his return to his late-night show” Is the rule the same for obese people or people with AIDS?

Weekly summary from Children’s Health Defense: “650,000+ Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines, as Biden, FDA Spar Over Boosters”

“A health care worker reports from the inside on COVID insanity” What the injected “healthcare” workers say now: “Even musings about these people deserving to die for not being vaccinated are not unheard of in today’s fear-driven climate.” When THEY get sick eventually, then…?”

File this under “no regrets” for the left: “Minnesota man freed by Kamala Harris-supported bail fund now charged with murder”

Similarly: “Brazen Oregon Lowe’s shoplifters push carts laden with $2,000 of copper cable in latest example of ‘legalized stealing’ in lenient Dem states”

Remember the last time white Democrats used violence to stop blacks from voting Republican?

“College course blames ‘global whiteness’ for [Japanese] attack on Pearl Harbor, Pacific War” Because Japan is such an inclusive, multicultural society? Blame the victim? What?

Nitzakhon: “Proverbs 16:18… and What’s Coming?”

“Dumbing Down K-12 Education” “…instead of focusing on academic instruction, school boards, administrators, and teachers advanced curriculum agendas centering on a host of other topics. These include gender redefinition and self-selection, a twisted anti-American historical narrativeCritical Race Theory, and other woke academics under the increasingly familiar guise of innocent-sounding terms — diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. Redefining equity as equal outcome rather than equal opportunity, challenging students academically with high standards is now viewed as discrimination. Consequently, advanced courses are being removed because students of some races and ethnicities aren’t represented proportionately.”

See you tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “The tears of a philosopher

  1. They’ve already dumbed down education to nearly the lowest it can get. What we are witnessing is the next stage. It is the injection of increasingly large doses of pure evil into young minds that are not developing any intellectual immunity. So it is a first destroy immunity and then infect, one- two punch.

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  2. The mask slips in Australia.

    Am I the only one who suspects that there is a connection between the exponential growth of female politicians and the tyrannical Nanny State? Seems like Big Mother is worse than Big Brother.

    On the Twitter page of one of those posts, someone said that these dictators need to be asked directly, “what is the NWO?”. On the same lines, f we had asked immediately when the first restrictions came out here in Israel, “when will this be over?” or perhaps, “will this ever be over?” maybe it could have been nipped in the bud. The answer of “when the disease is eradicated” or anything along those lines is completely unacceptable in my mind. Any “emergency” powers must be automatically time-limited for a matter of days or a week or two at most and nonrenewable. If the emergency is not over in that amount of time, then government has shown itself not to be the tool to deal with it, and a healthy society will find other responses.

    We trusted politicians far too much, and now the way out of this mess is not obvious at all.

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  3. I dunno about this us being better than the beasts thing. Seems to me that the violence of an animal has a purpose and function, while nothing excels in creativity like the cruelty of men.

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