Wellness versus “healthcare”

I came across a set of three videos from Banned Video (Info Wars) that clarify that the so-called “healthcare” system carries an Orwellian name; that this system is designed to ruin your health. The second was the most alarming to me. There were multiple anecdotes of doctors and nurses denying care to patients who did not get their deadly injections. In one case, a nurse repeatedly injected morphine into such a patient against family wishes, and then turned off the patient’s oxygen to be vindictive. The survivors of this terrorism by government will rightfully mistrust the official “healthcare” system for decades to come.

Alex Jones interview: “Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Fauci’s Cancer Causing Injections”


Owen Shroyer interview: “Nurse [and veteran Erin Olszewski] Warns America: Unvaccinated Americans Now Being Denied Healthcare!”


Alex Jones interview: “Physician in Viral School Board Video [Dr. Dan Stock] Joins Infowars to Expose Medical Tyranny’s Fake Science”


Karl Denninger Market-Ticker trio: “Here’s WHY They Killed Your Grandmother” Government’s distortion of the insurance laws to make you take injections, not therapeutics.


“Welcome To The New Normal” How to survive in a world full of the insanely fearful and submissive.


“Statistical Abuse And Flat-out Lying” Debunking the government-media complex.


Remember this? “Majority of population likely has pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2”


“AMA, APhA, ASHP Call for Immediate End to Prescribing, Dispensing, and Use of Ivermectin to Prevent or Treat COVID-19 Outside Clinical Trials” Yes. They really do want you to die.


“Amazon to block some autocomplete search results for ivermectin” They really do want you to die.


“I Dared to Talk About My COVID Experience, And Then the Hate Poured In” They hate that she survived by taking therapeutics. How dare she survive!


“California Nurse Shortage Reaches “Crisis Level” As Vaccine Mandate Wards Off Traveling Nurses” They have their priorities.


“NYC teachers union ready for war over demand to pull all unvaxxed from payroll” Rules for thee but not for me.


“Teachers Not at Increased Risk From COVID-19” Now they tell us?


“Florida woman dies of brain disease after taking Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine” Mad cow disease – truly horrific.



“Kim Jarvis: 57-year-old West Virginia woman declares “I’m vaccinated but don’t know what’s in it,” dead less than 24 hours later”


Twice as many people have had CoVID as was previously thought; hence the infection fatality rate is half what was previously thought.

“Candace Owens Denied Covid Test by Deranged White Clinic Owner Over Politics” I thought it was a national crisis?!


Injection-caused deaths turned into “unvaccinated” deaths of unknown cause.

Israel is destroying the narrative. There is a higher proportion of cases among the injected than among the non-injected.


Orwell bitterly laughing from his grave:

Here is how to do civil liberties: “Florida to issue $5,000 fines to entities asking for proof of COVID vaccination”


“A school ordered a [healthy] student to quarantine. His dad and 2 men confronted the principal with zip ties” The most important word was left out of the headline.


“Health Officials Advise White House to Scale Back Booster Plan for Now” Are we past peak enthusiasm?


We just discovered today that our good conservative friends, who took the injections a couple of months ago against our advice, came down with CoVID anyway. They are apparently recovering. They have finally realized that the promise of acquired immunity was a sham, and will avoid the boosters. We pray for their full recovery.

Brandon Smith at Alt-Market: “The Orwellian Vaccine Passport Agenda Relies On The Lie Of The “Social Contract”” “There is a fundamental question that needs to be asked when examining the vaccine passport issue, and what I find is that almost no one in the mainstream is tackling it directly. The question is this: Is it legally and morally acceptable to constrict the rights and economic access of people in order to force them to submit to an experimental “vaccine”, or any other medical procedure for that matter? Furthermore, who gets to decide what medical procedures are acceptable to enforce? Who gets to be the all powerful and benevolent overseer of every human being’s health path. I ask this because I don’t think many people realize the future repercussions of allowing governments or corporations (the same thing these days) to dictate covid vaccinations. It doesn’t stop there; in fact, we have no idea where this stops once the Pandora’s box is opened.”


“The Unintended Consequences of COVID-9/11”


“Australian government plans Chinese-style ‘social credit’ system for social media users”


Jonathan Turley: “House Democrats Issue Hundreds of Secret Subpoenas Targeting GOP Colleagues and Others” For the left, political power is the ability to make your opponents lives’ miserable.


Wolfie was kind enough to provide our readers with yet another great dataset. The website Global Firepower estimates the military strength of about 140 countries and assigns them a number on an open-ended scale. I converted that to a new number on a scale 0.00 (weakest) to 1.00 (strongest). Here is the result. The strongest countries are blue, and the weakest countries are red.

As you can see from the colors on the map, the United States can easily defeat countries like Somalia and Afghanistan.

Speaking of Afghanistan – very important: “Afghanistan fiasco may have been the result of blackmail


Hungarian President Viktor Orban on migration.

“Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signs troubling sex ed bill into law” The main challenge America faces is not enough discussion of sex in the schools.


“De Blasio’s DOE takes its war on learning to a new extreme with ‘no honor roll’ push” There is your “equity” in education!


“Feds reportedly lose track of thousands of migrant kids after release” Wouldn’t it be an awful shame if sex traffickers got their hands on those kids? Oh, they would never do that!


From Nitzakhon: “Quick Takes: Hat Trick” It features an equation describing real life: “Conspiracy Theory + Time = Reality


He has lied his whole life AND on top of that, he is senile.

Par for the course: “CNN special report on Jerusalem reversed who ethnically cleansed whom in the Palestinian/Israeli dispute”


That is enough for one day! See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Wellness versus “healthcare”

  1. Yes, that global firepower site was interesting. The first thing I noticed, which Surak’s map highlights, is just how much blue is surrounding China. If Australia would wake up, they ought to join.

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  2. The following is courtesy of a friend in Montana who has closely followed the “real science” since this madness first broke:

    “WARNING: Those of you who’ve had the mRNA vaccines SHOULD NOT allow yourselves to be talked into getting the booster shot now being promoted by the Biden administration. There’s emerging research that shows that a third shot often induces what is known as “high zone tolerance”, where the T-cell response is quenched and an immune reaction finally occurs only once the infection is running away through your body. Just as the CDC has ignored research from other scientific bodies and even produced their own fraudulent research to support their dictates, the CDC is choosing to ignore this research as well.

    “In case you’re wondering what some of that fraudulent CDC research might be, in addition to fabricated ‘studies’ suggesting that masks are effective in controlling the spread of respiratory viruses despite decades of RCTs proving otherwise, they also recently did a couple of ‘studies’ supposedly demonstrating that those who’ve survived COVID have immunity which is inferior to that provided by the ‘vaccines’, research which is not only contrary to the findings of decades of research into naturally-acquired immunity which is virtually always vastly superior to and more durable than vaccine-induced immunity, but also contradicts a fast-growing body of empirical evidence specific to COVID-19 being gathered by other scientific bodies around the world.”

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