The war on children; economic index: 2021, 2nd quarter; and other news

We have to revisit this topic. “Study Out of Brown University Finds Children Born During The Pandemic Have 21% Lower IQs” Steve Bannon interviews Naomi Wolf and Liz Yore. Two 9-minute unforgettable interviews. I pray that Liz Yore’s final prediction comes true.

Today was the first day I was able to find all the components needed to calculate my economic index for the 2nd quarter of 2021. The news is not good. This index is at a record low since the components all became available in 1964. Here is the graph.

Although there was a promising rebound in the 1st quarter to 64.1, the index fell to a new low of 58.8 in the 2nd quarter. The index is designed in such a way that its maximum value is 100, in 1973 4th quarter. The index is composed of:

  • the market value of gross federal debt;
  • disposable personal income;
  • M2 money stock;
  • monetary base, total;
  • currency component of M1;
  • the standard U3 unemployment rate;
  • average hourly earnings for production and non-supervisory employees, total private;
  • the Consumer Price Index, all items.

Australia taking people to a “health hotel” for an “indefinite stay”. 27 seconds.

Loving me some multiculturalism!

The niece of Osama bin Ladin speaks from Switzerland with Steve Bannon. When the camera cuts away from Bannon, look at the political signs behind her. 4 minutes.

“40 FBI Agents Hold 11 Year Old Girl At Gunpoint Because Parents Attended Trump Rally At Capitol — They NEVER Went In To The Building” They can’t be bothered with ANTIFA, BLM, or the southern border.

“…the FBI, in collusion with the DHS, leaked its terrorist watchlist online so that the entire world can see the full names, birthdates, passport numbers and more of the millions of Trump supporters they are currently surveilling.”

“A readily available drug may help fight COVID-19” Fenofibrate, an anti-cholesterol drug.

“UW Medicine pulls heart transplant patient from list after refusing COVID vaccine” Maybe they really do want us dead. At this point, who can really trust the traditional medical system? Even an osteopathic doctor in my family has drunk the Kool-Aid.

They “really like her policies.” “Can you give me an example of one of her policies?” “…”

“Insane Leftist Professors Believe Math Is Racist” If this catches on, that is the end. There is no turning back. Mathematics is the first realm of abstract reason. Without mathematics, everything is an unprincipled, perpetual power struggle.

This is what they think of us. “Utah Teacher Makes Astounding Political Threats in Class”

The “healthcare” system forcing out necessary staff.

Alex Berenson on the same topic.

Two minutes of FIRE!

“No Standard, No Problem” I think this one is up tom’s alley…?

“Biden Coming After Schools In Defiance Of Transgender Sports” He is not coming after Taliban holding 40,000 Americans hostage.

By Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: “You’re a Potential Terrorist if You Oppose White House Lies”

One of the leading rabbis in Israel’s religious-Zionist community: “Rabbi Yaakov Ariel: Anyone not vaccinated violates Jewish law” Rabbi Ariel said:“Anyone who is not vaccinated is violating [Jewish law]…” Other news in the article: “During [a Torah] class, a dispute broke out between [a different] rabbi and one of the participants, who said, “The Jewish People are not a research lab. I believe in the Creator of the world.” Rabbi Mutzafi was reportedly furious with the person, demanding that he leave the class.” I am furious too, but for a different reason.

From another Israeli rabbi: “Leading rabbi: Treat vaccinated coronavirus patients first”

In a blog two days ago, I linked a similar story:

Their world will come crashing down upon them within the next year, the biggest disaster since the Holocaust, and it will be self-inflicted, partly by the authority of leading rabbis. The pattern looks similar to that of the leader of the Catholic church, who said that getting the injection is an “act of love”. In each case – Jewish law and Catholic law – it is almost always forbidden to coerce someone to risk death in the hope of reducing the risk to someone else. I assume Protestants have a similar view of ethics.

What will the Jews do? We need a new model. I have been thinking about this for years and have written down some thoughts. Although our Torah-based covenant and commandments are eternal, the organizational structure and focus needs to change if we are to survive. This episode may turn into a crisis as big as that of the Temple destruction and Roman exile.

This is not a topic that will concern all the readership of this blog, I understand. But inspiration is one of the tags on this blog, and you cannot achieve spirituality without survival. Jews are taught that the dead cannot perform any more good deeds, and that God judges us on our actions in this world, the arena He created for us to fulfill His teachings. I will not follow an authority figure off the cliff. The Torah says, “Do not follow a majority into error.”

See you tomorrow!

22 thoughts on “The war on children; economic index: 2021, 2nd quarter; and other news

  1. Well, I find myself in my alley, and, this being Israel, I expect it will be filled with cats. They may dispute the ownership of the place. They do everywhere else. But this sort of alley might be where they fail in their bid.

    Dropping the SAT for equity is going from bad to really really bad. Why the extra really got in there is something I’ll let philosophers debate if they have time to kill.

    If we had independent entrance exams, like we did BEFORE Columbia started discriminating against Jews, then the Left could not get away with this. Independent entrance exams work and they work well. For example, EPFL is a world renowned tech school. They have open admission, but stiff exams at the end of the first year. That sounds like a great system. There is virtually no room for discrimination like mass nationwide exams where the same exam is given to people in schools of widely varying quality, one might be tempted to say separate but equal in all but name. Moreover, if EPFL lowers their standards then it is only their problem, and they cannot take down anyone else with them.

    I simply do not see the problem with independently offered exams. In years of arguing, no one, not one single person has responded to this. If they answer at all, which is rare, but it happens, then one of several things happens. They may call me a bigot, or say something about standards or objectivity, which always seems to leave them feeling superior, if not downright smug, but they never actually refer to what I have advocated for. They are just reciting a well worn catechism. The bigotry charge is pre-emptive and unsubstantiated, not to mention false. As for standards and objectivity while eminently important qualities, I would argue that what I advocate for not only maintains those but in a better way, so merely chanting those words at me is not even logically valid. One has to show where independent entrance exams fails those tests of principle. If my detractor does choose to actually compare the SAT to something either explicitly or implicitly it is generally to a zero exam system, or some kind of equity system. But never, not once, has somebody argued against what I have actually advocated for, which is independently offered exams.

    Obviously some colleges would be prone to take advantage of an independent system and act badly, perhaps with a secret syllabus or insider knowledge, but it is not hard to check for transparency and the free market ought to keep that from getting far.

    Why not use independent entrance exams or the like. After all, we let Universities give all sorts of exams independently. I imagine Surak and some others who come here may even have written a few over the years. So why not one more?

    I believe that since the SAT proliferated, that fairness has dominated the conversation at the expense of quality. Fairness is a Leftwing obsession. I care about opportunity for people to do things, and any fairness can follow. If fairness is prioritized, we get neither. I believe that the SAT has led towards equity, not away from it. No one has ever given me a good reason to believe otherwise. The SAT replaced absolute quality with relative fairness as it’s main priority and now we have neither.

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    1. “Where did you get a sissy word like ‘fairness’ from?
      While growing up on a diary farm, a friend told me of a time when he complained to a hired man about some unfairness visited upon him. The farm labourer, a graduate of the University of Experience, responded with the above gem. So where DO sissy words come from and do they have merit?

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  2. Conservatives like to think they are the ones who support such objective notions as IQ, but note here that it was Brown where that study came from. Bannon gave a sharp description of how they are the pinnacle of Leftwing ivory tower weirdness. The Left knows more about IQ than conservatives. They may pretend that they do not care, or that they are against it, but they lie about everything else, don’t they? Really they believe that they are the high IQ exalted beings. Their pretense to the contrary is no more authentic than Zuckerberg’s hoodie. All that is leading to what I really want to say, which is that the Left knows how to manipulate other peoples’ IQs. They love messing with that. They may very well have expected, and intended this effect to occur. I would like to know if there is prior research about exposure time to facial expressions etc. and IQ development. If so then I would be almost sure this was purposeful. There is definitely similar research out there. Or this might have been yet one more intended aspect of this experiment, so that this is itself the initial research.

    One wonders if elite children were exempt from the same rules, just as our elites made a show of wining and dining maskless. They want everybody else crippled, physically and mentally. I would not be surprised if a lot of this Covid hysteria is really just a new effort for elites to get their kids guaranteed entrance to elite colleges, by destroying the competition. I have no hard evidence, and it could be wrong, but it would not be surprising at all. That is not to rule out many other end goals, but that this is a side effort sounds plausible. I have met many people who I jokingly thought would seriously consider risking billions of lives to get their kid into a prestigious college. Maybe I should have taken the hyperbole seriously.

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  3. That video about no one knowing Kamala’s policies is not a new phenomenon. I long ago noticed the same thing with many of John Kennedy’s Lefty fans. To be hopefully clear, I am no fan of Kennedy, but Kamala seems like a whole other level of bad. Kennedy did have policies beyond showing off his coiffure, like lowering taxes, for instance. But over many years, and asking many people, ranging widely in age, although mostly boomers, I never heard one of his Lefty fans who was able to point to a policy they supported. Mind you, many of these people were graduates of elite institutions and professionals with high status jobs, not like the kids shown in the video. Their fascination with Kennedy was also entirely based on superficial image. Again, despite my dislike of Kennedy, I will admit he had some, I would say limited, but nonetheless some redeeming capabilities and policies. Kamala? I doubt it, but I once saw a coin land on its side, so who knows. The point is that Lefty Kennedy fans did not base their support of him on his policies. Some who became conservative fans could do this, but never the Lefties. There must be a few exceptions, but darned if I ever came across one.

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    1. Kamala Harris would be MORE of a disaster for America than Biden, if such a thing is possible. We KNOW that she’s a diehard Leftist, but we don’t know the extent of it. I don’t want to find out.

      I was born in 1949, and the only President I remembered clearly from my childhood was Dwight Eisenhower. I was in the 8th Grade when Kennedy became President. Although my father was a staunch Republican, he seemed to like Kennedy (although he always watched Walter Cronkite, for his news … and as I now know, that was a big mistake). When the record called, “The First Family” came out, I was fascinated, and being very good with voices, I memorized the whole thing, and performed it SOLO for the whole school. Just an excerpt:

      Senator Dirkson: “Well, sir,I do believe,sir, that the residual benefits to be derived from such a project will more than compensate for the original outlay of funds.

      President Kennedy: Well, Ev, you drive a hard bargain. But I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll sell you the Boardwalk and Park Place for …

      I still have the record, by the way.

      The point of all this was post was to say how mesmerized almost the entire nation was by this relatively young and vibrant President. Accordingly, the nation reacted with shock at his assassination. Despite our current misgivings about his Presidency, his short time in office has affected almost everything that has happened in America since. I was certainly affected by my time in Vietnam, which had its first tentative steps while Kennedy was still alive.

      Today, I cannot separate my positive feelings about him from his policies, especially those that led to Vietnam.

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      1. Kennedy is puzzling to me. I was born long after he was assassinated. I have heard some argue, plausibly, that he was more conservative than his friend(?) Nixon. I am still puzzled by both of them. I have no particularly strong opinions. I’m always delighted to hear your thoughts. It was all before my time. I am no expert and I can only go by the reports I have heard and read, which were usually long on emotion and otherwise meager.

        I also fervently hope that we never find out about what Kamala would be like as President. I have no curiosity about it at all. She seems soulless. I have no desire to risk that being demonstrated, especially since that risk seems to be virtually 100 percent. Many experiments are not worth running. That is all too painfully clear these days.

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        1. IMHO Beijing Joe has served his purpose to the Left. He’s wrecked the economy, destroyed America’s reputation, ruined our military… etc. I foresee an Arkancide in his near future.

          The bigger question is what then? Kamala as Prez? Or will there be some bait-and-switch to get Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua in somehow. You did hear that Justin Trudeau called HER?

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        2. POSSIBLY:

          * Biden gets Arkancided
          * Kamala steps in
          * Appoints Her Heinous as VP – citing HH’s vast experience
          * After a couple of months she resigns for whatever reason
          * HH steps in

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          1. I don’t know what technique of arkancide you had in mind, but I have seen much speculation on a 25th amendment plan having been drafted in advance of His Asteriskness.

            Do Kamala, Hillary and Pelosi remind you of the Gorgons? I’m no pagan, but maybe this is a job for a modern day Perseus, and Biden is hardly the sort who could handle any substantial task.

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            1. Here’s the thing:

              A 25th Amendment removal, despite having been discussed here and there, would be unprecedented. Having a President pass away – in this case from the “strain of the office” – would be rare, but not as conspiracy-theory-feeding. Having such a death would also be used as a rally-around-the-flagpole moment by the enemedia, with the vast majority of sheeple and even some on our side falling for it.

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              1. Yes, that is all reasonable, what you say. But I don’t know what Biden is acting like at all times. What if he really melted down in public? I mean, I know he already has plenty of creepy public moments, but I mean really melted down, as in started slurring his speech so badly that nobody could understand him at all and stumbling about like he seemed to be having a major stroke or something. I can imagine something like that, even something induced by slipping him something in a drink. I could see it going either way. The 25th talk during Trump’s time might have been getting people used to the idea. And maybe the Left wants to have a 25th precedent on the books for the future. Biden is a pretty ideal candidate for that. I could see it going either way, or both. First a 25th to get the precedent, and then his death to play that angle. It has actually been temporarily invoked for medical procedures. They might try to get an open ended temporary use at first. They could emphasize the temporary aspect in the beginning and say there are two precedents. Then he could die without it having been lifted. That would mean that later, if they wanted a permanent invocation, they could emphasize that there was a case that was (effectively) permanent and claim it is not unprecedented. That makes a quasi-static progression where nothing changes but nothing is the same, and may be a power grab that they want.

                Of course, the scenario you lay out, is also eminently plausible.

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  4. Rabbis telling us to trust our well-being and our lives to world governments that have been blatantly lying? What on earth is going on? They should be on our side.

    I don’t know exactly what authorities they are deemed to have, but really we all have a great deal of personal authority in Judaism and these Rabbis seem to have grossly overstepped. The only ultimate authority is the Author himself. Nobody can step between any single one of us and that authority. Moses himself could not, and certainly no Rabbi can. If we needlessly, even recklessly, risk the wellbeing of the Jewish people then we risk the revealed Torah that we have protected for thousands of years. The Torah is more important than us all. We have no right to take foolish chances with it.

    Right now, Israel is surrounded by countries with low vaccination rates. If this rotten vax program weakens us significantly more than them, we could be crushed.

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    1. B”H, I pray that Israel is not weakened. But, forgive the conspiracy thoughts… if the Arab nations are not Jabbed and Israel is, could that be deliberate? As in the hate-Israel Left having told the Arabs “Let the Jab weaken Israel, then you can take it back”?

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      1. Obviously I have no hard evidence of collusion in terms of jab rates, but what you write certainly sounds plausible.

        One thing that confuses me is China’s jab rate. They have supposedly jabbed a very large number of people. I have wondered whether they are lying about their figures, while perhaps only giving dangerous jabs to certain undesirables? But again, it is only speculation.

        We still don’t even know just how dangerous the jabs are. Oh they’re dangerous alright, but we really don’t know to what extent. I still hope that, without boosters proliferating, the damage may be curtailed, or that much of the primary motivation was sick Big Pharma profits and Vaccine Passports which can in principle be reversed, rather than the primary goal being wiping out hundreds of millions of people. But I just don’t know. There have already been unconsciable crimes, but we just don’t know the extent.

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        1. I just noticed that I wrote unconsciable, whatever that is. Make that unconscionable. And please forgive all my crazy typos. I long for the days of pen and paper.
          I’m no Luddite but typing in a tiny window on a miniature keyboard with my index finger and risking gosh only knows what health risks with this electronic contraption is enough to drive me up a wall.

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  5. Surak, have you by chance seen Rabbi Weissman’s blog? – in particular his subsection on The Redemption Process. I first heard of him when LifeSite published his essay on 31 reasons not to take the injection.

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  6. “Stay tuned for further developments; don’t touch that dial!”
    Today is a busy day (painting my house) and the odd instance where I can occasionally look at my inbox reveals a sea-change of attitude, such as this: or this: Has a “sleeping giant” truly awoken? Follow the above advice; gotta get back to my brush!

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    1. In principle, all these doctors should, at a minimum, have their licenses revoked. If the number of them doing this grows too high though, would it result in a shortage of doctors? Are they trying to build herd legal immunity? Too essential to fail?

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