Our derangement

So much to discuss. The White House is arranging the harassment of private citizens.

“‘I Just Left the ER’ COVID Fearmongering Goes Viral on Twitter”, but it’s a hoax. Misinformation!


“Department of Justice Declares COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Legal” No doubt Dr. Mengele was legal, too.


“Don Lemon: These Should Be the Punishments for People Who Refuse the COVID Vaccine” We are on the slippery slope. After demonization comes action.


Very brave: “Celebs, Pundits, Politicians Shame Unvaccinated Americans: ‘A**holes,’ ‘Selfish’”


“Republicans Refuse Vaccines at Same Rate as Black Health Care Workers” by Daniel Greenfield. For the latter, understanding. For the former, “enemies of the state”.


All federal workers must be vaccinated – except postal workers, for whom the laws of science are different.

Wilhelm: “It’s time for mandates.”

Wait – did you tell me that it is UN-“vaccinated” people causing mutations?

Phony hospitalization crisis: “Newly Leaked Data Show Over Half of ‘COVID Hospitalizations’ Were for Other Ailments in U.K.”

Thou shalt not remember.

“The CDC cited increasing concern around the fast-spreading delta variant” So the “vaccine” does not work? Eh?


Close to antigenic escape / immune escape.

Tucker: “If Republicans refuse to fight mandatory injections, then why even bother to have a Republican party?” Good question! Not my party any longer.

“Critical Race Theory Backers Get Predatory” Clarity!


“A Kentucky school district is promoting anti-racist mathematics” China is producing engineers. America is producing offended ignoramuses.


“The Heart of Whiteness” Whites are the new Jews: the new convenient scapegoat.


From Bari Weiss’s blog: “Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex: Professors are apologizing for saying ‘male’ and ‘female.’ Students are policing teachers. This is what it looks like when activism takes over medicine.” There is no downside for patients. Trust me.


“The Media Produces Derangement”, by Dennis Prager. A woman writes to the New York Times, announcing that she is proud she will never have grandchildren, because… global warming!


“‘Woke’ Military “Failed Miserably” in Wargame for Taiwan” by Daniel Greenfield. We have our priorities!


We have nothing to hide!

“Schumer asks Biden to ‘flick his pen’ and cancel $50,000 in student debt” So who will repay the banks and their depositors? Janitors? Stock-room clerks?

Climate Scientist Warns ‘Next 20-30 Years Will Be Cold’” This is a really big deal. If TPTB allow Bill Gates to inject particulate matter into the atmosphere to reduce solar irradiation, it’s all over for us. The end.


Authoritarians Drunk on Power: It Is Time to Recalibrate the Government” by John Whitehead. We not only have to go back to first principles; maybe we have to discuss what first principles should be.


“The Big Tech Overlords Target Right-Wing ‘Terrorism'” It is guaranteed that they will overlook ANTIFA, BLM, and jihad.


Soon, TPTB will leave only one way out.

See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Our derangement

  1. I may not be much of one, but I am a mathematician. Be very careful when dealing with anyone who works in so-called math education. They are usually in a separate dept. so I thankfully did not have to talk to them much. All those depts should be immediately shut down. Regular math depts are also often filled with true believing Lefties. That’s another problem. We should make a concerted effort to flood real STEM depts with normal people. It is dangerous not to. This is a purposeful dumbing down. The SAT is virtually worthless. The math on that should be a piece of cake by age 12 or so. Do not trust any curriculum schedule approved by the government without checking for yourself. They purposefully put people on watered down schedules to keep them ignorant. That is not to mention wasting their time with all the toxic indoctrination. It begins with watering down. The toxic stuff often gets added later, after the audience is softened up.

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    1. Agreed 100%. A long time ago I taught education majors. They were the dimmest bulbs in the university by far. Their professors were open marxists. I was unable to get a job teaching in a high school, even with my STEM Ph.D. and years of college teaching experience, because I lacked an education diploma.


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